Wild Oats

by Cristiano Caffieri

French Kissing and More

It all started with a holiday in Nice. Even though I’d recently lost my job in Canada I’d already paid for a package holiday, so I figured I might as well take a break to think things over. It was really a matter of deciding whether I should look for another job in Montreal or pack a bag and bum around the world. Fortunately, I had almost two months in severance and vacation pay due to me so I didn’t have to make a hasty decision.

The hotel I’d been booked into was a cozy little Art Deco place, not far from the beach and with an attached restaurant. This proved to be a popular hangout for ex-pats and on my third day there I happened to share a table with a guy from England named Rod Bench. He worked at an English Language School in the city and when I told him my situation he suggested that I apply for a job there.

“They’re mostly Korean students,” he said, “And they really want to learn American pronunciation. We’re having an open house this afternoon why don’t you come along and I can introduce you to Janet Warner, she’s the principal.”

The school turned out to be a big old house on the Boulevard Dubouchage and it was buzzing with activity as the students, most of who seemed to be in their mid-twenties were involved in all kinds of competitions to sharpen their English language skills. In one room there was a quiz session, in another they were playing Hangman and yet another they were screaming their heads off in a game of charades.

My friend guided me through all of this pandemonium to a little room on the third floor that served as Janet’s office. My first impression of her was that she was a no-nonsense businesswoman but she had a great ass and a cleavage that made you just wanted to nuzzle your nose in it.

Rod just said, “This is the Michael Perry I told you about,” and he took off and left us to talk. I’d run off a resume from my laptop but I didn’t have my degree or any other documents but that didn’t seem to matter. She said she’d give me a month’s trial and if that worked out there’d be a permanent position for me

That night I bought Rod a meal to thank him for helping me to get a job and we had a few laughs about his adventures in Nice. It turned out that he was a bit of a Casanova and he wasn’t particular whether his conquests were married or single. The story that sparked my interest was the one about Janet Walker, my future boss.

“I didn’t fuck her,” he laughed, “She fucked me, and she’ll fuck you too – it’s sort of a rite of passage.”

Apparently, she was originally from England but had married a rich French lawyer, who obviously couldn’t give her all she needed, and perhaps didn’t care that she preyed on all the young male teachers. The next day I got up early and began to browse the newspapers for an apartment. My French was not great and so I enlisted the help of the Alise, my waitress, and after the breakfast crowd had moved out, she sat with me at the table. Rents were kind of high and it was difficult to find something within my budget. However, we did eventually stumble on a place in the Rue Valperga.

Alise was free in the afternoon and she offered to go with me. It was just a studio apartment above a store, quite small and badly in need of paint. I paid my deposit and signed the lease because it was unlikely I was going to find anything else as reasonably priced.

I had lots to do the next day and I wanted to retire early, which I did, but I was not alone. After buying her dinner, Alise came back to my hotel room for a glass of wine.

She was a vivacious eighteen-year-old with a very girlish figure and I’d had an erection practically all afternoon. Her pretty cotton dress, the smell of her perfume and the way she laughed and grabbed hold of my arm when she did so, all had quite an effect on me. As we sat on the end of the bed in such close proximity it was difficult to resist the urge to kiss her. I didn’t even try.

When our lips met her tongue immediately began to probe inside my mouth and I gave in to temptation once more and moved my hand to her breast. She gave a little gasp as if she wasn’t expecting it but she didn’t indicate she wanted me to move it.

As the kissing got more passionate and she slipped her arm around my neck, I ventured to unbutton her dress. She wasn’t wearing a bra and so within a few seconds my hand was groping her soft warm flesh. In response, she pressed her lips harder and harder against mine.

Slowly we leaned back until we were lying on the bed side by side. I moved my face so that I could lick her hardened nipples and moved my right hand down to the hem of her dress. As I brought it up between her thighs she began to tremble. I paused before poking my finger around the narrow white strip of her panties and into her wet crack. When I did and began moving it around inside of her vajajay, she moaned a little, but as I probed deeper she started to breathe rapidly as if she might cum at any moment.

When I began to take off her clothes, I was perhaps a little too anxious, consequently, it proved to be a bit of a struggle. To assist me, Alise sat up and pulled her dress off over her head. She then started to unbuckle my belt and unzip my flies.

Naked, we just lay there and gazed at each other for a while and then I bent over and kissed her belly button. My tongue lingered there for a moment before traveling down to her neatly trimmed flower. She responded to my tongue flicking with a big sigh and opened her legs to invite me to go the next level.

With my face firmly between her thighs, I parted the lips of her pussy with my fingers and licked up one side and down the other. I tried to make the foreplay last but she seemed anxious to quicken the pace and so I moved my tongue lightly but very quickly along her moistened crack.

Alise was gyrating her ass from side to side as I continued to lick and suck her velvet folds. It made it difficult to give her a really good tongue lashing but when I felt her cunt starting to vibrate I knew she was on the way to a big O.

She attempted to subdue her screams but she was not very successful. It was almost as if she became hysterical. Her fingers dug into my shoulders and her tits bounced around as she contorted her body every which way.

As she cooled down I moved up between her legs with my cock and just touch her pussy lips with the head. I kept doing this to tease her and she loved it but then getting quite aggressive she rolled me over onto my back. She hovered her quivering quim over my dick for a while as if lining it up, then she sat on it, driving it deep up inside of her. I raised my hands to grope her soft warm tits as she proceeded to slowly move up and down. The sphincter in her love tunnel wrapped tight around my shaft, it was incredible. As she increased the pace she took hold of my hands and entwined her fingers in mine and with a faint smile on her face she bounced on my cock until I blew my load.

We lay in each other’s arms until five o’clock in the morning when Alise had to get up as she was on the early shift. She gave me a kiss when she’d dressed and said she’d see me soon.

A Hot Session with My New Boss

I spent the next day working from a long “to-do list.” This included Skyping my parents to tell them I had gone completely mad and was staying in France. They actually thought it would be a great adventure and simply asked me if there was anything I needed sending over. The rest of the day was taken up buying and old banger of a car and struggling through all the forms that it involved.

It was late afternoon when I got back to my little shack and I was quite exhausted, however, I was really anxious to get the place looking half decent and so I went shopping for cleaning materials and paint. It was really late when I completed my tasks and I hadn’t eaten since breakfast, so I went over to Le Sun Sea Restaurant and packed down a sizable Pizza, a glass of wine, and a great cup of coffee. Back at the apartment I rolled out some blankets and pillows and slept on the floor.

What a pleasant surprise to be awoken the next morning by Alise holding two coffees and bread rolls. She told me she had the day off and that she would help me to clean and paint the place, then she’d take me out to find some furniture.

Because the place was so small I had decided on white paint and it was all finished by lunchtime. There was a small antiquated stove and fridge and so I just needed something to sleep and sit on.

Alise wouldn’t let me do anything until I’d eaten and so it was back to the restaurant across the street. As we sat across from each other eating our omelet’s and sipping coffee I thought how beautiful she was. When you add a very cute French accent to that, you have something really special. However, I was not looking for a steady relationship at that moment and I was a little worried about what ideas she might have.

Naturally, I was grateful for her knowledge of the city and helping me with the language, but in spite of us knowing each for such a short time, she was beginning to act like a wife. This was no more evident than when she took me to a used furniture store and practically made all the decisions. Her taste was certainly in line with mine, she bargained for a good price and demanded delivery that afternoon BUT, I did feel I’d lost control.

In the evening with a sofa bed, a table and two chairs, some shelves and a rack to hang my clothes on the apartment looked very cozy. Alise wrapped a towel around herself as an apron, and with a few groceries we’d picked up on the way back from our furniture hunt, she began to whip up a meal.

It turned out to be fucking delicious and afterward, we sat on my new secondhand sofa and watched a movie on my laptop. She snuggled up to me as if we were an old married couple and I had the feeling that I was being cornered.

The reason for her rapid attachment to me became abundantly clear later that evening when we had a little chat over coffee. Alise had been due to get married only a few weeks before my arrival and then at the last minute he chickened out. It was almost as if she was using me to get back at him. Or something like that.

I decided I had to be frank with her and so I told her that in my opinion, she came on a little too strong. Maybe that was why her boyfriend backed off. Well, as I tried to explain what I meant she burst into tears and I ended up consoling her half the night and fucking her twice. When I woke up in the next morning Alise was gone.

After lunch I went over to the school to familiarize myself with things, Ms. Warner, who was looking quite attractive in a rather smart suit, asked me about my accommodation and I described what it was like and what I had done with it. She generously offered to come around in the evening and see if she could help me in any way.

“I have quite a few things, like lamps, pictures and drapes at the house that I’m not using, so you might as well have them,” she said, and then she suggested we could have dinner together to go over the schedule.

I quite honestly didn’t expect her to turn up at my place with a ready-cooked meal, a baguette and a bottle of wine but she did. After we had dined in style we unloaded her car and she started to give, as she put it, the woman’s touch to my little abode.

Even though she was dressed more for a night out than furniture arranging she began to move my stuff around and climbed on a chair to hang some drapes. As she reached upwards her dress also moved up, revealing a pair of very shapely legs. She hung the drapes successfully but then – just like in the movies, she started to sway as she attempted to get down and being the gentleman that I am, I quickly moved forward to help her, putting my arms around her slender waist and lifting her to the floor.

As I lowered her down she just stood there with her face just inches away from mine. I knew that she expected me to kiss her and that felt awkward. I’d never kissed an employer before, and it didn’t seem like a good idea to break my record. However, she gently pulled me closer with a look of longing in her eyes and without further hesitation, our lips were joined and our tongues were getting to know each other.

WOW – I was kind of shocked. I had known her for such a short time and she was all over me. We fell onto the sofa, which is to also double as my bed, and she started to unbutton my shirt and pants as if she couldn’t wait a moment longer. It was difficult for me to take her clothes off as she was so busy with mine.

When she had removed my pants she dived on me like someone who hadn’t eaten for a week. With her mouth and her hands moving in perfect unison she got me to a point where I had to grab her shoulders and regain control of the situation. I quickly removed her dress and found that there was nothing further to remove.

Janet was around thirty-five but she certainly didn’t look that. She had the body of an eighteen-year-old girl and a shapely one at that. I soon moved her onto her back and with my legs either side of her, I started to get my mouth around her nipples. They were smallish like ripe raspberries and they tasted just as good.

She seemed to like it when I ran my tongue just beneath her breasts, so I did it over and over again as she squirmed with a look of ecstasy on her face. I gradually adjusted my position so that I could put my tongue in her navel and from there I ran it down until my head was between her thighs. Her cunt was kind of bushy but I made my way through the prickly undergrowth to her pink folds. Even though I thought I was being a little rough she responded to it as if she liked it that way.

I used my finger and my tongue to explore her crevices and she moved her bum from side to side to intensify her pleasure. As I increased my action so did she and ended up crying out “FUCK!” as she went into a massive orgasm. She then grabbed my hips – anxious for me to put it in quickly.

Because she appeared to like things a little forceful I just went full speed ahead but then suddenly, she shoved me back leaving me grunting and groaning, and wondering what the hell was going on. Without a word she got up placed her hands on the back of the sofa and bent over – inviting me to go in from the back. I didn’t need a second invitation. I wrapped my arms around her and grasping hold of her breasts, I began to crash against her firm round ass, as she squirmed and yelled like somebody possessed. She seemed to cum at the same time as I did, and we both ended up yelling like a pair of banshees.

Janet went for a partially hot shower, (I say that because the temperature is a bit unpredictable), after that we sat at my little table, still naked, had a glass of wine and interesting conversation. To my surprise, our lust making was not at an end, as she went over to one of the bags she had brought with her and produced a white sheet, which she threw over the sofa and then held up a large bottle of baby oil. “Oil me,” she said, handing me the bottle.

Rubbing her down all over certainly gave me a big hard-on again and it got even bigger when she rubbed it all over me. After we were all oiled up she lay on the top of me and we soon we were sliding off each other’s bodies. There was no foreplay – the idea this time was that I had to fight to get it in. Every time I tried she struggled and moved, sometimes onto her stomach, sometimes she’d just cross her legs and giggle. She had very muscular thighs and it took me quite a while to pry them open.

Eventually, we made contact and I was deep inside of her. It was a strange sensation fucking someone greased all over. However, despite the slipping and sliding I eventually felt my cum moving up from my balls and gushing into her well-lubricated slit. At this point, she went completely berserk and started to scream as if I was hurting her. I tried to pull away but she wrapped her long legs around me and held onto me tight.

After showering together yet again, we both sat to drink coffee and I was hoping she didn’t have anything else hidden in the dam bag. At around one in the morning, she gave me a big tongue wrestling kiss and took off. I was totally shagged and just flopped on to my sofa and zonked right out.

When I got up the following morning I realize that Janet’s visit had left me with a rather nice reading lamp; some drapes; an area rug; four pictures and two aching balls. I had no cream so I slipped out to get some and that’s how I met my neighbor Madame Saretsky. She lives in the next apartment down and made a point of engaging me in conversation, the gist of which was, that I should ask my guests to be a little quieter late at night. She was, of course, referring to Janet’s screaming and possibly my noises too.

When I saw Rod at the school there was something about my face that gave the game away.

“Holy shit – she’s got to you already hasn’t she?” he laughed.

To add a little drama I hung my head in shame while Rod went on to tell me about his experience. “I couldn’t walk for two days when she screwed me,” he said. “Fortunately she only wants you once and then she moves on. But she’s not a bad boss, he added, “If you get along with the students and she keeps collecting her fees she’s happy.”

I actually spent less than a couple of hours at the school, basically being introduced to the students and finding out where all the supplies and aids where. Then it was home again until I seriously start work on a Monday.

Kinky Camille

On the Saturday morning I began researching material that I could use for my students. There didn’t seem to be any set curriculum at the school, it was just whatever you could do to keep them entertained. The students were more interested in conversation and pronunciation more than anything else. Most of them were quite familiar with the grammar, they just wanted lots of activities to improve their confidence.

I was getting a little tired of staring at the computer when there was a knock on my door – it was Madame Seretsky. She was the last person I wanted to talk to but she asked me to take coffee with her and I thought it might be good to break away from my place to cool off a bit.

Her apartment was much larger than mine, having a living room, kitchen and bedroom. We sat in the kitchen, which was very nicely decorated and she served me coffee in a china cup and offered me a slice of chocolate cake.

“I had a reason for asking here.” she smiled, “Of course I like the company but there’s also a matter of laundry.”


“Yes,” she continued, “I suppose you’ll want your laundry doing and I have a washing machine.”

She hesitated for a moment and then continued, “It’s just that I find shopping a bit of a problem – I’ve fallen a couple of times and it makes me nervous to go up and down steps and on slippery floors. The point is – I could do your laundry for you if you could do a little shopping for me.”

I said that would be a great arrangement as long as she gave me a detailed list. She then went on to tell me that her niece Camille was coming over from Draguignan later that day and she could show me the ropes.

“I have some favorite shops you see and I buy some products you can’t just get anywhere.”

She then invited me back at 12.30 for lunch and to meet Camille. I didn’t have anything else planned and so I said that would be OK.

At 12.30 sharp there was a knock on the door and when I opened it there was a very nice-looking woman in her late twenties, who introduced herself as Camille Faubert. She then informed me that lunch was ready. Back in Madame Seretsky’s kitchen, I found a very nice meal laid on the table, including a bottle of wine. Camille explained that she tried to do her Aunt’s shopping but she lived in Draguignan. It was only 70 kilometers away, but she said the traffic at the week-end made it a nightmare journey.

“I would be most grateful if you will help my Aunt,” she said, with the sweetest smile on her face.

“And I’ll make a great job of your laundry,” piped up Madame Saretsky.

It was about 2 o’clock when Camille and I got going. We used her car – which was a lot nicer than mine. Apparently, she ran an online mail order business and it looked as if she did very well out of it.

It didn’t take long to do the shopping and we were back in the building by 3.30. Unfortunately or fortunately, whichever way you look at it, Madame Saretsky didn’t answer our knock on the door. Camille said that she tended to lie on the sofa in the afternoon and often falls asleep.

“I once had to sit outside this door for an hour,” she said, “Before she woke up and opened it.”

She went on to apologize saying she should have thought of this before we went out. “I should have asked her for the key,” she groaned, and was about to put the shopping bags down when I invited her over to my place. I suggested that we could have some coffee while we waited.

Back in my apartment, we put the bags down; I invited her to sit on the sofa and I put the kettle on.

“It’s kind of a cute place you have here,” she smiled, casting a glance around the room.

I explained that I had only been there a few days and hoped to add a few more things to my furnishing including a TV.

“A friend at the school offered me one free,” I said, “ but it was quite old and I had the feeling it wouldn’t last too much longer.”

“So how do you keep in touch with the news?” she asked.

I told her I could get plenty of that on my laptop. She raised her eyebrows,

“And do you visit some of those pornographic sites?” she inquired.

I was a bit shocked by her forthright question and so I thought I’d test the water by telling her that I preferred the real thing.

“I don’t suppose a handsome guy like you has much trouble in finding willing partners,” she responded.

“Well it’s not so easy here in Nice, I don’t know many people.”

“You know me,” she smiled, patting the place beside her on the sofa.

I switched the kettle off and did as she bid. She edged closer to me and I took her in my arms and our lips met. Gently at first but then with a little more passion until I was lying on top of her with her arms wrapped around my neck and our tongues wrestling with each other.

After a while, she pushed me away, stood and asked if I had any rope. I said I didn’t and then she suggested I use my belt to tie her hands behind her. I quickly slipped it out from my pants and attempted to secure her hands with it as she struggled pretending to resist.

“I’m at your mercy,” she cried, in the most dramatic voice, “If you decide to strip me I cannot resist you while I have my hands behind my back.”
I didn’t know a thing about kinky role-playing at that time so I just had to play it by ear.

Now stripping her was easier said than done now she had her hands tied behind her back but like some villain of old, I started to unbutton her top and slipped it down her arms. I then reached round to unlatch her bra and as it fell away a pair of voluptuous tits greeted me. They were so big and round with nipples that looked like ripe cherries that were inviting me to suck them.

I lowered her back onto the sofa and started to move my tongue all over those big beautiful soft, warm fun bags. Again she struggled as though resisting but she had her eyes closed and she was breathing heavy.

Moving down her body I unbuttoned the side of her skirt and slipped it off, revealing a delicate pair of pale, see-through panties. She tried to cross her legs to make it difficult for me to remove them but I managed it and opening up her legs I literally torpedoed her flower with my tongue.

I licked it, sucked it and nibbled at the lips. At one point she started to get so excited she couldn’t keep her ass still. I withdrew my tongue and sat back just looking down at her as she squirmed.

“You fucking bastard,” she cried out, “You fucking bastard,” And she started to kick me.

I grabbed her feet, prized her legs open again and licked the edges of her flower gently until she screamed and went into an award-winning orgasm, with her body jolting up and down as if I`d put 50,000 volts through it. Pressing down on her shoulders to keep her still I penetrated her flower with one powerful thrust. At this point, she began to cry with actual tears running down her face.

Do it – do it to me,” she cried out and she arched her back to prompt me into immediate action. I started with slow strokes but this didn’t satisfy her and her cunt was moving twice as fast as my dick. I quickened my pace, ramming it in until the sofa began to move across the floor. She was yelling all kinds of abuse at me and digging her long fingernails into my back.

When I did cum it seemed to go on forever and she just kept crying as though she was in pain. I withdrew and she looked disappointed but I knew I couldn’t stay in there all day.

We dressed and sat and had the coffee, which was our original intention. As I looked over at Camille, sensuously sipping, I couldn’t help but wonder if the women in Nice all liked their sex a bit kinky. Although I enjoyed it – I do tend to prefer gentler more romantic escapades.

When we finally delivered Madame Seretsky’s groceries she gave us rather a funny look but she didn’t say anything. Camille had to leave on the Saturday night as she had some important role in the local church on Sunday. It was hard to imagine what that might be.

A Date with Julia

With the week-end behind me, I reported for my first real day at the school. The building was old but it looked kind of friendly. I knew I was going to enjoy working there.

There was only had a small plate on the door that gave any indication of what was going on there. That didn’t prevent it from attracting around 50 or 60 students on a regular basis, half of them being Korean, the rest from Poland, Spain and a few other places.

Almost all of the students lived in another building nearby and the facilities were excellent. That morning I worked with several small classes – between three and four students, and in the afternoon I did a couple of one on one tutorial and a class of eight. It was a lot of fun.

The faculty consisted mostly of teachers from England, Ireland and Australia, 50% men – 50% women. I was the only Canadian. As I was introduced to them, one by one, I couldn’t help wondering if all the men had had the same experience with Janet Warner. I’ve no doubt they had.

I ate lunch at the school, which had a very nice cafeteria, and rather surprisingly, a Korean cook. It appeared that the Koreans like to enjoy some of their native dishes and Janet always seemed anxious to please her students, who paid pretty stiff fees for their board and tuition.

I completed my last class at 5 p.m. and then headed home for supper. I decided not to cook anything as I had a hot meal at school. Over a beer and a sandwich, I watched the news on France 24 and DW TV from Germany but my mind kept drifting back to the school and the very pretty Korean girls I’d been teaching, and in particular – Julia. That’s not her real name as they all adopt Anglicized names for the course, to make it easier for the teachers.

I’m not really used to being in the position where attractive young women look at you with a sort of adoration while you try to correct their pronunciation but I figured I’d get used to it.

My second day began with Madame Saretsky picking up my laundry after which I hurriedly consumed a croissant and coffee. My first tutorial was with Julia. She looked even more beautiful than the day before. I was in no doubt about her being smart but I found I had to work hard to get her fully motivated. As she got used to me she started to open up. In the end, we were having quite a lot of fun together.

In between classes I decided to check my email and there was one from Camille suggesting that I should spend a week-end in Draguignan with her but I was not in the mood for rough sex. I had no doubt she’d have a dungeon at her house or at the very least handcuffs and leg irons.

The truth is – I would rather have spent a week-end with the slim, very feminine Julia, or even Alise, although I’d not heard from since she took off on me.

That evening I decided to look her up at the hotel restaurant – and there she was, as pretty as ever. She sat down with me for five minutes as I sipped on my coffee and thanked me for my help. Apparently, it seems the comments I’d made regarding her coming on a little strong and taking control of everything had struck a nerve. She was now back with her fiancé and intended to live happily ever after. It didn’t seem that she’d be dropping by my place for sex anytime soon.

After picking up a few things on Madame Saretsky’s shopping list I returned to my building, handed over my shopping bags to her and she exchanged them for a very neat stack of laundry. Back in my humble little home I drank wine, browsed my computer and thought a lot about Julie, although the rules said teachers should not fraternize with the students of the opposite sex.

The following day my first class was with three boisterous Polish guys. We played a fun game designed for ESL students. It caused so much excitement Rod came in and asked if we could keep it quiet, as he was having difficulty teaching next door with all the racket. I felt a bit embarrassed but as my class left the room they all gave me a high five, which made me feel better.

Later, Rod, probably feeling a bit guilty that he’d told me off in front of my students, suggested that after work we should go out on the town. Did we ever go out on the town – from one bar to another. When I got back to my place I just dropped onto the sofa and didn’t stir until morning. I woke up feeling like shit and my mouth tasted as though I’d been licking a wrestler’s armpit.

I was late for school and so I did a quick wash and change and off I went. With my head still pounding I really didn’t feel in the mood for teaching. Fortunately, I was scheduled to do a one-hour tutorial with Julia, the Korean girl. She saw that I was not feeling well and I told her how foolish I’d been.

“We all do foolish things sometimes,” she said, “Don’t worry about it.”

She then got up and started to gently massage my neck. It felt really good and after a few minutes, my headache was considerably improved. We spent the rest of this English conversation session discussing homesickness, not being able to make friends easily and relationships.

Before the class drew to a close I asked her if she would like to go out with me – just as a friend. To my delight, she said she would and I arranged to pick her up around the corner from the school just to avoid any problems. I was so pleased that I was to have some pleasant company that evening the rest of the day seemed to pass by very quickly.

I couldn’t drive straight home as I had to pick up a couple of more items for Madame Saretsky’s and I thought I’d buy a couple of things for myself. Julia seemed to enjoy the shopping experience and when I’d made sure we had everything my neighbor had on her list we headed home. I took Julia to my place first and then slipped next door to deliver the groceries.

When I got back to the apartment Julia was already unpacking my grocery bag and suggested she could cook something for us both. I thought she might be intimidated being in the apartment alone with me but she seemed quite comfortable and I had no intention of compromising that.

In the end we both cooked. She cooked some fish that I had bought and I prepared the vegetables. When we sat down at the table I offered her some wine and she accepted and we had an enjoyable supper together.

She asked quite a lot of questions about Canada; about me; and asked how I manage to get any sleep with no proper bed to lay on. When it was my turn to ask I found out that she was from Busan in Korea and hoped to become an English teacher. I also discovered that while she’d been studying here she had split with her boyfriend and this had caused her a great deal of heartache. It seemed I attracted young women who have just been dumped.

I didn’t think we could sit around my apartment all evening so around 7.30 I suggested we went to Loridan, just up the street, which is a Tapas bar with live music. She thought that would be fun and so off we went and Julia had another two glasses of wine.

It was obvious that she rarely drank alcohol because she soon began to feel faint. I quickly helped her back to my place where she knelt with her head over the toilet for half an hour. She was really out of it and so I laid her down on the sofa and covered her with a blanket and she went out like a light.

I slept on the floor and the next morning my back felt like that of an eighty-year-old man. After making coffee and some rolls before I woke Julia. When I gently shook her shoulder and she opened her eyes and looked as scared as hell.

I explained what happened and she cautiously got up from the sofa – sort of inspecting herself – maybe to see whether I had messed with her clothing. Even when I asked her to sit at the table and have some breakfast, she seemed a little uncomfortable about joining me. However, after a few sips of coffee, she brightened up and thanked me for looking after her.

“Where did you sleep?” she asked. I pointed to the floor. “O I’m so sorry I put you to so much trouble,”

I said it was no trouble and that I hoped she would go out with me again – but – perhaps not for a drink. She giggled and said, “I’ll behave better next time.” I took that as a yes.

As we drove to the school I asked if anyone would have missed her last night but she said, unlike some of the students, she had a room of her own.“It’s unlikely that anybody would have noticed my absence,” she assured me.

I dropped her off around the corner and went looking for a parking space. It was then I noticed that she had dropped her cell phone. As I picked it up it started ringing, I couldn’t very well answer it so I just dropped it in my pocket and it kept buzzing all the way along the street.

That day my classes were mostly with Europeans. It was planned that when Janet got organized I would have a group of students assigned to me and that would make it a bit easier to prepare the material. My nightlife for the last two nights had interfered with my usual preparation procedure and so before my first class started I quickly browsed through some current news stories that I could use for discussion. One of the items that caught my eye was about Bees and the fact that millions of them were dying all over the world. I thought some of my students would share my concern about that. And I was right. This topic led to some lively debate and enabled my class to use their English to maximum effect.

At lunchtime, I managed to slip the cell phone to Julia. The only person who may have seen me do it was Erika, another Korean girl that I didn’t like too much. She seems to be a bit sneaky and I’d noticed that she complained a lot.

In the middle of the afternoon, I was called into Janet’s office and feeling guilty, because I’d been socializing with one of the students, I was a bit nervous. However, there was no need to have been worried; she wanted to talk to me about the Christmas break that was coming up.

“About half of the students will be going home for Christmas,” she informed me and went on to say that some of those who lived far away had made arrangements to spend it with friends or at some resort or other. “I wondered if you had any plans,” she asked.

When I said no she asked me if I’d work all through the holiday. “There will be about 12 students staying on at the school and Megan the cook will be here but I need someone to pop in for a couple of hours every day to organize a few things and deal with any emergencies.”

I was only too willing to take the job as she made me a generous offer that would ease my finances quite a bit. The only negative thing was the fact that the entire faculty had somewhere to go this Christmas except me.

I managed to grab a couple of moments with Julia late in the day and I asked her what she doing for Christmas. When she said her mother was flying over and they were spending it in Grenoble together, my spirits flagged. I thought she might be one of the students staying behind. But it now looks as though I’d be spending it with Madame Seretsky.

Rod wanted to go out on the town again but I was neither mentally nor physically ready for that. I decided to get myself a cheap TV, and then possibly look at some mindless shows that would relieve my boredom – or at least replace one kind of boredom with another.

When I went around the corner at 5 pm to pick up my car I ran into Julia. I’m not sure if she was laying in wait for me but it did seem a lot like that. After salutations and her giving me a little bow as she usually did, she asked me what I was doing. I told her I was going to try and find a TV and then I was going home.

“Can I come with you?” she asked, “And afterward I will buy you dinner.”

I could hardly refuse an offer like that and so we first went scouting around for a TV and happened to find one that would fit my budget, after which we went to the Guibine Korean Restaurant on Rue Raoul Bosio that she assured me had incredible food.

I Almost Seduce Julia – but not Quite

As we walked into the restaurant a few heads turned to stare at us. It may have been because she was so beautiful, or maybe they were surprised to see an Asian and Caucasian together. We got a great table and Julia ordered in Korean making sure that I did not get too spicier dishes, as they tend to set their stomachs on fire once in a while.

She did not want any alcohol, thank goodness, and I also refrained. We had a pleasant dessert and coffee and I asked if she wanted to come back to my place for a while. She looked a little doubtful, perhaps thinking that I would try and seduce her, and suggested instead that we just do a little drive along the seafront.

We went down the Rue Raoul Bosio and turned right at Quai des Etats-Unis. As I don’t know Nice that well I had to rely on Julia to navigate.
We came onto the Promenade des Anglais and turned at Avenue Verdun and proceeded the opposite way along the seashore. When we got level with Rue Sulzer I pulled into a parking space and opened the window so that we could smell the sea air. It was a bit noisy outside but still romantic, at least the couple in the car in front of us thought so, they were necking with great enthusiasm.

I saw Julia looking at them and then we seemed to turn toward each other at the same time. She smiled,

“They seem to be enjoying themselves.”

I didn’t say anything for a moment but then with my stomach churning, in case I was about to say the wrong thing, I said, “Would you mind if I kissed you?”

She was a little stunned by my request but then she shrugged and put her head on one side and said, “OK”

I leaned over, slipped my arm around her waist, drew her towards me and gave her a gentle kiss. That was all I really expected but as I was about to move back she put her arms around my neck and we just continued doing it for some time.

I didn’t try to casually touch her breast during her embrace, although I was tempted, and we didn’t engage in any tongue wrestling. It low key – but it was nice.

By now it was 8 o’clock and I suggested I could drop her off at the school if she wanted to but she suddenly perked up and said she wouldn’t mind going back to my place to help me set up my TV and have some coffee. I was taken by surprise but I turned the ignition and pulled out into the traffic before she changed her mind.

Once we had the TV in the apartment I began to set it up while Julia made the coffee. We kept exchanging glances and I’m not sure what her eyes were saying but mine were yelling “I would like to take all your clothes off.”

The signal wasn’t very good as I only had one of those crappy rabbit’s ear antennas but it was better than nothing. With a struggle, I managed to squeeze the set into the wall shelves and we sat on the sofa with our cups of coffee to watch. It was fortunate for me that there was a sexy movie on. When the couple got into bed and there was some moaning and groaning Julia looked at me, just like she did when she saw the couple necking in front of us. I put my coffee down and leaned towards her. She quickly put her cup down and the next thing we were in a passionate embrace.

This time I did slip my hand at the side of her breast and I felt her tense up but she didn’t tell me to take it away. I gently lowered her onto the sofa and continued to kiss her as I rubbed my hand gently across her white lacey top. She was very nervous about what was happening and I was very cautious not to get carried away and spoil the mood.

When I placed my hand on her knee she began to tremble. She was wearing no tights and so my fingers were now in contact with her smooth skin. I was just about to slip my hand slowly up her skirt when there was a loud knocking at the door.

Julia sat up immediately then got to her feet and started to straighten her clothes. I just sat there wondering who the hell was banging at my door at 10 o’clock at night, and at such an inopportune moment. It turned out to be Madame Saretsky with another shopping list. I tried to prevent her peering into the room but she shoved the door with her arm as she handed me the list.

“O I see you have company.”

“Just a friend.”

“A very nice looking one,” she said, with a twinkle in her eye.

Julia smiled at her to acknowledge the compliment and then Madame said she was sorry to disturb us, then shuffled off after destroying my love life. As soon as I closed the door Julia was talking about it getting late and needing to get back to the school. I dropped her at my usual corner, she gave me a sisterly kiss and got out of the car.

I don’t know if I’ve felt so frustrated; embarrassed and guilty at the same time before. I drove home pounding my fist on the steering wheel occasionally and saying fuck – and a few other well-chosen words.

A Beautiful Sexual Experience

The following day was Saturday and I was only booked until lunch. I was due to play hangman with a group of Koreans for an hour and then a more diverse group for an ESL bingo game for an hour and a half. Julia was in my first group and for some reason, I felt uneasy. The class went pretty quickly and I would like to have said something to her as she was leaving but I didn’t know what to say.

She was the last out of the door and she turned to me and whispered, “Can I help you with the shopping later?” I nodded my head furiously and whispered back. “Of course you can.”

I couldn’t wait for the bingo group to dissolve so I could zip around the corner to meet her. When I caught sight of her, it took my breath away, she looked so beautiful. As soon as I got close to her she walked up and kissed me as if it was the most natural thing to do.

The car took a bit of starting, which may have been due to me being overly anxious to get going but the old girl fired up in the end and we headed for the shops. Madame Saretsky was quite detailed with her list. I had to buy fish from the market from a certain vendor, pick up her bread at Monoprix on Avenue Jean Medicin and then proceed to La Poulet on Rue de la Prefecture for cold meats and cheese. I could have bought everything at one supermarket but thought she might do something dastardly with my laundry if she’d discovered I crossed her.

When we got to the apartment, both Julia and I delivered the goodies to Madame hoping that, knowing I had a visitor, she wouldn’t come banging at the door. As we hadn’t had lunch and there is a limit to how many times you can eat out, I just did a plate of cold meats; cheese and some rolls. With a good cup of coffee it went down quite well. Hoping that Julia would be staying for dinner I’d also purchased some chicken breasts and lettuce to make a Caesar salad.

When we’d eaten our lunch we sat on the sofa together and did a little smooching. I knew she wouldn’t have come back to my place if she hadn’t been prepared for some real intimacy but I wanted to take it slow and make it as romantic as I could.

I don’t think Julia wanted to take it as slow as I thought as suddenly she slipped her tongue into my mouth and stroked my thigh, making contact with my rock solid dick, which cause me to take a very deep breath. My strategy then changed altogether. However, I still tried not to rush things.

First I slipped off her top and unhooked her bra and caressed her breasts. They were beautifully cone-shaped and firm and it was not long before my lips were sucking them gently as she closed her eyes and whimpered a little.

When her fingers started to stray and grope my groin area I began to get all steamed up and I quickly leaned her back on the sofa and slipped off her skirt. Her pubic hair showed through her thin panties and I my heart started to pound as I removed them to reveal her flower.

I went down on my knees and gently opened her legs and started to make small circles on the inside of her thighs with my tongue. Julia began to take short sharp breaths and it seemed as the whole atmosphere had turned electric.

She reached forward and held onto my hair as I began to explore her tight little slit.

I started by gently by kissing the outside and then parting the lips with my fingers as I probed deeper with my tongue. Julia responded with little whimpers and her body twitched when I touched a particularly sensitive spot. When these areas where identified I concentrated on them, which caused her to writhe in ecstasy and call out my name.

Raising myself up I once more gazed upon her nubile form, then holding up her legs and drawing her towards me I penetrated her flower. Not only did it cause her to cry out, I also let out a yell. It was tight and yet it was inviting and it made my legs go weak as I tried to position myself.

Once deep inside I had the urgent desire to cum, so holding on to her firm round bum I thrust in and out with quick determined strokes. I was completely overcome with desire and had the need to go faster. She responded with increased moaning and gripped my arms until it hurt.

A few moments before I was about to shoot my load she had an orgasm and thrust her ass upwards to meet my powerful strokes. This sent my brain and my dick into warp speed and as my goo oozed into her she held onto me even tighter and then suddenly relaxed, smiled, and reached up to kiss me.

Julia decided to stay overnight. I slept on the floor as I was sure two people could not get any sleep on my narrow sofa. In spite of my bones trying to find a spot where they felt comfortable on the hard boards, I slept quite well. She got up first and cooked breakfast. When I staggered to my feet we moved the table to the window so that we could look at on the street action and enjoy the sunshine.

During the washing-up process, Julia got a call from her mother who was due to arrive on Wednesday but it appeared that her father had suspected appendicitis and has been rushed to the hospital. Consequently, the trip had been canceled.

Although Julia was worried about her dad she seemed rather pleased that she didn’t have to leave Nice for the Christmas holidays.

“We can spend Christmas together,” she chirped and kissed me on the cheek.

My God – it looks as though she intends to stay with me for the whole of the twelve-day break. I was beginning to feel like a married man and it worried me a bit.

After a day of domestic bliss, which included doing some more shopping for Madame Saretsky, I dropped Julia back at the residence and settled in for a quiet evening at home

All Relationships Have Ups and Downs – Don’t They?

After a lonely Sunday, I got back to school on the Monday morning feeling a bit grumpy. I don’t know why maybe it was the weather. It was raining and overcast and fucking cold, considering it was the south of France.

Because of my mood, I was probably a little too cool towards everyone. Julia certainly noticed it and I’m afraid she may have thought that it was just aimed at her. Perhaps I should have explained to her in some way that I was just having a bad day but I really didn’t want to be overly social with anybody.

After muddling through my classes I made a quick exit and went straight home. I had a few cookies and a cup of coffee for my supper – I had virtually no interest in food. However, sitting and looking out my window for a couple of hours got me thinking and I came to the conclusion I was in love. In love with someone from a different culture whose family would never accept someone like me. Holy fuck – I was thinking about marriage – that was scary!

Following a restless night, I did manage to get a decent breakfast and I headed to my job. The first thing I did was to seek out Julia to make an excuse for my behavior the day before. She seemed pleased and when I asked her if she’d packed her things so she could come over to my place for the holiday, she gave me a kiss on the cheek, which attracted the attention from a couple of passing students, who raised their eyebrows.

It was a pretty easy day – nobody was interested in studying and at midday, we were treated to a pre-Christmas lunch by Janet, followed by various ethnic groups singing carols. Our benevolent boss then handed out gifts and it was all over for twelve whole days.

Julia met me at the car with her bag and we arrived at the apartment mid-afternoon and to my horror, we passed Camille on the staircase. The way she stared at us was almost scary. Of course, Julia picked up on it right away.

“An old friend of yours,” she asked, as I fiddled with the lock.

I explained that it was Madame Saretsky’s niece. She didn’t say anything at that time but when we got inside the apartment she began to give me the third degree. It seemed incredible that we’d only known each other for a short time and she was already getting possessive.

Even though I managed to side step the questions for a while, when we sat down for supper she stopped eating and looked directly at me, “Have you slept with her?”

“Just once,” I replied, trying to continue with my food.

“Do you often have one night stands?”

“No – but – Camille is kind of aggressive – she comes on strong.”

“Wow – it’s not often you hear of a woman forcing her attentions on a man.”

“It does happen.”

“Evidently,” she said sarcastically.

I didn’t like this questioning and I didn’t like her attitude. In response, I asked why all the questions, I hadn’t asked about her past loves. That went down like a lead balloon and she got up from the table and hid in the bathroom for twenty minutes. In the end, I had to coax her out and apologize – even though I was not sure what I was apologizing about.

Because I was a bit pissed off and didn’t want to hang around with her long face, I suggested we went up to Loridan to have some Tapas. She didn’t seem too enthused but she eventually agreed and off we went.

Even though I tried to stop her drinking she kept plopping her own money down and ignored me. Within an hour she was plastered. I struggled to get her outside, where she promptly threw up.

Holy shit! At that moment I was seriously thinking that I should go to Tibet and become a monk. Women can be so fucking frustrating.

It was a horrible night and I want to forget it. In the morning Julia was very humble and I had no option but to accept her apologies. I had to get breakfast on my own because she was still hungover. To be honest, even though I find her attractive in so many ways, I was thinking about getting out of our relationship. The trouble is I’m a sucker for a pretty face and if a girl cries, my heart melts and I become putty in their hands.

Before I could get my head straight or get halfway through my breakfast there was a knock at the door and there was Madame Saretsky asking me what I was doing for Christmas. Before I can open my mouth she invited me and Julia for Christmas dinner. I told her that I had to have dinner with the students at the school and then she switched it to Boxing Day. It was hard to refuse two invitations. Julia was not very keen on the idea, particularly as Camille is going to be there. I must admit I’m wondering why they would invite us at all.

All on all, it was a miserable day and I was glad to leave her nursing her head while I went to check on the school. When I returned she’d prepared lunch and was a bit more amiable. In the afternoon she agreed to go with me to buy a blow-up mattress as it was pretty uncomfortable sleeping on the floor. I did buy a double so that we could sleep together along with a duvet.

Even though she shared my bed that night there was no sex. As I watched her come out of the bathroom wearing a see-through nightie with her gorgeous tits swinging from side to side I had high hopes but she simply turned her back on me and went to sleep.

On Wednesday Julia and I checked in on the school and organized a few activities for the students remaining for the break. We lunched there and then Julia wanted to go shopping for decorations. On the advice of the cook, we headed for Cap 3000 a large shopping center outside of town. It turned out to be a great place to shop with over a 140 stores. Apart from having to almost drag her out of the Disney Store, everything went well.

She insisted on paying for all the fancy decorations she bought and so I treated her to pizza at the Via Napoli. We didn’t get home until around 7 pm and then she went to work on decorating the place. I must admit it looked lovely and my thoughts of dumping her began to fade. However, it was another sexless night and I’ve got a feeling that she was wearing that fucking nightie to drive me insane.

On Thursday I made an excuse to go out on my own because I wanted to buy her a Christmas gift. With no idea of what to buy, I walked down Rue Valperga to the corner of Avenue Notre Dame where there was a big drug store. I figured that I had to buy her something useful and thought of some of those smelly things for the bath that girls seem to like.

As I wandered around the store I was approached by a pretty young sales assistant who asked if she could help. I said I was looking for something for my girlfriend and she suggested a gift basket with a variety of soaps and lotions. It looked very attractive just as it was but she skillfully wrapped it up in seasonal paper and added a big red bow. As I was leaving she smiled, winked and said that my friend was a lucky girl.

I couldn’t very well hide the gift it was just too large and so Julia was wide-eyed as I entered the room.

“You can’t open it until Christmas morning,” I said. Of course, she wanted to feel it but I smacked her fingers and told her to behave herself.

At 11.30 it was Julia’s turn to leave the apartment, she said she has some personal business to attend to. I was pretty sure she was going to buy a gift. As she hadn’t returned by 12.30 I scrambled some eggs and made some coffee for lunch. At 1.30 I was getting a bit worried and at 2.30 I had to go and check on the school, and as she didn’t have a key I had to leave the door open.

It was almost 5 pm when I returned from the school and she was asleep on the sofa. I looked around, there were several large shopping bags stowed by the window. I would like to have had a peek but I decided against it and began to prepare supper. The banging of the pans woke her up. She smiled, “How were things at the school?” she asked.

“Fine – but I was worried about you – you were gone so long?”

“I had things to do.”

I didn’t ask any more questions I just kept on making the supper and she laid the table, then produced a bottle of wine she’d bought. I don’t know a lot about wine but this was a Pichon-Longueville-Baron and I knew it had to be in the $300 range. When I mentioned the cost she just shrugged and said, “It’s Christmas.” And that was that. We had a nice meal and an absolutely wonderful bottle of wine and then she put on the nightie along with a Santa Clause hat.

I didn’t give her the chance to climb into bed I just pushed and she fell onto it, bouncing around as if she was on a trampoline. When I tried to dive on top of her she skillfully moved aside and left me biting into a feather pillow.

“If you want to fuck me you’ll have to show me your cock first – to see if I approve.”

I obediently pulled down my boxers.

“Is that all you’ve got to offer,” she giggled, touching with her fingers, “I think I’ll have to make that bigger for you.”

She knelt in front of me and started to caress my balls with one hand and slide the other up and down my shaft. Then without warning, she took it into her mouth and moved her tongue around it.

I took a deep breath as she paused to slip off her nightdress and then she proceeded to rub the end of my dick across her tits and then circled her nipples with it. My god, I felt as though I was going to explode. The blood seemed to drain out of my legs and I was wobbling on the air mattress.

Julia took my hands and guided me down beside her, then she leaned over my face so that her wet crack was inches from my mouth, then she took my throbbing cock between her lips again.

As she drove in deep inside her throat I tried to lick her cunt but it was difficult. She kept it just out of my reach as she pounded my dick and fondled my balls in her soft warm hands.

I shot a hell of a big gob of cum in her mouth but she didn’t stop pumping it right away. It was getting a bit too much to take and so I grabbed on to her ass and pulled her back until her pink petals were spread out across my mouth. It tasted so good and I kept licking and sucking it until she started to shake and groan and had an earth-shattering orgasm.

She moved her tiny ass backward and forwards across my face as she continued to vibrate, then she moved forward into the reverse cowboy position and slipped her hot lubricated cunt onto my dick. It’s a strange feeling when a woman takes control of the situation and fucks you flat out, without you doing much except hold on to her love handles.

For the next little while she jumped up and down on my dick, battering my balls in the process. When I blew my load I let out a loud shout, that I’m sure Madame Saretsky and Camille could hear.

Some Very Expensive Gifts

The next morning was Christmas day and I was awakened to the sound of pots and pans. I looked up to see Julia frying up some bacon and eggs, and I could smell the coffee.

“Merry Christmas,” she greeted me and then bent down to give me a kiss.

When I emerged from the bathroom the table was laid and a small package was at the side of my plate. I immediately grabbed the gift I had bought and handed it to her but then when I opened mine I felt embarrassed. I had spent around $75 on the gift basket and she had bought me a $5000 Rolex Explorer watch. I was too stunned to say anything – I must have looked like an idiot.

After a while, I managed to stammer, “It’s absolutely beautiful – but so expensive.”

“It’s Christmas,” she smiled and began to tear the wrappings off the gift I had bought for her.

If there had been a hole in the floor I would have crawled into it and died.

“O thank you so much,” she said as the wrappings fell away, “You have very good taste.”

Julia insisted on putting the watch on for me and gave me a great big kiss. She then went on to produce more gifts. Another bottle of expensive wine; a new iPod, as she knew mine was broken and several pairs of sexy underwear. I was a little overwhelmed by it all. By the time I got down to eating my delicious-looking breakfast, it was cold but I had really lost interest in food.

We went to the school together and stayed for lunch and a celebratory Christmas dinner where many of the students drank far too much and several had to run outside to throw up. In spite of this, we had a great time and I was ready to drop on my new mattress when we got home.

The daunting prospect of meeting Madame Saretsky and Camille for dinner occupied my mind for the best part of Boxing day morning. Then there was also the matter of all the expensive gifts that Julia had bestowed on me. I was ashamed at my little offering and I told her so.

“I just don’t have a lot of money,” I explained, “if I had lots of it I’d buy you the Moon, I want you to know that.”

She smiled and slipped her hand in mine, “I know you would – now don’t you worry – my family just happens to be very rich – and that allows me to have a lavish lifestyle.”

“What does your family do?”

“O my father’s in shipping.”

“I’m not sure your family would approve of you spending time with a pauper like me.”

“I don’t suppose they would,” she said frankly, “I phoned my mother when I was in town on Christmas Eve, I just told her I was staying with a Rumanian girlfriend.”

I asked her why Rumanian?

“I thought it sounded believable – I don’t think anyone would make up something like that.”

“But you did.”

“I did – didn’t I?” she giggled.

Julia went on to say her father was now back home from the hospital and resting and the family was all gathering at the house to celebrate Christmas with him. As I was always under the impression that Koreans were Buddhists I was surprised by her statement but she assured me that there is a large Christian community.

We lay around and watched television most of the day and looked with apprehension toward our dinner with the Saretskys in the evening. We both got dressed up, Julia in a lovely black cocktail dress that she had bought for the occasion and I wore my best blazer with the tie that Janet had given me for Christmas.

When the dreaded time approached we both made our way toward their door and knocked gently, hoping that perhaps they had forgotten about the arrangement and gone out somewhere. However, Camille opened the door and did her best to smile as she invited us in.

Madame Saretsky was still buzzing around in the kitchen and so Camille asked if we would like a drink. Suspecting she might lace it with arsenic I declined and so did Julia.

“So how did you two meet?” she asked, as we took our seats at the table.

“I’m his student,” Julia replied.

“Really – isn’t that a bit unethical – a teacher seducing his student?”

“Oh, I seduced him,” Julia shot back, “ I am 23 years old so I suppose it’s all within the law.”

I was quite startled by her reply and it certainly took Camille by surprise.

In spite of this beginning, the evening didn’t turn out that bad. The food was great and we had an amicable conversation. The only thing that bothered me was when the subject of marriage came up. Camille said that it was a fate worse than death, while Julia said if I asked her to marry her she accept in a minute.

The most bizarre part of the evening came as we were leaving and Camille said if we ever thought of having a threesome she was always available. The look on Julia’s face was priceless and she obviously couldn’t get out of the place fast enough.

Things are Beginning to Fall Apart

During breakfast the next morning I brought up the comments Julia made the night before regarding marriage.

“O – was just kidding,” she laughed, “I couldn’t marry you, my parents would have a fit. They paid off the last person I fell in love with and he was Korean,” she continued, “If I took you home they’d completely disown me and I would be as broke as you are.”

“Do you mean that your parents and money dictate your love life.”

“Not dictate – we Koreans respect our parents and their opinions.”

I was a bit shocked and hurt by all these revelations. It looked as though I was nothing more than a fuck buddy. And as the morning wore on things got worse. Julia suggested that she could rent me a nicer apartment, maybe one overlooking the sea and she even talked about buying me a decent car.
Wow – this was getting too much and I told her that if she was not satisfied with my lifestyle she was quite free to move on. This lead to some strong words from both of us and ended with her taking to the bathroom for a cry.

When the mandatory twenty minutes had passed I knocked on the door to apologize. I was dying for a pee and so it made the situation a little bit more urgent. She emerged from her refuge and we hugged but I thought that our relationship would never be the same.

I went to school on my own and spent a couple of hours dealing with various issues. Fortunately, none of them involved anyone’s love life.
Things remained a bit cool in the apartment and I vowed that I would not be drawn into a long term sexual relationship that had no meaning. However, when she emerged from the bathroom wearing a see-through baby doll nightdress that revealed her beautiful young oriental body, my willpower crumbled.

The next thing we were hugging, then rolling around on the mattress and she ended upon the top of me. As I fondled her adorable tits she lowered herself onto me. Her flower was wet and warm and she moved slowly up and down moaning a little as she did so. However good it felt, I decided that she was not going to be in control and I spun her over on to her back.

I didn’t bother with any foreplay I just rammed my cock into her and I fucked her as hard as I could. It was if I was trying to get rid of my anger. After I’d exploded inside of her she just lay there like a dead person then got up to clean herself in the bathroom.

Did I feel like a piece of shit? Yes!

We slept together and I tried to fondle her breasts but she brushed my hand away. I was so confused I couldn’t even think straight.

When Julia awoke I made some breakfast and we both sat without speaking. She kept looking at me expecting me to say something but I couldn’t dredge up any words. Eventually, she broke the silence,

“I don’t think things are working out for us Michael, it might be best if I moved out.”

I just gave a big sigh. It was the last thing I wanted. After swallowing a big lump in my throat I managed to whisper,

“I‘m so sorry for the way I treated you last night Julia, it’s just that I love you and I’m confused.”

“I love you too,” she replied, “But that doesn’t mean you can own me, my first responsibility is to my family.”

I said that I understood but I didn’t, it was all a load of fucking bullshit to me. Seeing that I was upset she came around the table and kissed me gently on the lips.

“You have to go and check on the school don’t you?”

“Are you coming with me.”

“No I’ll stay here and clean up.”

There were all kinds of little problems with the students and it took me about two hours to deal with everything. On the way back to the apartment I had a sense of foreboding and when I walked in I realized that it had been justified. Julia was gone and there was a note taped to the wall along with an envelope of money.

I picked it up with a very heavy heart and read it

My dearest Michael,
Thank you for loving me. Our short relationship has given me more joy than you can imagine but the time has come for me to return to where I belong. I hope to leave Paris for Seoul tonight. Please arrange for the things in my room to be sent on. The money should cover the cost and my outstanding fees. If there’s any leftover have a few glasses of wine at Loridan and pretend I’m there with you.
Love you, love you, love you,
Julia (Shim Ye-jin)

I was devastated. I actually punch the walls with my fists and then ended up calling her name over and over. It was two in the morning before I made an attempt to lie on the sofa and then I fell asleep fully clothed.

At first light there was a knock on the door, I dashed to open it thinking it might be her but it was Madame Saretsky. I would have liked to have told her to fuck off but I realized that I shouldn’t be taking out my anger on other people. She had a shopping list in her hand and my laundry.

It was the most miserable day of my life and when I’d finished running errands for my neighbor I bought a bottle of liquor and I drank myself stupid.

I was out to this world for several hours and woke up to the sound of my cell phone. Leaping from the sofa I grabbed it from the table hoping it was her. It turned out to be the cook at the school asking me to go over right away – there was a problem.

After a wash-up, I went around the corner to pick up the car but it was gone. Standing in its place was a brand new BMW with a huge yellow bow on it. As I approached a man stepped out of the car,

“Monsieur Perry?”


“This is your car Monsieur, you’ll find all the documentation in the glove compartment.”

As I stood there with my mouth open he smiled and walked away. Of course, I knew who was responsible for it and it didn’t make me happy.

“Does she think another expensive gift would make up for my loss?” I thought to myself.

I pulled out from the curb and proceeded in the direction of the school.

“I don’t want a new car – I want you – I love you,” I yelled, banging on the steering wheel as I drove.

“Do you really mean that?” came a voice from the back seat. I looked in the rearview mirror, almost colliding with another car, and there she was. It was Julia with a big smile on her face.

I pulled into the side and climbed over into the back seat and hugged her. In between kisses I asked her why she wasn’t in Korea.

“I just couldn’t get on the plane – I realized I loved you far too much,” she replied, “by the way, there is no emergency at the school I arranged that call to get you outside.”

Laughing like an idiot I climbed back into the driving seat and headed for the apartment. Holding hands we mounted the stairs together, I kissed the amazed Mrs. Saretsky as I passed her in the hallway, carried Julia over the threshold and locked the door. Like two hippies from the sixties, we lay naked in bed for the rest of the day, only getting up for the occasional snack.

“Will you marry me Ye-jin,” I asked, as we rolled around the bed.

She couldn’t answer as she had my dick in her mouth but she did manage to nod her head.




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