The Windsor Affair

by Cristiano Caffieri

This is based on a true story that took place in Windsor, England, many years ago. It has been updated, embellished and the names of the characters changed to prevent embarrassment but the emotions, so deeply felt at that time, are woven into the narrative.

The Girl in the Bookshop
I’ve always been a sucker for books, even though I don’t always read them. That’s what brought Thea and me together – BOOKS! She actually owned a book store in Windsor, England, well I suppose her mother owned it really, she’d bought it for something for Thea to do.

Unlike her two brothers and sisters, she didn’t have a lot of ambition. Even when I walked in there on the first day I thought she looked like a lost soul. However, I did find her attractive. She was tall and slim with brown hair that hung down around her shoulders but perhaps her most outstanding feature was those sad brown eyes.

Her dress could best be described as casual, faded jeans, striped top, long woolen sweater, and boots. The latter, although having zips up the sides, were partially undone.

The store looked just as casual as she did but I guess that’s what second-hand book stores are supposed to look like. It was piled up with books of every size and genre, and there was a big comfortable looking armchair, where she sat when I entered, and a cat. It was a shaggy looking thing, grey all over except for its head that was completely black. I found out later she called him Kat – with a K.

I didn’t live in Windsor, I lived in nearby Slough. At 20 years old I was still residing with my parents and I had yet to be intimate with a girl. The problem was I actually looked younger than my age and I just didn’t seem to attract women. Consequently, I was always on the prowl for vulnerable females who might look as though they were having the same difficulty. However, I was not looking for love – I was just hoping to fuck somebody.

Thea didn’t fit my criteria, she was pretty, and I imagined at the time that loads of guys had asked her out, that turned out not to be true. Perhaps young guys my age didn’t frequent second-hand bookstores. But – believe it or not – I walked out of that place that day with a date.

I think I made it obvious that I found her attractive; I kept browsing the books, making sure that I was in a position to keep having a sly peek at her. She sat nonchalantly in her chair and I was trying to think of something I could say to get a conversation going. Fortunately, the cat, obviously sensing my dilemma, jumped onto the table next to me and began to rub against my arm.

“What’s his name?” I asked, stroking his arched back, and putting my book to one side.

“Kat – with a K,” she replied, “He seems to like you.”

I told her that I had a ginger cat at home called Marmalade and that just led to a conversation that lasted over an hour. Being Sunday the next day, and assuming she would be closed, I asked her if she’d like to do something. She said “Yes.”

When I inquired where to pick her up she said, “Here, I have an apartment upstairs.”

I felt this was getting just a little bit too good to be true and on the way home I daydreamed about kissing her, sliding my hand up her leg and taking her up into her apartment where I would screw the ass off of her. That’s how my mind worked back then.

On Sunday morning I showered and then tried on numerous articles of clothing, not quite knowing whether to look like James Bond or Mick Jagger. Eventually, I compromised and went semi-casual.

When I arrived at the store I wasn’t sure how to make her aware that I was waiting for her outside. The door was locked, I didn’t have her cell number and banging on the door didn’t seem to get any response. My first thought was that she’d forgotten about it, or even worse – had changed her mind.

I was about to throw my hands up in despair when I heard a voice behind me and there she was.

“I’m sorry I’m late,” she smiled, “I had to run over to get something from mum’s house.”

Hoping that it was a packet of condoms, I asked where she’d like to eat and she said she wouldn’t mind a pub lunch. I left my car parked near the store and we walked down by the castle and then crossed the road to a popular watering hole where we had a roast beef lunch and a glass of beer. When we emerged back into the sunshine I suggested we walked down to the River Thames and rent a boat. She loved the idea.

I took her hand as we walked and she didn’t seem to object. When we climbed into the swaying vessel she asked me if she could row, and although it pricked my masculine sensibilities a bit I said “OK.”

It was such a beautiful day. I just leaned back and admired her. She looked quite a bit different from when I first saw her, she was wearing a short skirt and a lacy top and, as she pulled on those oars, I got the occasional look at her panties. I was in heaven. At last Chris Cooper, the guy who had such a poor track record with women was with a very pretty young girl who might, if the gods smiled on him, take him back to her place for an evening of sexual gratification.

Mid-afternoon we sat by the river and just talked about our families, our jobs and our cats, and then came an invitation that sent my blood racing through my veins.

“Would you like to come back to my place for some coffee?”

No sweeter words were ever spoken and even as I rose and helped her to her feet I was developing an erection. We held hands once more as we climbed the hill by the castle and headed for the store.

I was trembling with anxiety as I waited for her to put the key in the lock. The wind chimes, that hung over the door, jingled as we entered, and then I followed her up the stairs in the trail of her sweet perfume, admiring her long legs and round bum, as I did so.

The attic apartment was nicer than I thought it would be. Apparently, her dad had fixed it up for her. It was small but being painted white gave it the feeling of space. There were just a sofa, bed, coffee table and TV set basically, with a few pictures and candlesticks to make it feel like home.

“Sit down,” she said, “The kitchen’s downstairs at the back of the store, I’ll go and put the coffee on.”

I was as interested in coffee as I was taking a dose of cyanide but I smiled and sat back and gazed around the apartment until she returned with a tray. Because my hormones were completely out of control I think my conversation during coffee was bordering on the ridiculous. I kept grasping at topics trying to fill the time before I would have her lying on that bed with her legs in the air and screaming for more.

When the cups and tray were cleared away we just sat there and looked at each other. She was expecting me to kiss her, I knew that, and so I casually put my arm on the back of the sofa in preparation for my next move. It was not quite as smooth as I planned but I did maneuver my arm around her shoulder and pulled her towards me. Our lips met and my dick, still concealed by my pants, stood straight and proud like the Queen’s guards.

We kept kissing for some time and then I made my next move, I gently touched the side of her right breast with the ends of my fingers. She gave a little gasp but she didn’t brush me away, so I took my free hand and worked it up inside of her top. Her bra was quite flimsy and so instead of trying to unhook it I just slipped it up and bingo my hand was groping her soft warm flesh.

They weren’t big tits but to a hand that had never ever groped this part of a woman’s anatomy before, it was a mind-blowing experience. Thea didn’t seem overwhelmed at this point but when I moved my hand down to the hem of her skirt and slowly ran it up her thigh, she began to tremble.

She held on to me tighter and tighter as my finger found its way around her panties and gently touched the lips of her flower. I kept it there for a few seconds before attempting to slip it inside of her. When I did it was warm and wet. She had her cheek tucked against mine and was breathing in short little gasps as I moved it slowly in and out.

I may not have had much experience but I knew where the clitoris was and so I began to move my finger up and down the lips from the bottom to the top, from the bottom to the top, over and over again. It wasn’t long before those gasps turned into whimpers and then her body started to shake violently and she forced my hand away.

It seemed only natural to me that she would now want to feel my throbbing cock rammed up inside of her and I attempted to remove her panties to facilitate this. Much to my surprise she suddenly stood up and announced that she was expecting her mother to call round at any time and that maybe I should leave.

Did I show my disappointment? You bet I fucking did, and when she tried to give me a kiss and to thank me for a lovely day I moved away, gave her a terse goodbye and I cursed to myself all the way home.

Of course, I swore that I never wanted to see her again but after work Monday I rushed over to Windsor and caught her just before she closed. She looked at me quizzically and then let me in.

“I wasn’t expecting you,” she mumbled, seemingly not wanting to look me in the eye.

“I came to say I’m sorry for acting like a spoiled kid,” I said.

“That’s OK – I understand how you feel,” she shrugged, “It’s just that I’m not ready for that yet – I’m sorry.”

I put my arms around her and we kissed, like it or not I was in some sort of relationship, it’s more than I’d ever had before and so I decided to try and live with it.”

A Sexy Distraction
Thea and I had been going out together for three months, she seemed genuinely fond of me, she even bought me an expensive watch for my birthday however, my sex life remained frustrating. She allowed me to fondle her tits and poke my finger in her flower but she wouldn’t let me suck her nipples or eat her out.

There was no doubt she enjoyed the orgasms that I delivered without fail but I couldn’t persuade her to give me a blow job, although she did jerk me off occasionally.

I tried everything to change her mindset. Sometimes I would take romantic CDs over and with our arms around each other, we would stand in the middle of the floor and rock backward and forward to the music. Our shadows, created by the candlelight, would dance over the white walls and she would snuggle her cheek against mine. On one occasion, possibly carried away by Van Morrison singing “Have I told you lately that I Love You,” she even whispered “I love you,” in my ear but obviously not enough to take me to her bed.

Everybody at work knew about my relationship. I suppose the fact that I’d been such a loser for so long prompted me to let it slip out. A few of the older guys would tease me by telling me I looked exhausted and I should give it a rest, and some who knew that Thea’s family had several successful businesses would suggest that I was fucking myself into money. All this banter didn’t escape the ears of Inez Kemp, our resident seductress.

She didn’t walk or dress provocatively, in fact, she preferred simple cotton dresses, but she had a petite figure that made whatever she wore look incredibly sexy. Inez was completely and utterly feminine, from her body language to her magical laugh.

All the men fawned over her and she been out with most of them, including the married ones. Nobody lasted more than a few dates and then she tired of them.

Quite frankly I never in my wildest dreams thought she would show any interest in me but suddenly she did, and it took me off guard. I had my own office and one day she walked in leaned over my shoulder to point out something on a document and BAM! She somehow ended up on my knee with her arms around my neck and her lips locked onto mine.

I was taken completely by surprise but I certainly didn’t resist her advances, the feel of her body next to mine put all other considerations out of my mind, poor Thea included. I was just so flattered, all sense of reason disappeared.

Even though I knew the tale of the spider and the fly I quickly accepted her invitation to go round to her apartment and help her move some furniture. I had a date with Thea but I quickly made some excuse and instead I ended up standing at the door of Inez’s apartment with a bouquet of flower and a box of chocolates.

She met me at the door wrapped in a towel, “O gosh, you’re early,” she said, pretending to be flustered, “I was just in the tub, you just sit in here and make yourself comfortable while I finish off.”

I wasn’t early, in fact, I was spot on time, and when she shouted through the open bathroom door and asked me if I’d wash her back I knew this was all part of a plan – and I was loving it. Slipping off my jacket I walked in to find her immersed in bubbles. She handed me a sponge and moved forward so that I could kneel and wash her smooth white back.

Feeling as horny as hell it was difficult for me to even concentrate on such a simple task, but I didn’t have to do it for long. Suddenly she got to her feet and faced me, still covered in bubbles, but not enough to hide her gorgeous assets.

“Why don’t you sponge me all over,” she smiled, as I stood there with my mouth open.

I soaped her tits and between her legs, and she, obviously feeling horny herself, moaned softly and gripped onto my shoulders with her wet hands. When she stepped out of the tub I wiped her down with a big fluffy towel as she just smiled at me.

“Why don’t you carry me into the bedroom,” she said, “And if you don’t drop me I’ll suck it for you.”

I felt a stream of soapy water travel all the way down my face as I took her in my arms and made for the bed. It was a very nice one, high off the floor with beautiful covers and piles of white pillows.

It was a magical moment. I felt like a prince in one of those romantic fairy stories as I lay her naked body down on the covers as if she was some priceless artifact. Getting out of my own clothes I climbed in beside her, her eyes were closed but they soon opened up as I traced one finger up and down her warm damp skin, and she smiled at me.

As ridiculous as it seems I was in love, instantaneously, irrevocably and without reservation. Like the woman who believes she can turn a hardened criminal into a loving, productive member of society, at that moment I was sure that I could make the flirtatious Inez love me, and me alone.

My penis was so hard it was becoming unbearable and as she moved down the bed and gently took it in her hand I began to tremble. She looked down at me with a knowing smile, and then she slipped her fingers up and down it a few times, before lightly kissing the end with those full ruby lips.

When she took it in her mouth she did it so slowly it almost drove me insane. I was dying to shoot my load there and then but she was in no hurry. The fact that my body was twitching seemed to amuse her, and sometimes she would take it completely out of her mouth and then slip it back in again, even slower than before.

Her fingers probed my balls as she continued to go up and down my shaft and then, perhaps as an act of mercy, she began to develop a steady rhythm. When I felt my cum moving up I started to gasp for air and that really prompted her to quicken her pace. I wasn’t sure whether she was prepared to take it into her mouth so I groaned, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming,” to warn her but she continued to suck until the very end.

No book or porn video could have prepared me for that moment, it was my first blow job and it was incredible. As I lay their breathing a little heavy, Inez hovered over me with her tits dangling my face. I reach up and held onto her and began to suck on her nipples. She closed her eyes and whimpered a little and then she moved one leg over my face and sat her hairy muff over my mouth.

I held onto her thighs and began to move my tongue up and down her wet crack. She loved it and called out, ”That is so fucking good, keep doing it Chris – I like that.”

It took a little bit longer than I thought it would to make her cum but she did and when she screamed the roof down and pulled on my hair so hard I thought she’d scalped me. Then she fell forward and lay their gasping with her ass in the air.

“Shove it in from behind,” she said, “Let’s do it doggy fashion.”

My cock was hard and ready to go but I had some difficult shoving it in the right hole. Getting impatient she reached back with her hand and guided it in. Boy it was tight, it was wet and it was hot. I couldn’t believe how good it felt.

I found kneeling and doing it from behind was a bit uncomfortable but when her vagina gripped onto the end of my cock, the sensation was out of this world. Ramming it into her, with my balls bouncing off of her beautiful round ass was something I’d only dreamed of.

Holding onto her hip bones I pounded her pussy until she started to cry out and I could feel my cum rushing up my pipes in a continuous stream. I gave a few final thrusts to give her all I’d got and then I flopped onto the bed to get my breath back.

There was, as I suspected, no furniture to move, we just sat around for the rest of the evening necking and groping one another. Although there were some alarm bells ringing in my head, I ignored them and at that moment in time, I would have done anything to please her.

I became a regular visitor to her place and I had to keep making excuses to Thea for breaking our dates. However, one important date was coming up that I couldn’t weasel out of. It was her birthday.

A party was being held at her parent’s house and I was to be introduced to the whole family. Holy shit I was terrified. Not at meeting the people but because my feelings for her were getting cooler as they were overheating in regard to my sexy office colleague.

Unfortunately, things were about to get a whole lot worse, Inez, in a very vindictive manner told me I shouldn’t go but I told her I had to, I couldn’t let Thea down on such a special occasion. Now, how she worked it I don’t know but she’d called in on the garage run by Jimmy, Thea’s brother, and ended up getting him to invite her to the birthday bash.

If I could have killed myself I would have done so.

A Disastrous Party
When I arrived at the Michaels’s house for Thea’s birthday party she was at the front door waiting for me. Because I was full of doubt regarding our relationship I was not overly anxious to meet her parents and siblings. I would even have felt worse if I’d have known about Inez being there.

After a greeting which involved a lingering kiss Thea escorted me into the living room. There, holding drinks and chatting were her two brothers and INEZ!

As introductions were made my mouth went dry as the prospect of shaking her hand came closer and closer. Jimmy just introduced her as a friend, and an almost evil grin appeared on her face as she slipped her hand into mine.

I was pleased when I was dragged into the kitchen to meet mom and dad. Mrs Michaels, a buxom woman in her late forties, welcomed me with outstretched arms, “So this is the young man my daughter is crazy about,” she smiled.

Thea looked a little embarrassed as I was crushed against her mother’s bosom and I felt like shit because I’d been mulling over in my mind how I was going to tell her I was seeing someone else. Released from Elise’s embrace, that’s the name she insisted I call her, I was introduced to Chase, her dad, who was much more laid back. He gave me a friendly handshake and told me he’d heard a lot about me and then offered me a drink. I was sure ready for one.

The placing at the dining table couldn’t have been worse. Inez was seated right across from me and in addition to smiling and licking her lips seductively; she kept stretching out her leg and playing with my feet. I thought that dinner was never going to end. However, even when it did the lip licking, footsie playing temptress wouldn’t leave my side.

I could see Thea was getting upset with all the attention I was getting and she eventually whisked me outside to the summer house.“Who is that woman?” she asked.

“She works with me at Stratham’s Warehouse,” I said.

“Does she come on to you all the time at work,” she inquired, looking a little concerned.

“I think she’s had too much to drink,” I suggested, hoping that would pacify her.

“I hate women like that,” she said, with more than a little venom in her voice, “They act like prostitutes because they think that’s what men like.”

Wow – my mind was in overdrive, I really didn’t like Thea saying that even though I was aware that Inez couldn’t resist exploiting her feminine wiles whenever men were around. I didn’t want to come to her defense because of arousing suspicions and so took the best cause of action and changed the subject.

We just kept talking about this and that, and kissing here and there, until it was time to go back into the house for birthday cake and coffee. Her sister Paige had arrived with her husband and so there were more introductions. However, Inez was soon back at my side singing Happy Birthday like as if she really meant it, and was getting so close to me it was causing everyone to glance over at us.

“How did you end up getting invited to Thea’s party,” I asked at length.

“I knew you were coming,” she smiled, “And I thought I should be here with you, fortunately, I knew Jimmy over there and I went round to his place and asked him if he was doing anything on Saturday. He said it was his sister’s birthday party but I could tag along if I wanted.” She began to finger the lapels on my jacket and look up at me with those big blue eyes, “You are pleased to see me aren’t you?”

I wasn’t pleased to see her – not there. In spite of my strong feeling for her, I didn’t want to hurt Thea, and I didn’t want anyone else to do that either. In a bit of a snit, I walked away and joined the birthday girl and her sister, who were engrossed in conversation on the other side of the room. When she was called away by her mom, I was left alone with Paige, who promptly gave me a warning.

“I hope you’re not toying with my sister’s affections,” she said, somewhat sternly.

“No – I’m not,” I stammered. I really couldn’t say anything else.

“She really loves you,” she continued, “Do you love her?”

Talk about being stabbed through the heart. My hesitation must have been obvious, because when I gave a weak “yes,” she just dumped her glass in my hand and walked away with a look of disdain on her face.

As Thea was staying over at her parent’s place I was ready to head back to Slough alone, however, Inez, not wanting to take Jimmy out of his way, suggested I could drop her off. The look on Thea’s face was indescribable. Even her brother looked aghast.

I helped her on with her coat and we headed out for the car. This was not the best day of my life and I was seething. When I got behind the wheel I told Inez that she’d embarrassed me and upset Thea. It didn’t seem to worry her either way.

“Why are you so concerned about that dour-faced little bitch, you’ve not even fucked her.”

“Sex is not the only thing in a relationship,” I snapped back, as I pulled onto the street, “There are other things you know.”

“Such as?”

“Such as friendship.”

“Aren’t I your friend?” she asked, in a girlie voice and snuggling up to me.

O shit, my hormones kicked into action and I was afraid to upset her now because I wanted to fuck her. What stupid assholes we men are.

“Of course you’re my friend,” I replied, as I headed for her place with my dick pressing against my pants and my balls beginning to warm up.

When we arrived at her apartment we didn’t even make it to the bedroom before we were tearing others clothes off. We ended up rolling on the living room floor in the 69 position, desperate to suck each other off.

Unlike some women, Inez didn’t mind it rough so I sucked hard on the lips of her cunt as she went up and down on my shaft like a crazy woman. When we came we started yelling like banshees and then, out of breath, we both stretched out on the carpet and I found myself murmuring “I love you.”

She sat up when I said it and asked me when I was going to tell Thea that it was all over between us. I felt as though I had a lump of concrete in my stomach when I thought of how I would do that. She was so different to Inez, younger, more innocent and although I was really loathed to admit it – she was a sweeter person.

Unfortunately, I was driven by my desire for sex, and in spite of my fine words about friendship being important I was at a stage in my life when getting laid came up trumps. I had an insatiable sexual appetite and even if Thea was prepared to drop her panties I wasn’t sure she could ever give me what I was getting from Inez.

When I climbed back in the car, with my dick still aching from the beating it had taken I gave a huge sigh – and I made up my mind to tell her the next day.

As Drunk as a Skunk
I have avoided confrontation all of my life and on that Sunday, I was trying to figure out how I was going to avoid it again. It occurred to me that I could put a note under the door, send an email, a text, anything but having to look in those sad brown eyes to say, “I’m sorry but I love somebody else.”

I tried saying in front of the mirror, I rephrased numerous times – and then the phone rang.

“Have you told her yet,” Inez opened up with a certain amount of anger in her voice.

The fact that I didn’t answer right away pretty well summed up the situation and she came at me with a tirade of abuse which included telling me that I didn’t need to go round to her place again until the deed was done.

When you’re feeling like shit the last thing you need is someone to rub it in. I put the phone down on her and refused to pick it up when she rang back. Eventually, I got a text, “I’m sorry for bullying you baby but I need you in my life and I can’t bear to share you.”

My mom and dad, who are not fond of having alcohol in the house, were out and so I hurried out to the corner store and bought a bottle of Scotch. I didn’t use any glasses I just swigged it out of the bottle like an old lush and I kept on swigging.

By the time I was ready to go over to see Thea I was well and truly pissed. Once again, proving how stupid I really was I drove my car. It was a miracle I didn’t have an accident or get pulled over by a cop.

When I got to the store I banged on the door and shouted up to the window but to no avail, I’d forgotten she’d stayed over at her mother’s place. In the end, exhausted and with all the nearby buildings beginning to swim around in my head, I sat down on the step and passed out. Two hours or so later Thea returned.

After tapping my face a few times and getting no response she dragged me into the store and tried to sit me in the big chair. It was a struggle but she managed it, then she went into the kitchen and made some strong coffee.

When I came round all I could see was this very pretty face holding a mug to my lips.

“Come on drink some of this,” she said, cupping her hand around my neck to bring it forward.

It tasted awful but at her insistence, I kept sipping away until it was almost gone and I was feeling a tiny bit better. Well, that was until I felt I was about to throw up.

Thea quickly got me into the bathroom and leaned me over the john. I lay with my head in the bowl for a good fifteen minutes and then she sponged off my mouth and helped me upstairs.

I slept on her sofa until mid-afternoon and then with a splitting headache I woke up and there she was, standing over me.

“How do you feel?”


“Were you drinking because you were afraid to tell me you were dumping me?” she asked, sitting on the edge of the cushion.

“Why would you say that?’

“Because I can feel it – you’ve fallen for that Inez haven’t you?”

“Well, I like her.”

“Because she lets you fuck her?”

“That’s not nice to say that.”

“But it’s the truth isn’t it?”

I refused to talk anymore and so she said she would go down and get us something to eat, “It might be the last time we can do something like this together,” she said.

Lying back on the sofa I looked up at the white ceiling and began thinking. In particular, I wondered if Inez would take care of me if the situation was in reverse. I also began to doubt my ability to hang on to someone like her, because sex was all we had in common. And it also crossed my mind that maybe; just maybe, all she wanted was to prove that she could take me away from somebody else. After all, she paid no attention to me in the office before the rumors about my relationship with Thea began.

By the time she arrived back with a tray of food, my brain was almost fried. She helped me to sit up and then gave me some sandwiches on a plate and an even bigger mug of coffee than before.

“You should get something solid into your stomach,” she said.

“Why are you being so kind to me,” I mumbled, “I don’t deserve it.”

“Because I love you,” she replied, “Just because you don’t love me – it doesn’t change that.”

I looked up at her for a moment – my god, she was so beautiful, I couldn’t think of one valid reason for breaking up our relationship.

“I do you love you Thea,” I murmured, trying to talk while chewing a cucumber sandwich.

“Perhaps you’re still under the influence of alcohol,” she responded.

“No,” I said, “I’ve been a fool and I’d be an even bigger fool if I let you go.”

I tried to lean over to kiss her but she pulled away, saying, “What if I don’t want you now?”

“But you said you loved me.”

“But can I trust you? I don’t want a relationship where I have to check up on you all of the time.”

“I’ll get one of those electronic implants so you can track what I’m doing,” I said.

She laughed. I loved to see her laugh; she didn’t do it very often.

“OK we’ll give it a try – but no sex for six weeks – then I’ll think about it.”

“You mean you’ll make love to me in six weeks?” I cried, hardly able to contain my enthusiasm.

“Don’t get so excited, I may not be as good as your friend.”

Six weeks can seem like a whole year sometimes, I actually crossed the days off the calendar. And, in addition to feeling all tensed up about that there was the problem of Inez, she bugged me so much I had to find another job and change my cell phone number.

It was August 31st, I shall remember that day for the rest of my life. I turned up at the shop with the biggest bouquet the local florist could muster.

“They’re beautiful,” she said, but please remember I only said I’d think about it.

“So why have you got today circled on your calendar?” I inquired.

“Because it’s the day I’m going to wash my hair,” she smiled, and then she threw her arms around me and kissed me. Our tongues entwined, we started to undress each other. I hadn’t seen her completely naked before and she was absolutely gorgeous.

Our arms still around each other we sidled towards the bed then I picked her up and l tenderly laid her on the white covers. It was like looking down on an angel. I had decided weeks ago that I didn’t want to get into the wild calisthenics that Inez and I got involved in, this was a very special occasion, I wanted it to be a loving one.

Kneeling down on the bed I moved up between her long slender legs and began to gently fondle her small perky tits and lightly lick her nipples. She arched her back, spread her arms across the bed and sighed.

Every so often the end of my dick would touch the lips of her flower and she would take a deep breath and hold it there until I moved it away. From the channel between her tits, I brought my tongue all the way down to her neatly trimmed bush, then opening her legs wider I placed my face in-between her thighs, opened the lips with my fingers and let my pussy flicker dance across her pink petals.

Thea’s murmurings got louder and louder as I inserted my finger, pulled it gently downward and began to lick from that finger up the side of her vagina to the clitoris. She grabbed on to my shoulders as I continued to do it time and time again. Her fingers dug into my flesh and she started to take short sharp breaths as her body began to shake violently.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming,” she cried, and she closed her eyes and just lay there trembling, and taking deep breaths.

My cock was hard, throbbing and ready to go and so I wasted no time in slipping it in. She gasped as it penetrated deep inside of her and then she moved her ass around as if she was ready to make history.

I had little control over my emotions at this point, I just wanted to cum, and with that in mind, I pumped it into her bush like a piston rod as she gave little grunts each time my crotch made contact with hers. I tried not to be too rough but I was at fever pitch and soon I was crying out as I felt my sperm traveling up my dick and into the woman I loved. When the last few thrusts came to an end we just held on to each other and kissed.

That evening we made another major decision, she asked me to move into her little apartment with her. I was rather pleased that she made the suggestion as I had my cases outside in the car. THE END

The characters portrayed in my stories, although often based upon real people I’ve known, have had their names changed, along with any other attributes that might identify them. Timelines are subject to some flexibility and although geographic locations are usual factual, sometimes businesses are disguised to prevent any embarrassment to present or past owners.

Copyright 2016 Cristiano Caffieri

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