Over the Moon

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Storm Clouds Ahead
When Princess Anja, Duchess of Vasterplatzburg , paid an official visit to Canada she was given the pomp and ceremony usually reserved for Kings, Queens, or other important head of state. She was fawned over by politicians and celebrities; had honors bestowed upon her by universities and even the press, who are sometimes hostile to such visits due to the enormous cost to the taxpayer, gave her a break. In fact, their front pages glowed with superlatives to describe her.

In Montreal, Toronto and Winnipeg her worshipers gathered in phenomenal numbers just to catch a glimpse of her. As she worked the crowds she was always gracious, and much to the chagrin of her security team, often mingled with the onlookers to shake hands or to take a bouquet of flowers from a little girl.

The people loved Princess Anja and regardless of the fact she wore $30,000 outfits and even more expensive jewelry, they still considered her one of them. Everyone talked about the concern she seemed to have for the poor, the sick and the hungry and she certainly got more credit than the doctors, nurses and charity workers who worked in the field 24/7. This was due in no small part to the fact that her pictures consistently graced the front pages of newspapers and magazines across the world. As far as the public was concerned she could do no wrong.

When she reached Winnipeg and had done the usually banquets and tree plantings she was scheduled to fly to the far North. Here she was to open a huge hydroelectric project, a joint venture between the Canadian Province and a Vasterplatzburg consortium.

Her retinue and the press corps flew ahead and the Princess was to fly in a small plane piloted by a famous bush pilot known as Nippy Daniels. His new shiny plane sat on the runway not far away from another, less attractive looking machine, owned by another bush pilot named Adam Tate.

Adam, who normally flew mail and supplies into northern communities, had been maintaining his plane that day and was due to drive home when all the excitement with Princess Anja erupted. He decided to stay on for a while to observe the spectacle.

It was just after lunch that the plane, due to carry the honored guest developed a mechanical problem and was unable to take off. There was panic because a strict schedule had to be kept and it was going to take several hours to get the plane fixed.

It was the Princess who pointed to Adam’s plane and asked if it could take her on her flight north. The provincial Premier was not keen on asking Adam to do the job for two reasons. His first objection was that the plane was older and the interior had not been primped for the occasion like Nippy’s had been, and secondly Adam was well known for his outspoken manner and his resistance to authority. However, when she put the pressure on the powers that be they had no alternative than to ask him if he’d undertake the flight.

He wasn’t too thrilled at the prospect of flying someone he considered to be a high-class parasite but he was made an offer he couldn’t refuse. There were only two seats in Adam’s plane and so it was agreed that only one security man would travel with them and he would have to sit in the cargo space. It was not an ideal arrangement.

Before he dared let anyone inside his craft Adam had to do a quick cleaning job as the cockpit was not even fit for any respectable person to sit in, never mind a celebrity like the Princess. He threw some of the rubbish in the back covering it up with a tarp and gave the seats and control panel a quick once over with an old pair of ladies underwear, left in appreciation by a former passenger.

The Premier himself helped Princess Anja into the plane and with a certain amount of pride to swallow he had to introduce her to her pilot and say nice things about him. With the security man in the back and his passenger fastened in her seat belt the plane taxied down the runway, with the officials all praying that nothing would go wrong.

“What kind of aircraft if this? “asked Anja, taking the whole experience quite calmly, as opposed the security man who was crouched in the back and looked as if he was about to shit his pants.

“It’s a De Havilland Beaver, the best plane ever built – would you believe this plane is almost 30 years old?”

On hearing this information the security man’s facial expression changed from very worried to one of extreme fear. The Princess however smiled and nodded as if she was quite comfortable with flying vintage.

The noise of the engine didn’t allow much conversation and so she passed the time admiring the wonderful scenery down below. The forest, with its myriad of lakes, seemed to stretch on forever and she was obviously impressed with its vastness and its beauty.

Adam kept in touch with Winnipeg from time to time but then the radio began to crackle and suddenly they were flying through dark clouds and the plane was rocking from side to side. Princess Anja’s smile had now disappeared and the security man at the back was hanging on to the back of the pilot’s seat for his dear life.

“What the hell’s happening?” he yelled as he struggled to stay upright.

“We seem to have run into a storm system,” Adam yelled back, “There was nothing on the weather report about this.”

He struggled to keep the plane on an even keel but it seemed to have a mind of its own. To make things even more terrifying for his passengers there were successive flashes of lightning and deafening claps of thunder.

Adam had witnessed a good deal of bad weather in his seven years as a pilot but this was a really freaky storm. His normally staunch features began to give way to a look of real concern as he concentrated on trying to bring the plane back under control. The final straw was when the lightning appeared to strike the plane and suddenly the engine went dead.

There was an eerie silence as they glided downwards with the plane still rocking from side to side. Several attempts at re-starting the engine failed and Adam knew they were about to crash land in the forest. It was not the ideal place to put an aircraft down and he knew that all their lives now hung in the balance.

He yelled for the security man to hold on tight to the seats and instructed Princess Anja on safety procedures as they descended with increasing speed. Once they dropped beneath the cloud the stormy weather seemed to clear as rapidly has it appeared. Adam could now see an area with sparse growth and he struggled to guide the plane in that direction.

When they hit the ground it was like a locomotive running into a brick wall. The plane plowed through the trees ripping off the wings and, after bumping violently along the ground for a hundred meters or more, it came to a stop in the thicker bush.

Although Adam felt like he’d had broken every bone in his body he was able to unbuckle his seat belt and turn his attention to the Princess. She was conscious but looked terribly pale and had a nasty gash on her head.

He helped to undo her seat belt and leaning over her he forced open the door.

“It would be safer to get out and move away from the aircraft,” he said.

“What about Lucas?” she mumbled a little incoherently, referring to the security man.

Adam took a look behind the seat, “Shit – I think he’s dead.” The security man lay there with blood pouring from a massive wound in his head, with his eyes wide open.

Anja immediately started to lose control and began to scream. Adam had to yell at her to make her get out of the plane and he hustled her some distance away from it

“It’s always possible she could blow,” he said, “So we don’t want to be too close.”

“Are you sure Lucas is dead?” she sobbed holding on to a tree to steady herself as if she was going to faint.

“Why don’t you sit down, I’ll go back and check and I’ll bring the first aid kit back so we can attend to that wound.”
“But what if it explodes?” she yelled after him as he limped over to the plane.

“Say something nice about me to the newspapers,” he called back.

Adam was hurting like hell as he scrambled into the plane. He checked on Lucas and there was no doubt he was dead and then he went into the back of the plane grabbed a few things and started throwing them out of the door.

When he got back to the Princess he attended to her wound and between sobs she asked him when he thought they’d be rescued.

“It’s hard to say – but with you being a celebrity they’ll pull all the stops out and they’ll be searching the area within hours,” he told her. “We may have drifted a bit of course in the storm but they’ll find us – they nearly always do.”

“What do you mean – they nearly always do?”

“Well, most of the small craft that crash – they usually find.”

“But there is a chance they may not find us?”

“For God’s sake stop worrying – the important thing for us to do is to survive until they get here. If we have to spend the night here we can’t shelter in the plane because your friend Lucas is in there and he’s going to get a little high in this heat. We can’t drag him out here because the animals would feed on him. ”

At this point she began to sob uncontrollably. He put his arm around her.

“Don’t worry – everything is going to be OK. Over by the plane I have sleeping bags, some canned food and some bottles of water – I’m like a boy scout – I believe in being prepared.” He took another look at the wound on her head and then continued, “A friend of mine once crashed in the bush and he was there for three days, during that time he didn’t have a thing to eat or drink – I learned a lesson from that.”

“Three days,” she sniffled, “You don’t think we’ll be here for three days do you?”

“I certainly hope not – I’ve got things to do back in Winnipeg, I don’t want to be sitting out here in the bush – even with a pretty girl like you.”
Princess Anja looked at him with disdain and moved a little bit further away from him.

Realizing how she’d taken the comment he laughed, “Hey you don’t have to be concerned about me – I like girls with a bit of meat on them – you’ve got nothing to worry about.”

“I think it would be appropriate for you to show a little more respect,” she said angrily, “I will not shy away from informing your superiors about your behavior.”

“Out here in the bush,” he retorted angrily, “Authority is assumed by the most capable person – unless you can see someone that I can’t – I believe that makes me the head honcho around here. If you want to live and return to that opulent lifestyle of yours – you’d better follow my instructions and show ME a little respect. Now I feel like a drink.”

He limped back to the plane and started to drag two large backpacks towards her. Feeling a little small after her dressing down she watched him nervously thinking that he was going to produce a bottle of alcohol but he didn’t.

“I’ve just got two six packs of mineral water in here and we’ve got to make them last.”

He dug into the pack and handed one to her. “I’ve also got some cans of Tuna, some pork and beans, chocolate and soda crackers – I’m sorry I don’t have any Pate de Foie Gras or Beluga Caviar but I guess beggars can’t be choosers.”

“You don’t like people like me do you?”

“I think it was John Ruskin that said, you can’t become rich without trading on the efforts of others?”

“Wow – I wouldn’t have thought of you as someone who read Ruskin

“But if my name was Lord Bumblebee or something you’d have no problem accepting the fact that I could read something more intellectual than Louis L’Amour.

“You’re being childish and petty – it doesn’t suit you.”

He said nothing – he simply sat and watched her unscrew a bottle of water and start to sip it. She glanced over at him looking at her and seemed to feel uncomfortable.

Sending out Signals
“What’s the plan Captain,” she asked with a note of sarcasm, “Do we sit here all day or do we build a signal fire or something?”

“We could build a fire,” he murmured and got up once more to return to the plane. This time he picked up the two sleeping bags and a machete that he’d thrown out.

He handed her the machete, “Here – go and chop off some dead branches and I‘ll start a fire.”

She took the machete meekly but looked quite shocked, Adam then grabbed it back with a laugh. “I’m just kidding.”

She was not amused and looked at him with a disapproving scowl.

Once the fire was going he put some green branches on it to create smoke.

“The smoke will also keep the mosquitoes down a bit,” he said, “O – I forgot – I have some bug spray here.”

He dug into his bag and handed it to her. She looked at him quizzically as she took it from him and started to rub it on her arms.

“You should really have a long sleeve shirt, he said, “I could take the one off of your security man.”

Lady Anja recoiled at the suggestion. “Ugh – I couldn’t do that.”

“OK – you have mine and I’ll take his – otherwise you’re going to get bitten to death in that flimsy blouse.”

He took off his shirt and handed it to her. She took it cautiously like one would handle a rat’s nest.

“Are you sure about this?” she asked, glancing at his well-developed abs.

“Yeh – I’m sure.” With that, he took off and came back with Lucas’s blood stained shirt on.

“The first rule of survival,” he smiled, as he sat down beside her, “Is not to be too particular.”

A few hours past by and there were no search planes in sight. They ate a can of Tuna each for supper and Adam tried to get involved in conversation to stop her thinking of their plight.

“How do you like Canada?” he inquired, as he collected her empty Tuna can and put it in a plastic bag.

“Not very much at the moment.”

“Is this your first visit?”

“No – I was in Ottawa with my husband two years ago.” She stopped and turned to Adam with a worried look on her face, “Do you think they’ve told him I’m missing?”

“I would imagine so.”

“O he’ll be frantic.”

“I thought you two were on the verge of a separation.”

She shook her head, “Do you know that every time you open your mouth something negative comes out – I presume as well as reading Ruskin you also read the National Enquirer.”

“I only read the front page as I check out at the supermarket,” he quipped but he then went on to apologize if he had offended her.

“I’m likely to be a bit nasty,” he admitted, “This situation is getting me down, I’ve lost my plane – the love of my life – and god knows when we’ll get out of here.”

The last statement didn’t go down well with Anja who started to sniffle again. He tried to put his arm around her to comfort her but she brushed him away.

When they bedded down for the night he tried to console her by saying the sky would probably be full of search planes in the morning but it didn’t happen. After a breakfast of pork and beans Adam announced that he’d seen a lake when he was bringing the plane down. “It’s a few kilometers to the north of here,” he said, “I think we should move our camp there.”

“Why would we do that – this is where the plane is – this is where they’ll spot us.”

“They won’t see much of this from the air and at the lake we won’t have to worry about running short of water and there’ll be fish.”

“That’s crazy,” she retorted, “I don’t want to move from here.”

“Suit yourself, I’ll leave you half the supplies and you can stay – but I’m leaving.”

“You fucking bastard,” she blurted out, which took him a bit by surprise, “You’d leave me here on my own?”

“I’m simply giving you the choice.”

Fuming and adding to her vocabulary she shouldered the lightest backpack and started to tramp through the undergrowth with her Manolo Blahnik sandals and Versace skirt. He had offered to give her his pants to wear as he would take Lucas’s but even in the middle of the bush she seemed to want to maintain a little dignity. The journey seemed to last forever and even though Adam was chopping some of the branches away as he walked, every so often one would spring back and hit her in the face.

As the day wore on Anja needed more and more breaks, more and more water and eventually, he had to take her backpack and struggle with them both. When they burst out of the trees and saw the lake she would like to have shouted out with joy but she hadn’t got the strength. She simply flopped onto the narrow sandy beach and cried.

Adam quickly lit a fire and taking a beaten-up old pot from his pack he proceeded to fill it with lake water and boil up some coffee. When she was more composed he handed her a steaming hot tin mug and sat back and surveyed the scenery.

“This coffee is a little too hot,” she complained.

Adam responded by pouring some mineral water in to cool it down.

“Thank you,” she said, then she asked if he had any creamer. He patiently dug around in the bag and came up with a packet.

A Change in Attitude
“You were right about this place,” she sniffled, “If we’re going to be stuck here for a few days it’s probably better than in the middle of the bush.”

Adam just nodded and looked thoughtful, suddenly he got up and walked towards the water’s edge.

“Those rocks out there,” he said pointing, “If I could walk out there with a pile of brush I could light a fire that would be clearly visible to any aircraft flying overhead.”

“How deep do you think the water is,” she asked, getting up and standing beside him.

“I’m going to find out,” he replied and he stripped down to his underwear and started to walk out towards the rocks.

Anja was a bit embarrassed by his willingness to show almost all of his attributes but she admired his courage. Unfortunately, ten meters or so from the rocks his head disappeared under the water and he began to swim back.

“It’s too deep to walk out,” he said breathlessly, as he stepped ashore with his waterlogged underwear threatening to fall off, “But we can build a bit of a raft, pile some wood and brush on it and just shove it out there.”

“I can help you,” she chimed up, “I’m an excellent swimmer.”



“OK let’s get to work,” he said, and the two of them started to pull some fallen trees and pile them at the water’s edge. They didn’t have anything to tie the logs together but when they piled a lot of green and dead branches on it they figured it would hold while the shoved it the short distance to the rocks.

Now it was her turn to take her clothes off. Adam was not quite prepared for such a beautiful body. He just stood there for a few seconds looking at her and then quickly turned his head away as she looked back at him.

In the water each took a side of the raft to stop the logs from floating apart, then at the last minute, he got back out again and threw one of the backpacks on the top.

“Maybe we can have a picnic,” he smiled.

It didn’t take many minutes to reach the tiny island but it took some effort to drag the wood and brush up the steep slope of the rock and on to the flat area at the top. When they’d finished she lay on the sloping rocks on the other side to take in a little sun. After he’d made the pyre ready for lighting he came and lay beside her.

“Do you think there’s a chance we may never be discovered?” she asked.

“Do you mean – could we be marooned on this tiny island together forever and ever,” he joked.

“Be serious, how many times have the search parties failed to find the downed planes before the occupants died?”
“Not many times.”

“But it can happen.”

“Anything is possible but we’re not going to die.”

“I wonder if my husband will be sad – or glad?” she sighed. “I have an enormous insurance policy and a large block of land in Germany left to me by my grandfather.”

“If he loves you he won’t care about that – he’ll want you home safely – and I’m going to make sure you get there.”
“We met in Gstaad you know.”


“Yes, it’s a ski resort in Switzerland– a place that I doubt John Ruskin would have approved of.” She glanced over at him to see his reaction but there wasn’t any.

He was thinking he had never laid with a half-naked attractive woman before without making passionate love to them. The protrusion in his briefs was getting larger and larger and so he turned with his back to her.

“He proposed over a cup of hot chocolate,” she continued, turning in the same direction.

“Sounds very romantic.”

“You’re making fun of me.”

“No – I’m not.”

“You’ve turned your back on me because you’re laughing.”

“No, I’m not,” he replied and turning back over he found himself face to face and looking into her beautiful but sad green eyes.

“I don’t think we’re going to get out of here alive,” she whispered, “Do you think it would be disloyal to my husband if I wanted to make love once more before I die?”

“Do you mean you want me to fuck you?” he asked with a look of complete amazement on his face.

She sat bolt upright. “You are so crude,” she said, “You make something that is so beautiful sound so – so – awful.”

Now Adam was a good looking 35-year-old with a physique that many women had admired and even taken advantage of but this situation was different – she was a Princess – she had tea with the Queen of England, people groveled in her presence – so even though he was feeling as horny as a three peckered Billy Goat – he was hesitant. The nearest thing to an aristocrat he’d ever screwed was a supervisor at McDonalds.

She moved a bit further down the rock putting a little distance between them.

“Of course you like something with a bit more meat on,” she mumbled with her back to him.

Adam quickly got up and moved in beside her.

“Look – you’re a beautiful woman, a very beautiful woman and I’d like nothing better that to fuck your brains out – I mean look – my dick is ready to drill right through my underwear.”

Anja started to laugh, “You’re such a strange person – you’re a bully one minute – kind the next and for some strange reason you’re prepared turn down making love to someone who could have almost any man in the world and…”

Before she could say anymore Adam grabbed hold of her and kissed her long and hard. As he did so he gently brought her back to a lying position and proceeded to slip off her bra. Her breasts were perhaps the most perfect he had ever seen and they were responsive to his touch.

When his tongue made contact with her nipples, first one and then the other, her body went taught and she took a deep, deep breath. As he took them into his mouth he glided his hand up and down her body causing her to tremble and moan softly. Adam felt the blood pumping through his body as he got more and more excited but he knew he had to control himself as he wanted this once in a lifetime experience to last.

Rock and Roll
The sun shone down on them as they rolled to and fro on the large flat rock. Sometimes he was on top of her and sometimes she took the dominant position. As his lips wandered all over her body she put her hands in his long dark hair and pulled it until it hurt. At length, he broke her grasp and proceeded to slip off her panties. She lifted her back to facilitate the action and he rolled them off to reveal that magic triangle that had been partially visible when her underwear was wet from the water.

He slid down the rock a little so that he could position his face between her soft warm thighs. As he licked those little creases, where the legs join the torso, she yelled out loud, as if the thrill was too much for her to handle. She became even louder when his lips met her pubic hair, and when his fingers pulled back the lips of her cunt and he began to gently chew on them with his teeth, it almost blew her mind.

Flicking her pink wet folds with his tongue, he extended his hands up her body to fondle her tits at the same time. She started to moan and even whimper a little and at one point she cried out – “O yes – O yes Adam – that feels so good – that feels so very good.”

She was getting extremely horny but he was not in a hurry. He took his time exploring her royal regalia, teasing her with little pokes of the tongue and occasional inserting a finger at the same time. Eventually, it became more than she could stand and she suddenly moved to one side, straddled the back of his legs and literally ripped off his briefs.

Now she had control of the situation. Anja turned him over and smiled down at him as his massive cock stood up to greet her. She paused for just a moment and then went down on him trying to taking it into her mouth as far as it would go.

It was his turn to be teased and tortured as she first moved her full lips slowly up and down his shaft and then quickened the pace, stopped, and then began again, all the time gently probing his groin with her long aristocratic fingers. For Adam, it seemed to go on forever and he was powerless to stop her bringing him close to a point of no return.

When she closed her hand around his dick, squeezed his foreskin forward and sucked it like she was drinking from a straw, he made his move. Princess or no Princess, he threw her onto her back, opened up her legs and plunged his throbbing cock into her royal groove. He thrust in and out with such force she actually moved along the rock a few inches.

The sight of her dancing breasts, her cries of passion and the intensity in her face caused him to go into a frenzy. His body was heaving up and down while beads of perspiration dripped from his muscular chest on to her smooth white skin.

For Anja it was like as if her body was electrified; every part of her was tingling, every nerve was on fire. When he made that last powerful lunge they both seemed to explode at the same time. She put her long slender legs around his back trying to pull him further into her and she screamed a scream that echoed around the lake.

Adam lay there just gasping for breath for a few moments, “That was like flying over the Moon,” he said, “it was out of his world.” As he leaned over and kissed the inside of her thigh, he was hoping that she would say it was the best fuck she’d ever had but she didn’t.

Anja just looked up at the clear blue sky and wished that time could stand still but in her heart, she knew that soon they would be found and it would be back to acting out that angelic role that the public demanded of her. She would have to pretend she had a loving relationship with her husband and that she was happy and content with her privileged life. The thought of having to live a lie once more brought tears to her eyes. She reached out for Adam’s hand and held on to it tightly as if at any moment he would disappear and she would awake to find it was all just a dream.
Later that evening while Anja tended the fire Adam caught two fish with an improvised line. As they sat enjoying their supper she started to talk about her life.

“The rumors that were in the National Enquirer and all the other tabloids were true,” she said.

“About you and your husband?”

“Yes – Hugo and I have not seen eye to eye for a couple of years but rather than separate and cast a shadow over his career in politics, and perhaps damage my own image, which could impede my charitable work, we thought we’d just lead secret lives. He has a girlfriend that’s he’s known for years and I have to admit I’ve played the field a bit. All very discreet of course.”

“Not discreet enough to fool the tabloids though.”

“Well I think only a small percentage of people believe what they read in them,” she said, “So I’ve learned to live with that.”

Adam took her hand and held it to his face. “If you don’t love your husband why don’t you get a divorce and marry me?” he murmured, wondering if those words were actually coming out of “his” mouth. Commitment had never been one of his strong points but at that moment in time he would have willingly dedicated his life to her.

“Would you be prepared to live in a palatial European palace – and in Ruskin’s words – live off the efforts of others – I don’t think you would be comfortable with that and I wouldn’t enjoy being the wife of a bush pilot – not knowing when you would be home for dinner – or whether you might come back at all.”

He shook his head from side to side. “It’s hard to argue with that.”

“It is,” she said, as she snuggled into his shoulder, “And more’s the pity.”

The Last Night in the Bush
That night he made a double bed from both the sleeping bags and they slept in each others arms. The next morning it was Anja that rustled up breakfast and swam over to the rocks to relight the fire.

Adam wandered about aimlessly and looked somewhat dejected and confused. A couple of planes flew over during the morning and he knew it might only be hours before they were rescued.

Anja noticed how depressed he looked and so she decided to try and cheer him up a bit. As he was rolling up the bedding she called out to him, “Hey! – don’t do that yet”

He turned around to see her stripping off her underwear.

“Before you do that I’m going to fuck your brains out,” she laughed, and running over to him she wrestled him to the ground. The pair rolled over and over on the bedding and until once more she was screaming as he brought her to a state of ultimate bliss.

Her body was shaking as she lay there with Adam sitting by her side looking down at her.

“I’m going to miss you,” she said, “My life is never going to be the same.”

“Mine either.”

No sooner had he got the words out of his mouth than a float plane circled around the lake ready to make a touchdown. Minutes later it was taxiing towards the rocks where the fire was burning.

“My God – we’re going to be rescued,” she cried, jumping up and down “We’re going to be rescued.” Suddenly realizing she was in the nude she grabbed her clothes a made for a clump of bushes. “I’d better get my clothes on and start acting like a princess again.”

Adam was not quite as enthusiastic as she was but he quickly put on his clothes and walked out to the edge of the lake waving his arms at the oncoming plane. A few minutes later he was joined by the slightly disheveled Anja looking as sweet and demure as ever.

The two were both taken for a quick medical and the next day a press conference was arranged by the Premier’s Office. Once again the pair were sitting side by side trying their best not to look at each other the way that lovers do.

“You seem to have come through this ordeal pretty good,” commented one reporter, addressing Princess Anja.

“I have to thank Captain Tate for that,” she replied, “His bravery and resourcefulness saved my life.”

Adam looked a bit uncomfortable with the praise. He acknowledged her comment with a thank you nod but still dare not look at her eye to eye.
“And how would you describe your adventure in the northern wilderness?” asked another reporter.

“Sometimes it felt as though I was flying over the moon,” she said, “It really did.”

The men and women with the mics and notebooks responded with puzzled looks but a faint smile appeared on the captain’s rugged face. No one noticed that except her.

Some weeks after her departure for Europe Adam got a new plane and he was given an award for his bravery. He keeps it in a box with all the news clips and photographs he collects of Princess Anja, Duchess of Vasterplatzburg.

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