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by Cristiano Caffieri

When my girlfriend Sandy walked out on me I thought it was the end of the world. Even though I had a good job in Toronto, friends, family and a great bachelor pad, I decided to get out of town. The thought of bumping into her with some other man just frightened the hell out of me. So I packed my belongings in my car and headed for Montreal.

Booking into a cheap hotel I first looked around for a job and found one looking after a healthy snack bar in a women’s gym. Even though I had sworn off ever living with another woman I was quite content to fuck them and this seemed an ideal place to pick them up.

My next task was to get an apartment and once more I got lucky. It belonged to a very nice looking woman who was prepared to rent it for a reasonable amount but I had to get lost every Wednesday night from six until midnight, make sure the place was kept immaculate and on that special night I had to put clean sheets on the bed.

Claudine, my new landlady, explained that she was by bisexual, as was her friend Lisa, who would be joining her at the apartment each week. They were apparently both married to successful businessmen and so they had to be very discrete. She said she’d cut my balls off if I mentioned it to anybody, and I think she meant it.

Chapter 1 My Landlady’s Lover

I am settling into my new apartment and my job. Montreal is such a vibrant city full of great clubs, restaurants, to say nothing of the cultural and sporting facilities.

The women’s gym where I work is a busy place, crowded out with a cross-section of Quebec womanhood. There are fat ones, thin ones, housewives and professionals, French and English speaking. Working behind the “healthy” snack counter I get into conversation with some very beautiful women and Cecile my boss is one of them.

Being in this kind of business she obviously has to keep herself in great shape, and the clothes she wears shows off her attributes to perfection. I get on very well with her, and at the risk of sounding as if I’m flattering myself, I think she’s attracted to me, although she is married to quite a hunk.

My first adventure, however, did not have any connection with the gym, it was right in the apartment. Lisa turned up early on the third Wednesday; possibly she wanted to see what I looked like. I had just about finished tidying up the place and was preparing to leave when the phone rang – it was Claudine.

“Would you hang on until Lisa arrives,” she said, “My husband Max is feeling ill and I have to take him down to emergency. I tried to call her on her cell but she must have it turned off.”

I didn’t have time to say she was already here before she put the phone down. When I passed the message on to Lisa she said, as she already told her husband that she was going to a movie with Claudine, she’d have to hang around for a few hours and asked if I would keep her company.

It didn’t take a lot of thinking about; this was a very good looking woman, with long, long legs and a cleavage I would have paid money to stick my face between.

“I could put some coffee on,” I suggested, to which she added, “Make that Irish coffee.”

I wasn’t attempting to make the atmosphere romantic or anything because I certainly didn’t want to fuck-up my relationship with my landlady but I decided to light the little wood stove. Then we sat together on the sofa and sipped away.

When I offered her a refill she told me just to make it just Irish and to forget the coffee part, and so for the next hour we sat and talked a kept tippling the Jamiesons.

“Does it bother you that Claudine and I are bisexual, and that we use your bed for our little trysts,” she asked at length.

I told her it was no business of mine.

“But would you fuck someone who you knew to be bisexual?” she said, now beginning to slur her speech a little.

“I’ve never had that opportunity,” I replied.

“How would you like one?”

“One what?”

“An opportunity to fuck a bisexual.”

By now I could see where she was coming from, and I was a little apprehensive.

“You’re very good looking,” she said, holding out her glass for me to top up, “and I bet you’ve got a big dick,” she giggled , looking down at the bulge in my pants.

I suggested that maybe she’d had enough to drink and probably she should go back onto coffee before she went home.”

“O I just remembered that my husband is away on business tonight, so I might stay here with you.”

“Sure,” I said, trying to avoid getting into a situation I might regret, “I can sleep out here on the sofa.”

“But I can’t get to sleep on my own,” she pleaded, “At least lie with me until I fall asleep.”

She led me by the hand like a lamb to the slaughter and once in the bedroom she stripped naked. I think I used the word gorgeous already – but I’m going to use it again – gorgeous, gorgeous – fucking gorgeous!

Her tits were perky but I’m sure they were natural, her muff was nicely shaven and when she let her hair down it was more that I could stand. I quickly took her in my arms and we kissed passionately, with her working her hands around my neck and up into my hair. She then turned her attention to my shirt and started to unbutton it, while I struggled to get out of my pants,

Once we were both completely naked I picked her up and placed her on the bed. She quickly repositioned herself turning around and stretching her legs up the wall at the back of the bed. I knelt behind her, covering her face with my chest and bowing my head to take an erect nipple into my mouth while rubbing the palm of my hand over the other.

She struggled to reach up and began to lick the salty perspiration from my chest. Whimpering as I continued to suck on her she began to move her ass around as if she wanted to take the action to another level.

Pulling her back from the wall I slid down her body, lifted up her legs and put my head between her thighs. My cock was crushed against her face and as soon as I began to slip my tongue up and down her wet crack she took it into her mouth, then grabbed onto me, urging me to turn onto my side so that we could 69.

From that point on we both went a little crazy. She sucked on me and fondled my balls until I thought the top of my head would blow off. It was quite difficult to concentrate on her cunt and establish a rhythm but I kept licking up, down and sideways, diddling her hole with my finger at the same time. When I felt myself cumming I increased my speed and so did she and we both ended up almost choking on each other’s cum.

For most people that would have been enough calisthenics for one night but Lisa wanted us to take a shower together. We were both hot and sticky and so she led me by the hand once more and we sponged each other down.

At one point she took both sponges and jammed my dick between them, working them so it felt that was almost about to cum again, then she bent over inviting me to shove it into her ass. It was as tight as hell but the soap made it slide in easier and soon I was pounding her nice round bum as she leaned with her hands against the glass door. When I came she called out, “Keep doing it, keep doing it,” and I obliged until the thrill became too much to bear, and my cock was losing its stiffness. She sighed with disappointment as I took it out.

I was almost afraid to go back to bed with her in case she was still game for more but she did fall asleep and when I woke up in the morning she was gone. She must have got up very quietly because I didn’t hear a thing. However she did leave a note,

“When Claudine asks – you say you slept on the sofa – until next time – Lisa.”

Chapter 2 Ring My Bell

The gym was in chaos last Thursday, we had far more members than we had machines for and that caused a bit of a ruckus. However, this brought more customers to the snack bar and I had the chance to talk to Vanna Derisier, an absolutely gorgeous black girl of Haitian descent. We had a great conversation and I asked if she’d like to come over to my place for supper. I get off early on Thursdays so I thought it would give me time to order up a Pizza and open up a bottle of Italian wine.

“I wouldn’t mind having a look at this apartment of yours,” she replied, “But I’ll bring the food, I’m on a very strict diet.”

I mentioned that I had a bottle of wine but she also told me she didn’t drink and so it looked like lettuce leaves and milk for supper.

When I got back home I tidied up the place as I’d been in a bit of a hurry to leave in the morning, then I smelled the sheets on the bed. Claudine and Lisa had used them the night before but I didn’t usually change them, in fact, it gives me a bit of a thrill to think those two beautiful women have been diddling each other on them.

At six o’clock sharp there was a knock on the door and I opened it to reveal Vanna dressed in a very sexy outfit and carrying a large sports bag. I didn’t know how much food she was expecting to eat but it looked like she’d over done it.

She had a big smile on her face as she walked in and she actually gave me a quick kiss on the lips. Then she told me to sit down and take it easy while she laid the table in the kitchen.

Ten minutes later she walked in the room and announced, “Dinner is served.”

It wasn’t quite as bad as I thought. She’d brought a selection of salads in plastic containers, some type of yogurt and a large jug of green liquid that turned out to be a smoothie.

I probably would have enjoyed a pepperoni pizza more but I tucked into the vegetable faire as I didn’t want to offend her. After all, I was hoping that she’d let me fuck her before the night was through.

I had lit the little wood stove and a few candles to create some atmosphere, and as we sat together on the sofa it felt kind of romantic. Thinking that I should thank her for the lovely meal I leaned over to give her a kiss. Holy shit she was all over me. Her tongue was halfway down my throat and she was feeling for my dick like someone who’d lost the remote control.

After she’d got me into a sweat and breathing heavy, she came out with, “I know you invited me here to fuck me – and if I go along with that we have to do it my way – OK?”

Providing it allowed me to ram my dick into her crack it didn’t really matter much. But I certainly didn’t want to get into some New Age shit where we masturbated to the strains of Gregorian chants.

“I need to look at the bathroom,” she announced.

When she saw it she was most impressed, Claudine has spent lots of money on it as she and Lisa spent a lot of time in there together.

“This is really cool,” she said, putting down her sports bag on the floor, “Now strip off your clothes and we get the action rolling.”

It certainly wasn’t very romantic being ordered about like as if we were in the military, but I was anxious to see her with her clothes off, so I stood to attention and obediently began to strip. I had an enormous boner so I was willing to do virtually anything she wanted.

While I was getting out of my things she was laying a sort of yoga mat on the tile floor, “Not quite so hard on the back this way,” she smiled.

Now I was stripped down to my balls and she hadn’t even taken her shoes off yet. BUT – when she did – WOW! With all the bodybuilding stuff it had reduced her tits quite a bit but her lithe black body looked absolutely magnificent.

Vanna didn’t have any tattoos but she did have a piercing and was a strange one. She had a tiny cat bell hanging from the lips of her vajayjay. When she caught me looking at it she jiggled her ass and it gave a little ring.

Grabbing a big bottle of lubricant from the bag, which she told me was water-based, she ushered me into the shower cabinet and we oiled each other up. Although her tits were only fried egg size I enjoyed greasing them with the palms of my hands and I gave her bush a good going over too.

She put enough on my cock and balls to run my car for a week, and she kept rubbing it in making me feel desperate to cum. When we were all glistening like two bodybuilders we climbed out and she instructed me to lie down. Once on the yoga mat, she pinned me down by taking hold of my wrists and then she slid her body all over mine. I could feel the cold steel of her cat, or pussy bell, as she maneuvered over me; it was if she was performing some sort of ballet. Next, she hovered over my dick and slowly, very slowly, lowered herself onto it.

I let out a loud gasp as it all disappeared up her cunt and she gave a little smile as she moved up and down on it. Wanting her to go faster I reached for her arms and grabbed onto them urging her on, but it made no difference, she continue doing it in slow motion.

When I came it was almost agonizing, I wanted her to work it out much faster but she was calling the shots. When she climbed off of me she took it in her mouth and sucked it to show me that the lubricant was edible and then she straddled my face and crushed her crack over my mouth.

With my hands on her tits I began to lick her soft pink petals, not slowly like she moved on me, but more of a lickety-split. It wasn’t long before I could feel her cunt vibrating and then her body went into a spasm and she came screaming like a banshee and gripping my wrists so tight it hurt.

She quickly took over my position, opened up her legs and almost begged me to fuck her. I leaned over her and paused for a few moments, and then I took aim and rammed it in. The little bell started to tinkle as I pounded her crotch with every bit of strength I had.

Even though there was so much lubrication her sphincter still held tight around my cock and my balls soon started to tingle and I could feel my love lava moving up and into her tunnel. I yelled, “Holy fuck,” as I came, and once more she grabbed onto my wrists and moved her ass up and down as if she couldn’t get enough. When it was all over we both lay there panting and then it was into the shower to wash off the residue.

Vanna didn’t seem to want any more sex, even though she closed her eyes and murmured as I washed down her tits and between her legs. When that was over we enjoyed a couple of green smoothies on the sofa, then cuddled up to watch TV. I’m not looking for a relationship but I must admit I’d like to ring her bell again.

Chapter 3 Pleasantly Plumb

I don’t like working the Saturday night shift at the gym, for some reason all the fat ladies seem to choose that time to sweat off their pounds. When some of them sit at my bar for a healthy snack the odor can be overpowering. However, that doesn’t mean that there are not some nice ladies amongst them. Elsinore, in particular, is so jovial she even makes my Saturdays a little brighter.

She explained that she got her Shakespearean name from her actor father, who happened to be playing Hamlet when she was conceived, but she went on to tell me there was always acting going on in their house.

“My mum and dad did role-plays in the bedroom,” she said, “When I was a kid I used to listen to them making, what I used to think of as historic love. One night they’d be ancient Egyptians and another they’d be fighting the civil war. It didn’t improve my history marks at school though,” she laughed.

Always interested in other people’s sex lives I asked if she did role play herself.

“I’d love to,” she whispered, leaning over the counter furtively, “But my partner thinks it too kinky.”

“O – It sounds like fun to me.”

“Well I can always rustle up a couple of costumes if you’re willing,” she said, jokingly.

“You’re just a tease,” I said, “You’re trying to get me excited for nothing.”

Elsinore paused and took a hard look at me, “Are you serious? Because if you are I could rustle up a couple of costumes from the attic any time you say.”

“How about tomorrow?” I said.

She smiled, “You’re on – just write your address down.”

I awoke Sunday morning wondering what I’d let myself in for. I’d told Elsinore to come over for lunch so I scurried around trying to prepare something edible and of course, I dug out a bottle of wine.

When I glanced at the clock at twelve noon I had this sudden rush that extended from my brain right down to my balls. I was ready for action and I nearly jumped out of my skin when she knocked at the door.

Now I don’t want you to think of Elsinore as fat, she’s what I’d call pleasantly plump, however, I must admit I’d never been with anyone of those proportions before. She had big tits that’s for sure and that’s always a bonus for me.

We had a very pleasant lunch although there was a bit of tension. I actually wondered if she really wanted to go through with it. After all, she was in a relationship and it would only be natural for her to be apprehensive.

Things looked a bit more positive when we sat on the sofa together to drink our coffee. When she put her cup down and looked out me with her bedroom eyes, I knew things were about to get hot and sticky.

I place my cup beside hers and moved in for a kiss – just a gentle touching of the lips at first and then into a fully-fledged tongue wrestling session that lasted for fifteen minutes or so. Her low cut top simply begged for me to slip my hand down and when I made contact with those soft warm fun bags she really got passionate.

When we came up for a breather, she pointed to the bag by the door that I presume held the costumes, “Are you ready to play your part,” she asked with a little grin.”

I nodded.

“OK – lead me to the bedroom.”

We both took our clothes off and I must say, in spite of being full-figured, Elsinore was very attractive. She had great tits that you could bury your face in and solid thighs that I was sure could crush a man’s balls.

When she started to unpack the bag the first thing I saw was a Roman Centurion outfit with one of those little skirts and a see-through top. Attached to the belt was a formidable-looking whip with multiple leather strands. I was getting a little nervous.

The next costume was a short see-through slave’s dress that I knew wouldn’t cover much of her voluptuous figure, but there was no need to worry. As I grabbed the centurion outfit she informed me that was hers.

“It’s much more fun if we reverse roles,” she said.

Now I was really getting worried about the whip! And I had good reason for as soon as I donned my brief slave costume she gave me a whack across the ass.

“Slave – I want you to suck my tits,” she cried, lifting the whip and threatening to bring it down on me again,

“Do you want me to take your top off master?” I inquired, in a slave-like manner.

“No you can suck them through my tunic,” she yelled.

At this moment I wasn’t at all sure about this game but I did as she said and took a bunch of nylon in my mouth as well as her hardened nipple. I was hoping she’d lie down on the bed to make my task a little easier but she seemed to enjoy the fact that I had to bend and creak my neck to suck. However, I was not sucking hard enough for her and she grabbed my cock, which was a little limp and squeezed it hard.

“I think you can do better than that,” she cried, “Harder, Harder.” And each time she yelled she tightened her grip on my Willie, and gave me another lash on the ass.

I wasn’t really enjoying this so far but it got a little better when she ripped off her tunic, lay on the bed and commanded me to eat her. I ran my face up between her hot firm thighs and with my fingers, I parted the lips of her cunt and just teased it with the end of my tongue. Her ass jumped a foot off the bed.

Crushing my mouth into her pink folds I then began to give her the licking and sucking of her life, while extending my arms upwards to grab onto her tits. Elsinore reached back and held onto the bedrail, groaning and moaning, and twisting her chubby body every which way. When she came her ass thumped up and down on the bed and she released her grip on the rail and entwined her fingers in my hair.

Sliding off the end of the bed I stood and watched as she writhed in ecstasy, her beautiful big tits bouncing from side to side. When she’d calmed down she once more became the belligerent centurion.

“It’s time for us to copulate you Plebeian scum,” she cried, “you know what to do.”

I threw off my slave dress and just dived on her, then I eased back, opened her legs up wide and rammed it into her cunt as far as it would go. She took a deep breath and became a little more servile, pleading with me to fuck her hard.

After all the shit I taken I was ready to punish her and I really pounded her ass as she let out a loud grunt every time I crashed against her hairy mound. My balls were on fire and I went into a frenzy as I could feel my cum moving up and streaming into her. She moved her big round bum up and down as I gave her those last powerful thrusts. With her chubby legs stuck up in the air like a V sign and my cum oozing out of her I wished I could have taken a photograph.

She had to leave shortly after our big bang as she thought her partner might get suspicious if she stayed out too long. She kissed me at the door and then said if I was up for it we could do Romeo and Juliet next week-end.

Chapter 4 Sexual Favors

There are all kinds of professional women at the gym and when they sit at the snack bar drinking their wheatgrass or chewing on a carrot they often dig into their cleavage for a business card. I’ve built up quite a collection from currency trading to repossessed real estate opportunities. I usually just sling them in a drawer when I get home and forget about them. However, when Beverly Thaxton, an insurance broker gave me hers, I was interested. I didn’t have any life insurance and with the kind of life I lead I thought I should at least have enough by for a decent funeral. When you fuck around with other guy’s wives and partners you’re certainly putting yourself at risk.

I thought it was just a matter of paying the premium and signing the policy but there was more to it than that.

“You have to have a medical,” she said, “We can’t afford to insure you if you’re about to expire,” she laughed, “It’s no big deal we just sent a nurse around to your place to check blood pressure, take a blood sample and ask a few questions.”

It all sounded pretty straight forward and I arranged to have her call on me on the following Friday. I was sort of expecting a matronly woman in her forties or fifties but I got a very shapely young woman in her mid-twenties, accompanied by my beautiful insurance broker Beverly. Having just brewed some coffee I offered them a cup and we sat and talked for a while, but then it was down to business and she took out a bunch of forms and a stethoscope.

“Would you mind taking off all your clothes?” she asked quite casually, “It’s a lot easier to conduct all the tests.”


“If you don’t mind, it just makes my job easier.”

I’d been stripped off for a doctor before and that was no big deal but this was a gorgeous looking brod and to make matters worse Beverly sat on the sofa with a look of eager anticipation on her face.

“I can go in the kitchen if you like,” said Beverly, “and I promise not to peek.”

I didn’t want her to think I was scared of showing my body or that I was ashamed of it, that sort of thing would spread around the gym like wildfire and I’d be the butt of member’s jokes for weeks.

“No you can stay,” I said, “I don’t mind.”

Taking a deep breath I started to unbutton my shirt, while the two women watched my every move. Beverly blew a little air when I took it off as if she was impressed. When I kicked off my shoes and stepped out of my pants I swear the nurse, whose name was Marielle by the way, gave a little sight, however after she’d bullied me into dropping my underwear that actually turned into a “wow!”

“That quite a penis you’ve got there,” she smiled.

I apologised for the fact that it was sticking up in the air but with two beautiful women in the room I really had no control over it.

“I can see you haven’t been circumcised, she commented.

“No I haven’t,” I said, my voice quavering a little as I felt so exposed.

“I don’t want to cause you any embarrassment but I’ll have to pull your foreskin back to make sure there’s no damage of disease.”

Beverly cleared her throat as though she wanted to laugh at the look on my face but held it back.

Marielle slipped her slender fingers around my cock and gently pulled the skin back. Holy shit, I could have cum right there and then.

“It looks great,” she smiled, “Does it give you any problems when you’re having sex.”

“Like what?”

“Like – does it hurt when you ejaculate?”


“Do you feel dizzy afterward?”

Beverly started to giggle and I was beginning to think they were taking the piss out of me and I told them so.

“Perhaps I don’t want any insurance if the questions continue to be as personal as this,” I said.

“I’m sorry,” she pouted, looking a little hurt, “would you forgive us if Beverly gave you a blow job.

“What are you saying,” she cried out.

“I’m just saying what you said you’d like to do on the way over here.”

“You shit,” spluttered Beverly, hardly daring to look in my direction.

“It would be very helpful,” said the nurse, “I could check his blood pressure before and after.”

It occurred to me that this whole thing had been staged and most of the medical mumbo jumbo flying around was quite unnecessary, but I was not going to miss the opportunity to have my cock sucked.

“OK – let’s do it,” I piped up, “If it helps to establish that I’m fit and healthy I’m all for it.”

Beverly looked a little uncomfortable as I was having my blood pressure taken but then she slowly got up from the sofa and dropped on her knees before me.

I suggested she should strip off first, explaining that it was unfair for me to be naked while she was fully clothed. With a big sigh, she stood up again and took everything off. She had a perfect set of tits and a bush that Hansel and Gretel could have got lost in.

She knelt down again and gently took it into her mouth while I held on to the top of her head. Marielle was standing right behind her staring at my face as if she intended to take notes on my reaction.

I inhaled most of the air in the room when my sucker took the whole thing in her mouth and started to slip up and down my shaft. As I tensed up, and my face became contorted, Marielle smiled at me and then unbuttoned the top of her white uniform and began to rub her tits. I couldn’t wait to cum anymore, I started to furiously face fuck Beverly and I blew one great load into her mouth.

She was taken a bit by surprise and quickly moved back as the half-naked nurse took my blood pressure again. I wasn’t sure if she would object but when she’d taken the reading I couldn’t resist fondling her tits. She responded by crushing her lips against mine and exploring my dental work with her tongue. This whole situation was becoming so bizarre I started to act bizarrely. I picked her up in my arms, slammed her on the sofa, and quickly removed her panties. As she writhed on the cushions and gave out moaning sounds I parted her legs and lined up my cock with her neatly trimmed quim.

She gave a little cry as I rammed it in and then she began moving her ass up and down urging me to fuck her. I just went at it like a steam engine, and as my balls banged against her thighs I could feel myself cumming. I yelled out, “O FUCK,” as my goo streamed into her wet crack and she held onto my head and began kissing my face all over. During this time Beverly, who was sitting on the leather chair across from us, was massaging her clit and came a few seconds later.

We spent the whole afternoon together participating in what could only be described as a full-blown orgy. I even fucked my insurance broker’s ass and then ate her out while Marielle sucked me off at the same time. By four o’clock I was completely exhausted and we all sat down for Pizza and a few cold beers.

Before they left I asked them if they did this all the time.

“I do,” Marielle replied, “but this is a first for Beverly.”

I couldn’t understand what these two gorgeous women gained by dispensing such joy to their clients – until I got the bill for the medical!

Chapter 5 Vegan Virgin

I had not had sex for about a week, all my best prospects were either involved in deeper relationships or they didn’t feel the necessity to keep fit at the moment. Never the less I still had a reputation around the gym, and that found its way to the very pretty ears of Margot.

She was a nineteen year, somewhat shy young thing that had rarely spoken to me. However, on this particular day, she actually asked if I’d like to go for a drink after my shift. I was a bit mystified by her sudden interest in me but I said OK and I met her at a little bar around the corner.

While she sipped on an orange juice and I had a Bud, she told me that she didn’t have any success at all with guys.

“In the fashion industry, a lot of the men have no interest in girls and those who do go for tall slender fashion models, and being a vegan kind of scares them off as well.”

In my opinion, it was her clothes that posed the greatest problem. She wore her own designs that looked more like BBQ covers than haute couture. However, I didn’t want to discourage her and simply asked how I could help.

“Well,” she began, hesitantly, “I’ve never had a sexual experience and I’d like to have one, but I want it with someone I respect.”

When she said respect I didn’t really think she was talking about me – but she was.

“I’m willing to pay,” she mumbled as if she was ashamed of what she was doing.

“A beautiful young lady like you paying for sex, out of the question,” I said gallantly, “It will be my pleasure.”

She seemed terribly grateful and it was arranged for her to come round to my place on the Tuesday evening, I even told her that I’d throw in a pizza but then remembering she was a vegan I said I’d make arrangements for something suitable. Margot seemed over the moon when she left and gave me a little kiss on the cheek. Now all I had to do was to figure out what vegans ate. I thought maybe I could ask Vanna Deresier, who was into all that shit, but I’d not seen her around since I fucked her last.

The day before our little tryst I went online and researched vegans. In the end, I decided to look up places that sold prepared food and I bought a whole bunch of cartons and stuck them in the fridge ready for my virgin vegan friend. She turned up around seven by which time I’d skilfully reheated the food in the microwave and laid the table. Her face lit up when she saw that I’d gone to so much trouble her.

The food didn’t taste all that bad but I would loved to have had a glass of wine but decided not to in respect for her. Instead I sipped on some vegan tea and I was not all that impressed.

After the meal, Margot insisted in clearing up the table and putting the dishes in the dishwasher, while I was anxious to get her into the bedroom and to get her out of the baggy dress she was wearing. Even when the table was clean she went on the mop the floor and then suggested we sit and listen to some music while we got to know each other. I didn’t have any vegan music and so I put on Taylor Swift, hoping it would make her anxious to get her hymen broken into. It didn’t work. I tried Adele, Amy Winehouse and even The Foo Fighters but each time I tried to get her into the bedroom she say,

“There’s no hurry, I’ve waited nineteen years and so I’ve grown to be patient.”

The only problem was I was horny, ready to go and fucking totally impatient. So when the Foo Fighters and played their last chord I started to put the pressure, only to be foiled again when she asked if she could have another bowl of the minty pea and potato soup.

I couldn’t believe I was sitting there watching her slowly slurp the soup while I was nursing a boner, so as soon as she put the empty bowl on the table I grabbed her and kissed her before she could suggest washing it out. She was a bit surprised when I poked my tongue between her lips but it seemed to help her loosen up. I kept on kissing her as I gradual lifted her up from the sofa and took her tow to the bedroom. She froze as soon as she saw the bed.

By this time she was really getting on my nerves and I told her if she’d had a change of heart she’d better go, and take the remainder of the pumpkin curry with her. She sat on the bed and she cried, making me feel obligated to sit down beside her and comfort her.

“Why don’t you do something to me first,” I suggested, “That might make you feel a little bit more at ease.”

“Like what?” she sniffled.

“Well you could take my dick out and feel it if you like.”

Margot hesitated but then she began to unzip my pants, and after a brief pause she managed to get it into the open She seemed shocked at how big and hard it was. Touching it very gingerly she giggled and asked me if I liked her stroking it. I told her I loved it and she could keep on doing it as long as she wanted.

“Have you ever had oral sex,” she asked quite innocently, rolling her big blue eyes.

“A few times,” I said.

“Did you like it that way?”

“Loved it.”

“Would you like me to do that for you?”

“If you’d like to.”

At this point I suggested taking my pants off to make it easier for her, she had no objection and so I stripped off and lay back on the bed. She crept up beside me like a little timid mouse and then she kissed the end. I gasped and she asked me if it hurt.

“No it felt wonderful,” I replied, hoping that she’d get on with it.

Margot, took it in her hand and just absorbed the head between her lips. She sucked it a few times as if she was sucking a lollipop and then she slipped more and more of it in her mouth.

I’d never had to walk anyone through the process before but I was dying to cum so I asked her to fondle my balls and go up and down on my cock and she took instruction quite well. Soon her fingers were probing my nut sack and her gorgeous full lips were gliding along my shaft at a steady rhythm.

My body was beginning to feel hot all over, my balls were stirring and I knew my cum was about to shoot up my pipe, I should have warned her that I was about to shoot my load but I didn’t. However, she didn’t seem to mind and kept sucking on it until I withdrew it from her mouth.

“Hm – it tastes salty,” she said, and then looking at her watch she got into a flutter and informed me that she lived with her mother and had to get home.

“I don’t usually stay out this late,” she laughed, then she thanked me for the vegan supper and left, with her hymen intact.

I feel she’ll be back here one of these days and so I put the leftovers in the freezer.

Chapter 6 Mother Fucker

As I’ve mentioned before I have built up quite a reputation amongst the women at the gym, some tend to even consider me to be a gigolo, which I’m not. I admit that I’ve entertained quite a few of them at my apartment but I’ve only fucked those who were perfectly willing and I’ve never tried to solicit money or anything of that nature. I’m also very carefully regarding age, I would never risk inviting anyone into my place who is under the age of 18.

That why I was surprised when a few days ago, Madame Bonnay stormed into my apartment. The woman was like a raging bull, perhaps I should say cow to avoid being accused of sexism. Anyway, she was berating me for fucking her 17-year-old daughter, who I admit talking to at the gym, but who has never been to my apartment or been anywhere else with me. However, before I could explain my case, this hacked off mother- bitch, swiped me so hard across the face with her purse that I thought she’d broken my cheekbone. As she lined up a second shot with her Louis Vuitton knock-off , I stepped aside and she tripped over the carpet, fell and banged her head on the coffee table.

She was out cold and so I carried her to the sofa and lay her down and began putting cold compresses on her head. I am required to know some first aid for my job but when panic sets in my mind goes blank and I have to improvise.

I was debating on whether I should call for an ambulance when she started to groan and open her eyes. Putting another cushion under her head I told her I was going to make her some coffee. When I got back she was sitting up but she still appeared to be a bit groggy. I handed her a coffee and asked if she took sugar, she said no and proceeded to sip on it, while looking at me over the mug.

“Do you want me to call somebody to pick you up or anything? I asked.

She shook her head.

“You can lie on the bed for a while – if you like,” I said.

She just looked at me and shook her head, “Are you talking about the bed you fucked my daughter on?” she sneered.

“I did not fuck Marie,” I snapped back, “I’ve talked to her the odd time at the gym but that is all – she has never been in this apartment.”

“OK – let me see this bedroom, she described it in detail and so I’ll soon know if you’re telling the truth.”

She raised herself up off the coach but she was still dizzy and so I had to support her. Over her objections, I put my arm around her waist and moved her towards the bedroom door, once inside she discovered the round bed, black satin sheets, and the Jacuzzi were just figments of a young girl’s imagination.

“I’m sorry,” she said, swaying from side to side as if she was about to faint, “I wouldn’t mind lying down on the bed for a few minutes if you don’t mind.

I helped her onto the bed and pulled the duvet over her, she whispered thank you and then closed her eyes. It was most uncommon for me to have a good looking woman in my bed and not have sex on the agenda but suddenly I found myself in this new role as caregiver.

I sat around all evening watching TV and every hour I would go in the check to see if she was breathing and had a good pulse. She seemed OK and so I left her there but at 10 o’clock I thought it was time to wake her and offer to take her home.

Woken out of a deep sleep she seemed a bit dazed, but then she asked if she could spend the night on the sofa.

“Won’t your husband and Marie be worried?” I asked.

“I’m divorced and after the terrible row we had Marie went to spend a few days with a friend,” she said.

I told her to just stay in bed and I would sleep on the sofa, “I always sleep well there,” I assured her.

She smiled as if she knew I was lying but she said thank you and that was that – until morning.

I was awoken at 8 o’clock by the smell of coffee and someone standing over me in my robe.

“I hope you don’t mind,” I got up early and had a shower, she greeted me.

Sitting up and taking the mug out of her hand I told her that was perfectly OK and she sat beside and we chattered over our mugs of java. She was a very attractive woman and when she readjusted her body to get more comfortable I saw a lot more of her legs than she probably intended me seeing. Our eyes met for a few seconds as she covered them up and I had this sudden desire to kiss her. I managed to fight the urge but she didn’t, she kissed me gently on the lips and said thank you for looking after her and she apologized for taking notice of her over-imaginative daughter.

I think she was shocked when I kissed her back but it led to her slipping her arms around my neck and soon we were in a passionate embrace. However, when I slid my tongue into her mouth she pulled away from me.

“I’m not sure we should be doing this,” she said, “I’m probably fifteen years older than you.”

Before she could say any more I pulled her towards me and slipped my hand inside the robe and fondled her tits. She gasped and then crushed her mouth against mine as if she was releasing pent up feelings and was desperate for me to fuck her.

I released the tie on the robe and ran my hand down to her pussy as we continued to kiss. When my finger found her wet slit and began to move up and down it she really went berserk and she started to undress me.

Both naked and fondling each other’s erogenous zones I slipped off the sofa and knelt before her. I opened up her legs and then pulled her to the edge of the cushion so that I could lick out her cunt.

The moment my tongue flicked her velvet folds she started to groan, I reached up and took her nipples between my fingers and thumbs and squeezed them gently as I continued to lick her out. When she came she trembled violently, grabbed my head, and drew it into her voluptuous tits. I licked them all over and then she put her hands under my armpits and indicated she wanted me to stand. When I did she took my dick into her mouth and worked my balls with both hands while she sucked me off.

There was cum all over her face when I blew my load and before she could wipe it off I grabbed her legs and draped them over the arm of the sofa so that I could ram my cock into her cunt from a standing position. She screamed when I shoved it all the way in and then entwined her fingers in mine as I started to pound her tight pussy.

I’m always aroused by bouncing tits and hers certainly bounced as I slammed it between her legs with ever-increasing speed.

“Fuck me Brad, fuck, me, fuck me, fuck me,” she cried,.

Her begging made me even more aggressive and I grabbed onto her thighs thrusting it in as far as it would go. My balls were beginning to ache and I was desperate to fill up her cavity. When it began to flow she held onto my wrists and pulled me tighter and tighter into her, as she squirmed her ass around and let out a tirade of obscenities.

I actually had to phone to in sick that day as we continued to fuck in every corner of the house. We had lunch together, then supper and spent the night sleeping in each other’s arms. Like me she had a job to go to and so the following morning after we’d shared a quick breakfast, she kissed me sweetly on the lips and left.

What she told her daughter I’ve no idea but a couple of days later Marie walked up to me and slapped my still bruised face as hard as she could. Quite a number of people saw it and I’m sure that more and more scurrilous tales are now circulating about me and my apartment.

Chapter 7 Cousin Mary OMG

Up to yesterday, I had never met my second cousin Mary, I don’t think I’d ever heard her mentioned until around a week ago. The thing was she lived in Florida, her mother was my mother’s cousin and apparently they occasional spoke to each other on the phone.

During one of these infrequent conversations my mother had said that I was living in Montreal and by some amazing coincidence, second cousin Mary, along with her boy friend Harry, was backpacking her way up through Toronto , where she was going to crash with mum, onto Montreal, where she was going to crash with me, and then on to Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, where her and her beau were going to hitch a boat ride back to Miami. I know it sounds complicated but stay tuned – it gets more so.

My two overnight guests arrived yesterday midmorning. Mary turned out to be a tall skinny young woman about my age and Harry was a short redheaded geeky guy who looked quite a bit younger. We all introduced ourselves and Mary filled me in on the family connections, which also included the fact that she was once engaged to another second cousin I didn’t know named Drew.

With all the family stuff out of the way I brought up the subject of lunch and I found that Mary and I did share some DNA as she was crazy about pizza. Around noon two family sized pizza’s had arrived and I’d slipped out and brought back a case of cold beer.

For a skinny brod she ate like a horse, while the somewhat shy Harry, who didn’t share our love for Italian cuisine, nibbled away less enthusiastically. When we’d done some serious damage to the pizzas I suggested I drove them around the city to show them some of the sights.

Mary sat up front with me and poor Harry was relegated to the back seat where he remained silent except for when we passed the Sony Store and he went into a long diatribe about his iPhone and all its virtues. When we got out of the car to do a little walking through Old Montreal, Mary strangely held my hand and not his.

We had supper at a deli restaurant I’m fond of and then returned to the apartment where she chose to ask me questions about my sex life. I simply said it was OK and then she went on to describe, in great detail, some of the antics that she and Harry got up to in the bedroom. He was oblivious to what was being said because he was texting most of the time.

Mary seemed to be quite proud of the number of notches she had on her vagina. It was as though her whole word revolved around sex. Several times I tried to change the subject but something I’d say would remind either of the time she had cunnilingus in the washroom of a 747 or when she’d fucked a guy at a “keep it dark” party only find it was her eighth-grade teacher when the lights went on.

Although she wasn’t drop dead gorgeous I was getting aroused partly because of the conversation and partly because she ended up sitting sideways on the sofa with her long legs across my lap. Every so often she would move one as if she was trying to detect where my cock was. It was all a bit confusing.

Quite frankly I was glad when she suggested that she’d like to turn in. Although they had sleeping bags I insisted that they took the bed and I assured them I’d be fine on the sofa. They both took a shower together first and I heard a loud scream from Mary which suggested she’d had the first orgasm of the evening. Then she came and gave me a less that second-cousinly kiss and bid me goodnight.

I normally sleep well on the sofa but with the bed banging against the wall and Mary shouting, ”It feels so good inside Harry,” and “Fuck me hard Harry – harder, harder, harder,” it proved somewhat difficult. However, after about an hour of primeval noises, it went relatively quiet except for the sound of someone snoring. It must have been Harry because the next thing I knew Mary was standing beside me completely naked.

I was just wearing my robe over my underwear and she knelt down on the floor and moved her hand over my dick.

“What are you doing?” I asked, panicking that her boyfriend might wake up and wonder where she disappeared to.

“I can’t help it,” she whispered, “I’m oversexed and if I don’t get a fix I start screaming just like a drug addict.”

I sure didn’t want her to scream and so I didn’t resist when she opened my robe and slid her hand up the leg of my boxers. My dick had been hardening up because naked women rubbing dick tends to do that to me.

Mary continued to get more and more venturous, as she pulled down my underwear and started to massage my balls with one hand and pull back the skin on my now erect shaft with the other. There was no use fighting it, I leaned over and began to fondle her tits, she gave a throaty sort of sound which I translated as her approval. However, she didn’t remain kneeling on the floor but climbed up between my legs and took my cock into her mouth.

I knew from the way my nerve endings were reacting that Mary had done this before and she was fucking good at it. Feeling that she was going to let me cum in her mouth I just closed my eyes and lay back, clawing the back of the sofa with my nails as it got more and more mind-blowing. When I felt my cum moving up I knew she could sense it and she increased the pace until it shot one hell of a big load and coated her tonsils.

I could move for a couple of minutes and then from the bedroom came the voice of Harry, “Mary where are you?”

“Shut the fuck up and go to sleep,” she yelled, in the most threatening tone, and he seemed to obey.

I sat up, grabbed her just under the arms and brought her towards me so that I could suck her firm nicely shaped tits. As soon as my lips wrapped around one nipple she moaned, when I used my fingers to tweak the other, she groaned even more. I re-positioned her so that she was lying down on her back and I sucked her tits while diddling her crack with my dating finger.

“Do anything you want with me,” she whispered in my ear,” don’t hold back.”

I wasn’t sure what she meant exactly but I just kept licking her and eventually worked my way down her body until I had my face between her thighs. Opening up the lips of her flower with my fingers I flicked her clit a few times with my tongue. My god she took such a deep breath I thought she was going to suck all the oxygen out of the room. Crushing my mouth against her labia I continued to suck and lick as though I was eating a succulent fruit and I put one finger into her hole and pulled downwards. She went ballistic and soon started to shake and go into orgasm.

Before she’d even stopped shaking she was telling me to put it in and so I opened up her legs a little wider, moved up in-between and rammed my dick into her. She dug her nails into my shoulders and gyrated her ass as though she couldn’t wait for me to fuck her.

I decided to make her wait, and I slowly drew it all the way out and then rammed it in again. She gasped as I crashed into her pubic mound, and then I did it again, and again. Even when I developed a steady pace I kept thrusting it in with as much force as I could and she seemed to love it.

As my balls bounced against her ass I could feel my cum moving up to the starting gate and I fucked her fast and furious until I shot my goo deep into her cunt. She screamed out loud as I kept plunging it into her, and then, both out of breath, we lay side by side and relaxed.

Eventually, after kissing the end of my dripping dick she went to bed. I awoke the next morning to the sound of Harry fucking the ass off her once more. I got up made some breakfast and then knocked on the bedroom door just as he was cumming again.

The poor bastard looked like hell when he emerged from the boudoir. He collapsed into a chair at the table and hardly had the strength to pick up his knife and fork. However, Mary looked remarkable spry as if she could still take on a whole contingent of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police before lunch and possible include their horses.

I ran them down to the bus and waved them goodbye as they left for Quebec City and then I went home and phoned mum to tell her that I’d seen them off. When I asked if I could to speak to Dad she said he was resting,

“Having Mary here seems to have worn him out,” she said.

OMG my imagination went into overdrive.

Chapter 8 Holy Fuck What Have I Done?

My landlady Claudine called me on Tuesday morning and asked if I was doing anything in the afternoon. Apparently, she was coming over to collect the rent check and she had a surprise for me. When she turned up she was with her lover Lisa. The two of them had a bottle of champagne, and deli tray and a mysterious looking bag, the contents of which, I was unaware of at that time.

Both women kissed me on the cheek and chorused “joyeux anniversaire.” Apparently, I’d been in the apartment for three months and the two lovely bi-sexual ladies thought we should celebrate.

It was just about lunchtime and so we went to the kitchen and set the table. Claudine even had a single rose in her bag that she placed in the middle and we all tucked into some Montreal Smoked Meats, famous throughout Canada, and we toasted each other with champagne. Then my landlady laid one on me.

“I know about you and Lisa,” she said, referring to the time I’d fucked her lover. It was a bit of a shock and I felt embarrassed but she said it was no big deal and that we shouldn’t have secrets from each other. Lisa smiled as though she was reminiscing about that evening we put our assets together and began to play footsie with me under the table.

Claudine, who’d presumably had a little champagne before they arrived, started to giggle and it took her a few minutes to regain control. Then she laid one on me.

“I thought as you’d been here for three months – and you’ve always paid your rent on time – we should both come over and offer our vaginas to you – in celebration.”

My life since I arrived in Montreal had been one big fuck-fest but I must admit I’d never fucked two women at once, and in particular two women who swung both ways. I didn’t have a strategy and so I thought I’d let the two of them lead the way.

Lisa suggested we should start off the celebrations with a shower together. The cabinet was big enough for all of us and so we stripped off and like three silly kids, piled in and turned on the tap. Both of them were in really good shape, and when they let their hair down and stood there with water dripping off the end of their tits, I developed an enormous boner. It was so big, when I looked down I didn’t recognize it.

We started out washing each other’s bodies, paying special attention to the erogenous zones and then it turned into a battle, where we flayed each other with lathered sponges and laughed hysterically. At one point Claudine put her arms around me from behind, crushing her tits against my back and held onto me tight while Lisa soaped my balls, and then took my erect dick in her hand and started to jerk me off. I thought she might stop before I ejaculated, but she didn’t, and her partner pressed even harder against my back when I cried out and shot my load all over Lisa’s belly.

We didn’t dry ourselves but took off for the bedroom naked and dripping wet. Claudine threw herself on the bed, and Lisa who’d picked up her bag of tricks on the way produced some manacles. Unknown to me, under the box spring, a number of hooks had been installed, presumably for use on their Wednesday evening trysts. She quickly attached the chains to the hooks at the top and bottom and then our victim’s wrists and ankles were secured so that she was stretched out spread-eagle on the bed.

Lisa, dipped into her bag once more and produced at Hitachi Wand, she plugged it into the electricity and instructed me to kneel behind Claudine’s head to suck on her tits. Obediently I took my position and leaned over her face to take one of her hard nipples between my lips. Soon the vibrating wand was embedded into the folds of her cunt and she began to grown and moan and tug at her bonds, as if she was being held against her will.

I kept sucking and fondling those lovely tits as the wand kept purring away and Claudine started to whimper. Suddenly her ass shot in the air and she had a massive orgasm. It was so good in fact that she had tears streaming down her face. To add a little romance, to what appeared to be more of an orgy, I kissed the tears away. She whispered thank you and then all hell broke loose as Lisa put down her wand, knelt on the floor and started to eat out her pussy. Claudine screamed and tugged at her bonds again but within a minute or so she came once more.

When she’d calmed down Lisa suggested I go to the foot of the bed and ram my dick into her.” She raised up slightly from the covers and said: “yes – please – fuck me.”

I grabbed onto her thighs and moved forward, pausing for a few moments before plunging my cock deep into her wet crack. She arched her back but didn’t struggle. Lisa sat on the side of the bed and massaged her tits with some sort of oil while I pounded her pussy. When my balls began to ache and I could feel my cum getting ready to move up I increased the pace. She closed her eyes and bit on her lip as I drove it into her with ever-increasing speed. Claudine sensed I was about fill up her love canal and she started to take short breaths and then she cried “FUUUUCK” as I gave that final thrust.

Perhaps intending to give me a little extra pleasure Lisa slid down the bed face first, like a serpent seeking out its prey. She grabbed hold of my dick and put it in her mouth and sucked it for a while before wiping her mouth with the back of her hand and turning her attention back to Claudine.

She released her from her shackles and the two kissed and groped each other passionately, while I stood and watched. Claudine then walked over to me and crushed her mouth against mine, blobbing her tongue in and out as if she was simulating intercourse.

It’s unusual to take a coffee break in the middle of a sexual encounter but we did. We sat around the kitchen table naked and chatted to one another, it was as if it was the normal thing to do. Lisa was the first to get back into sex mode by sitting on my knee and asking me if I did anal.

“You want anal – you can have anal,” I replied.

Now I was thinking of something pretty straight forward but that was not how these two women thought. First, she attached a strap on dildo, I thought holy fuck – she wants to stick it up my ass but I was wrong. Claudine leaned over the kitchen counter, Lisa plunged it into her ass and then told me, after I doused it with lubricant, to stick my cock in hers.

What an experience! We looked like three performing elephants at the circus. I held on to Lisa’s nice round bum and I attempted to establish a steady stroke – it wasn’t easy. Claudine came first and it kind of threw things out for a while but then I blew my load and we all just hung on to each other’s sweaty bodies until we’d got our breath back.

Back in the bedroom, the two wild women of Westmount decided to give me a double blow job. I lay on the bed with one either side of me. First Lisa would suck my cock and then Claudine. Sometimes one would suck and the other would fondle my balls – it was an exhilarating experience. When I came they both stuck out their faces so that I could coat them with cum – it was all very messy.

The one thing I forgot to ask them as we fucked the rest of the night away was if they were on the pill, I just assumed they would be. But they weren’t! And before my next three month anniversary, Claudine and Lisa both found themselves pregnant and had to move in with me.

I can’t bring girls back to the apartment anymore, in fact, I can’t go out with girls anymore, my partners say that would be inappropriate behavior for an expectant daddy. C’est la vie


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