Help! I Think I’m in Paradise

by Cristiano Caffieri

The Amorous Mrs. Haywood
“I’m very pleased with the way things are going Elliott,” she purred, “I think we are going to have many happy hours together.”

It was my first morning as Mrs. Haywood’s acting coach. She was a rich bitch, married to an older man, who had suddenly made her mind up to go on the stage, maybe even become a movie star. I was an American drama student on sabbatical in Ireland with a desperate need for funds. My employer paid well and provided me with room and board and so I had nothing to complain about. At least at that moment in time.

She was actually a good pupil, probably because everything she did seemed to be an act. And as for enthusiasm – she had enough for three people.

There was one snag, I could already feel sexual vibrations and I knew it was only a matter of time before she tried to maneuver me into the bedroom. This was no more evident than when she brought up the subject of playing love scenes. I’d explained that to pull it off convincingly you had to condition your mind to believe that you were in love with the person you’re playing opposite to.

“Let’s say that you are my lover Elliott,” she said dramatically, “And that you are going away on a dangerous mission – how could we make that seem real to an audience?” She moved towards me, “Would it go something like this?”

My student seemed to be taking over the role of the teacher as she put her arms around my neck and improvised her lines.

“O Elliott – I’m going to miss you so much,” she sobbed, “I’m going to be so lonely when you’ve gone.”

She then tightened her grip on my neck, pressed her big tits against my chest and kissed me. And I do mean kissed. Her tongue was halfway down my throat and the next thing I knew her hand had dropped down to fondle my dick.

When she eventually stepped back she asked, quite coyly, “Do you think I was convincing?”

If she had looked down at my massive erection she would have realized just how convincing it was. I was glad that her husband hadn’t walked in or I might have been out of a job.

At 4 p.m. we broke off for the day and I went up to my room to find Katya, the maid, putting clothes in my dresser. She and her sister were ethnic Russians from Finland. I didn’t even know that there was a Russian community in Finland until the girls enlightened me. Both of them were quite beautiful. Katya had long black hair, great tits, and legs. Oksana, who worked as the cook, was equally endowed but with blondish colored hair.

“Mrs. Haywood doesn’t want you wearing t-shirt and jeans around the house,” Katya informed me, “So she sent me out to buy you some trousers and shirts. I’m sure they will fit you but you can try them on if you like then I can return them if there’s a problem.”

I was mystified when the boss asked me to write down my measurements for her but now I knew the reason.

“I’ll try them on later,” I said, and thanked her for buying them.

“Are you too shy to change in front of me?” she teased.

“No – but I don’t think it would be proper.”

“I don’t understand – what you mean – proper?”

“Well, it’s not as though you were my girlfriend or …my doctor,” I stammered foolishly.

“I have the evening off tomorrow,” she said, “Would you like to take me to a movie?”

“Yes – that would be nice,” I replied, a bit taken aback by her forthrightness.

“OK – we’re going out together – that makes me your girlfriend – now try your clothes on.”

I had to smile at her crazy reasoning and I slipped out of my shirt as she handed me one of the ones she had bought. I then unbuckled my belt and cautiously slipped out of my jeans.

Without warning Katya dropped the pants she was about to pass to me and within seconds she had moved forward, downed my underwear, and was on her knees consuming the boner she had seen bulging there. Holy shit – my brain almost exploded as she worked her mouth around it with great skill and enthusiasm.

Although I was in seventh heaven, I was also in shock. I knew from the way she been looking at me all day that she was a hot prospect but I didn’t expect her to take the initiative, especially in such a delightfully aggressive way. When my balls started to tingle I decided I’d better take charge of the situation and I pushed her towards the bed, unbuttoning her uniform as I did so.

When her dress fell to the ground there was nothing but her panties to remove, she was not wearing a bra. I was amazed by her perfectly rounded breasts. The only way I can describe is to say they were breathtakingly beautiful.

I laid her slowly on to the bed and she wiggled her bum to help to me take off her panties. When I caught sight of her trimmed muff I couldn’t wait to place my tongue deep inside of it. It was sweet to the taste and as I explored the folds I reached up and caressed her tits causing her to twist and turn, moaning as she did so.

As I began to move all over her body with my hands and tongue she tried to position herself so that her crack touched by throbbing cock but I kept my distance and concentrated on sucking her delicate nipples. Katya was getting impatient and she grabbed my buttocks digging her nails into my flesh and pulled me towards her. I responded by penetrating her with one forceful thrust, she gasped and threw her arms back as if she was making snow angels on the sheets. I started to move in and out, first at a slow pace, and then at her bidding, faster and faster.

Electrical shocks seemed to surge through my nerve endings as the action became fast and furious. I felt myself cumming, and she responded to my grunts by going crazy, yelling and flaying her arms around. When I squirted my goo, I continue to ram my dick into her cavity it in order to give her the full load. To my amazement, she called out, “O fuck,” and started to cry with actual tears running down her face.

Things calmed down after a while and we just lay quietly in each other’s arms until reality returned and she realized she had to get back to her duties. Katya quickly put on her uniform and came over and kissed me before she left. Later at dinner, which we ate in the kitchen separate from the family, we exchanged glances. Oksana seemed to pick-up on the fact that something was going on between us.

After we’d eaten the girls tried to teach me to play a Russian card game called Durak. We had quite a few laughs and I was soundly defeated every game. When we all went up to our rooms that night, Katya came over and kissed me goodnight in front of her sister. Oksana didn’t seem shocked but she raised her eyebrows and walked into the bedroom shaking her head. I’m not sure if that was meant to indicate something.

Katya brought me my tea this morning but instead of behaving like the proper maid, as she did yesterday, she felt under the bed covers, grabbed my balls and then ran off giggling. She continued to giggle a little at breakfast causing Oksana to look at us both as though we were slightly mad. A little later, when Katya reminded me we had a date for that evening, her sister, once again, raised her eyebrows.

If I was shocked by the maid’s sexual advances it was nothing compared to what happened with Mrs. Haywood during the morning lesson. When I arrived at the library the Colonel was searching for some legal papers. He was foraging through drawers and even looking behind books.

“I know they’re in here somewhere,” he fumed, “The trouble with this place is people are always moving things.” Then seemingly exhausted he sat down on the sofa to catch his breath.

“Perhaps you can find them Stone – you’ve got young eyes – I’m looking for an orange folder with a rubber band around it.”

I spotted it right away on a small table by the door. “Is this it?” I asked, holding it up.

“By George, you have got good eyes,” he laughed, and getting up he snatched it from my hand thanking me for saving his life.

“Got a director’s meeting in Dublin today,” he said, “I hate bloody meetings, they’re so boring but I have no choice.”

He headed towards the door and then turned, “Give my wife a good session,” he smiled, “She’s damn keen on this acting thing you know.”

I assured him I would and off he went, only to return two minutes later looking for his glasses. Having found them in his pocket he quickly left and his wife entered in quite a provocative outfit. It was one of those where the plunging neckline almost meets the split in the skirt. She locked the door behind her saying that we should have absolute privacy, and that made me a little nervous.

Between fucking Katya and dinner yesterday I had browsed for some material on the internet and had later printed some pieces out in the library. After yesterday’s experience, I purposely chose non-romantic material as I was afraid that if the Colonel caught his wife with her tongue down my throat I could say goodbye to a nice well-paid position.

I first did a re-cap on stage positions and got her to supposedly enter a room under varying circumstances, later adding some small bits of dialogue like “It’s so good to see you again Desmond,” and “I’m so glad that you could come – can I offer you a drink.”

She seemed content to follow direction for the first half-hour or so and then she pounced. I had instructed her to go back to the door and then she had to pretend she was walking on stage, doing the Desmond thing again. However, instead of following my instructions she dashed over to me yelling like someone from a very bad “B” movie,

“It’s so good to see you again Desmond – I missed you – I missed you – I missed you.”

The dialogue was accompanied by kisses and a hug that knocked me off my feet. I fell flat onto the floor – with Mrs. Haywood on top of me and her left tit, that had popped out of her dress, hovering an inch above my mouth. I was about to get back on my feet and help her up when she placed her nipple between my lips.

As she obviously wanted me to suck it I couldn’t very well spit it out and so I had to go along with her plan. After a few ingenious moves, she completely took control of the situation and the next thing I know we’re both naked and rolling all over the floor.

In spite of her being much older than Katya she was still in excellent shape. Her tits were much larger but still perky and her flower, although it was a great deal more bushy that Katya’s, my tongue managed to find its way in – much to the delight of Mrs. Haywood.

She’s a very fit woman and when she wanted to change position she didn’t wait for me to make the move. At one point she sat over my face and then leaned over and absorbed my boner deep into her mouth. I really did have a problem keeping control, but she didn’t intend letting me cum in her mouth, and with a couple of moves that would have made Jackie Chan proud, I found myself over the top of her in the missionary position and ready to ram my cock into her.

Gosh – when I penetrated her she hung onto me so tight I could hardly breathe and when I did manage to develop a rhythm she moved her ass just as rapidly. It all ended up in a sexual frenzy with both of us yelling obscenities at the top of our lungs. With my ability to think straight completely blown I never gave a thought to the fact that other people in the house might hear us. However, I’m sure they did for when our eleven o’clock coffee was served Katya looked at me as though she could kill me.

At lunchtime, she wouldn’t even sit at the same table and so I sat there with Oksana and tried to make small talk even though she didn’t have a lot to say. I tried to build a conversation around the fact that a friend of mine had worked in Scandinavia. As I kept babbling on like a fool, something I frequently do when in the company of a pretty girl, I’m not quite sure how much she really understood. Her English wasn’t perfect and so she did a lot of nodding and occasionally smiled politely.

She was certainly much more demure than her sister, who appeared to be the dominant one of the two, and tended to boss her around quite a bit. Even though she didn’t say much I was quite taken by her.

Working as an Escort
The afternoon brought yet another surprise, Mrs. Haywood sat me down in the library and said she wanted to ask me a favor.

“You don’t have to agree,” she said, with a whimsical smile, “But I have a friend who really needs an escort for tonight. She’s recently divorced and is really quite depressed and tonight there’s an exhibition of her painting at a gallery in Dublin and she desperately needs to have a man by her side.”

She took hold of my hand and took on a pleading look, “Do this for me and anytime you need a favor I’ll look after you.”

Jesus – since I’d been in that house I’d always felt that I was between a rock and a hard place. I think my approval was a bit weak but she was very happy with the result of her negotiations. She went on to tell me that Bridie Holden, that was the name of the woman who was going to pick me up at six, was going to take me to dinner before going to the gallery.

“The only problem is your dress. It’s a casual event but you’re far too casual – you do need some sort of a jacket – I don’t suppose you have one do you?”

“Do you mean like a blazer?”

“Yes – a blazer would do nicely – that would go nice with one of the trousers I bought you.”

“I don’t have a blazer,” I said apologetically.

She raised her eyebrows as if to say I was a hopeless case and then led me by the hand to her bedroom. It was huge with its own bathroom area built-in at one end with no partitions or anything – just there in the open. I looked nervously at the king-sized bed as I passed but her intentions were honorable and she opened up a large armoire and took out a jacket.

“Here – try this on,” she said, “You and Sam are about the same size.”

I slipped on the jacket and looked in the full-length mirror – it looked terrific. Pleased with the result she ushered me out of the bedroom telling me to take the rest of the afternoon off and be sure to be ready by six.

As I was about to go up into my room the Colonel was coming up the stairs. He was murmuring to himself until he caught sight of me. Then his face brightened up.

“Lesson going well?”

“Excellent,” I replied, feeling somewhat guilty that I had been fucking his wife a few hours earlier.

He continued past me and then stopped for a second, “Nice jacket,” he said, and then simply disappeared into the library without another word.

I presumed my date with Katya had been off before I accepted the Bridie Holden assignment, and the next time I passed her she left me in no doubt. She looked at me as though I was the lowest scum on earth.

The situation confused me a little. I thought Katya’s behavior was purely an impulsive crazy sexual act but now I feel that there was more to it. Perhaps she had formed a real attachment to me, although that seemed improbable given the short time we’d known each other.

At six o’clock I was showered, spiked my hair and I was ready to go. Taking one last look in the mirror I thought I looked pretty cool and tripped off down the stairs.

Mrs. Holden, who insisted on me calling her Bridie, was a very good looking woman in her mid-forties. She was very elegantly dressed so even with my nice jacket I felt a little out of place.

The car turned out to be a chauffeur-driven late model Mercedes, and with Mrs. Haywood waving us goodbye we headed for Dublin and ended up at the Pearl Brasserie on Upper Merrion Street. This is a really nice French restaurant with a wonderful atmosphere.

Over a most enjoyable meal and an excellent wine, Bridie told me about her broken marriage.

“I suspected my husband was cheating on me,” she said, “But I had no proof. Perhaps I never would have had if it hadn’t have been for my good friend Jodie,” (Referring to Mrs. Haywood). She offered to proposition my husband for me, act as a sort of honey trap,” she broke into a whisper, “She even went so far as to sleep with him to make absolutely sure of his infidelity. I can’t imagine anyone making that sort of sacrifice for a friend,” she said, getting all emotional and teary-eyed, “That woman is a saint.”

I almost choked on my wine at this point and she had to pat me on the back. And then she went on to beg me not to say anything to anyone else about this in case it got back to the Colonel.

“He worships her you know – I’m sure he’d kill my ex-husband if he ever found out what happened.”

She went strangely silent after this, probably thinking that she’d said too much, and I went silent too thinking of what it would be like to stare down the barrel of a shotgun. My stomach suddenly felt a little queasy and I know it wasn’t the food.

When we arrived at the art gallery it was full of people sipping champagne and saying “darling” to one another. Bridie’s art, that looked as if a dog had rolled in some paint and then on canvas, was creating quite a stir and having a younger man on her arm also caused a few heads to turn. The middle-aged ladies seemed particularly interested in me, they were probably wondering what it would be like to have a young buck romping all over their liposuctioned thighs.

We kept drinking champagne into the night until neither Bridie or I were feeling any pain. In the end, the chauffeur helped us both out of the car at her place. I’m not sure who put the two of us to bed.

I was awoken the next morning by a black maid with a big smile on her face and a phone in her hand.

“I’m sorry sir – I told the lady you was asleep but she wouldn’t take no for an answer.”

She handed me the phone and I managed to say a weak hello as my head pounded and my mouth felt if I’d eaten a live Skunk. The voice on the other end of the line was that of Mrs. Haywood.

“Where the hell are you?” she yelled.

I looked around the hazy room and replied that I hadn’t a clue.

“Well, I know where you are you’re with that fucking whore Bridie Holden – put her on the line.”

Looking around once more I replied that she was not with me.

“Where the hell is she then? Find her and get her on the phone.”

“I have no idea I don’t remember seeing her since the art show.”

Realizing we’d not slept together she calmed down considerably allowing me to explain that I had drunk too much and that the chauffeur had dumped me off here. At the time I wasn’t sure where ‘here’ was.

“Why don’t you give the phone back to the maid so I can speak to my friend Bridie and then perhaps you can get back here as soon as you feel better.”

I said goodbye to the two-faced cow and I signaled the maid, who had retired to a corner of the immense bedroom, and she took the phone from me.
“Could you give this call to Mrs. Holden please?”

She took it from me and I got up and felt around the perimeter of the room until I found the bathroom door. After a shower I put on my clothes and went downstairs and discovered Bridie, reading the newspaper over breakfast in the dining room overlooking the sea.

“Help yourself to breakfast,” she smiled, pointing to the buffet.

I lifted a few of the lids but everything seemed to have the power to turn my stomach. In the end, I had a piece of toast and some coffee.

“I’m sorry my chauffeur dropped you off here last night – it’s my fault for not giving him adequate instructions.”

“Who put me to bed?” I asked, wanting to know more than anything who took my clothes off.

“Josephine,” she said, pointing to the shapely black maid who was bringing in a fresh pot of coffee, “She’s so used to me coming in bombed – it has become second nature for her to tuck in anyone that seems to be incapable. From what I can gather – we were both quite incapable last night.”

The maid smiled and nodded her head vigorously in agreement.

“By the way how do you feel this morning?” Bridie inquired, signaling for Josephine to top up our coffee.

“Barely conscious,” I replied.

“You’re obviously not used to drinking so much champagne.”

“I’m a bit more used to drinking a few Buds,” I said.

After breakfast, Bridie packed me into the Mercedes and the chauffeur drove me from Sandymount, the exclusive area where I had spent the night, back to the more down to earth Dun Laoghaire. Katya opened the door and once again treated me like a pariah.

Mrs. Haywood, on the other hand, seemed very glad to see me and told me to rest until after lunch and then we would continue with her lessons. I quickly made a few notes on things we could do and retired to my room until lunch was served.

Katya was absent from the table for the entire lunch period so once again I was alone with Oksana.

“My sister is unhappy with you,” she said as she poured my tea, “But I wouldn’t worry – she’s been unhappy with many boys before – that’s the way she is.”

“Are you saying she is very possessive?”


“Yes – does she get jealous.”

“Very jealous,” she replied, “She once stabbed a boy back home.”

I don’t know what kind of a mess I got myself into here – I’m getting all the tail I can handle but I hadn’t planned dying either from stab wounds or gunshots. It occurs to me that I’d have to make it clear to all those in the house that I am going to be celibate for a while.

The afternoon session went well, doing exercises that didn’t involve bodily contact. In the evening I did a bit of research but feeling lonely I went down to the kitchen and helped Oksana prepare supper. She seemed amazed that I would do such a thing.

Katya didn’t eat with us again and at length, I decided to approach her and ask her if we could be friends. I waited until she didn’t have a knife in her hand and then I apologized for anything I’d done to upset her.

“You fucked that old woman,” she said, refusing to take my hand, “And then you went on a date with another woman old enough to be your mother.” she paused for a few seconds to think up something really mean to say to me and then called me a grandmother fucker and stormed out of the kitchen.

I spent the rest of the night with Oksana playing cards and talking about her life in Finland. As opposed to her sister, she seemed really sensible and she was certainly easy on the eye.

I got my morning tea from my sulky looking maid but fortunately, at breakfast I didn’t have to face her. After a brief conversation with Mrs. Haywood in the library, it was decided that we would go into Dublin and search out some good books on acting. We first went to the Dublin Book Shop which is situated in this delightful old mall in Grafton Street; from there we went to Chapters in Parnell Street and then onto the Winding Stair Bookshop where we browsed the bookshelves and later went upstairs to their quaint restaurant for lunch.

Back at the house we staggered into the library with a pile of useful books and sat down to browse them. As Mrs. Haywood flicked through the pages of a book on the Stanislavski method, she looked up at me and smiled, “We did have a nice day together didn’t we?”

I said that I really enjoyed it and that I loved Dublin and the wonderful people that just start talking to you as though you were an old friend.

“We can be very friendly,” she said, with a wry smile and she seemed to have something on her mind as she spoke. I didn’t find out what that was until just before we completed our session at 4 o’clock. She stopped me as I was about to open the door and came very close.

“Look,” she whispered, “I know that this is not in the job description but the Colonel is leaving for Cork after dinner and he won’t be back until tomorrow night. I really hate to sleep alone and I want you to sleep in the room with me. You don’t have to fuck me if you don’t want to but just sleep on the sofa in there – to keep me company.”

Even though I thought my chances of not having sex with her were negligible I agreed because she’s my employer and who else was going to hire an illegal alien and pay him double the going rate.

Sleeping in the Raw and a Night out with Oksana
I have to admit I was on edge all evening, another evening spent with Oksana. At 10 o’clock Mrs. Haywood phoned downstairs and asked me to report to her bedroom. I said goodnight to my companion, feeling sure she knew what was going on, and proceeded upstairs. As I did so I started to worry that Oksana might also despise me for what I was doing – I had no idea why this should concern me – but it did.

I knocked gently on the bedroom door and she opened it wearing a flowing lace negligee.

“Come in and make yourself comfortable,” she said, then looking me up and down she commented that I didn’t have my robe or my PJs with me.

“I always sleep in the raw,” I said, “Does that bother you?”

“Not at all,” she replied, dropping her gown to the floor and pressing those impressive breasts against my chest. She then sought out my lips and clung onto me as her tongue danced around mine in time with the gentle music she had put on the stereo.

Dropping to her knees she clasped my buttocks and her lips sought out yet another place of interest. She engorged my boner and then totally releasing it she latched onto it all over again absorbing as much as was humanly possible.

I put my fingers in her hair holding her head steady while I moved my ass in and out. It felt so incredibly good as she manipulated it with her lips at the same time. When I withdrew I sat her onto the end of the bed, dropped down to my knees and fondled her breasts before slipping my head between her legs and positioning my mouth tight against her flower. I proceeded to probe her wet recesses and it wasn’t long before she began to quiver and shake violently, then she started to moan and groan, and as it grew too much for her to stand she threw herself backwards, opening her long shapely legs.

I climbed onto the bed, leaned over her and began to run my tongue over her nipples, but that was not what she wanted, she arched her back, lifted her bum up and begged me to fuck her. Ramming my rock hard dick deep inside of her, I held it there for a moment as we both gasped at the wonderful feeling it gave us both.

Usually I like to start off slow but I knew that Mrs. Haywood liked it fast and furious and that was the way I felt too. I just started banging her as hard and as fast as I could, and just at the moment, as my balls felt as if they were going to explode she went into a second orgasm. A split second later my goo was streaming into her cock pocket and we rolled around frantically on the bed in a moment of complete ecstasy.

We ended up snuggling each other under the fluffy duvet but I kept waking up during the night as I was afraid of Katya walking in with a cup of tea in the morning and finding me there. There was a large ornamental clock ticking away on the wall and every time I awoke I checked it out.

At seven I quietly got out of bed and I just grabbed my clothes and still naked I crept out of the room and made my way up the staircase to my room. On reaching the landing I opened my door tossed in my clothes and then visited the servant’s shared bathroom. When I came out there stood Katya with her tray. She didn’t say anything she simply opened the door to the bedroom and gestured for me go through first.

Once inside the room I couldn’t decide whether to jump into bed and cover myself or just stand there like a goof. In the end I sat in a chair and watched as she bent over to place the tray on my bedside table enabling me to see right up her adorable legs and the narrow strip of her panties.

My boner was starting to grow at a rapid rate and I tried to put my arms in such a position to cover it up. Katya turned and walked towards me with an almost somber look on her face then she lowered herself in front of me and said, “Will she do this for you?” and moving my hands away she began using her mouth to suck me and her hands to caress my balls. Her mouth began to gyrate in every direction and she murmured as she did it as though it was she who was getting the enjoyment.

I have never had such a mind-blowing experience; every nerve in my body was on fire. Grasping the arms of the chair I tried to increase the pace by moving my bum up and down and she responded by going faster and faster. She knew I was about to cum but she kept on and on until she was milking the very last drop out of me. I was gasping for breath and my body was twitching as she rose from the floor and quietly left the room without a word.

After Katya had served breakfast to Mrs. Haywood she did sit across from me at the breakfast table. She didn’t say very much although I tried to engage her in conversation. Oksana just sat sipping her coffee first looking at one of us and then the other.

As it was Saturday there were no sessions scheduled. Mrs. Haywood left early saying she had to do some shopping and call on a sick friend. I spent most of the day sitting in the library printing out material for the acting classes and browsing through some of the books there.

Katya acted just like a maid, bringing my midmorning tea; telling me that lunch was ready and generally being polite but not over-friendly. The Colonel came back before Mrs. Haywood and we had a good chat together. He told me something of his army career and how he met his wife. He had been married before but his wife died when he was serving overseas.

“Jodie makes my life bearable,” he said, “I fell in love with her the moment I saw her and she with me. I’m 28 years older than she is but it doesn’t make a bit of difference – take my advice my boy find yourself, someone, to love and who will love you and you’ve got it made.”

I felt the blood rush to my face, I felt as guilty as hell but what could I do? Even if I didn’t fuck her I knew she’d find someone else – she might even have been with someone that very afternoon. The woman had got an insatiable sexual appetite and the Colonel alone was not going to satisfy that.

After dinner, Katya and Oksana played cards with me again. Katya suggested we should play the Russian version of strip poker but Oksana would have none of it.

I went up to my room early to catch up with my diary. Reading through some of the entries made me realize what a lucky guy I was.

Sunday was a quiet day in the house. The Colonel and Mrs. Haywood went to Waterford to some sort of reunion and as both of them were fond of a few drinks Katya was their designated driver. This left Oksana and I alone.

They weren’t going to get home until quite late and as I didn’t want to sit and play cards all day I asked Oksana if she’d like to go out to eat and take in a movie. She was a bit hesitant at first but I used my charm and she eventually agreed. Fortunately, the Haywood’s paid by the week and so I had some cash to spare.

Oksana had a lot of cleaning to do and I helped her. She prepared me a lovely lunch and after a bit more cleaning we began to get ready for our day out. I’d hung on to the Colonel’s sports jacket and so I decided to wear that. Checking myself out in the mirror I thought I looked pretty sharp, however, when Oksana emerged from her room she took my breath away. She was wearing a cream colored dress hemmed just below the knee with a short grey coat and gold dangly earrings. Her long blond hair cascaded down her shoulders and created an image that one normally only sees in those fashion magazines. I told her how nice she looked and she blushed as if she found such compliments embarrassing.

I’d looked up the movies up on the internet and found they were showing Johnny English Re-born with Rowan Atkinson. From our conversations I had learned that she liked Mr. Bean and so I thought that was a natural choice. It was showing quite early which meant we had to eat afterwards.

We took the DART rail into town and we were soon seated in the Omniplex waiting for the curtain to go up. It turned out to be the usual crazy antics you expect from Rowan Atkinson and she seemed to really enjoy it. Half an hour into the movie I put my hand on hers but she took it away. Fifteen minutes later I tried again and she let me hold her hand.

When we came out we found this great little restaurant called The Larder. It had quite a romantic atmosphere and we enjoyed the meal. We both chose the same thing, although it may have been that Oksana was simply following my lead. We had roast duck, potatoes and watercress cake and followed it up with blueberry cheesecake and coffee.

We walked hand in hand window shopping for a while and then made our way home. It was probably about 9 o’clock when we got in and Oksana made some hot chocolate and we sat and watched TV. Because I was as horny as a three peckered toad I didn’t want to stay up in case I made a move that complicated things for the both of us and so at 9.30 I said I had some lesson to prepare.

As I was leaving she got up and thanked me for a lovely evening and I couldn’t resist leaning forward to kiss her gently on the lips. She didn’t object and for some reason, I was walking on air.

Monday morning was unbelievable. I didn’t get my morning tea and when I went down for breakfast I was in for a shock. Oksana’s once beautiful hair was a mess. Huge chunks had been cut from it. When I asked what had happened she started to cry and refused to tell me anything. At first, I thought it might have been self inflicted for some reason but then my suspicions began to drift toward Katya. I figured that Oksana had probably told her that we’d been out together and that had sent her unpredictable sister into a fury.

I confronted her right in front of Oksana but she just told me to fuck off and mind my own business, after which she stormed out of the kitchen. When she’d gone I tried to console her and even persuaded her to let me straighten it up a little. After I doing my best with the scissors I told her I would pay for her to go to the hairdresser on her afternoon off.

Mrs. Haywood was still hungover and so we didn’t start the sessions until 11 o’clock. I’d really got into the swing of things now and had mapped out a program for her that seems to be working. She’d become much more confident and accepted direction a lot better.
I sat with Oksana for lunch, who was still sniffling, and Katya took a tray and sat in the TV room. The friendly atmosphere that we once enjoyed had now gone completely sour, presumably all because of jealousy.

In the afternoon I did my best to concentrate on Mrs. Haywood’s acting lesson. The Colonel came into the library at one point and seemed fascinated by the whole process. He even applauded her and gave her a big hug after she did a rather nice cold reading for me. He certainly did love that woman, I hoped she appreciated it.

Around 5 o’clock Bridie Holden phoned Mrs. Haywood and asked if she could borrow me again. I was only too pleased to accept to get out of the house.

Bridie picked me up for an early dinner which we had at the Blue Bistro on Dawson Street. When we were escorted to our table I was surprised to see another very attractive lady sitting there already.

“This is my daughter Siobhan,” she said, “She’s a nurse and doesn’t get much time to socialize and so I thought I’d invite her to join us.”

We exchanged pleasantries, had a great meal and then went to an exhibition of Ballet art by Polish photographer and artist Jacek Szwic. Siobhan seemed very interested in my opinion of his work, in fact, she was paying a lot of attention to everything I had to say.

We went back to the house for coffee and cake and we discussed everything from philosophy to religion and everything in between. It got quite late and I didn’t have a key to the door and so Bridie decided to drive with me just in case.

However, when I rang the doorbell Katya opened it with a face that reminded me of Lurch in the Adam’s Family. I waved to Bridie to show her I had access and entered the hallway. Katya then informed me that Mrs. Haywood was waiting for me in the library. Opening the door I saw her sitting on the sofa sipping on a drink.

She didn’t ask me to sit down she stood up and a tirade of abuse followed.

“I’m very disappointed in you Elliott,” she began, “You have betrayed our confidential relationship and to make things worse you have made derogatory remarks about me to a member of my staff. It’s unforgivable.”

I tried to defend myself but Katya had obviously got her story in first and I didn’t stand a chance.

“I want you out of here in the morning,” she said, emphasizing that she wanted me to be gone before breakfast. “And I don’t ever want to see you again.”

I just stood there – I was too flabbergasted to really say anything.

She opened up her purse and pulled out a wad of bills, “Here I’m paying you until the end of the month – this is on the condition you never ever say anything about any of the happenings in this house.”

I swore to that – after all, she was handing me a fist full of money.

I did manage to say it had been a pleasure to work with her and I thought she had talent but she left in the middle of my little speech and slammed the door. After that, I made my way to my room and packed so I could leave at the crack of dawn.

Wanting to say goodbye to Oksana I peeped into the kitchen and there she was getting things ready for breakfast. When I told her that I was leaving, I could see that she was visibly upset, perhaps realizing that her sister was at the bottom of it all. I asked if she would give me her cell phone number and she wrote it down and handed to me just seconds before Katya entered.

“You should be out of here by now,” she snapped.

Oksana protested, saying she had no right to speak to me like that but she was just told to get the fuck on with her work and keep her fucking mouth shut. Not wanting to cause any further trouble I quickly left giving Oksana a smile. I was just walking down the steps when I ran into the Colonel who’d been to buy a morning paper.

“Sorry you have to leave old chap, don’t know what gets into my wife sometimes – I think it’s that dam Psychic of hers – always coming up with some new idea. It’s just superstitious nonsense as far as I’m concerned.”

He felt inside his jacket pocket and took out his wallet, “Look – I know it’s hard for a young chap like you to get a job these days – here’s a little extra to help you out.”

I took it gratefully because I had no idea whether I’d find something else to do. We shook hands and he was just about to go in the door when I called up to him, “I want to thank you for your advice Colonel.”

“What was that my boy?”

“You told me if I found someone to love who would love me back and I’d have it made.”

“Did I say that?” he asked, looking a bit bewildered, then laughed and said it sounded like damn good advice.

Donating my Sperm and Rescuing Oksana
I didn’t really want to go back to hostel life until I’d had the chance to think things over and so I phoned Bridie telling her I had a problem and asking if I see her. She offered to send a car for me but I said I figured that I could make my way to Sandymount on my own.

When I arrived I could see she was anxious to find out what had happened to me. I suppose she was particularly curious because she could see I had my backpack plus a large plastic bag with the clothes Mrs. Haywood had bought for me.

“What on earth is the problem,” she asked, pouring me a cup of coffee and offering me a pastry, “Have you left the Haywood household?”

“Yes,” I replied, “I can’t give too many details – but I can assure you I haven’t committed a crime or anything like that.”

“I’m sure you haven’t, I know that Jodie can be quite moody and suddenly changes her mind about what she wants to do. You’re not the first person to spend a short time there and then suddenly be let go.”

Her comments piqued my interest and she went on to tell me that there’d been a Yoga instructor; a violin teacher and apparently she’d had been studying Mandarin at one point.

“Jodie doesn’t know which direction she wants to go and that crazy Psychic she visits just complicates the situation.”

However, she went on to say that I did seem to have broken the record with only nine days on the job. And I could see she was still intrigued with my not wanting to go into details. Rubbing her nose and obviously deep in thought she asked, “You haven’t been screwing that little Russia girl Tatiana have you?”

“That’s Katya,” I said, “And the answer is yes but.”

Before I could finish she jumped in, “Holy God I thought that girl would have learned a lesson after the incident with the violin teacher.”
It was my turn to be intrigued. “What happened with the violin teacher?”

“O he was demonstrating his finger technique using her vagina as his violin,” she laughed, “The worse part of it was they were on Jodie’s bed. The teacher was immediately fired like you because she can’t afford to get rid of Katya, I mean the girl works six and a half days a week and is on call 24 hours. You’re not going to find another one like that – at least not in Ireland.”

I smiled because I was pretty sure that the fact the pair were having sex on her bed was not the reason for the furor. Knowing Mrs. Haywood the way I do, I figure she had first claim to his tremolo and didn’t appreciate the younger woman honing in on her territory. And of course, it would have been difficult to get rid of Katya because she simply knew too much.

As Bridie sipped on her coffee she looked over at me and smiled.

“It’s funny that you should turn up here because I was going to phone you.”

“What about,” I asked, thinking it might be another escort duty.

“Siobhan my daughter might have a job for you.”

“What kind of a job,” I asked, quite intrigued?

“Well, she lived through the terrible arguments that her father and I had for years and she’s decided to never get married. However, she wants a baby.”

I kept nodding my head as I couldn’t quite see what this had to do with a job.

“She’s thought of going to a sperm bank but she feels that she couldn’t really be sure if it would turn out OK. She is a nurse you see so she sees a lot of strange and disturbing things.”

I was still a little bit lost but somewhere in the back of my mind, I was beginning to wonder if she wanted me to donate sperm.

“She doesn’t want you to wank into a jar or anything she’s prepared to go au natural.”

Holy shit I thought – she wants me to fuck her daughter.

You need accommodation and so you and Siobhan can share a room for a couple of weeks and if you’re up to a couple of times a night maybe she’ll get pregnant.”

I was shell shocked I didn’t know what to say. Certainly her daughter was a very desirable looking girl but being hired as a stud – that was something else. However, when she mentioned 1000 Euro up front and another 1000 if I became a daddy, my moral principals went right out of the window.

Although I say it myself I’m not bad looking, I’m fit and I’m educated and these must have weighed in my favor. I felt rather flattered to be chosen out of the entire population of Ireland and so I said yes.

Bridie gave me the room that I had used the last time I was there and I spent the rest of the day twitching nervously at the prospect of this gorgeous woman creeping into bed with me that night. Siobhan turned up for dinner and I think we were both a bit uncomfortable with the situation at first.

We made an effort to make idle conversation but ended up switching on the TV. At 10 o’clock my roommate said that she was on an early shift and it was time to go to bed. As we walked upstairs together, Bridie wished us goodnight and Siobhan whispered,
“Don’t worry – I’m not a virgin.”

Actually that made me laugh and I felt more at ease.

“Do you want us to shower together,” she asked as we walked into the room. “We can get to know each other’s bodies.”

When she stripped off her clothes I thought it should be me that was paying 1000 Euros. She looked incredible. Her tits were big but firm, her legs were long and shapely and her vajajay was neatly trimmed and possibly longing for my throbbing cock to plow into to it.

She looked down at my prize winning erection when I slipped out of my boxers and smiled.

“You seem ready for action,” she said, and then slipped under the shower.

I stepped in close beside her, picked up a sponge and began to soap her back. She moved her body from side to side in a very sexy way and told me it felt good. Obviously enjoying that part she turned so that I could do her tits, and what a pleasure that was.

Siobhan sighed as I continued to cover her sensitive areas and then took the sponge away from me and started to give me the same treatment. Washing my chest was good, sponging my balls was – exceptional.

Drying off we both ran out of the bathroom and leaped into bed like two teenagers. I grabbed hold of her and turned her towards me and began to suck on her protruding nipples. She liked that – she liked that a lot. However, when I trailed my tongue down to her navel and licked around to her trimmed pussy she really started to moan.

I moved down the bed and knelt on the floor, taking her by the ankles and dragging her towards me. Her legs opened for me and I placed my face between them, slid one hand up the side and pulled back the lips with my finger. I moved my tongue and my finger together in her wet groove and she cried out “O fuck, O fuck,” several times, before her body shook like a magnitude 9 earthquake had hit. She was in a state of ecstasy.

At this point I stood up, raised her legs and rammed my dick into her as far as it would go. She gasped as my pubic bone thumped against hers and she grabbed hold of my arms.

I was certainly worked up and ready to go and as I continued to thrust it in and out of her hot wet cunt she was gasping for breath. My cock was feeling so good and I was hoping I could keep pounding her pussy but when my balls started to tingle I knew I was about to shoot my load.

The prospect of motherhood seemed to excite Siobhan more than the actual sex, and as I pumped my goo into her, with what seemed to be an endless stream, she held onto me tight and started to say, “Thank you, Thank you, thank you.” It was not something I personally related to, but she seemed most satisfied with the experience and I must admit I felt pretty fucking good myself.

To ensure that I was up to giving her a second injection she maneuvered me so that she could take my cock into her mouth. It felt so good as she sucked my shaft and fondled my balls but I had to warn her that I might cum. Obviously my sperm could do no good in her throat so she lay on top of me, lowered herself onto my throbbing dick and then gyrated her ass until she ground the cum right out of me. WOW what a night it was.

As she was on an early shift she got up before me. After a shower, I went down to breakfast and Bridie met me at the bottom of the stairs and gave me a big hug.

“Thank you Elliott, you don’t know how much this means to me.”

It was hard to believe that some mother would be thanking you for fucking her daughter. I tried not to be too enthusiastic in case I looked like a pervert, I just said something like, “You have a very charming daughter.”

Of course, it didn’t really make any fucking sense but I was stumped for words. And as the days and nights wore on I didn’t really improve. I really didn’t want to say, “I love fucking Siobhan and I rammed my dick into her in every possible position, including standing up against the wall.”

With all the baby batter I had spewed into that woman I could almost guarantee she was pregnant already. However, I’d agreed to keep banging her for 14 solid days and to leave a little vile full just in case she didn’t conceive.

During this time I tried to stay in contact with Oksana by text. From her brief replies, I gathered she was very unhappy and I knew who was responsible for that.

On the last day of my “stud,” activities, I phoned her and she answered her cell but then the phone appeared to have been snatched from her hand and smashed. After that, I couldn’t get a connection.

I think Bridie had gathered from our numerous conversations that I was fond of Oksana. When I told her about the situation with Katya and how worried she was, being a bit of a romantic, she gave me her immediate support.

She didn’t want to upset her friend Jodie but she said she would do all she could so that I could get over to the house in Dun Laoghaire.

“Tomorrow I’ll simply invite her over here for the day and you go and do whatever you have to. You’ll have to take your stuff with you,” she said, “And find somewhere else to stay – I don’t want Jodie to connect me with this plot of yours – OK?”

That night Siobhan, who was aware of my departure, wanted to get a vile full just in case. She didn’t want me to go into the bathroom for a wank, she wanted to milk it out herself.

She said she couldn’t use baby oil as it might contaminate the sample but when her soft warm fingers grasped my cock, that didn’t seem to matter. I lay on the bed and with her big tits hovering over me she began to caress my balls. Wrapping her long fingers around my cock she began to slide them up and down.

I was propped up on the big fluffy pillows and so I could watch her with her long black hair dangling down and a faint smile upon her face. When I could feel my cum working its way up I began to make noises and she increased the pace dramatically until I shot my load, which she gathered in a little cup. Just when I could have done with a bit more pampering she got up quickly and disappeared. I guess she was putting her valuable cargo in some suitable storage.

At 11 a.m. the next morning I gave my host a big hug. She promised to send me pictures of her grandchild and threw me a big kiss as my taxi pulled away and headed for the house of horrors. I stopped the driver on Mellifont Avenue and asked him to wait. Proceeding down the back of the buildings I reached the Haywood house, passed through the back garden and crept stealthily down the steps that led to the kitchen back door.

As I descended down the steps I could see Oksana through the window working at the table and then Katya suddenly appeared causing me to clamp myself against the wall like Dick Tracey. My heart was pounding wildly. After a couple of minutes I looked through the window again and she seemed to have gone. I tapped gently on the door and opened it, Oksana turned and gasped.

“What you doing here?”

“I want you to come away with me.”

“You’re crazy!”

“You’re not happy here, you work too hard, your sister treats you like shit, come on – I promise I’ll look after you.”

“Why would you do that,” she asked, her eyes beginning to well up.

“Because I love you,” I blurted out before I could stop myself. I moved forward put my arms around her. She was confused but she hugged me back.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” a voice rang out behind me and turning I saw Katya – her eyes blazing with fury.

“I’ve come to take your sister way from you,” I said, staring her right in the eye, I want to give her a better life.”

“Like fuck you are,” she said, “She’s not going anywhere – she’s staying right here with me.” She then took out her cell phone, “As for you Mr. Stone I’m going to call the Gardai – you’re trespassing.”

As she started to dial I was pushed aside by Oksana who walked up a punched Katya right in the face. She went down like a sack of flour. I stood there frozen for a few seconds I couldn’t believe what I’d seen.

“Let’s lock her in pantry while I get my things,” she said. And we moved her together and sat her up against a pile of boxes.

Oksana gave me a quick kiss and then went to get her stuff. She didn’t have very much to pack and soon returned to the kitchen. Katya was just beginning to groan and so we unlocked the pantry door so she wouldn’t be stuck there and then hightailed it out the back and on to the waiting cab.

I didn’t know where the hell were we were going and I was afraid that Katya would phone the Gardai and perhaps report a kidnapping or something so I decided to play it safe and go to the ferry terminal that was not too far away. We got out of the cab and I checked the schedule. The next ferry was to Holyhead in Wales due to leave at 2.30 and we could board right away.

We sat on the ferry for forty-five minutes before it left. Even though no crime had been committed, apart from Oksana’s right hook, I was scared shitless in case the Gardai would suddenly come on board and start scouring the passengers. They didn’t.

As the boat pulled out of the harbor Oksana squeezed my hand, “You’re crazy,” she smiled, “And I’m crazy too – I don’t even know where we’re going.”

“Don’t worry – I’ll look after you,” I replied.

We arrived in Holyhead Wales around 4.30 and simply walked from the dock to the train – there were no customs. The train was a bit crowded but we managed to find a seat and we headed for Crew one of the main railway junctions in England.

“Where are you taking me,” she asked, shaking her head from side to side.

“Well if you’ll marry me we’ll head up to Scotland and get married at Gretna Green.”

“Marry you!?”

“Marry me.”

“But you don’t know anything about me.”

“And you don’t know anything about me,” I replied, “So that makes us even.”

She seemed quite reluctant to say yes but after I’d asked her seven times she said,

“I need to speak with my mother. I need for her to know what I’m doing.”

I handed her my cell phone and she phoned Helsinki. There was a long a seemingly excitable conversation in Russian where I heard Katya’s name mentioned twice, what sounded like Gretna Green and my name, which she had to repeat several times. She then turned to me and said, “My mother wants to know if you really love me?”

Now our fellow passengers were getting interested in what was going on but I ignored them, kissed her on the lips and said, “Tell your mother I love you very much.”

The other passengers applauded.

After she had relayed my message things calmed down she said “Dosvedanya” sent a few kisses and handed the phone back to me.

“She’s just a little concerned that you’re not one of us,”



“Well, we American are usually 57 varieties so I probably have some Russian ancestry somewhere.”

She smiled, “It doesn’t matter to me – my mother is just old fashioned and has difficulty with facing up to a changing world.”

“What about your sister –do you think she’ll be concerned about you?” I asked.

“Katya is not my real sister,” she replied, “She’s the daughter of my stepfather. My mother married him when I was ten, and then Katya moved in with us. I never knew my real father.”

“And your mother is OK with you getting married to someone who you’ve only known for a few days?”

“I lied – I told her it was six months.”

I kissed her again and although the onlookers didn’t applaud this time there were a few deep sighs.

It did seem a little crazy – here I was a young guy with few prospects who swore he would not get married until at least thirty and I was on my way to get hitched to a girl I’d known less about that my dentist’s receptionist.

When we arrived at Crewe we changed trains and headed for Carlisle, there we had to change again for Gretna Green and on arrival we booked into a B&B for the night. It was quite late when we settled into our room. We were both tired but that was not the reason I didn’t make love to her, I simply thought how nice it would be if we made our commitment before a minister first.

We actually slept in the same bed and in spite of me being tempted and displaying a bigger boner than usual, I did manage to get through with some gentle kisses and hugs. I’m not sure what she thought of my restraint.

Our extremely pleasant landlady served us a great breakfast and filled us in on the requirements for getting married there. I guess we were just one of thousands of couples, from all over the world, who had eloped to get married at Gretna over the years.

Immediately after breakfast I contacted the appropriate authorities, we presented our passports and other ID; paid our money and were assured that a minister would conduct our marriage over a genuine blacksmith’s anvil that very afternoon. I wanted to be careful with my money but I felt that I should buy Oksana and nice dress and shoes; and as I had returned the Colonel’s nice sports jacket I thought I should invest in one for myself. We caught a bus for the nearby town of Annan where one of the locals assured us we could find what we needed.

Although Oksana snuggled up to me as we traveled through the beautiful countryside, she didn’t seem totally committed to the idea of getting married. I put it down to nerves but I also wondered if I was pressuring her and that she perhaps had a reason for not wanting to rush into things. However, I was so anxious to make her my wife I swept all my doubts aside.

When we arrived in town our first stop was to try and get her hair straightened up as it still showed signs of Katya’s handy work. We saw this nice looking hair salon called Colin James, they just happened to have had a cancellation and they were able to take Oksana and do a really nice job with her hair.

As far as dresses were concerned she didn’t want to buy anything too fancy, just something she could wear everyday and we found exactly what she wanted in a little store with the unpretentious name of M and Co. It was what I would describe as a plain high waist dress in burgundy – but I’m no expert on women’s fashion. All I know is she looked beautiful in it. On the opposite side of the street I picked up a blue blazer at Glendenning and Sons, and then I whisked my bride to be, to the Queensberry Arms for a wonderful lunch.

Back in Gretna Green we had to get ready for our 4 o’clock appointment with the minister. We both took a quick shower – but not at the same time. Oksana spent some time on her make-up and then put on that beautiful dress. Wow – I was really anxious for the honeymoon to start. It was at that very moment I realized I didn’t have a ring! How stupid can you be?

I knew I didn’t have time to find a jeweler and I began to panic. Oksana wasn’t so concerned, she said we could pretend we had one but I didn’t think that was a good idea. As I paced around the room trying to think what to do I noticed the drapes in the room were held up with those old fashioned brass rings. I felt sure that our landlady must have some spares and dashed down the stairs to ask her.

“I wouldn’t think of letting you do that,” she said, “Here,” she took off her own wedding band, “Your fiancée can borrow this, I’d be proud for you to use it.”

I just gave her a big hug and leaped up the stairs two steps at a time. It was a little bit big on Oksana I figured it would do for the ceremony and that I could buy her one of her own later.

Just before we were due to leave the house I had the impression that she was showing some reluctance again. She looked worried and I had to reassure her that everything was going to be OK. She forced a little smile and we left.

The Wedding, the Police and Call me Daddy
When we stood there at the famous black smith’s anvil I turned to look at her and she took my breath away. As the minister talked of love and understanding I kept squeezing her hand and when he said I could kiss the bride I think I overdid it a bit.

The man we had paid to be a witness took some photographs with my digital camera and then we headed back to the B&B, returned the wedding band and we were just about to go up stairs for our honeymoon when two policemen came to the door. They asked the landlady if she had an Elliott Stone staying at the house and before she could answer I stepped forward and introduced myself.

“We’d like to talk to you about the possible kidnapping of a young lady by the name of Oksana Vasilyev.”

“I was Oksana Vasilyev,” piped up Oksana, pushing past the landlady to come to my defense.

“Was Oksana Vasilyev?” repeated one officer looking a bit puzzled.

“Yes but I’m Oksana Stone now,” she said, slipping her arm in mine.

The officer cleared his throat, “And you married this man of your own free will?”

“Absolutely,” she replied, “I love him.”

“Well – hm – I will have to see your identification,” he said, looking a bit agitated probably because he thought he’d been sent out a wild goose chase.

I slipped up stairs to get our passports leaving Oksana alone with them so that they could see she wasn’t under my hypnotic influence. When I returned they all seem to be having a good laugh and once they’d checked our ID and the marriage certificate they said they were sorry to have disturbed us, wished us every happiness and left.

Quite frankly I was amazed that they had tracked us down, but putting two and two together I figured that Katya had also phoned Oksana’s mother at some point and garnered the information which she passed on the Gardai in Ireland.

When we eventually got up to our room I picked her up to carry her across the threshold and once inside we kissed continuously until I laid her on the bed.

“I love you Mrs. Stone,” I whispered.

I love you Mr. Stone,” she responded.

I began to take off the dress – with her help and then her bra.

“I’m nervous,” she murmured softly in my ear as I stroked my hand across her perfectly formed breasts.

“So am I,” I said, before kissing her nipples and running my hand up the inside of her leg.

After I had worked my hands and mouth around a good portion of her body I slid back, gently opened her long firm legs and moved my tongue up the inside of her thigh until I reached the lips of her flower. She began to twitch a little and as I parted them with my fingers and when I pressed my tongue deep inside she arched her back and gasped.

I licked my way up her moist groove until I reached her clitoris, she gave a little jump as I started to tickle it with the tip of my tongue. Then I moved up and down the lips of her pussy like a butterfly’s wing. She started to whimper and tremble and I knew it was time for my throbbing cock to enter the tunnel of love.

As I slipped it deep inside of her she took a deep breath and then relaxed. It felt so good inside of her warm wet crack I just held it there for a few moments and then slowly began to move in and out.

I wanted to continue at that pace for a while, it felt so good, but my hormones got the better of me and I started to ram it in fast and furious. Oksana began to murmur, “I love you, I love you,” with every stroke and I was now desperate to cum.

As my balls crashed against her vajajay my body felt it was on fire, I cried out – “I’m cumming,” and with one last powerful thrust it was there. I lay on top of her breathing heavy for a minute or so as she kissed my neck and rubbed her hands up and down my back. For the next little while we lay side by side just talking about how much we loved each other and that seems rather remarkable as our relationship spanned less than four weeks.

We didn’t go out for dinner because we seemed to have better things to do. Our gracious landlady waited till 8 o’clock, gently knocked on the door and presented us with a tray of food. It was obvious that she was used to young married couples depriving themselves of nourishment on their first night. And this truly was a first night.

In the morning we woke up with the realization that we were a married couple with no source of income, no place to live and no plan in mind. After breakfast, we Skyped Oksana’s mother Nadia in Helsinki and there was quite a long conversation. Of course, I had to sit within range of the camera so I could be inspected. The conversation went on for some time in both Russian and Finnish and seemed to get quite heated at one point.

I couldn’t tell my parents yet as it was too early in Chicago and so Oksana and I sat down and tried to come up with some plan for our future. I wasn’t keen to settle down in Finland, which was one of her suggestions, I really wanted to get back to the States, I knew after the initial shock of discovering I had gotten married, my mother would be only too pleased to accommodate us until we’d sorted something out. Oksana had no problem with that.

I kissed her and told her how wonderful she was.

“I don’t think I’m wonderful in bed?” she pouted, as if waiting for me to reassure her.

“You were terrific,” I replied.

“I think we should do it again just to make sure,” she laughed, flinging herself on the bed.

I didn’t need a second invitation.

This time Oksana really took the initiative and struggled out of her clothes before I could help her and then completely naked she rolled over and unzipped my pants while I was still standing at the side of the bed, I quickly dropped them and her slender fingers began to kneed my balls. As I threw my head back in pure ecstasy she suddenly took my boner into her sensuous mouth and circled her tongue around it.

I was taken by surprise as this was the first time she had done this but I’m sure glad she did. As she glided up and down on me I seemed to drift off on some heavenly cloud – it was an indescribable feeling. In case she made me cum too fast I held her head still for a moment, still enjoying the feeling and not being able to resist I fucked her mouth for a few strokes before laying her back on the bed and sucking her nipples that crowned her perky breasts.

Oksana moaned and groaned as my lips explored every inch of her lithe body ending up with it dipping deep into her flower. I parted the sweet folds and licked from one side to the other until she began to get very excited and actually put her hands each side of my head to pull me further in. With her tight little cunt quivering uncontrollably she went into an intense orgasm. I continued to lick it with my tongue but it became too much for her and she guided me away and opened her legs wider to facilitate my penetration.

Gosh, it was an amazing feeling as I entered her wet and velvety love canal, I held still for a moment and then at her urging I began to fuck her furiously. It was as if I was desperate to cum inside of he again. When she began to move her bum in time with me I completely lost control shouting “Fuck – O fuck,” and then I shot my load as Oksana arched her back and threw her arms backward grasping hold of the white lace pillow that rested on the bed head.

We lay naked together until 12 noon and even though it was still only 6 a.m. in Chicago I decided I couldn’t wait any longer and I phoned my parents. I’m sure they thought I had hit my head on something when I told them I had married a Russian/Fin and that we were on our honeymoon in Scotland. After having to convince them of my sanity I let Oksana speak to them on the phone. She giggled quite a lot and I’m not quite sure what was said but I suspected they were being kind to her.

After lunch, I decided we’d better get down to planning our future and this involved sorting out my money. I spread my loot out on the bed and it amounted to some sixteen hundred Euro. As I was counting it Oksana grabbed hold of her purse and produced almost two thousand.
“I’ve been saving most of my wages,” she said, “I didn’t have anything to spend it on.”

Well at least we weren’t broke and I did have another thousand to come from Siobhan when our baby was born. Although I was not sure how I was going to explain that!

However, I didn’t really have any need to feel guilty as she began to have a little weep in the afternoon and when I put my arm around her she told me she thought she might be pregnant.

“Come on – you can’t know that yet,” I laughed, “Although perhaps I should have taken some precautions, we can’t think about starting a family yet.”

“If I am pregnant it won’t be your baby,” she sniffled.

“Not my baby! Are you telling me you could be pregnant by somebody else?”

“Yes,” she blubbered and then threw herself on the bed and cried her heart out.

I was so shocked I didn’t know what to say. I felt betrayed; at least she should have warned me instead of waiting until this point in our relationship.

“I would have told you,” she sniffled, “But I’m not absolutely positive and you did everything in such a hurry, I didn’t really have a chance to go to the doctor.”

I took a deep breath and tried to get in control of my feelings, “OK who is the father?”


“Sam who?”

“Sam Haywood.”

“Holy fuck – do you mean to tell me that you’ve been fucked by the Colonel.”

She nodded her head with tears dripping down her face.

“Holy fuck,” I repeated, “Does your sister know about this?”

“No I was afraid to tell her.”

I sat down with a thump. It was hard to believe that this inoffensive old man could be a secret stud, particularly as he was married to a woman who was a fully paid-up member of the Nymphomaniac Society.

“Did he rape you,” I asked, getting angry.

“No he didn’t.”

“I can’t believe it,” I said, shaking my head, “I just can’t believe it.”

“I know – I’m sorry,” she sniffled with her lip trembling, “It all happened just before you arrived – I was away from home, I was being bullied by Katya, and I was lonely,” she began to blubber, “and – he – was – so – very kind.”

So is Father Christmas, I thought to myself, but he doesn’t go around fucking everybody. Taking another deep breath I went over my own miserable record. I’d fucked her sister, I’d fucked Jodie and I’d possibly impregnated Siobhan at her mother’s request. It looked as though I didn’t have the right to judge anyone else. Except – she should have told me.

“OK – as far as anyone is concerned if you are pregnant it’s my baby – don’t forget that.”

“Do you really mean that? Do you really?”

I got up from my chair, took her in my arms and kissed her teary cheek. “I’m not sure why you thought it was necessary to keep it a secret – you could have – said something.”

“Would you have still married me?”

“Of course I would.”

“Do you have anything you want to tell me?” she asked, “Is there anything about your past I should know about?”

I shook my head at first, thinking that there’d been enough confessions for one day, but then the electric light flickered and scared the shit out of me.

“I think you’d better sit down,” I said, and then I swallowed hard and began to relay the whole story, as she looked up at me with those big blue eyes.


The characters portrayed in my stories are, for intents and purposes, fictional and any similarity with persons living or dead is purely a product of your imagination.

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