Dead Lucky

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by Cristiano Caffieri

In a Black and White Movie
Danny Maddox did not believe in heaven, he believed that when he died everything would go dark and remain that way. He couldn’t remember anything before he was born and he reasoned death would be much the same. Of course, he didn’t expect to be run down by a truck in St Petersburg, Florida at age 25. Although the iPhone addicted nerd had certainly come close a couple of times before.

On this occasion, he was just reading a message from Michelle Dante, a girl who worked with him at Shelby’s Electronics Store. He’d wanted to ask her out since she joined the staff some six weeks earlier but the time never seemed right. In the end, he decided to text her to ask if she’d like to meet him for a drink.

His cell phone rang just as he was about to step into the street, he was so excited when he saw it was a text from her he just didn’t look to see if anything was coming. He didn’t read more than a couple of words before he was sent spinning down the asphalt and into a car coming from the opposite direction.

Danny woke up much as if he’d awakened from his sleep, except he was not in bed, he was sitting on a seat directly across from a store that bore the name of Matuschek and Company. It didn’t make any sense because that was the name of the fictitious store in one of his favorite old movies, The Shop Around the Corner. But even the location was the same, there was a sign right up there on the wall that said Balta Street.

He wondered what the fuck was happening to him. Very confused he looked around and noticed that all the passersby were dressed exactly like the people in the movie that took place in 1930s Budapest. After taking several deep breaths he crossed the street and peered into the window of the store, it was exactly like the one he knew so well from the black and white movie.

Danny was a classic movie buff as was his father. He watched it every Christmas with his family, it was a tradition. He’d grown to love it and knew every character and even some of the dialogue; this led him to believe that he might be reliving some of it – in a dream. However, it didn’t feel like a dream, it felt very, very real.

Crossing the street he pressed his nose against the window, it was exactly how he remembered it, the cases, the ornaments and even the musical cigar boxes, which had been a bone of contention between Alfred and Mr. Matuschek.

Not knowing quite what to expect he slowly opened the door and entered the store. Flora, the gaunt-looking middle-aged woman at the cash register, greeted him,

“Hello Mr. Maddox, Bailey will be out in a moment, she’s just putting her coat on.”

He hadn’t got a clue who Bailey was. The only girl he ever knew with that name was a gorgeous and somewhat aloof high school cheerleader. He had the hots for her and her friend Olivia Mitchell but they were both way out of his league.

As Danny stood there nervously waiting, Pirovitch from the movie gave him a nod and a smile from behind the glove counter. It was extremely weird.

When Bailey came out of the locker room at the back of the store and walked towards him he couldn’t believe his eyes, it was her, the long-legged cheerleader, the very same girl who’d given him the brush off more times than he cared to remember. She gave him a quick kiss on the lips, grabbed on to his arm and pulled him towards the door,

“Let’s go – you promised to buy me dinner and I’m starving.”

Flora gave them a little wave as the door closed behind them and Bailey snuggled up to him in the cold evening air as they walked down the street. He didn’t know what to say to her but she kept talking anyway, about the sales she’d made that day and how that creepy Mr. Vadas kept hitting on her.

Danny was a little freaked out when they arrived at the Café Nizza, the restaurant where Alfred arranged to meet Klara in the movie. He opened the door for her and as he anticipated the same fussy little waiter showed them to their table.

Bailey kept on talking about this and that, while he tried to get his head around what was happening to him. There were many troubling aspects to his present situation and he was beginning to see a pattern emerging. The menu, for example, wasn’t in Hungarian and the dishes were mostly American. And it wasn’t really a menu at all, it was more like a list of his favorite foods.

He ordered something but he felt so tense he had to force it down, however, he did manage to fortify himself with a Cognac or two. When they left the café he had no idea where he was going but she put her arm in his and leaning affectionately against his shoulder, she enlightened him.

“You can stay at my place tonight,” she said, “my roommate is away visiting her mother in Tatabanya, so we’ll be all alone. Won’t that be great?”

Danny felt very confused as they walked along the street. Vintage cars were driving past them along with people in equally vintage clothing. It was all so confusing but when he looked at this beautiful woman by his side, who he would probably be fucking before the night was out, he thought that maybe he was the luckiest guy in the world, assuming that this was the world.

As they climbed the steep staircase to her apartment he could see right up her gorgeous legs and the questions that had been going around and around in his head slipped away, and he started to feel pleasantly horny. By the time she’d unlocked the door, his cock was pressing against his pants and he was beginning to sweat.

The apartment was small but quite attractive. She told him to take a seat while she made some coffee but before she could fill the pot the door to the bedroom opened and her roommate emerged. It was Olivia.

“I’m sorry but I missed my bus, looks like we’ll have to have a threesome.”

Bailey just casually said that it was up to Danny but he just sat there with his mouth open. It couldn’t believe that she was suggesting three in a bed; however, he wasn’t entirely against it, even though it was something he’d never done before.

Again it was part of that pattern; everything he ever admired or desired seemed to materialize. He didn’t know what to think

During coffee the two women talked about their sexual preferences.

“I like a man with a thick dick,” said Olivia, “I’m not so much worried about it being long.

Bailey appeared to prefer it up her ass and loved to have her nipples bitten.

“Not too hard of course, just lightly, but when they’re sucked – I like that to be hard,” she said, and she tensed herself up as if she was imagining it.

Speaking of hard, Danny was squirming in his chair as his cock was dying to burst out through his flies. When Bailey saw that he was suffering some discomfort she suggested they all take their clothes off.

“It will be more relaxing, don’t you think so Olivia?”

Her roommate stood up immediately began to peel everything off, she looked absolutely incredible from her perky tits to her neatly trimmed muff. When she was completely naked she sat down, crossed her legs and pulled on her nipples a few times, as if she wanted them to harden up more.

When Bailey proceeded to sensually slip out of her skirt and top he thought he might cum in his pants at any moment. She was wearing silk stockings and so she put one leg at a time on the coffee table to unfasten them, then she rolled them down slowly, glancing at him out of the corner of her eye as she did so.

Her garter belt and panties came next and then her bra, which revealed she had quite small tits but still very attractive. Bailey skin was sort of coffee and cream color, her shoulder-length hair was jet black and she had absolutely gorgeous eyes, although his attention at that time was concentrated on areas somewhat lower down.

Olivia then suggested that he took his clothes off, “We need to see what you’ve got to offer.”

Danny, although hot to trot, still felt a little self-conscious. His hesitation prompted the two to chorus, “Maybe we should help you.”

Bailey began by slipping off his suspenders and then she pulled his pants down, while her roommate took off his shirt. After he’d stepped out of his pants, both of them co-operated on the underwear,

“On the count of three,” cried Olivia and with a cheer they pulled them down around his ankles. The two were now kneeling on the floor with his big cock pointing right at them.

“I want first suck,” said Bailey and she proceeded to plunge it into her mouth while Olivia moved around the back of him. Encouraging him to spread his legs a little wider, she started to play with his balls. Danny wanted to cum in the worst way and he was hoping she would keep sliding up and down his shaft until he blew his load.

He was just beginning to take short breaths, feeling that copulation was near, when Olivia yelled “my turn” and they changed places. During the few seconds it took for them to get into position, his body was jerking like he had a bad case of hiccups.

It was a relief when his cock was taken between a pair of soft sensual lips once more. And the way she held it in her grasp and looked up at him with those beautiful blue eyes, made him feel that she was not going to step aside when he blew his load.

He cried out “O FUCK,” as he felt it slowly moving up his dick and stream into her mouth. She didn’t stop, she kept on working it and working it until there was nothing left to swallow.

The two naked women quickly scrambled onto the sofa and sat side by side, as if they’d rehearsed the move. They lounged back with their legs slightly open as if inviting him to eat both of them out.

He was quite anxious to bury his head between their legs but first, he wanted to suck on their tits. Bailey had said she liked her nipples bitten so he slid his body between her knees and began to nibble on them. She started to moan and so did Olivia when he put his hand between her thighs and started to finger her crack.

After a while he changed over like they did, sucking and licking Olivia’s tits while probing Bailey’s pink petals. Both of them had orgasms and then, one at a time, he opened up their legs and licked their cunts from the bottom to the top, in big puppy dog swipes. In the end, they both sat there with their bodies vibrating and gasping for breath.

Danny’s dick was back as hard as a rock and he roughly turned Bailey over so that her bum was in the air and holding onto her hip bones, he rammed it into her with a great deal of force. Once more her roommate moved round the back of him and started to probe his balls with her long slender fingers. This drove him to pound Bailey’s tight little ass like a jackhammer.

When he came he moved his hands around her body to hold onto her tiny tits as he made the final thrusts. She was whimpering and telling him how fucking good it was, as Olivia lay on the rug with her legs open awaiting her turn.

He was wondering if he could manage it twice on the run but any doubts disappeared when she begged him to stick it inside of her.

“I really need you to fuck me Danny, I need you, I need you, I need you.”

“Go on fuck her – fuck her hard,” yelled Bailey.

Danny lined it up an inch from her hole and then he jammed it in and started to fuck her fast and furious. Her tits were bouncing from side to side and she was calling out obscenities as he pounded her pussy mercilessly. When he felt his cum moving up from his balls he went faster and faster and fell on top of her as he shot his load into her pulsating quim . She wrapped her legs around him and held on to him tight, whispering in his ear, “you’re the best Danny, you’re the very best.”

He rolled off of Olivia’s hot sticky body and lay on the rug beside her, breathing heavy and looking up at the ceiling. Feeling a little dizzy he tried to hoist himself up but blacked out.

Acting like Sherlock Holmes
When he awoke he was standing outside 221B Baker Street in London. It was no surprise; Danny knew immediately why he was there. He’d always been a fan of Sherlock Holmes, he’d read all the books and watched every series from Basil Rathbone, through Jeremy Brett to Benedict Cumberbatch

Hackney cabs trotted by as he stood there and he was jostled on the sidewalk by Victorians anxious to get out of the rain that had begun to splatter. He approached the door cautiously and knocked. Mrs Hudson opened it.

“O it’s you Mr. Holmes, I hope you don’t mind but a nice looking young lady is waiting to see you, I said it would be alright for her to wait in your rooms.”

When Danny Maddox, aka Sherlock Holmes, mounted the stairs Mrs. Hudson called after him asking if she should bring a tea tray up.

“I’ll let you know if we need some Mrs. Hudson,” he replied, cautiously opening the door to his rooms.

As he stepped inside he saw a well-dressed woman sitting in a chair by the fire. She had her head turned towards the window and so she did not see him enter.

“O you gave me quite a start,” she cried, looking a little flushed.

She was not the only one surprised, because although even though she didn’t seem to recognize him he certainly knew her. It was his piano teacher Emma Garrett. His mother had insisted he should take lessons from her, she only lived a few houses down from them and taught most of the local kids.

He’d had an awful crush on her and couldn’t really concentrate on his scales as he couldn’t take his eyes off her slender legs that seemed to go all the way up to her armpits.

“I’m Emma Garrett,” she introduced herself; “I’m very pleased to meet you Mr. Holmes.”

Suddenly Danny had the insatiable desire to play the part to the hilt, and after asking her to sit down again, he walked over to the mantle and grasped his old briar pipe. It had some remnants of half-burnt tobacco in it and so he lit a spill from the open fire and proceeded to suck on it.

Unfortunately, he was not a smoker and was soon coughing his way over to the window trying to cover up his embarrassment. He abandoned the pipe on the sill and turned around.

“What did you wish to see me about Miss Garrett?”

It was not her legs that were distracting him this time as she was wearing a typical Victorian ankle-length dress, but she was pretty, and her tits did protrude slightly out of her top which gave him a little glow in the groin area. She hesitated before answering and then she blurted out,

“I’m a prostitute Mr. Holmes, and one of my clients is Lord Greyburough.”

“Who is a member of her majesty’s government,”


“And someone is blackmailing you, threatening to expose him unless you provide some service.”

“How did you know all that?”

“It’s just a matter of deduction my dear Miss Garrett – please continue.”

“Well when Archie, that’s Lord Greyborough, comes over to my rooms, when he’s finished at the House of Lords, he always carries a dispatch case.”

“And they want you to take some document from it?” he said, really getting into the character.

“I’ve already done that Mr. Holmes and they’re going to pick them up at my place tomorrow night at nine, I’m really worried because I don’t want to put my country at the mercy of some foreign power.”

Then I shall be there to apprehend this fiendish devil,” he cried, tending to carry the acting a little too far.

“The only trouble is Mr. Holmes I don’t have a lot of money, you see there are many expenses in my profession but I’m prepared to give you a blow job as a down payment and then a whole night of depraved sex when the job’s done.”

Danny looked out of the window for several minutes before he turned back to her,

“I think that would be most satisfactory my dear,” he said, trying to conceal his excitement by being frightfully casual.

Emma took off her wide-brimmed out and placed it on a nearby table, then hitching up her long skirt she dropped to her knees and began to open the buttons on his flies as he took a deep breath. It was a struggle to get it out as he had an enormous boner but when she did she didn’t waste any time.

She began by licking it as he gripped onto the mantle for support, then she very gently peeled back his skin and pausing to look up at him for one moment, she then plunged it into her mouth. Gripping onto his pant legs with either hand she just worked up and down his shaft like a pro, which she was of course.

Danny looked down at her as she sucked and ran his fingers through her beautiful blonde hair. He’d longed to do that when she was his teacher and often wondered if her pubic hair was the same color. As her pacing went from Andante to Allegro he could feel his balls beginning to boil and then he shot his load into her mouth, fucking her face for a while to squeeze it all out of his dick. Emma got up rather quickly, wiped her mouth, replaced her hat and wrote down her address on a piece of paper.

During the afternoon he wasted away the time by trying to play Holme’s violin. At first, the noise he produced was horrific but when he said,
“ I wish I could play like Vanessa-Mae,” suddenly his fingers were racing up and down the neck like a seasoned professional. Even Mrs. Hudson complimented him when she brought up his evening meal.

When she was clearing the dishes away he asked if she knew were Dr. Watson was.

“He’s up in Scotland fishing of course,” she said, rather surprised that he’d forgotten.

Picking up the piece of paper that Emma had scrawled the address on he gave a deep sigh, “I wish he was here – I don’t fancy going out on this case alone.” Unfortunately, although the good doctor did have the sudden desire to return to Baker Street, there wasn’t a train until the next morning.

Regardless of how apprehensive he felt he had promised the dear lady that he would help her and there was always the night of unbridled sex to consider. Down on the street he hailed a Hackney and off they went through the dark streets.

It seemed to get darker and darker. There were no people around anymore and Danny was getting very nervous. He was not really Holmes, he had no training in apprehending criminals and he had no idea what the fuck he was doing there.

When they stopped outside 139 Turbutt Street, he began to realize that he’d been lured there under false pretenses, it was not a rooming house as she’d described, but a derelict building. He stepped out on to the sidewalk and in the half-light he could see the name Moriarty scrawled across the battered door. Before he had time to look around, someone delivered a blow to the back of his head.

Girls, Girls, Girls
“Are you all right Mr. Maddox?”

He opened his eyes and Danny found himself leaning over a big desk and feeling like shit. Raising his head he saw a face he thought he recognized, it looked like Jane Pinder, a woman he used to work with.

“Are you all right Mr. Maddox?” she repeated, as he tried to focus on his surroundings.

“Yes – I’m OK ,” he mumbled, looking around at the office and realizing it was the one belonging to his old boss Charlie Holtz, who gave him his first summer job.

“Can I get you a coffee or something?” asked Jane, who seemed quite concerned.

“No I’m fine,” he replied, struggling to straighten himself up.

As she bent over, as if she wanted to see if his pupils were dilated, he could see right down her cleavage, and he suddenly realized that he was familiar with those tits. There was a distinctive beauty spot there that he admired so much when he was a late teenager.

His mind quickly shot back to the time that he was working for the online women’s magazine, ironically run by a man. However, all of the staff were women, that was until Charlie hired him as a gopher. He reasoned that Danny would be only too pleased to fulfill the demands of this bevy of beauties and so things would run smoothly.

He spent almost three months there, sorting mail, making coffee, running errands and even giving the occasional neck rub. It was heavenly except for the teasing he got.

The problem was he didn’t have a girlfriend at the time and he had to take a lot of ribbing about that. There wasn’t anyone over 30 at the company and every one of them looked like a good fuck to Danny at that time – but the opportunity didn’t arise, after all he was just a gopher. However, once he’d pulled himself together and walked around the other offices, he came to the conclusion that he was now the boss.

He’d always envied Charlie, he had all those females wrapped around his little finger, and probably his other fingers occasionally. It seemed like he’d never be short of a piece of tail.

Danny wandered around reacquainting himself with all the staff. In addition to Jane his private secretary, there was Barbara in reception, Shiloh in advertising, Kira and Betsy in accounting and Ashley and Mariana in editorial. They were all smiling and rolling their eyes at him like they used to do with Charlie. It was a dream come true, or was it?

He was very confused, he had no idea why he seemed to be flitting from one bizarre scenario to another. The last memory that made any sense for him was when he was texting Michelle, asking her if she’d join him for a drink, now he was suddenly back in the office he once worked in Tampa. But even that involved bizarre elements.

The building was exactly the same as he remembered. It had certainly seen better days and looked a bit faded and forlorn, but it had character and he was quite fond of the old place.

There were three offices and reception on the ground floor, two on the second floor and an attic that housed the bathroom and a door that only Charlie had a key to. Danny was dying to see what was behind that door and he rummaged through the desk drawer until he found a solitary key that he thought just might be the one. Sneaking back up the two flights of stairs he tried it in the lock – and it worked.

When the door swung open he was amazed. It was essentially one big shagging pit. There was no furniture except for a TV and a shelf occupied by a few bottles of booze, the whole room was just covered with a beautifully soft carpet and dozens of pillows. It looked something like a sultan’s harem.

There was another door in there and that led to a bathroom with a big shower cabinet, toilet and bide.

“Holy shit – so this was Charlie’s love nest,” he mused, “And now – if I can find the girl or girls he used to bring up here – it can be mine.”

He couldn’t very well go around asking who was prepared to go upstairs for a fuck but he didn’t have to. When he emerged from the bathroom there was Betsy from accounting with her long auburn hair flowing freely and showing off her long legs in the shortest skirt he’d ever seen, he knew he was in for something special. With a slightly evil smile on her face she slipped off her top, revealing a beautiful pair of tits and then wiggled out of her skirt and panties.

“I want to do things to you,” she said, in a sultry voice, “I want to make you beg me to let you cum – so why don’t you take off your clothes.”

Danny stripped off and then sat down on the plush carpet to await his fate. Betsy knelt before him, put her hand on his shoulder and shoved him gently backwards so that his body was flat out on the floor with his dick sticking up like the mast of a ship.

She leaned over him, wrapped her thumb and forefinger around the base of his cock, and plunged it into her mouth while grabbing the skin on his scrotum and stretching it as far as it would go. It hurt quite a bit but he didn’t want to admit it and so he remained silent as she slid her full lips up and down his shaft.

Betsy didn’t intend to make him cum and after a while she stopped. At this point, he tried to regain control and turn her on her back but she resisted and grasped his balls so hard it took his breath away.

“Now be a good boy,” she smiled, and she moved up his body, spit on her hands and rubbed it into her cleavage. She then proceeded to clamp his cock in between them began to give him a titty fuck.

His balls began to tingle but once again she stopped and Danny was getting frustrated. He took hold of her arms and although she fought like a wild cat he managed to pin her down.

Betsy crossed her legs and held them tight together in an effort to stop him shoving his dick into her. He couldn’t use his hands to part her legs as they were clamped around her wrists to hold her still. Attempting to use his knee proved useless and while he was trying that she quickly turned over and partially broke free. He did, however, manage to secure her wrists again but now she was lying on her belly and she once again crossed her legs to deny him access to her vagina.

Danny was determined not to be beaten and so he moved up and held the head of his dick against the hole in her ass. She stopped struggling and was thinking up a strategy to overcome her situation when he squeezed the first inch into her ass.

“You dirty bastard,” she yelled, “You don’t play fair.”

At that moment he rammed it all the way in and she just resigned herself to being ass fucked and even readjusted her position to make it easy for him. He wasn’t in a hurry and so he just held it there for a while and putting his arms around her rubbed her tits and tweaked her nipples.

She had great tits and they felt so soft and warm in his hands he was loath to let go of them, but his balls were getting restless and so he grabbed onto her hip bones and started to drive it into her ass. It was a tight as hell and it didn’t take long for him to shoot his load.

After a good dose of anal Betsy was more subdued and she played with his cock to bring it up again and then asked if she could fuck him. Danny said he’d like nothing better and he lay flat out on the floor again while she slowly lowered herself onto his cock.

It just kept going up and up her very wet crack until it could go no further, she then started to gently go up and down, with her tits jiggling and her long her falling over her face. She gradually increased the pace and until she was going at a steady canter and he started to feel his cum moving up.

She could sense his excitement building and her cunt seemed to be going into involuntary contractions, this prompted her to go into a fast tit bouncing gallop, resulting in him blowing a stream of goo up her crack as she going into an earth-shattering orgasm. They clung onto each other and rolled around the floor, kissing and fondling for a good fifteen minutes before they were disturbed by Barbara who peeked in to say she was slipping out to get sandwiches for lunch.

When he and Betsy had dressed they joined the others in the backroom for their daily lunch ritual. A few of them exchanged glances as if they were aware what had transpired between the two of them, and this might have been due in part to the fact that he’d forgotten to zip up his flies.

During this little social gathering, Danny mentioned Charlie Holtz’s name but they all shook their heads, nobody had ever heard of him. As he didn’t know anything about the business he just hid in his office for the whole afternoon. About three o’clock Jane walked in, close the door behind her and said she wanted to speak to him in private.

“I don’t mean any disrespect Mr. Maddox but you’ve gone and fucked a junior member of the staff and that isn’t right.”

He swallowed hard because he didn’t know quite how to answer her accusation – after all it was true.

“You know that I’m the senior member, having been here the longest, and you should have fucked me first, the others are supposed to be looked after later in the day, with Barbara and Betsy staying after closing.”

Danny just sat there with his mouth open, thinking that he would be dead in a week with that kind of a schedule. Jane, biting her lip as if she was about to cry, suddenly yelled “O Mr. Maddox – I need you so bad,” and she threw her arms around him, catching him off balance and knocking him out of his seat.

With him sprawled out on the floor, Jane went into a panic,

“Are you all right Mr. Maddox, can you hear me?”

Yes, he could hear her voice but his vision was all blurred, nothing but shapes and shadows. The voice of Jane gradually died away and it was replaced by a man’s voice saying,

“He was clinically dead for a full ten minutes but all his vital signs are good at this time.”

A female voice then cut in, saying that she thought she saw his eyelids flicker. When he opened them there was a doctor bending over him and just behind him, looking very concerned was Michelle.

“Where am I?” he whispered hoarsely.

“You’re in the hospital,” replied the doctor, “But you’re going to be OK.”

The doctor made way for Michelle to move closer,

“I’m looking forward to that date as soon as you’re well enough,” she said.

“Great,” he mumbled, “Meet me at the Café Nizza,”

“Where’s that?” she asked.

“Budapest,” he smiled, and then he closed his eyes and went back to sleep. The End

Copyright 2015-2016 Cristiano Caffieri

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