Cum Mhor Castle

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Chapter One

My Name is Simon Baugh. For generations, my ancestors have been explorers, extreme sports enthusiasts and soldiers of fortune, which has pruned our branches so severely that at 28 I am the sole survivor. Cousin Angus, the last of the line, and who fancied himself as a Gaelic Hugh Hefner, fucked himself to death and so his castle, situated on an island in the Inner Hebrides fell to me.

Yesterday I arrived on the rocky outpost via boat from Oban. For the whole journey, the man I’d hired to ferry me kept looking at me and smiling, occasionally shaking his head as if he knew something I didn’t know but was soon to find out.

All the staff on the island gathered at the dock to greet me. They were all female with big tits and long legs, right from Aila the shepherd to Morag my personal nurse/masseuse. There are seven women in total, the others being Bonnie and Blair, identical twin maids, Elspeth the handywoman, Jeannie the cook and last but not least Seonaid the incredibly beautiful housekeeper.

As the boatman pulled away he shook his head once more and gave me a little wink. I was sure that in Oban that night I became the topic of conversation in every pub. Perhaps bets were being taken on how long I would survive on playboy island.

The women took charge of my luggage and Seonaid took my hand and led me up the cobbled path to the imposing stone castle. When the metal studded oak door creaked open I was in for my second surprise, cousin Angus had absolutely no taste. The ancient stone walls were adorned with garish nude paintings, and he’d obviously used members of his staff as the models.

Although his brushwork was not the best he had managed to catch the essence of his subjects with exaggerated boobs and hairy bushes.

“Your cousin was a very talented man,” she said, looking up at them admiringly.

“Yes,” I managed to mumble, not wanting to pass an honest opinion at this early stage.

When Seonaid had managed to break her gaze from a picture that appeared to her with a large dildo in hand, she suggested that I might like to see the master bedroom and take a shower. Bonnie was designated to escort me up the winding stone staircase and led the way with her short French maid’s outfit allowing me to see right up her firm white thighs, in my minds-eye, I imagined what it would be like to have ones’ face wedged tightly between them.

Once inside the large and even more outrageously decorated bedroom Bonnie went into the en suite and began to run my shower. After she’d left I stripped off and enjoyed a refreshing ten minutes and then returned to the bedroom. To my amazement, she lay there naked on the bed.

“I’d like to find out if you are as good as your cousin,” she purred, patting the bed with a cheeky grin on her face.

I dropped my towel to the floor and my dick did zero to 50 in 7 seconds. Moving over to the bed I climbed beside her and began to suck her gorgeous tits.

“That’s very nice,” she whispered, “But dinner is about to be served, I’m afraid we’ll have to be satisfied with a quickie.”

I was a little taken aback by her response but never-the-less I repositioned myself between her legs, looked admiringly at her naked body, took a deep breath and then I lowered myself down and slipped my cock slowly into her smooth warm hole. Holy shit it felt so good and I started to go at it like a mad man, I was dying to cum.

As I was pounding her pussy she fingered her clit with one hand and rubbed her bouncing tits with the other. My balls were banging against her ass and I was yelling FUCK at the top of my voice as I felt my cum moving up and shooting into her cavity.

When I gave those last final thrusts Bonnie screamed her head off, dug her nails into my back and wrapped her legs around me so tight I could hardly breathe. At that the moment there was a knock on the door and Seonaid poked her head in. She didn’t bat an eyelid at the two naked bodies entwined before her, she simply said, “Dinner is served Sir,” and disappeared.

When I went down to dinner I really didn’t know what to expect. The dining room looked a little like Peter Max and Salvador Dali had had a paintball fight but the food was good and was served on regular fine china. I had half expected for the soup bowls to be in the shape of vaginas but my dear cousin had saved me that embarrassment.

Everyone sat at the table together with Seonaid and I at opposite ends. During coffee, she explained some of the conditions under which the staff was engaged. She went on tell me that Angus expected them to work, or at least be available 24/7 but one member would go to his villa in the South of France every seven weeks for a respite.

“Your cousin paid our airfares, provided us with shopping money and of course there was no charge for the accommodations, she paused and looked around at the girls and then back at me, “I would like to think we’re going to continue with those contractual arrangements.”

I said that I had no problem with that but I did ask where the money came from to finance all of this.

“O your cousin has extensive real estate holdings in Scotland, London and in the South of France, I expect his lawyer – well your lawyer now, will clear things up when she arrives tomorrow.”

I was rather overwhelmed by it all and she could see that and so she suggested we all relax and do some body painting. Off we all went to the studio which was down in the basement and everybody stripped naked. Holy shit I was surrounded by seven nubile wood nymphs and in spite of being tired my dick shot up like a rocket. This seemed to amuse everyone and it was decided that I should be the one to be painted.

I was invited to stand on a plenum in the middle of the room and three of the girls picked up their pallets and moved towards me as the rest just sat back and observed. For those who have not had their balls and cock painted, I can highly recommend it.

Great pains were taken to circle my nipples and my belly button with a multitude of colors and patterns but the main area of concentration was my genitals. They even pulled back my foreskin and painted a real eye on the end.

After it was finished I was invited to look in the full-length mirror to give my approval. The only problem I had was my nightstick was still as hard as a rock and seemed reluctant to go down. Blair took my hand and led me into the shower room and there she soaped me all over, paying particular attention paid to my bright blue balls and purple dick. After she’d sponged me thoroughly, including the crack in my bum, she went down to her knees, and wiping the wet hair out of her eyes, she proceeded to tease the end of my cock with her tongue and then slipped her lips around it and took it deep into her mouth.

I was leaning against the shower room wall with the water still dripping off of me as she plunged it in and out. My eyes were closed and so I didn’t realize we were not alone until I heard a sigh and opening up my eyes I saw the rest of the group enjoying the spectacle. A couple of them were rubbing their clits and Morag and Aila were massaging each other’s tits.

When I came in Blair’s mouth there was a big cheer and they immediately began to put their fingers in her mouth to scoop up some goo to taste. They all nodded their approval as if it was some vintage wine and I, with my knees wobbling like jelly, wrapped myself in a towel and made my way back upstairs to my room.

Cousin Angus was 42 when he died and I must say I don’t know how he lasted that long. I felt that although I was young and had enjoyed a bit of tail in my life, at this rate I would have to start taking some kind of supplement to keep my strength up. Of course, I knew I could just sell this place and pension off the concubines but I’m rather fond of the old castle and have plans to do a bit of redecorating – if I ever get the time.

I was just about to climb into bed when Seonaid tapped on the door and entered, naked. “O my god,” I thought,” I hope she’s not expecting sex.” She quickly answered my concerns by producing a vibrator and telling me she wanted to pleasure herself and would I mind watching.

Being relieved I gave her the OK and she moved onto my bed, spread her legs open wide and started to work that Hitachi Magic Wand up and down her gap until she went into a massive orgasm. After that, she decided she was going to stay in my bed and we just snuggled up and went to sleep.

Chapter Two

My first breakfast at Cum Mor Castle was brought to my room by Jeannie.

“You mustn’t expect this kind of service every morning,” she said, quite abruptly, “but you had a heavy day yesterday so I thought I’d give you a treat.”

The tray was loaded with eggs, bacon, sausage, fried bread and tomatoes and it looked like as if they wanted me to be fit enough to service their needs.

“Miranda will be here for lunch,” she reminded me, referring to my lawyer.

I began to conjure up images of her in my mind. As my cousin had certainly chosen his other employees with the Playboy Centerfold image in mind, I had no doubt that she would be beautiful.

After I’d dressed I decided to survey my estate. The island was only about one square mile and I decided to see as much of it as I could. Striding along in a set of tweeds that had belonged to Angus I felt quite the country gentleman. I discovered that, in addition to a sizeable flock of sheep, I had a bunch of those unusual looking Highland cattle and even a few horses. There was nothing here to endanger them and so they wandered freely around the island.

It was a nice day and the sea air was bracing so I perhaps walked a little further than I should and I was eventually picked up in a Land Rover by Seonaid, who was worried about me.

“You’re not living in New York now,” she chided, “you’ve got to get used to this place before you go ambling off on your own.”

She went on to explain that there were a number of potholes on the island and Rufus the bull couldn’t be trusted. Inwardly I thought that I was probably in more danger at the castle with seven horny women that I was from some old bull.

We arrived back to see a helicopter sitting on the pad and Morag climbing on board on her way to a week’s respite in the South of France. I didn’t realize until I got inside that Miranda the lawyer had used it to get here from Glasgow. If I had known such a service was available I would have taken it myself yesterday instead of a choppy ride on a small boat.

My lawyer was as I expected gorgeous! She was black, quite a bit like the British singer Jamelia, with the same flashing smile. When she shook my hand I immediately felt a glow in my groin area.

“I’m Miranda Sloan, your lawyer,” she said, “presuming you want to continue with my services.”

“Of course,” I stammered, “I’m sure my cousin must have chosen you with good reason.”

“Your cousin was quite a character,” she laughed, “We were all saddened by his passing.”

“At least he went with a smile on his face,” I joked.

She gave a knowing look and then she suggested we should retire to the study and get down to business. I’d not taken the time to explore all the castle yet and so she led the way. It was situated in the tower and I followed her delightfully gyrating bum up the 39 steps to the top.

The door creaked open, all the door seemed to creak here, and revealed a small but comfortable den with an ancient-looking oak desk, behind which was a large leather chair and two more in the front. The walls were lined with books and so thankfully there was no room for garish pictures but there was one small area hung with photographs. Of course, they were nude photos, some of them with Angus and his staff in rather compromising situations. One, in particular, caught my eye; it was that of a shapely black woman leaning over one of the leather chairs with my cousin’s dick up her ass.

I hesitated for a few moments but then it came blurting out, “O my god, that looks like you.”

“That’s because it is me,” she smiled, “Angus and I were very close.”

“Well you couldn’t get much closer than that,” I chuckled, trying to be casual about the whole thing.

“Do you disapprove?”

“No of course not – in fact, I envy my cousin.”

“Well maybe when we’ve gone through all these papers,” she said, placing her briefcase on the desk, “you can show me if you can truly take his place as Laird of Cum Mhor.”

She decided that to go over the papers together, it would be easier if we shared one chair. I sat behind the desk and she squeezed her tight little bum beside me. Her perfume, the warmth of her body and the sexy way she turned over the pages resulted in my cock getting harder and harder.

It was difficult to concentrate on all the stuff she was telling me but I did gather that in addition to owning an apartment building in Glasgow, an office block in London and two properties in the South of France, I owned stock in companies producing solar panels, cuckoo clocks, and women’s lingerie. Apparently, Miranda’s firm managed all of my business interests and the accounts were audited regularly. She explained that was necessary to maintain trust between us.

When I forced myself up out of the chair I looked down and took a deep breath as I got a full view of her ebony tits. She tilted her head gave a faint smile,

“Is that a Haggis you’ve got in your pants pocket or are you just glad to see me.”

At that moment I lost my cool, I grabbed her under the arms pulled her out of the chair and crushed my lips against hers. She slipped her arms around my neck and poked her tongue into my mouth, my whole body started to tingle as if I was being charged full of electricity. Still tongue wrestling I stretched my arms around her back and unzipped her dress and then helped it over her shoulders so that it dropped to the floor.

She was not wearing a bra and so I sat down on the chair again so that I was in a position to suck on her large erect nipples. Miranda hung on to me as I sucked and fondled her magnificent tits with both hands, she leaned back and groaned a little but then breaking my grasp she broke way and taking me by the hand she pulled me to my feet and began to remove my clothes. I kicked off my shoes and stepped out of my pants leaving me wearing just my tartan socks. She slipped out of her white panties and asked me if I’d like to sit on the desk, she then moved the chair a little closer and sat down before me.

Bending her head she very lightly licked up and down my cock caressing the cheeks of my ass with her long sensuous fingers. I was breathing heavy and desperate for her to take it in her mouth but she just toyed with it, sometimes taking the head between her full lips and other times sticking her tongue in the eye and wiggling it around.

I was perspiring and gasping for breath and so she decided it was time to swallow the whole lot. She worked up and down my shaft a little but then she’d stop, lick it a bit more and then plunge it into her mouth again. I had the feeling that she didn’t intend to make me cum at the moment and I was right. After one big suck, where she almost took the whole dick down her throat, she opened a drawer in the desk, which she was obviously familiar with, and produced a tube of lubricant. She smothered my dick with it, stood up, turned the chair around and leaned over the back.

“Fuck my ass” she said, “I love to have my ass fucked.”

I’d never done anal before but I took careful aim and drove it into her lovely round ass. She screamed out loud and shoved against me so that it went in as far as possible.

I wrapped my arms around her and held on to her tits as I thrust it in and out crashing against her firm ebony cheeks, then I moved my hands to her hips and started to bang her with a vengeance. Miranda was calling out to me to increase the pace and I did just that. The gunk she’d daubed my dick with made it slip in and out quite smoothly and soon I was fucking her mile a minute. My balls felt as if they were going to burst into flames as I continued to hammer it in and then I felt my cum moving upwards and it was my turn to go verbal.

“FUCK,” I yelled at the top of my voice as it oozed into her. I worked as much as I could into her ass and when I withdrew she quickly turned, dropped to her knees and sucked the last drops out of me.

As we were dressing she kept smiling at me and telling me it was great, I was about to return the compliment as then the phone rang. It was Seonaid telling us lunch was ready. Fucking certainly makes you work up and appetite and I gorged on some Japanese recipe Jeannie had cooked up and it was delicious.

We moved to the drawing room for coffee and my housekeeper asked Miranda if she was staying the night, when she said yes, she went on to ask if she’d be sharing the Laird’s bed. I found this a bit embarrassing but the reply was positive and I must admit I was looking forward to fucking her the right way around.

Chapter Three

I awoke late this morning, Miranda, my lawyer, who had spent the night with me, was gone, however, there were just a few long black hairs on her pillow to tell me that she was there plus several empty condom packets on the floor. Seonaid didn’t seem too happy when I turned up for breakfast at 10. After looking at me as if I was a naughty schoolboy, she called Jeannie and I was soon tucking into a plate of scrambled eggs and toast. However, I was relegated to eat in the kitchen as the dining table was being prepared for lunch. Sometimes I’m not sure who’s in charge of this place.

After a couple of cups of coffee, I was about to get up when my domineering housekeeper came in and suggested that I should take a tour of the castle. There hadn’t been much time for such activities as I had been preoccupied with satisfying the needs of amorous women, but now I was committed to exploring my sprawling stone habitat and Seonaid led the way.

The building was a bit of a mish moshes. It had obviously been remodeled at various times and not always with a great deal of thought. There are twelve bedrooms, mine being the only one with an en suite, four staircases, a small chapel, and a quite remarkable library, that had a collection of fine paintings, fortunately, none of them by my cousin Angus. And there were three reception rooms, dining room and kitchen of course, plus a couple of towers, and a small stone-flagged courtyard flanked with stables and barns.

In the basement which houses the body painting room, there is also a gym, a five pin bowling lane and a small swimming pool. That all seemed very normal until we reached the door boldly emblazoned with the words, “Pleasure Zone.” As we entered the room I was first struck by the mirrored ceiling, then the hot tub, then the king-sized bed, complete with restraints, and last but not least – the swing.

“Angus loved this room,” she sniffled, a tear welling up in her eye, “he used to be a pirate and he had me strapped to the deck of the ship.

“The ship?”

“That was what we called the bed, HMS Cock-up, I can tell you I’ve had some stormy voyages on her.”

“Would you like a little trip around the harbor for old times sake?”

She turned towards me with a faint smile on her face, “You’ll have to wear a pirate hat.”

“Why not,”

My answer prompted her to go over to a sea chest and forage around until she found something suitable. It was one of those hats that sit sideways with a skull and crossbones on it. I put it on and then she produced a big leather belt with a rather large dildo hanging from it.

“This is your sword,” she said, and then hurriedly slipped out of her dress and flung herself on the bed.

Have stripped down I buckled up my belt and banged to dangling dildo against my dick. I cried out in pain but this did not solicit any sympathy from my captor, who broke into laughter.

“Hurry up,” she urged me, “Tie me to the boat and do what you want with me, I’m your prisoner”

It was an offer I couldn’t refuse. I secured her legs with the straps and then I climbed on the bed with my knees either side of her naked body and moved up dragging my balls along her belly. I leaned over her gorgeous tits and I was about to handcuff her to the bed rail when she began to struggle.

“Get off me you bastard,” she cried out, taking me by surprise, “take your filthy hands off of me.”

As I struggled to hold her down I wasn’t sure whether she had a change of heart or whether we were still role-playing. When she said, “My husband the prince shall hear of this,” I presumed we were still in pirate mode and after she’d punched me in the face a couple of times and knocked my hat overboard, I managed to hold her down long enough to clamp her wrists to the rail.

I liked Seonaid but I couldn’t forget that disdainful look she gave me when I was late for breakfast, now I had the opportunity to show her who was boss. I moved slowly back down the bed and I stood at the end and drew my dildo. She struggled with her bonds as I switched it on and held it menacingly a few inched from her hairy muff. I touched her very lightly with it, and then again and again.

“You bastard, you’re torturing me,” she yelled tugging at the cuffs.

“What did you say?” I scoffed menacingly, moving up the side of the bed and running it over her nipples.

“I see you hung for this,” she cursed, quite convincingly, “You can’t do this to me and get away with it.”

I smiled at her with my best pirate smile and returned to the foot of the bed. This time I inserted the end of the dildo gently into her crevice and held it there. She closed her eyes, raise her ass up and down and moaned. I could see that she was enjoying it, but she continued to pretend it was torture, that was until she could feel her orgasm coming on and she virtually went out of her mind, yanking at her bonds as if she was in a state of agony.

I switched it off and left her gasping there for a while and then I dropped my sword belt to the floor leaned forward and licked her cunt from the bottom right up to her clit and I did it six of seven times.

“O my god, put your cock in there,” she cried, “I want to feel your cock inside of me.”

I climbed back on the bed, work my way up to her tits and started sucking them, I wanted to prove to her that I didn’t respond to her commands, I was the king of this castle. She certainly wasn’t averse to me licking little circle around her areola and she liked it when I guided my tongue from her armpit, alongside her tit and up to her nipple, then taking it into my mouth and sucking it hard.

She moaned and groaned and moved her ass around and I could see she was still anxious for me to drive my throbbing cock inside of her. When I did she gasped and then rattled her handcuffs as if to tell me to get on with it.

I started off slow, slipping it in and out of her very wet warm crack and then I increase the pace until the bed head was slamming against the wall. She was screaming as I pounded her pussy unmercifully and I was beginning to yell obscenities as I could feel my cum moving upwards.

Although I was desperate to ejaculate I was also disappointed that it would soon be at an end and I’d have to take my dick out of her tight warm pussy. When I did blow my load my whole body became electrified and she, sensing that she now had a sizable deposit of goo inside of her just bounced her ass up and down and almost cried.

We actually walked back up to ground level hand in hand, I thanked her for the tour and went for a walk outside to work up an appetite for lunch, although the sex had already given me the munchies. The lunch, of course, was first class, Jeannie is an extremely good cook and very good looking, as are they all.

There was a sudden change in the weather after lunch, it went from warm and sunny to cold, windy and rainy. I sat watching a TV show in Gaelic and I didn’t understand a fucking word of it. It seems the language is not spoken by many people outside of the Hebrides and Jeannie and Aila are the only two who speak it on the island.

The identical twin maid are blonde and they did appear to be a bit flakey when I first met them, and that is probably why I let my guard down when Blair suggested that we play a game of chess. Feeling confident that I would emerge the victor I accepted the challenge. However, due to my dear late cousin Angus, nothing is ever done here unless some measure of sex is involved. I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard of “strip chess” before but I certainly hadn’t. You can’t imagine how embarrassing it is to be sitting there at the table completely in the buff, especially when your opponent is still fully clothed.

Now even though my dick had taken a battering early in the day and I had fucked her sister Bonnie, I was just a little bit curious to find out if they made love differently. Of course, it was only a quickie with her sibling but I decided to take that into consideration.

We ended up fucking in the hot tub in the basement. It was a first for me and it was great. I won’t describe the foreplay, just the part where she leaned back on the side of the tub, I gripped onto the rail behind her and thrust my dick it into her tight little crack.

With the warm water rippling around my ass I rammed deep and fast. It was a weird feeling but I liked it, I liked it a lot, and so did she.

I did try and pump as much of my cum into her as I could but I`m afraid a few blobs did appear on the surface. Blair tried to scoop it up but it kept evading her, in the end, she gave up and we both climbed out giggling like two school kids, and we ran through the main hall of the house still naked.

Here we ran into Jeannie, who looked at us disapprovingly. She’s not given me any encouragement so far and I’m beginning to wonder if she’s different to the others. I guess I’ll find out soon enough.

Chapter Four

When Morag returned from her sojourn in the South of France, looking all tanned and healthy, it was Jeannie’s turn to go. As I had not inspected my continental holdings I thought it might be a good idea to go along with her. I must say she didn’t seem overly thrilled.

After a few delays, we arrived in St. Tropez the next day and I was amazed to see what a beautiful house I owned. It was a shimmering white mansion located on the cliffs, with a stunning view of the Mediterranean. Of course, it was staffed by two beautiful women, Camile and Lucie. They both strutted around the place in bikinis and I had a feeling I was in for a week of croissants and copulation.

Jeannie who had been quiet for most of the journey seemed to be on good terms with them and they all spoke French together. I didn’t mind that at first but when they kept looking over at me and laughing I took exception to it. Finding out that they both spoke English I insisted they didn’t speak French for the rest of my stay. They shrugged, as French people do, and then went away as if they were a little offended.

“That goes for you too,” I told Jeannie.

She looked a little surprised by me asserting my authority as her boss. In fact, she looked a bit teary-eyed.

It was a bit out of character for me to snap at people like that but it had been a tiring journey and I was feeling a bit agitated. In the circumstances, I thought I’d take a nap before lunch. The master bedroom was somewhat in keeping with Cousin Angus’s taste, huge nude pictures adorned the walls, a round bed with black silk sheets sat in the center and of course, there was a Jacuzzi.

I slept like a log until I was awakened by sweet voices, in broken English telling me my bath was ready. Opening my eyes I saw the two angelic-looking maids looking down at me with their tits almost falling out of their bikinis.

“Lunch is almost ready,” said, Camile, “Lucie will help you bathe and dress, but don’t take too long,” she added, giving a sly wink.

Lucie helped me to the tub as if I was a sixty-five-year-old man, then she insisted on undressing me. The temperature was just perfect and I lay back in the bubbles and relaxed, but just for a second, as my helper had decided to sponge me all over, starting with my balls. Of course, my cock shot up like a periscope and that seemed to be the cue for her to zip off her bikini and climb in with me.

She sat facing me, then she eased herself up and lowered her tight little cunt on to my shaft, holding onto my shoulders she began to move up and down in a snake-like motion. It felt as if I was being sucked off by an alien creature.

As she gathered speed her tits, now dripping with soapy suds, bounced in my face, and she wore a faint erotic smile as she gathered speed and water began to splash over the sides. I clamped my hands around her narrow waist as my balls started to tingle and I felt my cum rapidly moving up and shooting into her crack.

Lucie leaned back, putting even more pressure on my dick, and she kept moving that ass of hers until I had discharged my load completely. She closed her eyes, murmuring something in French, and just sat there for a few moments. When she rose up out of the water it was like Aphrodite emerging from the Aegean Sea. She was so fucking beautiful.

Lunch was served out on the terrace and when I sat at the table Jeannie gave me a little look of disdain as if to say, “I know what you’ve been up to and I’m disgusted.” She was certainly a little different from all the other women that cousin Angus had hired, perhaps he did really hire her for her cooking skills.

After a great lunch, I asked her if she wanted to go for a walk on the beach with me. She looked a bit doubtful but she did say yes.

As her footwear was hardly appropriate for scrambling over rocks, a couple of times I had to assist her. When we were almost at the bottom of the cliff she actually fell into my arms. She looked a little embarrassed and quickly struggled to get free.

“I’m sorry,” she said, readjusting her shorts and top, “Living on a rugged island I should be able to cope with rocky terrain a bit better.”

Walking along the beach we were a bit like small children picking up shells and skimming stones across the water. We were getting along great but when I tried to hold her hand she moved it away in short order. However, she was a bit more appreciative of my touch when I had to help her back up the cliff. Being a “gentleman” I let her go first and I had to put my hands on her bum a couple of times to ease her over some obstacle or other.

In the evening we dined out on the terrace overlooking the sea, we had candles and soft music playing and it was quite romantic except for the fact that I had three female companions. When the two maids cleared the table and carried the dishes inside, I was left alone with Jeannie and I thought it would be a good time to clarify a few things.

I started to talk about cousin Angus and asked whether she liked him or not. She went silent for a moment then she turned to me and sighed.
“You want to know whether I slept with him don’t you?”

“No, I just wanted to know what you thought of him as a person.”

She shook her head as if she didn’t believe me, “Just because you inherited his castle and you believe I’m grossly overpaid and pampered you think you’re entitled to fuck me don’t you.”

I was a little shocked by her frankness and I mumbled something about it being the women back at the castle who had seduced me and that I hadn’t instigated any of the sexual gymnastics that had taken place.

“That’s because they’re prostitutes,” she snapped back, “That was why your cousin hired them, they love the money and they love the lifestyle.”

“So – did he hire you just for your cooking skills?”

She looked a little flustered, “I’m ashamed to admit that I was sucked in like the rest, I wanted to open my own restaurant and with the money, your cousin paid I could stash some of it away each month.”

“So you did sleep with him in the beginning,” I said, regretting that my tongue works faster than my brain.

“That’s none of your fucking business,” she fumed and left the table in such a fluster she almost tipped it over.

“I fucked your cousin and I’m more than prepared to fuck you,” came a voice from the shadows. It was Camile. She came over and sat down close to me.

“You’ll have to excuse Jeannie, she was educated at a convent, well so was I, but I didn’t let it affect my life like she has. Your cousin kept her on because she’s a great cook and a hard worker. Whereas I’m a fast worker,” she said, in her delightful French accent, and her hand crept up my thigh searching for my cock.

When she found it she kneaded it gently with her fingers and it was only a matter of minutes before we were both naked. Camile moved towards me with a wicked grin on her face, then placing her hands on my chest she licked my lips.

My instinct was to grab on to her but before I could she turned her back on me and leaned over one of the chairs with her beautiful round ass stuck up in the air. I moved up behind her and I leaned over her body, held on to her tits, and gently bit on her shoulder. She took a deep breath and proceeded to grind her ass into my groin. I knew what she wanted and so I lined up my cock and I drove it into her tight pulsating crevice. Her body stiffened up for a second, as though it was a shock, but when I began to slide it in and out she purred with pleasure.

I repositioned my hands so that I could hold onto her hip bones and I started to ram it into her hard and fast. My blood pressure seemed to be soaring and I was getting quite hot and sweaty as my balls bounced against her bum. As things got more and more intense I increased the pace and she let out a pained response every time I slammed against her.

It felt so fucking good I was feeling a little disappointed that I was about to cum but cum I did. As it flowed into her in a seemingly endless stream. I gave those last final thrusts moving my hands back around to grab onto her tits and then it was over.

Camile turned around to face me, “That was good,” she smiled, “I liked that.”

Then she gathered her clothes, gave me a sloppy kiss and went back into the house naked. I quickly put on my clothes and went into the living room. Jeannie was sitting on the sofa watching TV in French.

“Interesting?” I asked, sitting down beside her.

She just picked up the remote and switched it off.

“Mr. Baugh,” she said, turning to face me, “I think I should give you notice to terminate my employment.”

I was shocked and didn’t really know what to say.

“ I don’t think I can possibly live up to your expectations,” she continued, “and I’ve made things worse by being disrespectful”

“I would be very sorry to see you leave,” I said, “you’re perfect for the job as far as I’m concerned.”

“And you’d be happy for our relationship being platonic.”

“Absolutely,” I lied, as I have been longing to get into her pants for some time.

She actually gave me a kiss on the cheek, “In that case, I’ll stay,” she smiled, “I think you’ll find there are lots things to do around St. Tropez besides having sex.”

I nodded my agreement, knowing that Lucie and Camile would look after all my needs in that department.

For the next few nights my two French maids kept me busy, we did one on ones and threesomes, we did it in bed, on the patio and once in the sea, we did every conceivable position until I thought I’d never be able to straighten my back again. And in the mornings, just when I wanted to lie in, Jeannie would wake me to go for our morning walk. On the second day of our new platonic relationship, she even let me hold her hand.

The dining in St Tropez is second to none and the last night there I suggested we went out for a meal. We had a great time, drank quite a lot of wine and as a consequence, I couldn’t drive back. I considered a taxi but then I thought we might as well book into a hotel.

Jeannie was a little suspicious at first but when I booked two separate rooms, she gave me a smile, it was a lovely smile and it suddenly made realize that I was becoming awfully fond of her. When we got to her door I unlocked it for her and she put her arms around me and gave me a long lingering kiss. Then she quickly disappeared inside, leaving me with an enormous boner.

Chapter Five

By the time Jeannie and I arrived back at the castle, we’d become close friends. On our long and tedious journey, we’d coped with the delays and other irritations by discussing everything from our favorite foods to our favorite movies. I was actually getting quite attached to her, and this posed a problem.

In spite of wanting to fuck all my devoted servants, I really didn’t want her to know about it. That is I didn’t want to make it obvious.

Seonaid gave us a funny look as we walked in laughing and joking with each other, it was hardly a friendly welcome. Being quite late there was only time for a coffee and a snack, which Bonnie thoughtfully laid on for us, and then I took off to bed. I was tired and not in the mood for games of any kind and so I locked my door. When I got out of the shower and was drying myself off at the foot of the bed, the handle on the door turned a couple of times but then, whoever it was gave up.

The following morning there was a bang on the door, and someone who sounded like Seonaid, yelled, “Breakfast’s ready.”

We all sat together in the dining room and Jeannie started to chat about the trip and a few of the fashion accessories she bought in France. Everyone seemed interested except for my sullen faced housekeeper. I started to get the feeling that she had a thing for me and she was pissed that I was getting along so well with the cook.

“Who ravaged your body the most?” she asked me at length, “Camile, Lucy or Jeannie?”

Everybody laughed except for Jeannie, she just got up and left the table.

I looked disapprovingly at Seonaid but I don’t think she cared a fuck. The weather was quite good and so I took my coffee out on the terrace and when I finished it I decided to have a walk around the farm buildings.

Aila was in the hay barn tidying things up a bit. I hadn’t really had a conversation with her since I arrived. As usually she was layered in a plaid shirt and a jean jacket and he long blond hair was ruffled up a bit, but in spite of her having a tough job to do, she kept herself looking attractive. I thought she looked more Scandinavian than Scottish, although lots of Scots do have a good measure of Viking DNA. The two things that really stood out were her broad smile and her bright blue eyes.

She stopped working when she saw me,

“Good morning Laird,” she greeted me, even though she’d sat and had breakfast with me just fifteen minutes earlier.

I asked her how things were going with the farm and she told me she could use more help, “There’s too much work for one person,” she said, “The others help sometimes but they’re not really cut out for farming.”

I asked if I could help and she laughed, saying I was the boss and that wouldn’t look right. However, I persuaded her that I could throw hay as good as the next person and she handed me a fork and put me to work.

Aila climbed on the top of the stack and distributed the hay that I tossed up. It only took ten minutes or so and when I cleaned it all up she seemed to disappear. I called out to her but she didn’t answer and so I climbed up the ladder and there she was lying in that sweet hay with a big smile on her face.

“Have you ever fucked somebody on a bed of sweet-smelling hay?” she asked.

“No, I haven’t,” I replied flopping myself down beside her.

“It’s wonderful,” she said, and rolled on the top of me and began chewing on my lips.

Trying to unbutton my way through her layers of clothing and un-latching her bra was no easy task – but I was up for it. When I did slip hands underneath her shirt to palm her tits they were spectacular. I moved her up so I could latch my mouth onto them and I sucked on one nipple while fondling the other tit with my right hand and trying to stuff my left down her jeans.

It turned out to be very awkward and uncomfortable and she quickly stood up and started to shed her clothes. I did the same and scattered my clothes so we could lie on them because I soon found that hay looks a lot more accommodating than it feels.

Once we were both completely naked I literally threw her down and did some serious tit sucking. She squirmed and giggled a lot as if she wanted to resist and tease me and then she, being a strong farm girl, rolled me onto my back and took command.

Her head was soon between my legs, she grabbed hold of my cock in her fist and then took it in her mouth. She sucked it, she bit it and she crushed my balls in her other hand. This girl played rough.

I don’t know why but the fact she had asserted dominance made me desperate to lay her down and fuck her brains out. Breaking her grasp I rolled her onto her back and surprisingly she lay there, looking up at me with those big blue eyes and smiled. I quickly prized her legs apart and as she closed her eyes in anticipation I rammed my dick into her right up to the hilt. Then holding her arms behind her head I pounded her pussy as she went into some sort of ecstatic trance. She whined, she cried out, she licked her lips and then started to gasp for breath as though she was going to have a fit.

When I blew my load she went ballistic, broke my grasp on her arms and clawed my body where ever she could reach. I was completely shagged out and I just rolled over and look up at the timbered roof and tried to compose myself. Aila raised herself up on one arm and leaned over me.

“That was good – wasn’t it?”

I had to admit it was good, but I could also see where a person could get injured fucking this Viking Princess. As she leaned further over to kiss me I heard Jeannie’s voice calling Aila. Not wanting her to find me in this compromising situation, I pulled Aila’s head down to mine, kissed her hard and I kept on kissing her until I heard the door bang on the back door of the castle.

“You didn’t want Jeannie to find us here did you?” she smirked, “I think you’ve fallen in love with her.”

I told her she was talking nonsense, but the fact was I wanted Jeannie to think I’d given up my debauched ways and that I was capable of resisting temptation. Unfortunately, temptation raised its most attractive head again that very afternoon when Morag, the nurse offered to give me a message in my room. It was so hard to refuse, this woman was gorgeous, tall and slender and she had a soft seductive voice that made you want to cum just listening to her.

As I lay there on the massage table, my masseuse and I were both naked. She carefully chose some exotic oil and proceeded to gently run up and down my body with her magical hands. I was lying on my stomach and with my dick almost boring a hole in the upholstery. When she turned me over it shot up like the duty stallion and she smiled.

I was hoping that she would grab onto it but instead, she began to rub my feet, followed by my ankles, calves, thighs and then it happened! One of Morag’s hands fondled my balls while the other caressed my cock. I became very tense waiting for her next move, and then she smiled and with her well-oiled hands she started to slip up and down my shaft as if she was molding clay. It was incredible.

I was grunting and groaning, desperate to cum, but she kept doing it slowly, ever so slowly until I cried out “I’m cumming” and she quickened the pace until it shot all over the place. Morag was still pumping it out when Jeannie tapped on the door and walked in. There was a look of horror on her face and she just slammed the door and left. I quickly sprang from the table, grabbed my robe and took off after her down the stone staircase. In my haste I lost my footing and the next thing I knew I was tumbling headfirst down the stairs, cracking my skull against the newel at the bottom.

I heard Jeannie’s voice saying, “Are you waking up Mr. Braugh? Mr. Braugh – it’s Jeannie – come on wake up.”

She was gently patting my face when I opened up my eyes and there she was leaning over me in a nurse’s uniform.

“Are you going to stay awake this time?”

“How long have I been out?”

“About six weeks,” she said.

“Six weeks?” I yelled, struggling to sit up.

“Well you’ve woken up a few times but then you’ve slipped back into a coma again.”

I looked around, I wasn’t in the castle, I was in a hospital room.

“Wow I must have hit that post on the stairs a lot harder than I thought.”

“You didn’t hit a post,” she smiled, you fell off a rock face.”

“A rock face?”

She went on to explain that I was rock climbing. Apparently, my cousin and I were taking on the infamous Rannoch Wall in Glencoe when I lost my footing and fell. Fortunately, Angus, who was still clinging onto a ledge, managed to get his cell phone out of his pocket and call for an air ambulance. I was transported to the hospital where I’d been slipping in and out of consciousness for six whole weeks.

My God! I suddenly realized that all this playboy stuff was just a dream, but what about Jeannie, how did she fit in? When she told me that I’d woken up a couple of weeks back, proposed to her and asked her to go back to America with me, it became quite clear. I’d obviously caught glimpses of her in one of my waking moments and simply woven her into my dreams.

“What did you say when I proposed?” I asked.

“I told you that you’d have to take me out to dinner first,” she smiled.

“You did that just to pacify me I suppose?”

“No – I said it because I fancied you, now relax and get better because I’m getting very hungry.”

She winked and sashayed out of the room leaving me thinking that maybe dreams can come true. An hour later I was awakened by another familiar voice. I opened my eyes and this time my blood ran cold – there in the flesh – holding a bunch of flowers and a basket of fruit was Seonaid. THE END

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