Can You Feel It?

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The one great thing about being a writer is that you can write yourself into any story, make love to the most beautiful women, live any lifestyle you please, you can even be a time traveler if you so desire. That’s what I’ve decided to do, write myself into a series of stories where I delve deeply into my past and make it a lot more interesting than it really was.

This is the story of nine women who I fancied in my youth but was unable to develop an intimate relationship with. Looking younger than my age, lacking in experience and living in a period when premarital sex was considered sinful, particularly in Ireland, where many of these stories take place, I was fighting a losing battle. However, as a time-traveling shape-shifter, I can revisit these unsuspecting bedwarmers from the past to try out my worldly charm and satisfy my curiosity.

Names have been changed of course, locations obscured and the chronology tampered with but much of the narrative is based on truth, and I believe my fantasies are well within the realms of possibility.


Having assumed my powers as a time traveler and shape shifter, today I have chosen to go back to the first job I ever had. It was working for a small greetings card company in the UK. Although it employed mostly women and seemed an ideal job for a horny teenager – it was actually very frustrating. The truth is – I had a problem, I looked more like fourteen than seventeen, and despite all my efforts to look and act older nobody wanted to date a fresh-faced kid with a weird Italian name.

There were several girls there my age but they were dating more mature types. They teased me and even flirted with me but when I asked them out they tended to laugh in my face.

Janet, the bosses secretary, who looked like an attractive librarian, with horned rimmed glasses and hair done up on top, was different. She seemed sympathetic and although I didn’t realize it at the time I think she was coming on to me. In fact, she once said, “Have you ever thought of asking someone a bit older?”

Now she was around 25 and it never entered my head that she would be interested in me until about twenty years later. Today I’m going to travel back to the 1950s and stand by her desk on the very day she spoke those encouraging words:
“Have you ever thought of asking someone a bit older?” she asked, after Pat from the accounts had just teased me about my boyish appearance.

I waited until Pat had left and then I turned to her, “I don’t suppose you’d be interested?”

She gave a faint smile, “Are you asking me out?”

“Why not?” I said, rather amused that she didn’t realize that my youthful façade concealed a man who had more sex that she’d had hot dinners.

“I don’t think your parents would approve,” she laughed, pretending to straighten some files on her desk.

“I’m not going to tell them, why should I?”

She looked at me coyly, “Where do you plan to take me?”

“What about a movie?”

She paused, I could tell that she was nervous about going through with it but after a few shrugs and a sigh, she said yes, with the proviso I didn’t tell anyone in the office about it. I was only too pleased to agree to her terms.

In those days most of us didn’t own cars and so I arranged to meet her outside of the Regal Cinema on the following Saturday. When she turned up she was dressed a little bit more fashionable than usual, maybe even a little bit younger. She was wearing a sweater that accented her perky tits and also wore makeup that I’d not seen her do before. All in all, the somewhat sedate secretary looked very attractive, quite sexy in fact.

After a friendly greeting, I took her by the hand and led the way into the foyer. I could see she wasn’t quite comfortable with that so I let go, thinking that in the darkness of the cinema I might be able to hold more than her hand.
I’d made sure that my time traveling was well financed and so I paid for the best seats. The usherette who showed us to them gave me a furtive glance, perhaps wondering if I’d brought my teacher along.

My plan was to take it easy during the B-movie and to refrain from putting my arm around her until the big picture. You must realize that back in those days people were much more reserved and some girls would just get up and leave if your behavior made them feel uncomfortable.

As the RKO logo flashed on the screen for the big even I slowly slipped my arm around her shoulder, she glanced sideways at me, as if to say, what the fuck are you doing, but she didn’t pull away. Halfway through the movie, during a romantic scene, I drew her closer to me until her cheek was against mine. Surprisingly she seemed to like that and snuggled closer still – the ice was broken.

After the show when I mentioned going to a restaurant, she seemed a little reticent. I think she was afraid of being seen by her friends and so she suggested we could go to her place and she’d rustle up something.

She had a bachelor pad in an old converted house and we had to take a bus to get there. Once again, when I attempted to hold her hand she pulled away. It didn’t look very promising.

We quietly entered the hallway of the old house that had been turned into four apartments and after looking around furtively she quickly turned the key and hustled me in.

“We have to be quiet,” she whispered, “The neighbors are very nosey.”
Her place was just one big room, it was decorated in Canary yellow and the cushions on the big chintz-covered sofa were the same color. It seemed that this piece of furniture also served as the bed. There was a little kitchen unit in the corner above which was a shelf with a number of jars with yellow lids and there was even a yellow throw rug on the floor. Considering this was just a few years after the end World War ll, with lots of things still in short supply, she’d done a nice job making her apartment attractive.

“What would you like to eat?” she asked, “I could make you a ham sandwich.”
Bearing in mind that nobody had freezers or microwaves back then, there wasn’t much more a person could put together at short notice. I said that would be OK and then I sat and watched her putting on the kettle and making up the
sandwiches. She had a lovely ass and very shapely legs and I was wondering what my chances were of seeing her naked before the night was out.

We sat at a small table in the corner of the room to nibble our sandwiches and sip on our tea. She kept glancing at me every so often and made several attempts to make idle conversation, mostly about the movie, but I somehow felt that she was probably imagining what it would be like to fuck me.

As soon as we’d finished we sat on the sofa together and as very few people owned a TV back then, she turned on some soft music. I leaned over and switched on the table lamp next to me and then got up and switched off the main light. When I turned around to walk back toward her she looked terrified.

“What are you doing?” she asked, swallowing hard.

“I just wanted it to be a bit more romantic,” I replied, sitting down beside her.

“We are just two friends spending the evening together,” she protested, “Nothing more.”

Just like in the movies I leaned forward and removed her glasses and placed them on the side table.

“What do you think you’re doing?” she asked once more, moving her face away from mine.

I didn’t give her a chance to say anything else, I grabbed her shoulders, brought her up close and kissed her. It felt like she was going to break my grasp at first but then she surrendered and we ended up in a passionate embrace.
With my lips still crushed against hers, I ran my hand underneath her top, very quickly forced it under her bra and felt her firm warm tit in the palm of my hand. She struggled to break my grasp, “I think you’d better go home she gasped, this has gone too far.”

“What did you intend to do when you invited me to your apartment?” I asked, “just sit around and play cards or something.”

At first, she seemed lost for words and then she blurted out that I was too young to make love to her, “It’s just not right.”

I said that she should let me be the judge of that and I crushed my lips against hers again. This time she responded enthusiastically and when she popped her tongue into my mouth I knew it was all systems go. I put my hand up the back of her top, unhooked her bra and then I laid her down, unbuttoned her blouse and began to suck on those loved firm tits.

Her body began to shake all over and when my hand slipped up her skirt and my finger found its way around her panties and into her wet crack she just let out a loud moan. Soon I was helping her out of her clothes and then I stood up and stripped off.

I must admit I had a puny body at that stage but I did have a big dick and as she lay there on the sofa I stood by the side of her face and touched her lips with it. She nervously gave it a little kiss and as I pressed it against her mouth she opened it up, she closed her eyes and I proceeded to slowly face fuck her. I was a bit surprised she took it so calmly and then to add to my pleasure she started to run her slender fingers around my balls.

When I felt my cum moving up my pipe I intended to warn her but instead of saying I’m cumming, giving her a chance to withdraw and finish it off with her hand, I said, “I’m cumming in your mouth.” And that’s what I did. She didn’t resist, she simply swallowed it and continued to lay there with her eyes closed as if she was too ashamed to look at me.

Taking her by the feet I re-positioned her so that I could place my face between her thighs. She was twitching a little as if anticipating my next move. I knelt before her, gently separated her long slender legs and worked my way up to her hairy muff. When my tongue flicked across the lips her body stiffened up and she reached down to grab onto my shoulders. I used my fingers to probe her pink petals and then I licked all the way from her anus to her clit. She went ballistic.

So far Janet had been good to me and I intended to give her the best tongue lashing she’d ever had. As my pussy fluffer worked up and down her crack and my hands reached up to tweak her nipples she moaned and groaned and squirmed her ass around as if she was enjoying every second of it. It was a far cry from the reluctant woman of a few minutes earlier.

When I felt her vulva begin to tremble I knew she was about to cum and I pulled out all the stops, hoping that she was going to have a mind-blowing orgasm. After she’d cum, she rolled around the bed as if she was in a state of ecstasy. When she’d calmed down, I positioned myself above her and then drove my dick deep inside of her. She gasped and dug her nails into the cheeks of my ass as I began to ram it in with considerable force. It wasn’t long before my balls went on the boil and I shot my load inside of her. She almost cried and dug her nails deeper into my ass as I gave those last powerful thrusts.

The two of us just lay there for a while and we didn’t say anything. It was Janet who spoke first, “Where did you learn to make love like that?” she asked.
“From a book,” I replied, kissing her pussy mound before getting up.

“That must have been some book,” she smiled.

“It was,” I said, “I wrote it.”

Janet was still worried about us having a relationship and suggested that we could meet at her apartment occasionally but she didn’t want anyone to know at the office and suggested that we just act normally towards each other. That was great news, it meant I could drift in and out of that time period whenever I chose. THE END


In my teens, I lived in quite a small village around five miles outside the city. The most outstanding feature of our tiny community was the sprawling mansion owned by a family who squired much of the surrounding area. The eldest daughter of this illustrious household was named Deborah. She was absolutely beautiful, always impeccably dressed and she had a smile that could charm the birds out of the trees.

Occasionally she’d walk through the village with her two dogs but she didn’t have much time for us peasants. When she did speak to us it was in a patronizing tone, much like the way you ‘d talk to a pet or a halfwit. However, now she’s going to be a part of my story things are going to change.

I was under 18 when I last saw her, she was certainly not interested in me then and I knew that she wouldn’t be interested in the same scrawny young guy with a baby face now. Consequently, I decided for this time travel adventure I should be around 25, well turned out and the owner of a fancy car, possibly an Alpha Romeo.

During my last few months in the village, local gossip had it that she was banned from driving by her father because she’d smashed up a brand new MG he’d bought her. Poor Deborah had to travel to the city by bus and actually mix with the lower classes.

It was also common knowledge that she was going to study fashion design with a famous couturier in Milan and was taking Italian lessons at the technical college in the evenings. My new shape-shifting, time-traveling persona immediately signed up for the same class. I already spoke a bit of Italian as that was my father’s heritage but I didn’t speak it well.

Immediately I entered the classroom I made it my business to approach her. With my well-tailored suit, expensive watch and educated accent she never suspected that I was the broad spoken wretch she’d seen in the village occasionally, although she did that say that I looked vaguely familiar.

I must have made a good job of my transition because she seemed to take to me right away, and when I offered to drive her home after class she accepted without a moment’s hesitation. When she saw the car she was most impressed, and I foolishly asked her if she’d like to drive. Once outside the city, she flew along like a bat out of hell. It was pitch black and the road was full of twists and turns but it did not persuade her to ease up on the gas pedal.

When we arrived at the house she asked me if I wanted to come in for a drink and I was only too pleased to accept her invitation. However, we didn’t go into the house, she drove around the back and then led me up a stone staircase to a games room above the stables.

“This is where my sister and I hang out,” she said, as she opened up the door.
It was quite a place; there were both pool and table tennis tables, weights, a shuffleboard court, and a massage table. We walked the length of the room to a little cozy corner where there some comfortable wingback chairs and a cocktail cabinet.

“Is Scotch alright?” she asked, but before I could answer she opened up the cabinet and poured us two drinks.

“We used to spend a lot of time up here when I was young,” she told me, “my cousin Freddie used to come for a couple of weeks every summer and we’d play strip billiards.”

“That sounds interesting,” I replied, my glass shaking in my hand just thinking about it.

“I’ll play you a game if you’re up for it,” she laughed, “but I’m good, darn good.”

Preferring to play table tennis as I envisioned her tits bouncing up and down, I put forward the suggestion saying I’d never really played billiards. She looked a little unsure but then said, “Why not,” and we chose our bats and took our positions.

I could see by the way her tits moved around that she was not wearing any bra under that flowery dress. Convinced that my dynamite serves would soon have her stripped down naked I grinned like the cat that got the cream.

Unfortunately, perhaps because I had not picked up a bat for about thirty years, I was not quite as dexterous as I thought I was. Soon I was dancing around in my bare feet having had to surrender my shoes and socks, while Deborah was only missing one shoe and by the time she had to remove the other one I was down to my underpants. She continued to play like a champion and the next ball that shot past my left ear meant that I had to take off my Union Jack skivvies which I threw to her.

My opponent was delighted with the outcome and waving my underwear aloft, she jumped up and down with jubilation. The sight of her jiggling tits caused me to develop a boner and seeing this she walked around the table and hung them on the end of it. Deborah then proceeded to make a very gracious offer.

“If it will make you more comfortable,” she said, I’ll take my clothes off too – then we’ll be equal.”

I nodded my head furiously in agreement and she proceeded to pull the dress over her head and slip out of her panties. Holy shit – she had an incredible body and she made no attempt to cover any of it up.

“Now,” she said, walking up to me and poking me in the chest with a long painted fingernail, “as you lost you can give me a massage.” With this, she went over and lay face down on the padded table.

It had an opening that she put her face through and I, with a completely ulterior motive in mind, decided to stand at the front of the table and knead her shoulders. This meant my enormous boner was hovering in front of her face and as I leaned forward to reach further down her back it came into range and she licked it. I was not close enough for her to engorge it into her mouth but she did take the head between her lips to nibble it.

She obviously knew that I wanted her to suck it and she quickly got up and told me to sit on the table, I did as she bid with my legs hanging over the side. She spread her legs, leaned forward with a hand either side of me, took it into her mouth and started to do pushups. I wanted to cum the first time it slid between those luscious aristocratic lips of hers but she made me wait. She lowered herself onto me tantalizingly slow, rose up again, and then pausing for a split second she plunged back down on my throbbing cock.

Having a problem to stand the suspense I grabbed hold of her head and attempted to speed things up but she broke my grasp and continued her tortuous moves until my balls felt they were going to explode. When I did cum it seared through my pipe like red-hot lava and into her pretty mouth.

As soon as she’d drained my balls I jumped off of the table, grabbed her around the waist and lifted her onto the padded surface that was still damp with my sweat. I shoved her legs into the air and put my face between her warm smooth thighs and started to nuzzle her pussy.

“Lick it for me,” she cried, “lick it.”

I responded by opening up the lips with my fingers and lapping her cunt up and down like a big puppy dog.

“Fucking hell!” she yelled as I went faster and faster, “I’m going to cum.”
She wrapped her legs around my neck and almost suffocated me as she went into a massive orgasm. As soon as she’d regained her senses she slipped off the table, turned her beautiful ass towards me and invited me to stick it into her twat from the back. It felt so hot and wet inside, I took a deep breath, grabbed onto her tits and I drove it in and out of her as she kept yelling “ veloce, veloce.” Meaning she wanted it faster.

I moved my hands from her tits, held onto the table for better traction, and then I fucked her like a madman. When I came we both yelled out loud and she shoved her ass back against me as hard as she could.

“WOW, that was good,” she said, turning around to kiss me, “Where have you been all my life?”

As crazy as it seems we spent the night together on the Pool Table using the felt dust cover as a blanket. We fucked a couple of times before going to sleep and once before I left in the morning.

I hated to say “Arrivederci!” but I had to go before someone discovered my car and got curious. However, I did promise to look her up in Milan sometime. THE END


It’s hard for those who did not live through the fifties to understand the way people regarded sex. I don’t think one guy in my high school had had actual intercourse. As a young man in those days, it wouldn’t have been easy to go into a Drug Store and ask for a packet of condoms. They weren’t kept on display, it meant having to ask for them furtively and they were put into a plain paper bag before they were handed to you.

Girls were terrified of getting pregnant, there was a real stigma attached to it, and parents would feel ashamed in front of their family and neighbors. To counteract this couples who did cross that forbidden line were quickly married off and six months later a “premature baby would be born,” and face was saved – well to some extent.

My mother was very strict and preached to me all the time. It was not considered proper to be alone with a girl and even at school we had separate areas for recess and ate at separate tables for lunch. Consequently, in spite of being desperate to cum, boys were almost as paranoid as girls.

Like teenagers at that time, I still lived at home, even though I had a job. Companies didn’t pay you the full rate until you were 21, which was the age of majority back then, and so it was impossible to rent your own apartment like kids do today. It may sound unbelievable to readers of the present generation but I only knew one guy who’d had sex in his teens, and as there was no such thing as sex education in schools, he became my only source of information.

From being quite young my mother used to take me in tow when she visited her sister, who was widowed and lived in the isolated Yorkshire Dales. Emma had a daughter Ayla, my cousin, who, for some unknown reason, we called Brim. She was a couple of years older than me and very curious about the pleasures of the flesh. Presumably, my Aunt was not aware of this and saw no problem with us continuing to share a room together as we got older – after all, we were cousins!

Although we were in separate beds on opposite sides of the room Brim would start whispering dirty things, asking me to feel her vagina, which I’d done on more than one occasion and she’d had a quick feel of my balls. However, as the door was always left open for the sake of propriety, and as we were aware that my slightly more suspicious mother might pop her head in at any time, we kept our activities at that level. This was more my doing than Brim’s, who, in spite of the risk, had begged me to fuck her on several occasions.

In later years I not only marveled at my restraint, I felt almost guilty at turning down the advances of such a wonderful girl. She must have felt quite slighted. When I moved to Dun Laoghaire to avoid military conscription I didn’t see Brim again until she was in her late-twenties and engaged to be married. We were sitting across from each other at my Aunt Emma’s house and at one point she roguishly opened her legs so that I could see right up her skirt and she smiled, perhaps remembering the good times we had together.

Now at an age where I regret any opportunity for sex I ever missed, I thought it only fitting that I should travel back in time to the last night we shared a room together as a teenagers when I turned down what might have been, the greatest fuck I’d ever had. That’s something I just couldn’t continue to live with and so I put pen to paper, or fingers to the keyboard in order to pay tribute to the sexiest girl I ever met.

The house was quiet that night, apart from my mother’s snoring. She was sharing a room with my Aunt across the hall and I knew from experience that she was a sound sleeper. I thought as long as Brim and I didn’t create too much noise we were safe.

“Would you like to feel my crack?” whispered my randy cousin in the darkness.
“I don’t think that would be a good idea, someone might wake up,” I replied, trying to give the impression I was my usual cautious self.

“I can shut the door,” she said, “I don’t have to worry about my mother she’s a sound sleeper – what about yours?”

“She sleeps like the dead I,” I said.

Brim tiptoed across the room and very quietly closed the door, and then she came over to my bed. I sat up and ran my hand under her nightdress until I reached her small perky tits. She took a deep breath, caressed my head and kissed it.
When I began the process of taking off her nightdress so that I could suck on her nipples she helped me and then wriggled out of her panties. As I sucked and fondled with one hand I moved the other between her thighs and gently rubbed on her hairy mound. She opened her legs a little so that I could explore her with my finger. I inserted it very slowly into her tight little cunt and she grabbed onto my shoulders as if her legs were getting weak and she needed support.

Still licking her lovely tits, I poked my finger deeper inside of her and moved it around in a circular motion. After that, I just eased it out and played with the lips. Her crack was very wet and I had the urge to run my tongue in it. As she was standing by the bed with her legs apart I turned onto my back, put my feet up the wall and wedged my face in her groin.

It was a strange position but she didn’t complain and I crushed my lips against her warm wet groove and began to eat her out until she started to tremble, and breathing heavy, in a very low voice she said,

“Cris, I’m cumming.”

The next thing I know she’s entwining her fingers in mine and rubbing her cunt in my face until I could hardly breathe. I was still in my PJs but she quickly leaned over, pulled the cord and took hold of my dick, then she knelt on the bed with her ass in my face. After poking the leaking eye with her tongue she just absorbed the whole thing. My foreskin rolled all the way back as my cock disappeared down her throat. She used her finger and thumb, on one hand, to grip onto the base while her other hand played with my balls, I was in a complete state of ecstasy, I wanted to cry out, “That is so fucking good,” but I had to remain silent. If my mother had walked into the room at that moment she would have had a stroke.

Brim let me cum in her mouth, I wasn’t anticipating that, in fact I really didn’t know what to expect from her. I wasn’t sure if this was her first experience and I wasn’t going to waste time asking.

Once I’d regained my composure I struggled out of my PJs and we lay naked side by side, kissing and fondling each other. I suppose, if the truth be known, I was in love with Brim and so it wasn’t as if I was just treating her as a sex object, there was real emotion involved. Cousins do fall in love, even get married, it’s not against the law.

When she grabbed onto my dick again and whispered, “Do you want to fuck me Cris?” I said, “Yes, Yes, Yes,” and laying her on her back I parted her legs and prepared myself for that wonderful feeling you get when you slip it into a warm, well-lubricated hole for the first time. It’s like driving a new car off the lot, and in this case, it turned out to be a Rolls Royce.

Even though I had always managed to navigate into a new pussy in my later years I had a bit of a job finding my way through the hair and into her tight little quim, it was like fucking a mouse’s ear, in the end, I guided it in with my hand.

I’d often dreamed about what it would be like to fuck my pretty vivacious friend, now after countless years I had turned the clock back and I was living the dream. I began slowly, hardly burying the head of my cock in her crack, then I paused and bent over to kiss her tits and rammed it all the way in. It’s crazy when your dick’s encased in that heavenly recess you think you’d like to keep it there forever but your need to cum outweighs all other considerations.
Brim obviously felt the same way and started rubbing the cheeks of my ass vigorously as if she was impatient. Placing my hands on her tiny tits again I began to pound her pussy mercilessly. The bed head started to bang against the wall and without breaking pace I grabbed a pillow and stuck it behind the rail. It worked and I continued to plow my dick into her until I could feel my balls beginning to stir and the next moment my cum is moving up and shooting into her tunnel of love.

The next day I fucked her again leaning on a tree in some woods at the back of the house, and then we carved our names in it. And, although my conquests have no knowledge of our intimate relations ever taking place, on a visit to the house recently, that is now a B&B, I was surprised to find someone had drawn a heart around the names Brim and Cris. THE END


At the outbreak of WW II my mother, even though we lived in a village, was convinced that we’d be bombed by the Germans. To protect me she shipped me off to stay with her sister Rose who lived in Dun Laoghaire, Ireland. I stayed for almost 5 years. When I was approaching 18 and I was due to be drafted in the British Army for two years it was decided that I should go back there.
During the War, my dad, being of Italian extraction, was always under a bit of suspicion and several friends of his were actually interned in camps for the duration. Even my mother, who was Irish, felt insecure. Some of the neighbors would accuse Ireland, who had claimed neutrality, of being a haven for Nazi submarines. Consequently, they both became paranoid about anything to do with” the authorities.”

I didn’t mind going back to Ireland as I enjoyed it there and Irish girls were very pretty which gave me an added incentive. When I first arrived I stayed with my aunt and uncle for a short while and tried my hand at various jobs. This included dishwashing at the Kildare Street Club and as a clerk at another club on Duke Street. I was let go from both these establishments because I just didn’t fit in.

Fortunately, I met up with a man named Joe Gannon, who was an entrepreneur extraordinaire. He bought all kinds of junk, particularly second-hand clothes, books, records and household items and resold them to market traders. The offices were in an old house in Camden Place and there was also a lock-up building around the corner that served as the main warehouse. I would wheelbarrow boxes from there to the house, where a lovely young lady named Aibhlinn and I would sort and price the items, and prepare them for shipment. This was not the only business Joe had and so we only saw him a couple of times a week, when he delivered or picked something up. Consequently, we had a large measure of freedom.

Now Aibhlinn, (pronounced almost like Evelyn) was extremely religious and the prospect of getting into her pants was quite remote. One must also bear in mind that there were lots of teenage virgins back then, terrified of getting pregnant and disgracing their families. However, she did like a bit of smut and when we discovered a box of illegal sex magazines in the house, we sat together and looked through them. At that age, I was just not experienced enough to take this as an opportunity to win her favors – but as a time traveler, I was well up for the job and ready for action.

It was great to see the old place again and to see the girl I once drooled over sitting by me leafing through those dirty magazines. Taking possession of that scrawny teenage body of mine, I sat beside her as she giggled at the picture of a woman sucking a big cock.

“Do people really do that sort of thing?” she asked naively.

“Oh yes,” I replied, with a little sigh.

“Nobody has ever done that to you though – have they?”

“No,” I said, shaking my head, with a look of disappointment on my face.

“I wouldn’t like to do that for a man,” she said, “Even if I was married to him.”

“What if he wanted to do it to you?” I inquired.

“Do what?” she asked, turning to face me with those bright blue innocent eyes of hers.

“You know,” I hesitated, “lick you down there.”

“Holy Mother of God, I wouldn’t let him do that – it’s gross.”

“Men don’t think so – they like doing it.”

“And how would you know?”

“Because I’ve talked to guys who’ve done it and their girlfriends said it tasted great.”

“Don’t be so disgusting,” she said, closing the book, “that’s sinful.”

“Some people might think it’s sinful to look at someone else doing it in a book,” I pointed out, “but I don’t, I think it makes you more aware of what goes on in the world and that prepares you for what lies ahead.”

After saying that we should put the magazines on the fire, as they were the work of the devil, she went over to her desk and began to types up some invoices. It seemed that once again I’d missed an opportunity. In spite of my brain brimming with worldly experience, I had still not played my cards right.

At lunchtime, I went to the little bakery around the corner and bought some ham rolls for lunch, and I also purchased a Cream Horn with a plan in mind. Back at the house, she’d already made the tea and we sat amongst the piles of boxes and ate our lunch.

I grabbed on to one of the books and spread it out before me. Even though she’d previously showed as much interest in them as I had, she now turned her head away in disgust. After a few seconds, she looked back as I was admiring a picture of a man with his head between the legs of a gorgeous woman and his tongue just about to make contact. As I studied the page, I licked the cream out of my cake glancing out of the corner of my eye at Aibhlinn. She shook her head,

“You’re imagining that you’re doing that to that woman aren’t you?” she said, disapprovingly, “that’s gross.”

“Look – just because you haven’t had anyone want to do it to you – doesn’t make it gross.”

“And how do you know that men have not fancied doing it to me – you don’t know that.”

“No – that’s true,” I conceded, “I would certainly like to give you the experience.”

She blushed and turned her eyes away from me, “You’d actually do that?”

“In a minute,” I said, “I would try and give you the best experience any woman had ever had.”

“I don’t want you to put your thing in me,” she mumbled, with her head bowed a little.

It was now up to me to make the next move. I just put my hand on her knee and gradually worked it under the hem of her dress. Very gently I stroked her thigh and she started to breathe heavy. Pushing her shoulder I slowly lowered her back onto a pile of old clothing. She was very nervous and she was trembling.

Aibhlinn closed her eyes as I reached up inside of her dress and very carefully removed her panties. I rolled the dress back revealing her hairy mound, then I put my finger in her wet crack and began to give it a little poke, she gasped and I had the feeling she’d like to have backed out at that juncture but we were at the point of no return.

I quickly put my face between her smooth white thighs and flicked my tongue across the lips of her cunt. She took a very deep breath and before she could let it out again I parted her unsullied pink folds with my fingers and I licked her vulva with the speed of a Hummingbirds wing. It didn’t take long before she began to cry out and then she flung her arms back and went into a prize-winning orgasm.

I moved back a little as she lay there trying to catch her breath then she took me by surprise, suggesting that she would do it for me.

“It’s only fair,” she said, “But you’ll have to tell me what you want me to do.”

I told it would be nice if we first took all of our clothes off. She didn’t seem that keen at first but I used my charm and she stripped off. OMG, she had the most beautiful tits I’d ever seen, I asked her if I could suck them before she started on my cock and she shrugged as if to say, “If that’s what you want to do – go ahead.”

I was still wearing my pants when I began to suck and fondle her boobs I think she was surprised to find how pleasurable that was and she lay back, shut her eyes and sighed a few times. When I’d had a good sucking session I stood up and slipped them off. She seemed surprised at how big my cock was.

“I don’t have to get all that in my mouth – do I?” she asked.

I sat down on a box and told her whatever she could manage. She cautiously approached me on her knees, her tits jiggling provocatively as she did so, and then she slipped it between her lips. It was my turn to gasp, it felt so fucking good.

I told her to hold onto my dick with one hand and fondle my balls with the other. She followed my instructions to the letter and she was soon going up and down at a steady rhythm. I held on to her shoulders when I could feel my sperm getting ready to make a break for it. As it started to move up I told her I was cumming but I don’t think she knew quite what to expect and so she kept sucking until my goo was streaming into her mouth.

“Yuk – that tastes salty,” she said as she licked her lips.

There was still some cum oozing out and so I rubbed the end of my dick over her nipples. She didn’t say anything, in fact, she rubbed it all over her tits afterward, spreading it around like some aromatic oil.

“We could do that occasionally if you like,” she shrugged, putting her dress back on, “It’s not really intercourse, is it? I mean I can’t get pregnant.”
I agreed she couldn’t get pregnant but I was worried that this time travel thing could get out of hand. It didn’t seem practical to keep servicing all these women on a regular basis. Fortunately, once I returned to my own time I was able to erase these erotic memories from their minds and everything was supposed to go back to normal – but did it? THE END


Needing more money, and the opportunity to get out from under Aunt Rose’s feet, I quit my job with Joe Gannon for a while and took an unusual position I saw advertised in the paper. I ended up being a sort of Batman to a retired British Major. He wanted me to do the things that his Batman would have done when he was in the military, like press his clothes, polish his shoes and I had to serve at his many parties wearing a uniform he’d had specially designed.

Major Bull lived in a large house and I was provided with board and lodgings and it was rather like being in the army, which was ironic considering I was in Ireland to escape conscription. His last posting had been in Germany and he and his wife had decided to bring two of their German staff into retirement with them. Erika the cook was a woman in her late thirties, who looked more like a Southern European, as she was olive skinned with long black hair, while Inge the maid, was a pretty eighteen-year-old with an ass that tantalized me every time I watched it sashaying through the house.

I’d only been at the house a couple of days when Erika cornered me in the major’s dressing room and wanted me to kiss her. She wasn’t a bad looking woman but I was young and inexperienced and her aggression frightened me a little. There was also the fact that I fancied the maid and I was planning to ask her to go dancing with me.

My rejection didn’t go down that well with Erika who slammed my meals down in front of me when we all dined together in the kitchen. Inge used to look over at me and smile every time my plate or bowl hit the table with a thump, causing the contents to slop over the sides.

I waited around three weeks before asking Inge out and she accepted my invitation. We went to the Macushla Ballroom and danced the night away. She was so beautiful and I couldn’t believe a girl like that was peering into my face as if I was Mr. Wonderful. On the way home I put my arm around her and she didn’t object and when we got to the door of the house she stopped and looked at me as if to say, “Aren’t you going to kiss me.”

We must have stood there necking for a good twenty minutes and I was floating on air. The next day we sneaked a few kisses in various parts of the house and as she popped her tongue into my mouth I ventured to run my hand up her dress. She responded by trembling, almost uncontrollably and I stopped. It may sound silly but with so little experience and not ever having had sex (in my real life at that time), I wasn’t sure what was going on and I was afraid to take it any further.

The problem was I had fallen for Inge in a big way and I didn’t want to do anything to offend or hurt her. She seemed so pure and innocent I was afraid to do anything that might damage my chances of a lasting relationship.

We still kissed occasionally but when I asked her out again she turned me down and she started to go out with other guys. I was devastated, and a few weeks later I quit the job. With my usual 20-20 hindsight I wondered if she wanted me to have sex with her and dumped me because I didn’t make a move on her. Now decades later, with my ability to travel back in literary time I intended to test out my theory.

I returned to the night we were standing outside the house on returning from the dance. Once again she was looking up into my eyes and I kissed her. I’d forgotten just how those sweet lips of hers tasted. Our tongues entwined, I gradually moved my hand up her thigh and the trembling started. When I reached that strip off her panties that concealed a tight little cunt I worked my finger around it and dipped it into her wet crevice. She gasped, and as I poked it deeper inside of her, she almost fainted in my arms.

“Why don’t we go to my room,” I said.

“OK,” she whispered softly as I led the way to my hideaway that was situated above the garage and out of earshot. I took her tiny hand as we mounted the stairs and when we reached the landing we stopped once more to kiss. When we entered the room those kisses became more passionate but then she pulled away from me, slid to her knees, unbuttoned my flies and pulled out my cock.

When she took it into her lovely sweet smelling mouth I almost died from shock. She actually made little whimpering noises like she was enjoying it as much as I was. Even when I let out a yell and came in her mouth she continued to suck on it like it was the flavor of the month.

My legs had gone so week it was a wonder I didn’t collapse in a heap but wanting appear macho so I lifted her petite body in my arms and made toward the bed. She kept kissing my face until I lay her on the covers and began to undress her.

I didn’t rush things I slowly slipped off her skirt, removed her panties and paused to enjoy. When I began to unbutton her top she seemed to be getting impatient and she took over unhooking her bra as I was having difficulty.

As I started to strip off my clothes she sat up and observed my every move. Once I was naked she lay back and looked up at me longingly with those big blue eyes. I wanted desperately to suck those small firm tits of hers and so with my knees either side of her slender body I bent over and took a nipple into my mouth, rubbing my palm over the other as I sucked.

It really makes a man feel good when a woman moans and groans at his every move and that’s what she did.

“I love that,” she whispered, “I love it when you suck my tits.”

It sounded better in her German accent than I’d ever heard it before and I licked and sucked those soft warm breasts until my mouth went dry. And then I headed south, running my tongue all the way down her belly until I reached her trimmed muff. Then I slipped off the bed, knelt down, opened up her legs and pulled her towards my mouth, she was quite vocal as I wedged my face between her thighs and reached for her labia with my tongue. I made a couple of quick flicks across the lips before opening it up and poking my tongue in as far as it would go.

Inge was slapping her arms on the bed as if impatient for me to take it to the next level, I tried not to disappoint her and cupping my hands around her tight little bum I started to lick her from the bottom of her crack to the top. It seemed to drive her out of her mind and I kept doing it until she was begging me to make her cum.

Putting my pussy fluffer into top gear I flicked up and down her flower until I felt it twitching and her ass started bouncing up and down.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming,” she screamed and I had a job to hold her in position as she gyrated her hips like a hula dancer. Before she could stop trembling I stood up, grabbed her legs, pulled her towards my throbbing cock and thrust it in. The sight of her small tits and her angelic face looking up at me make me desperate to copulate and I started to ram it into her fast and furious.

Inge kept her eyes wide open all the time, even though I closed mine when I could feel my sperm rushing up my pipe and into her well-lubricated steaming hot crack. I squeezed every last drop into her but she still slid down the bed to lick the drippings off of the end.

When she left the room and I returned to my own time I was grateful that our romance didn’t go anywhere, I figured someone so sexually motivated would not be able to remain true to one man for very long. THE END


When I quit my job with Major Bull, which was partly due to my fascination for Inge, I also had to say goodbye to my accommodation. I know I shouldn’t have let my fleeting romance affect my life to that extent but I was young and foolish.

The only option I had, considering the economy was not that great, was to go to Joe Gannon and beg for my job back. We’d always got along and so he not only agreed to rehire me but said I could use one of the upstairs rooms as an apartment if I wanted. The kitchen downstairs, although cluttered with boxes was still functional so I cleaned the place up and settled in.

Aibhlinn was as religious as ever and so everything was back to normal. I did ask her if she’d go dancing with me several times but in spite of her not having a boyfriend she still turned me down. When I did eventually find a steady partner to glide around the dance floor with me she turned out to be equally prudish. To be quite frank I thought I’d stand a better chance of getting laid in a convent.

I was still quite fond my Aibhlinn and I was sorry when she told me she’d found a better job. When she said her final goodbye she even gave me a hug and said that she’d miss me. Her replacement was a married woman around ten years older than me by the name was Beverly Connor.

She tended to mother me, occasionally cleaning up my room swearing that I’d get some disease if I continued to leave in its usual state. I felt sorry for Beverly, things weren’t going well with for her at home. Her husband drank a lot, tended to spend a lot of his time at sporting events and, according to her, basically treated her like a servant. I became her shoulder to cry on.

Even though she was much older than me I did find her attractive. She had a little bit more meat on her than the usual young women I lusted after but I certainly wouldn’t have kicked her out of bed. However, I was in a relationship at the time, she was a married woman and I wasn’t quite experienced enough to sweep someone her age off of her feet. I‘ve wondered what she’d have done if I’d have hit on her. She would have probably have laughed it off and made me a sandwich, that’s the kind of woman she was.

I cast my mind back to a time when she was really upset about something and she literally sobbed her heart out on my shoulder. After some careful thought, I decided to travel back to that time to find out how she would have reacted to some real tenderness.

It was near closing time and she was dreading going home.

“As soon as I walk through that door there’s going to be an argument,” she said, “He’s been in a terrible mood lately.”

She started to tear up, I handed her my handkerchief and then I put my arms around her. In my mind, I was saying, “is it ethical to take advantage of someone so vulnerable?” However, the feel of her warm body against mine washed away any finer thoughts I had. I hugged her tighter and told her to cheer up and that she could always rely on me for support.

In a way that was true because I did manage to cheer her up by making her laugh every day. I think she really enjoyed my company, but did that give me the right to toy with her affections, even if she would forget all about it once the deed was done?

After thinking it over again for a full two seconds, I was prepared to fuck her brains out. She had her face tucked into my neck sniffling and I eased her away so that I was looking directly into her face, then I kissed the tears from her cheeks. I thought her eyes were going to pop out of her head.

“You shouldn’t do that,” she said, casting her eyes downward.

I did it again and she looked at me quite shocked, “Look it’s nice of you to care but I don’t think this is appropriate.” To shut her up I kissed her mouth.

“Cris,” she cried out, “What are you doing, I’m a married woman and almost old enough to be your mother.”

Her words petered out as I drew her close and kissed her in real Hollywood style. She pulled away and looked furious.

“I’m going home,” she said, “And you should take some bromide and go to bed.”

I reached out and grabbed on to her arm, “I can’t help it if I’m attracted to you.”

“I thought you had a girlfriend, why don’t you go out and snuggle her.”

I pulled her towards me and I sensed she was almost hoping I‘d kiss her again and when I did she put her arms around my neck and held on tight. When I poked my tongue into her mouth and she poked hers in mine, it looked very much like she was going to let me fuck her.

Not wanting to rush things I simply cupped her breast through her top, then after a bit more tongue wrestling I slowly ran it underneath and up to her bra. Nothing really happened until I unlatched it a ran my hand over her tits, then she gasped, pulled away a little but when I manipulated a nipple between my thumb and forefinger she swallowed hard and actually rolled up her top so I could suck them.

She had great tits, bigger than most of the younger women I’d fondled, but still in great shape. I sucked and I caressed them and then I did what I think she was expecting, I put my hand up her skirt, found my way around her panties and then I teased he wet slit with my finger.

“You are such a bad boy,” she whispered, “but I’m glad.”

Moments later we were up in my room, she was naked lying on the bed and I was standing by her taking off my clothes. When she saw my cock, standing up like the duty stallion, she smiled. “That might be too big for my mouth,” she said, taking hold of it and moving to the edge of the bed. It wasn’t – it fit perfectly and the way that she sucked it was like she was handling a precious jewel. She held it lightly between her fingers and slipped it slowly between her lips. My whole body seemed to be on fire.

There was a rail suspended above my head that I use to dry my clothes on and I held on to that as she sucked, and sucked and sucked. When I felt my sperm moving up my pipe my legs began to grow weak and I called out, “I’m cumming,” she pulled back and worked it out with her hand, splattering it all over her face and tits.

I sank to my knees, residue still dripping from my dick and I pulled her around so that her thighs were over the edge of the bed, I then shoved my legs under the bed and nestled my face into her hairy snatch. She latched on to my hair and gave a little groan as I parted the lips with my fingers and gave her my puppy dog treatment. That’s when I take my tongue from the bottom to the top in long swiped, over and over again.

Beverly went ballistic and I was surprised when she swore, women very rarely used that kind of language back then.

“Oh fuck,” she cried out, “Keep doing that, I want to cum, I want to cum so bad.”

Her body began to quiver; she tugged on my hair and then screamed with her ass jumping up and down on the mattress like a woman possessed.

“Oh shit,” she said, lying there and breathing heavy, “I’ve never felt anything like that before.”

I got up and ran my cock over her face, “ And now I’m going to ram this up inside of you,” I warned her, “are you ready.”

She laughed and then to my amazement she said, “You’ve got to catch me first,” and she leaped up and stood the other side of the table in the center of the room.

Every time I tried to grab her she moved until we were chasing around the table giggling like two school kids.

“When I catch you I’m going to ram this up your ass,” I cried, as she evaded my grasp once more.

I could hardly believe this was the quiet, motherly Beverly, when she yelled back, “I wish you would, I’ve never had it up the ass,” and then she stopped in her tracks and leaned over the table. Figuring that I was going to need some lubricant I grabbed a bottle of Crisco cooking oil from the shelf, covered my dick in it, then I grabbed onto the cheeks of her ass and drove it in.

“Ride it cowboy,” she yelled, as her tits swung from side to side and my balls crashed against her nice round bum.

When I blew my load, she said that it wasn’t that bad up the ass, but she preferred the other way. She asked if I could manage it again on the bed and lay there spread eagle as if she knew I’d say yes. Perhaps it was because she looked so very fuckable, with her hairy bush and voluptuous tits, that my dick was still as hard as a rock. I moved up between her legs and made a hole in one.

As I plowed it into her, those lovely bouncing glands made me so desperate to cum I was pounding her mound like a jackhammer. It wasn’t long before I could feel my sperm moving up from my balls and shooting into her pulsating cunt. The whole experience was beyond my expectations and I thought what a fool I been not to have fucked her all those years ago.

When she left the house she blew me a little kiss and said, “Until tomorrow.” Of course, I knew there would be no tomorrow but I wasn’t going to spoil it. THE END


The short period I spent working for Major Bull made me realize that I had a pretty cushy number working for Joe Gannon. However, I frequently thought of Inge and how very pretty she was, and occasionally I even thought of Erika.

Although I did reject her advances at the time, as I’ve grown older I’ve often wondered what she had in mind for me had I responded in a positive manner. She only attempted a kiss me, but her plunging neckline that revealed two melon-sized tits indicated to me that she was not going to necessarily be satisfied with a little tongue wrestling. Consequently, I decided to go back to that moment in the Major’s dressing room when I was a skinny, baby-faced teenager looking into the fiery eyes of a mature horny woman.

I was actually brushing a tuxedo when she came in, put her arms around my neck and tried to force me onto a single bed that was in the corner of the room. In real time I struggled to free myself, telling her I had to finish my task and she naturally took umbrage and made a quick exit with a scowl on her face.

In my time travel mode I transitioned into my former self the exact moment she put her arms around me, I tossed the tux to one side and allowed her to throw me onto the bed where she wasted no time in clamping her full lips to mine. My god, her tongue felt as if it was nine inches long and it was halfway down my throat before I could gasp for air.

As she was being so aggressive I thought I get straight in there and I put my hand down the front of her off-shoulder blouse and grabbed onto one of her tits. She stopped the kissing and looked down at me with a quizzical expression on her face.

“You want come to my room?” she asked, in her thick German accent.

I said I’d love to and with that, she took my hand, helped me up from the bed and led me out along the corridor to her hide-a-way. We furtively entered her room, she locked the door after us, put her arms around me and kissed me passionately.

Her room was one of two that had an en-suite bathroom and after taking off each other’s clothes that was our destination. Naked, Erika was very appealing, particularly when she loosened her long black hair and shook it around, it cascaded well past her waist. Her tits, of course, were her prized possession, they were large and firm and the nipples, which were dark brown and prominent, called out to be sucked.

“Let’s go in bathroom and wash clean,” she said.

I followed her lovely ass as she sashayed through the door with my enormous boner poking it as we walked. Once inside she switched on the shower and then she turned to me quite aggressively, took my shoulders and forced me under, then she soaped up a large sponge and began to wash my chest with an almost evil grin on her face. A couple of times I reached out to touch those tits of hers but she moved back and shook her head as if to say,

“It’s not your turn yet.”

Erika was very thorough with the upper part of my body, even prompting me to raise up my arms while she soaped up my armpits. However, as she worked her way down my torso and slipped a sponge between my legs, I began to shake a little. I was dying for her to grab hold of my cock but although she gave my balls a good going over she steered clear of it.

Turning me around like I was a mannequin in a store window she did my back and went up and down the crack of my ass, then she surprised me. Tossing the sponge aside she sat on the tiled floor behind me, slipping her legs between mine.
The water was still coming down on us as she reached up and grabbed onto my balls with one hand and my dick with the other.

I didn’t know it was possible for a foreskin to come back quite that far, and I certainly didn’t know it could feel that good. Her face was resting on the cheek of my ass as she slipped her soapy hand gently up and down my cock. The way she manipulated it, squeezing the head each stroke and then pulling all the way back, while she stretched by scrotum with the other hand was magical. By the time my cum was moving up my pipe my legs had turned to jelly and I yelled out loud as my goo shot up in the air.

It was such an intense experience I had to sit down on the floor with water still cascading down my body. Erika who had got back on her feet came and stood before me with her legs spread apart and her hairy muff against my face, I had to slip down at a slight angle to get my mouth in position and supported myself on one arm while I reached up with the other to part the lips of her flower.

When my tongue made contact with her quivering quim she grabbed onto my hair and threw her head back with a groan. I began to lick her slowly, starting near her anus and continue all the way up to her clit in massive swipes. Her fingers entwined in mine I continued to eat her out with a passion. It tasted so good I attacked it with enthusiasm, like a condemned man enjoying his last meal.

When she was about to cum she began to move her hips from side to side, rubbing her cunt against my mouth and breathing like she was about to have a heart attack. When she peaked-out she wrestled my head as though she was going to tear it off my shoulders and then she quickly plumped her ass down across from me and smiled.

“That – good,” she said, “Now fuck me.”

We rolled around on the wet floor, and I groped those enormous tits like I was kneading two loaves of bread dough before latching onto her inch long nipples and sucking then hard. When I climbed on top of her and slid my cock into her damp bush it was on the big side but she had amazing muscle control and she contracted and released them until it felt like she was sucking me off.

She gave a little smile as I grabbed onto her wrists and forced them behind her head as if she was my prisoner and then I hammered her cunt with all the strength I had. Erika was in a state of ecstasy and contorted her face as if she was in pain as I thrust it deep inside of her.

It wasn’t long before my balls began to ache and I could feel my sperm getting ready to shoot up and give her a creampie with extra topping. When I did give those last powerful strokes, squeezing every last drop inside of her, she grabbed onto my arms and shouted out something in German, and then went limp as if she was exhausted.

We lay around on the floor for a few minutes with me still sucking on her nipples and then we got up and dried each other off. It seemed as if she was now in a hurry to get back to her duties before Mrs. Bull started looking for her.

I decided to stay in character and have lunch in the kitchen – she was not only a good fuck but a good cook. Inge, looking as beautiful as ever, sat across from me, and seemed a bit suspicious as Erika and I exchanged glances. Little did she know that I’d been pounding her own hairy mound a few days before. THE END


When Beverly left her husband she took off for England to live without even giving notice. She just sent a brief note telling Joe she was sorry. There was no forwarding address to send her pay or anything, I guess she was making a clean break and didn’t want her old man to know where she was.

Joe decided not to replace her with a full-time person, instead, someone who was rumored to be his mistress, was assigned to help me two days a week. She was a pretty diminutive young woman around 28 originally from Taiwan. Her English was fractured and took quite a bit of understanding but she was able to type invoices and help with the packing.

Lilly Soo had a great sense of humor and laughed at my little jokes and antics as if I was a professional comedian. I was doing a lot of writing at that time and was submitting stories to magazines like Black and White, the Irish Digest and others, in the hope that my talent would be recognized. Each morning, when the mail was poked through the letterbox I’d rush over to tear open the envelopes and wave one more rejection slip in her direction.

“Don’t worry – you get there one day,” she said, “You good writer.”

She never actually read anything of mine but sometimes when we had our coffee break she’d ask me to tell her one of my stories. I tended to improvise most of them but she always clapped when I said, “The End,” and insisted that I was a great storyteller. That always cheers up a failing writer even if it doesn’t put any money in his pocket.

Although I was courting a girl from Blackrock I was strangely attracted to Lilly, of course, I didn’t make any advances in case the rumor that she was Joe’s mistress was true. It wasn’t the greatest job in the world but for a budding Sean O’Casey, it was an ideal situation. You have to suffer for your art.

As usual, years into the future I used to mull over the relationship I had with Lilly. I thought about the laughs we’d had together, how we’d dress up in some of the second-hand clothes occasionally and most of all I’d remember the way she used to stare at me sometimes. She’d be sitting at her desk and I would be sorting some of the ob-jet d’art piled up in the room and I look up and catch her staring at me.

Did she fancy me? I don’t know but one day I decided to go back in time to find out. I chose the day when we’d spilled some old coins on the floor. They’d fallen out of one of the job lot boxes that Joe had bid for at an auction and they were scattered everywhere. Both on our hands and knees we crawled around laughing when we came head to head. The pair of us went quiet and looked at each other for a second and then I quickly turned away and resumed the search.

I decided that was the moment I wanted to live again. This time I didn’t turn I leaned forward and very gently kissed her on the lips.

“What you do?” she cried, looking quite shocked.

When I apologized she said, “That OK – that just a little kiss.”

I leaned forward again and made it much longer. This time she just sat back on her bum and stared at me.

“Why you kiss me?” she asked, shaking her head as if she was completely mystified by my behavior.

“I’ve never kissed an Asian woman before,” I said, “I wanted to see what it was like?”

She half smiled, “And what you think?”

“I liked it very much.”

“You crazy,” she laughed, “No difference in people.”

“So you’re saying my kisses are just the same as anyone else’s?”

“Not sure.”

“Shall I kiss you again so that you can judge.”

She took a deep sigh, “OK – but no more.”

I moved over to where she sat and I slid my legs around her took her in my arms and gave her one hell of a kiss. It went on and on and she slid her arms around my neck and when I explored her mouth with my tongue she responded in kind.

My next move was to put my hand up her top. I didn’t go for her tits right away but just rubbed my hand gently across her warm skin. She began to breathe a little heavy and when I slipped my fingers under her flimsy bra and began to fondle her tiny tits she gasped.

I decided at that moment that she was going to let me fuck her and so I stood up, lifted her over my shoulder and carried her up the stairs.

“Where you go – you crazy bastard,” she laughed, smacking me across the ass as I manoeuvred her up the narrow stairs.

Even though she wasn’t very heavy I was puffing and blowing a little by the time I reached my room. But I lowered her gently on the bed and began to remove her clothes. She was still giggling about my attempt to be Tarzan but she gradually became more serious as I got more intimate.

When she was completely naked I stepped back to gaze at her body, it was like a lovely doll, she was breathtakingly beautiful.

As I stepped back to take off my clothes she watched me as though she could hardly believe what was happening and then she patted the space beside her as she wanted me to lie there. When I did she got up, leaned over my face and then slid down my body until she got to my rock hard dick. Taking the skin of my nut sack between her thumb and finger on either side, she pulled outwards and then back. When the head was fully exposed she looked at it for a few seconds before taking it between her lips and sucking on it. Holy shit it felt so good I could have died quite happily at that very moment.

I would like to have licked her crack at the same time but as she was so short it was too far away. Lilly just kept tugging lightly on my balls and slipping up and down my shaft until I could feel my cum working its way up and into her mouth. Once she licked it clean she turned around, eased herself up and sat on my face. She clung onto the bedrail and I held onto her tits as I started to lick and suck her tiny Chinese orchid. It seemed so delicate I didn’t want to do anything rough or hurried, I just took my time and allowed my tongue to gently play with it.

After a while, she began to take short breaths and then to moan. She clasped her hands over mine, that were covering her tits, and squeezed hard. Gyrating her ass and gasping for breath she began to shake violently and then she seemed to go completely out of control and jumped up and down with her cunt crashing against my face.

When she calmed down she lay on the top me with her tits burning into my chest and kissed me. I brought my knees up behind her and the tip of my knob just poked inside her pink folds. At this point, she grabbed my hands, leaned back and took it deep inside of her.

With her pointy tits making an attempt to jiggle she moved up and down my dick. I’m not fond of the cowboy position because it takes the control away from me and I find it difficult to keep my ass still. Lilly however, with her tight little cunt wrapped my throbbing cock maintained a perfect pace, until, sensing my need for speed towards the end, she broke into a gallop until I blew my load.

The rest of that day was taken up with sex. I not only fucked her on the bed, I rammed it up her ass as she leaned over my beaten up old love seat and once I sat on a straight-backed chair and facing me, she lowered herself onto my dick and very, very slowly slid up and down. After I shot my load four times I felt a bit shagged out but she was still ready to go another round and led me back to the bed.

“You good fuck,” she said, and then she straddled me and taking the head of my cock in her tiny hand she ran up and down her wet crack. I didn’t know if I had the strength to pound her pussy again but as she plowed it along her furrow I became so excited I just grabbed her and thrust it all the way in. Then like a crazy man I held her wrists and moved my ass up and down a mile a minute.

Poor Lilly was bouncing from side to side, wincing a little as if it was a bit too much for her but I was desperate to cum once more and I didn’t let up until my goo was streaming into her tight little cunt. When it was all over she just flopped on the bed and admitted she couldn’t take anymore, I was glad because I was totally fucked out.

I let her rest until it was time for Joe to pick her up. With my balls aching from the pounding they’d taken I tried to catch up on a little work downstairs, however, I nodded off on a pile of ex-army blankets and only woke up when I heard Joe coming through the door. Fortunately, Lilly had also heard him and came down the stairs as he entered the main room.

“You two looked worn out,” he said, “you must have been going at it all day.”

He then offered to take us both out for fish and chips. I would have preferred to have gone to sleep but it’s hard to resist fish and chips – or Chinese women. TH END


Deidre was the first steady girlfriend I had in Dublin, she worked as a waitress in her mother’s café, which was one of those egg, chips and beans kind of places. Once I’d taken her out a couple of times I got my meals for free, although I always offered to pay. Even when I tried to leave a tip it was slid back into my pocket.

She was another of those naïve Irish girls, or should I say, just solidly against sex before marriage. Unlike the average colleen, she was not Catholic, she was, what they referred to as a Church of Ireland Protestant, but she was obviously still influenced by the Pope.

When the business closed in the evening and the family moved upstairs to their apartment we’d sit at the fireplace in the corner of the restaurant and neck. She was a great kisser but if my hand strayed an inch from her waist I got my knuckles rapped. It was very frustrating. Of all the celibate women I looked back on she was the one I felt would not succumb to my lifetime of experience and new found charm, however, I thought I’d give it a try.

Perhaps because I’d accepted the possibility of defeat before I’d even started the process, I total fucked up my timetable. When I projected myself back into the city I was so fond of, I found I’d mixed my dates up, to my horror my timing was off by four years. I consoled myself by saying it was a mistake that any halfwit could have made.

I didn’t realize what I’d done until I entered the café and noticed significant changes, since the last time I’d been in there. As I squeezed past two palm trees that now adorned the entrance and made my way to the backroom, I found it was no longer there. The wall had been removed to accommodate more tables in the main salon. However, the real clue was the wooden calendar on the wall, one of those you turn manually to adjust the numbers. Either I was four years out or some joker had cranked it to the wrong date.

I felt a bit uneasy and I was about to turn round and make my exit when I caught sight of Deidre eating lunch with her kid sister. When we broke up, Barbara was just a 14 with braids, now she was a well developed 18 year old with boobs, quite big ones in fact.

They invited me to sit with them and my ex-girlfriend, who’d also blossomed nicely, couldn’t wait to wave a diamond ring in my face.

“Look I’m engaged,” she laughed, “how’s your life?”

Of course, she would have fainted if I’d have told her that I was back from the future so I just said that I was passing by and thought I’d say hello.

“You must have passed by here a lot of times during the last few years,” she teased, “what’s wrong – did you suddenly find yourself in need of female companionship?”

“The little bitch is physic,” I thought to myself, but then I laughed it off and said that I would be prepared to take her dancing for old times’ sake if her fiancé had no objection.

“I’m afraid Liam is very possessive,” she smirked, “and much more of a gentleman than you ever were,” I presumed she was referring to the fact that I’d dumped her because the relationship was going nowhere, but I remained silent.

It looked as though my transition through time and space had been a waste of effort until Barbara spoke up. “I’ll go with you,” she said.

Deidre looked positively uncomfortable, and even more so when I said OK and arranged to meet her at the National Ballroom at 7.30. Until then I decided to go back to the apartment to kill time. It was Saturday and so nobody was around but having stepped into the wrong era I felt sort of confused all day. It was like was being somewhere between fantasy and reality, my brain was having difficulty in coping with it.

After a can of soup and some soda bread for supper, I had a quick wash and shave, and put on my gray gabardine double-breasted suit and a pair of gray suede shoes. In the streets of 2017 I would only have attracted ridicule but in the fifties I was the sharpest dude on the block.

I must say Barbara looked very nice, she wore a full skirt that reached just below the knee, a white blouse and brown shoes with a Cuban heel. Her long fair hair was in a ponytail and she had just a hint of make-up.

I’m not sure what my intentions were at that moment, I’d traveled in time intending to seduce her sister but here I was with a very pretty young girl preparing to slow dance the night away. Cheek to cheek we shuffled around the floor and I ventured at one point to place my hand on her bum. She didn’t object and that was a good sign, but one the men hired by the management to ensure moral conduct was observed, did give me a warning.

Around 10.30 I suggested we should go back to my place and have coffee. It was drizzling rain when we got outside, so I took off my jacket and draped it over her head and hailed a cab. A few minutes later we were picking our way through the boxes that littered the first floor and made our way to the stairs that led to my lair.

I told her to make herself comfortable while I slipped back down to fill the percolator, then I put it on the gas ring I had in the room and turned my attention to my very pretty guest.

“Have you got any Gin?” she asked, lounging back on my bed.

“I have brandy,” I said.

“That will do.”

I went to my cupboard that doubled as my cocktail cabinet and poured us both a glass. Barbara didn’t sip it in a customary way but knocked it back in a single gulp.

“That’s not bad,” she commented after coughing for a while, “top me up.”

I was feeling a little uncomfortable plying her with drinks but I could hardly be inhospitable. However, by the time the coffee was done she’d had three, and I was hoping she wouldn’t ask for more.

When I handed her a mug she sipped on the coffee looking at me thoughtfully.

“Did you fuck my sister when you went out with her?” she asked.

I almost spit out my coffee, I was shocked, very few women I knew in Dublin at that time used that kind of language.

“Your sister and I did not cross that line,” I stammered, struggling for something to say.

“Well you lucked out because she’s fucking Liam, I came across them one day with his bare ass going up and down like a fiddler’s elbow.”

I must admit that there was a little twinge of jealousy even after all those years but Barbara soon took my mind off of that.

“I’d much rather fuck you than Liam,” she said, getting up from her seat and fingering the front of my shirt. I was a little nervous because of the alcohol she’d consumed. I didn’t want to feel that I was taking advantage of a drunken woman. However, she seemed quite steady on her feet and she undid my buttons one by one and then slid her warm hands inside my shirt and rubbed them up and down my chest.

My groin, which had been hotting up for some time, had now reached boiling point and I grabbed her shoulders and crushed my lips against hers. She dug her nails into my bare flesh as the kissing became more and more intense and I slowly moved her back toward the bed and guided her body downwards.

Continuing to touch her lips lightly with mine I unbuttoned her blouse and then raised her back so that I could get her bra out of the way. When her tits popped out I took a deep breath and then lowered myself down and began to suck on her erect nipples that looked like two ripe strawberries. As Barbara groaned and moaned she flung her arms across the bed and I moved back a little in order to remove her skirt and then panties.

She lay there naked squirming impatiently as I took off my clothes. Standing proud I moved up close to the bed and she reached out with her dainty bare feet and played with my cock and balls. I just closed my eyes, leaned back and enjoyed it. When the foot fucking to an end, she dropped to the floor, knelt down before me and plunged my dick between her ruby red lips.

Kneading my nutsack with both her hands she slid it in and out of her mouth. My whole body seemed as if it were on fire and I wanted to cum so bad I was tempted to grab onto her head and face fuck her. There was no need for that however because I suddenly felt my sperm searing up my dick like hot lead and into her mouth.

Barbara milked out every last drop and when I withdrew it from those sweet lips I took her under the arms and literally flung her on the bed. Burying my face between her long slender legs I parted her pale pink taco with the tips of my fingers and I lapped my tongue across her warm moist crack. She cried out, “Holy Fuck,” as I proceeded to lick her cunt as if it was the most mouth-watering morsel I’d ever tasted. Perhaps it was!

As I continued to swipe my pussy fluffer up and down her hairy crevice she gripped onto my head and started to mumble incoherently. I could now feel a slight trembling and I knew she was getting close to orgasm. When she did cum her ass began moving up and down and her shaking must have registered nine on the Richter scale. She flung her arms and her legs all over the place and I eventually pinned her down and drove my cock into her. Holy shit! She was a virgin.

I froze for a moment as she cried out, I thought I might have hurt her but after a few seconds she slapped my ass as if to say, “Let’s get on with it.”

I didn’t wear a condom for two reasons, first, they were not legal in Ireland at that time and secondly, as this was just a literal fuck, something conjured up in my head and bashed out on a keyboard, what could possibly go wrong? But the fact that I‘d fucked up the dates on this time-traveling adventure did undermine my confidence a little. And things were about to get more complicated.

Just as I was on the short strokes with the bed crashing against the wall the doorbell began to ring. I had mentioned to Deidre that I was still working for Joe and I had no doubt that she’d tracked us down. I didn’t even bother to put on my clothes and goo was still dripping from my cock when I opened the door. She looked me up and down and shook her head.

“Where’s my sister?” she yelled, charging past me and making for the stairs.
I followed her closely up the steps and into the room. Barbara still lay there naked,

“Guess what?” she said, addressing Deidre, “I’ve just had the best fuck of my life, in fact, it was the first fuck of my life, why don’t you join us for a threesome.”

Deidre turned and looked at me with pure venom in her eyes, “Did you get her drunk?”

“She’s had a couple of drinks,” I said, “but she’s not drunk, “I don’t take advantage of women like that -what kind of guy do you think I am?”

“You’re a piece of shit as far as I’m concerned,” she said and tried to take a swipe at me.

I grabbed her hand, pulled her towards me and kissed her. She struggled free, “What the hell do you think you’re doing!?”

“Loosen up,” cried Barbara, laughing and sticking her legs up in the air like a giant wishbone, “loosen up – I did and it was wonderful .”

“Deidre shook her head in disgust and turning back to me she simply said, “You bastard, you fucking bastard,” and she began to slap me around the head until I wrapped my arms around her waist to restrain her. I held onto her real tight and after a few seconds, she stopped struggling. At that point, we just looked at each other and when I bent forward to kiss her she met me halfway.

I didn’t travel back in time for a threesome; in fact, it was the only one I’d had in my entire life. It appeared that I lucked out with two women who had lots of sexual tension pent up inside and decided to release in that one session. Deidre, who, in the old days, wouldn’t even let me put my tongue in her mouth when we kissed, was suddenly licking my balls while I chewed on her sister’s newly enlarged pussy.

The highlight of the evening, or should I say the early morning hours, was when I was lying flat on the bed as Deidre gave me a handjob and Barbara bent over from the other side and just covered the head with her beautiful full lips. When I shot my lot I let out a roar like a cave man and the two of them licked off the residue as I continued to moan and groan.

The girls went home about 3 a.m. and I decided to stay overnight. As the next day was Sunday and I knew Joe wouldn’t be around so I slept in and was just about to return to my own time and place when there was a knock at the door. When I opened it a very large man, who identified himself as Liam, punched me in the eye with considerable force and sent me sprawling across the floor and into a pile of empty ex-army Gerry cans.

“Keep away from Deidre,” were the last words I remember before finding myself back at my keyboard typing in the words “Barbara must have blabbed.” Thirty minutes later when I went into the bathroom I was surprised when I looked in the mirror and saw that I had a shiny black eye. I find that most mysterious. THE END

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