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Can You Feel It? by Cristiano Caffieri

The author looks back on some of the missed opportunities he had with women when he was a young man. Opportunities that he either failed to recognize at the time or they simply didn’t play out in his favor. As a writer, he’s able to go back to re-enact some of these situations using his years of experience and he finds that some of the women he thought of as cold fish were actually hot tamales waiting for him to make the right moves.

Konrad Max’s Month of Love by Cristiano Caffieri

Konrad Max is a handsome, likable young Canadian of German heritage. His youth and good looks do not go unappreciated when Angela Hartmann, the daughter of the family friend, comes to stay with them for a few days. She’s a very beautiful and worldly divorcee who lives in Strasbourg, France, where she had an important position with the European Union. As Konrad is in between jobs she invites him to fly back with her, to broaden his horizons, and it’s not just Angela that broadens them for him!

Don’t Mess with Maala by Cristiano Caffieri

A carefree artist, living in St. Tropez, meets a very attractive black woman who lives in a community of women on an island just off the coast. He’s crazy about her but it seems she can’t break away from this cult because she fears the wrath of the High Priestess named Maala, who she believes has magical powers. He thinks the whole thing is BS until things begin to get a little strange.

Weeders by Cristiano Caffieri

In the year 2125, in an effort to contain population growth, a points system is established to weed out those who are not fully contributing to society. Those who do not make 100 points are destined for termination and their only hope for survival is to marry someone who has scored well above the norm. If the combined scores total 200 or more the one with the lower score is allowed to live. The high scorers are referred to as Angels, because they have the ability to save lives, and those pursuing them for marriage are Chasers. This is the story of a beautiful young woman who is destined for Weeding because she is blind.

Who is Giulia ? by Cristiano Caffieri

Nathan Dearborn doesn’t want to take a mundane job with his prospective father-in-law because he believes he has the makings of a novelist. However, he never dreamed that that he would create characters that came to life. The sex is great but then – things start to get a little scary!

Wild Oats by Cristiano Caffieri

Michael Perry gets a job teaching English at an ESL school in Nice, France. He likes the work and he enjoys the social life of a city that boasts beautiful beaches and even more beautiful women, However, Michael’s not a womanizer but he doesn’t look a gift horse in the mouth and if you play your cards right in Nice it can be Christmas every day.
Whether it’s his rugged good looks, his Canadian accent or his aftershave it’s hard to say but whatever it is he certainly attracts the opposite sex. The one thing he’s not interested in at this juncture in his life is a serious relationship but sometimes you just don’t have control over your emotions – do you?.

Over the Moon by Cristiano Caffieri

When Princess Anja, Duchess of Vasterplatzburg , paid an official visit to Canada she was given the pomp and ceremony usually reserved for Kings, Queens, and Presidents. She was fawned over by politicians, other celebrities and even the paparazzi. The only person that didn’t seem impressed with the glamorous and sexy aristocrat was the bush pilot who was commissioned to fly her to the far North, where she was scheduled to open a new hydroelectric project.
Forced down in the bush by a sudden storm and having to survive until they were rescued proved to be difficult for the Princess to take. The fact that the rugged Adam Tate insisted on treating her like any other woman didn’t help matters either. At first, she absolutely hated him but as they struggled through the undergrowth to reach a nearby lake she began to see another side of him – and she liked what she saw – she liked it quite a lot.

Sex Games can Open Up Closed Doors

Dead Lucky by Cristiano Caffieri

Danny Maddox is a bit of a geeky guy who works in an electronics store in St. Petersburg, Florida. He’s rather keen on a young woman he works with but he’s too shy to ask her out in person. Unfortunately, while texting her for a date he walks in front of a truck. Suddenly the shy unassuming Danny is in a different world, where women, who he’s who he had sexual fantasies about, don’t seem able to resist him.

The Windsor Affair by Cristiano Caffieri

His sex life, having been restricted to heavy petting, Chris Cooper is desperate to experience the real thing. When he meets a girl in a bookstore, who agrees to go out on a date with him, and happens to have her own apartment, he thinks with a bit of luck he’ll be able to get into her pants. Thea however, is not anxious to take their relationship to that level and he’s as frustrated as hell. Never the less he continues to see her but then a very sexy woman who works at the same company begins to take an interest in him, and she puts no limits on how far things can go. Chris is now torn between the two women, one innocent and demure, the other one flighty and more than willing to respond to his sexual needs.

L’appartement by Cristiano Caffieri

After breaking up with his steady girlfriend Brad decides to reinvent himself, and so he pulls up stakes and moves to Montreal. He wasn’t looking for love anymore he just wanted to get laid as often as possible. He was now breaking in new territory, his new apartment became his “Carnal HQ,” and his job, working on the healthy snack bar in a women’s gym, his pick up point.
The gym’s clientele was in every shape, size and color, some spoke English, some French and some just spoke the language of love. Brad, who was a good looking guy had no trouble in getting eager beavers to take at look at his new digs, and then it was just a matter of saying, “Allons-nous faire l’amour sur le sofa ou le lit?” (On the sofa or the bed)

Cum Mhor Castle by Cristiano Caffieri

How would you like to inherit a Scottish island complete with castle and staffed by seven beautiful women who cater for your every whim? It’s probably the kind of thing that most men dream about and Simon Baugh realized that dream thanks to his cousin Angus, who supposedly died at the age of 43 as the result of “intense pampering.”
Some men wouldn’t want to be bathed, caressed and toyed with by a bevy of beauties with seemingly insatiable sexual appetites, but Simon wasn’t one of them. If women desired him he was not the kind of guy who’d deny their needs, regardless of what those needs might entail.

Dead Men Need Loving Too by Cristiano Caffieri

Danny Parsons wasn’t the kind of guy to believe in heaven or any kind of afterlife but when he came round following a fatal heart attack and found himself being processed for a “life” in eternity it reshaped his opinions. It wasn’t exactly what he would have liked, in the sense he was not reunited with loved ones, but it was better than pushing up daisies. Much better!
As a skeptic he would never have imagined that he would be living in an idyllic village, quaffing a pint at his local pub and enjoying an active sex life with a beautiful woman. However, it wasn’t all a bowl of cherries; in fact, there were moments when it was the pits.

Dreaming Dangerously by Cristiano Caffieri

Almost everyone dreams of living in some exotic location, or in another time period, or meeting that special person who caters to your every need. Imagine what it would be like if some hypnotherapist could send you into a trance and you could customize your dreams, dreams that exactly mimic reality and where weeks or even months could be compressed into a one-hour session.
Of course, if something went wrong you could very easily find yourself stranded, faced with unimaginable dangers or perhaps falling in LOVE.

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