My Sexy Roommate

by Cristiano Caffieri

Off to Norway

I only met my Aunt Olaug a couple of times. Once we went over to Norway to visit her and she came to stay with us in Ireland for a few days. Unlike my mother who married a working-class Irishman, who she met on vacation, my Aunt married a comparatively rich businessman.

He died a couple years before her in a car crash and some say she died of a broken heart. She was only in her late fifties and had no children, so we were her closest relatives. However, our family was astounded to hear that she had left us a considerable portion of her estate. She left my mother some money and my sister and inherited an Oslo apartment each and a few thousand Euro.

Astrid, who was married, wanted to sell hers so she could pay off her mortgage in Dublin but I thought it would be a great adventure to go over there and take up residence. I was working as a copy editor, with ambitions of becoming a mystery writer, and so I saw the opportunity to finish my novel without distractions.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t speak Norwegian as my mother never spoke it around the house, unless she was in a temper. Consequently, I never had the opportunity to learn. However, I was assured that almost everyone there could speak excellent English and so I didn’t have to worry about it. Just in case I did buy a phrase book and a dictionary.

When I arrived in Oslo I first had to make contact with my Aunt’s lawyer who turned out to a real dish! She was a typically Scandinavian beauty, long blonde hair, long, long legs and a pair of gorgeous tits that protruded out of her top.

“I’m Andrea Clemensen,” she said, holding out her hand.

I’m not sure if flying at 30,000 feet makes you horny but just making contact with her soft, warm skin set something moving in my groin area. I did manage to babble that my name was Seth Regan, but she already knew that.

Andrea went through the details of the will with me and it appeared that Great Aunt was quite an entrepreneur. She invested much of the money left by her late husband in property, which she rented out.

“Your particular property was due to be vacated by a Ms. Fredriksen yesterday.” She said, “but I’m afraid I haven’t had time to go and check it out.”

Being anxious to see my new abode, I said if she’d give me the key and the address I would go round there immediately. She handed it to me along with a rather nice check, and after signing a few forms I was on my way by cab. It turned out to be a rather nice building on a street called Dalsbergstien. It took several attempts before I could pronounce the name well enough for the driver to identify it but eventually, he dropped me off outside.

I was tingling with excitement when I stepped out of the elevator and approached the apartment door. Presuming that the tenant had moved out I put the key in the lock and barged right in. I was greeted by a small entrance hall that had some coats hanging from the pegs which, indicated that the tenant had not moved out yet or they’d abandoned some of their belongings.

When I entered the living area I was in for quite a shock, right in the middle of the room was a naked woman drying her hair with a towel. I wasn’t quite sure what to do. It seemed a bit late to turn around and start again.

Suddenly she looked up and saw me standing there and responded with an almighty scream. She then tried to cover herself up and garbled something in Norwegian, that didn’t seem at all polite.

“I’m sorry,” I said, feeling most embarrassed, “The lawyer said that you were due to move out yesterday.”

“Would you mind turning around,” she asked in English.

I did as she requested and then she went on to explain that she couldn’t find a place she could afford, and then she burst into tears. The next thing I heard was the bathroom door slamming and when I turned around all I could see was her damp footprints on the hardwood floor.

Figuring that she had to come out of the bathroom some time I sat on the sofa and looked around. It was basically a bachelor pad with a living room/kitchen combination and a partition at one end behind which one could just see the bed. That was also where the bathroom door was and I patiently waited for it to open. It was a full fifteen minutes before the woman, who I presumed to be Ms. Fredriksen, re-emerged from the bathroom wearing a robe.

“I’m sorry,” she began, “It’s not your fault – I suppose you’re the new owner.”

“Yes my Aunt Olaug left it to me in her will, I`m Seth Regan,” I said, cautiously extending my hand.

“I’m Silje Fredriksen,” she said, “I knew your Aunt quite well. She was a very nice lady. I wasn’t always able to pay the rent on time and she was always understanding.”

“Well,” I began, “wanting to be an understanding landlord, “I really need to move in here, I can’t very well let you stay while I rent a hotel room for two hundred Euro a night.”

“I don’t suppose you’d let me sleep on the sofa until I find somewhere – would you? I’ll do all the cooking and cleaning.”

Holy fuck, I thought to myself, I`d be an idiot to turn down such an offer from such a beautiful woman. I was really not a good cook and I hated cleaning. BUT – what about my writing – could I concentrate with her around.

“I really need my space,” I said, “I’m in the midst of writing a book but if it was only going to be for a short time – I guess that would be OK.”

She didn’t throw her arms around my neck and shower me with kisses while saying, “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” but she gave me a smile, one that sent my heart throbbing for a moment.

In spite of my generosity, she didn’t choose to sit with me on the sofa but actually sat on the floor, looking up at me. It was obvious she didn’t want to get too close.

Silje described herself as an in-between gigs fashion model, working as a waitress so that she could eat and pay the rent occasionally. I must say I liked her almost immediately and not just because she had great tits and legs.

As it was approaching lunch time I suggested we ordered a pizza or something but she said she had to get changed and go to work. She got up, collected her clothes from the door-less bedroom, and went into the bathroom to change. When she re-appeared she looked quite beautiful and I would have liked to have told her so but I figured that would probably not be a good idea at this juncture.

Fucking my Lawyer

I slipped back to my hotel to pick up my luggage and my trusty laptop, ate in the coffee shop and then headed back to the apartment. As I was the new owner it seemed quite reasonable for me to look around. I checked out the bathroom which had the usual lady things spread out on the shelves and I peered into the bedroom cupboards, noticing that she had quite a collection of clothes. I picked up some of her flimsy underwear that was scattered on the floor and put it on the bed.

The place was quite nicely furnished but I did need a computer desk and chair and decided that I would go looking for those the next day. Meanwhile, I just sat on the sofa and soaked up the atmosphere of my new abode and thought how I was going to cope with my house guest.

Just after 5-30 Silje returned with a bag of groceries.

“I bought some pork chops,” she told me, “I hope you like them.”

I said that I did and told her that I`d picked up a bottle of wine on the way back from the hotel.

“I hope you like a dry red?”

She looked at me for a moment as though I might be planning to get her drunk and then gave a tiny smile, “That would be very nice,” she said.
I offered my help with the meal but she didn’t seem to want me to interfere and at around 6.15 we sat down at the table to eat. She was strangely silent, but when supper was over, she kindly let me dry the dishes.

For the rest of the evening I sat on the sofa and tapped away on my computer, mostly sending messages back home and she sat on the floor and watched some TV. At 10.00 she asked me what time I wanted to go to retire and I said that I would sleep on the sofa for the first night and she could have the bed. There was a little argument but she gave in after a while. I grabbed a spare blanket and settled down on the sofa even though it was a bit short for me.

From my vantage point, I could see right into the bedroom, although not the actual bed. Silje grabbed her things and changed in the bathroom, then tried to cross the gap between the two without me being able to see her short nylon nightie. I only got a fleeting glance of her but it was enough to make my brain to conjure up erotic images and my dick responded accordingly.

I didn’t fall asleep for a while as I was thinking about her. She was certainly pretty, even though she didn’t have the signature blonde hair associated with Nordic beauty. But she did have bright blue eyes, eyes that sparkled when she looked at you, and as for her body, it was trim and slim. Something I guess you’d expect for a fashion model. Age wise I figured she was about thirty, a little older than I usually go for BUT I was beginning to find her fascinating.

The following morning I was awakened by the smell of bacon and strong coffee. I stretched and looked around me and there in the kitchen area was Silje. She smiled as I mumbled incoherently.

“Breakfast will be ready in a few minutes,” she said, and I quickly made for the shower. I wasn’t quite sure what belonged to her and what belonged to the apartment, so naked I poked my head around the door to ask her which towels I should use.

“Use the green ones,” she said,” a former tenant left them behind, I guess they belong to you now.”

The breakfast was great but there was little conversation, it was like living with a fucking Carmelite Nun.

When she dashed out for an early shift I was starting to make a list of things to buy. But before I could get underway there was a knock at the door and there was Andrea, with more of her tits showing than the last time I saw her.

“I just wondered how things were going,” she said, then catching a glance of various female items in the hallway she asked if the former occupant had left them behind.

I explained that the former occupant had left herself behind. Then I told her the whole story.

“I can get her forcibly removed if you want me to,” she said.

I certainly didn’t want that and I said that maybe she’ll find somewhere to live in a few days.

“And what if she invites you into her bed, won’t that interfere with your ability to make rational decisions? You men are so easily distracted when it comes to sex”

She was sitting quite close to me on the sofa and her perfume was becoming a little intoxicating. I’m not sure how or why it happened but our faces seem to get closer and closer to each other until our lips met.

Holy fuck she must have had the longest tongue in Norway and it was half way down my throat. I began to grope her tits as it seemed a natural thing to do in the circumstances and she started rubbing her hand up and down my groin.

After a battle to remove each others’ clothes we rolled on the sheepskin rug in the middle of the floor. I licked and sucked her tits as she groaned and moaned like someone who’d not had a fuck for six months or more. Bent over with my knee between her legs she began to hump on it with her warm wet pussy lips.

Quickly I moved back and went down on her muff, opening it up with my fingers and then moving my tongue around the rim of her hole. She began to gyrate her ass, then she started to tremble, and her tits bounced every which way as she shook violently and came with a vengeance.

My cock was as hard as a rock and although I would like to have had it into her mouth for a bit of foreplay, I was getting desperate to cum. Opening up her legs wide and holding onto her tits I rammed it in as far as it would go. She screamed and hung onto me as I pounded her pussy mercilessly. My balls were bashing against her ass and I was snorting like a bull as I shot my load deep into her cunt, and then I continued to drive it in with big powerful thrusts, until every drop was gone.

Breathlessly we lay on the floor looking at each other for a few moments and then, as if nothing had happened, she got up and told me she had to be in court in half an hour. Dressed and not in the least disheveled she picked up her briefcase, gave me a kiss on the lips and said we should have lunch the next day.

I did manage to pick myself up and go out shopping. I found a place that said they could deliver my purchases in the late afternoon. In fact, they made it by 3.30.

Now I was the proud owner of a rather nice desk and typing chair. I also bought some odds and ends of stationery and a big easy chair for Silje to sit on. It seemed unlikely that she’d ever join me on the sofa – never mind invite me to her bed.

When she got in from work at 4.00 she looked admiringly at my purchases.

“I see you bought a very comfortable looking chair,” she said.

“It’s yours.”

“Why mine?”

“Well, you seem reluctant to sit by me when I’m on the sofa and it doesn’t seem right for you to be sitting on the floor.”

She blushed, “When two people of the opposite sex are living in the same small space – being too close can lead to complications,” she said, then she sat down in the chair and smiled.

“It’s very comfortable.”

After sharing the sofa with my lawyer for just a few minutes I was quite aware what can develop. I knew that if Silje and I sat watching TV together we’d accidentally touch, and while apologizing we’d look into each other’s eyes and then start to grope each other. Well, that would be my dream.

She actually began to talk a little over supper as if she was more at ease. We even managed to hatch out a plan as to who paid for groceries and a few other issues. When it came to bed time I really didn’t want to kick her out of the bed and I volunteered to take the sofa again.

There was a bit of an argument but I explained that I needed to sit up and do some writing and so it would be more convenient. She raised her eyebrows as if she didn’t believe me but she agreed to take the bed.

Fucking my Lawyer’s Friend

The next day Silje went to work and I got a call from Andrea the lawyer saying she couldn’t make lunch as she promised. However, she went on to say that she had a friend who was writing a novel based in Ireland who would appreciate my input. Apparently, she would send a car for me and give me lunch at her place.

I really wanted to get on with my own book but I thought getting touch with other writers, particularly ones who could afford to send a car for me, might be worthwhile. The chauffeur driven limousine turned up as promised and delivered me to an elegant looking house in the district of Bygdøy.

The Filipina maid showed me into a quiet luxurious drawing room and I sat and waited for my host. Her name turned out to be Melissa Carrington-Braaten, an English ex-pat who’d obviously married a wealthy Norwegian.

She was about the same age as Andrea, early thirties and was about the same build – “gorgeous.” It was too early for lunch but we enjoyed a coffee and a chat about the Ireland for around half an hour. She then went on to lament some of her personal problems.

“My husband is a business man and spends weeks and weeks away from home, mostly in Asia,” she said, “That’s why I started writing, to relieve the boredom. I don’t know about you but I sometimes get quite involved with my characters,. She smiled, “I even feel I’m making love to them sometimes. Do you ever do that?”

“I don’t write many sex scenes,” I replied, “Most of my efforts have been mysteries but so far I haven’t managed to finish one. That’s why I came to Norway – to get away from distractions.”

“Oh dear – I hope I’m not distracting you,” she said, looking dramatically sympathetic, and subtly adjusting one of her tits as if it was popping out of her bra.

“No it’s nice to talk to a fellow writer,” I assured her, now wondering if she’d actually written anything at all.

“It is isn’t it, I think we should get together regularly and maybe we could read our chapters to one another. It’s always good to get someone else’s opinion don’t you think?”

I agreed that could be a possibility and over lunch, she came out with something that went a bit further that just a reading.

“In the garden,” she said, “I’ve got a little hide-away. It’s just a small cabin my husband had built for me write in. Now if you came early one day we could both work on our projects in there. Who knows it might be just what we need to be more productive.”

I really wasn’t into working with other people, especial when they exuded such sexuality, but I did agree to go and look at her little nook. It was certainly not the Abe Lincoln kind of cabin, more the Hugh Heffner kind.

Quite large and luxuriously furnished, it was decorated with tropical plants, statues, and a trickling water feature. Then there was the hot tub. Melissa pointed it out to me and said that she got most of her inspiration soaking in there. Suddenly, and much to my surprise, it seemed that she needed to be inspired. She stripped of her clothes, and standing there completely naked, she asked me to do the same for the sake of art.

I could have said “Whose Art?,” but I resisted the temptation and began to take off my clothes. From the moment I stepped into the tub she was all over me, like a deranged sea serpent. She had her tongue in my mouth and one hand grasping my dick.

This was my first sexual experience in a hot tub and to be quite honest I was looking forward to it. Having your balls fondled in warm water isn’t all that bad and as she worked my foreskin up and down at the same time I had a real urge to cum.

Not wanting this to be a “wham bam thank you maam session” I broke her grasp and putting my hands around her narrow waist, I lifted her up so that her tits were well clear of the water. I drew her close to me then I started to suck her hard cherry-like nipples. I took as much of her soft warm tits in my mouth as it was possible and maneuvered my tongue around them. She began to run her fingers through my hair and moan quite loudly.

When I lowered her back on to her feet again I shoved my hand between her legs and slipped my finger into her crack. To reciprocate she started to wank my cock. We both got a bit carried away and began to speed up our movements and I was afraid that I would cum in the tub if it continued.
Figuring it might be easier to fuck her from the back I turned her around so that she was in the right position.

When I rammed it in she gave a scream as I had miscalculated and penetrated her ass. It felt good and tight, and once she’d relaxed I continued to shove it in and out until I shot my load.

“You’re a naughty boy,” she said turning to face me, “Now let’s do it the right way.”

She started to massage my balls with both hands and my cock soon came back up to full strength. Melissa leaned back on the rim of the tub, opened up her legs and aligned her cunt so that I could make a hole in one.

As I thrust it into her, as deep as I could, she gasped, “Please fuck me and fuck me good,” she cried, and I started to pound her pussy sending water spraying high in the air.

Even though this was going to be my second ejaculation I was desperate to feel my goo moving upwards and into her cavity. When I did cum she screamed her head off and I kept pumping into her like a mad man.

Being English she wanted to have tea afterward, and so it was late afternoon before I made it back to my apartment. Silje was not home yet and I settled down with my laptop to send an email to my best friend Patrick. I thought he would probably find it hard to believe that in three days I’d been laid twice and that I was living with a very beautiful woman that I hadn’t fucked yet.

As I pressed the send button in walked my gorgeous guest. She had a bag of groceries in her arms and she asked me if I liked fish. I told her I loved fish and I watched her lovely ass as she moved around the kitchen preparing supper.

It was so hard to figure Silje out. She was pleasant but seemed to be scared of becoming a real friend. I was finding it hard to maintain such a distant relationship living in a small apartment, primarily designed for once person.

After supper I asked her if she’d like to go out and see a movie. She said no but we could watch one on TV. Of course, she sat in her chair and I sat on the sofa. I offered her a brandy, she shook her head, I was getting a bit pissed off.

“Why you so unfriendly?” I blurted out, “What are you afraid of?”

She seemed stunned by my sudden outburst.

“I’m sorry,” she stammered, “I don’t mean to be distant it’s just that I have a lot on my mind.”

“I’m a very good listener,” I said, “Why don’t you tell me your troubles it might help.”

She looked at me quizzically for a moment, “Why should you care.”

“Why didn’t I turn you out of the apartment?” I replied.

She shrugged, “Yes – I guess you are a caring person – your Aunt was too.”

“OK – why don’t we turn off this stupid movie and talk.”

She sat for a few moments with her head bowed.

“The fact is I owe a lot of money,” she said, “I’m thirty-one years old, I don’t own a car, I don’t have enough money to pay for a deposit on another apartment – there you have it.”

“Look – I’m not going to rush you – you can stay here as long as you like – I’ll even pay for the groceries.”

“And what will you want in return?”

“Absolutely nothing.”

She sat back shaking her head, “You’re a very unusual man,” she said, forcing a smile, “You haven’t even asked me how I got myself into debt.”

“That’s your business,” I shot back.

“Well I suppose I should tell you, I guess I owe you. The fact is I once had a steady income, a nice car and a boyfriend who gambled it all away for me. When we split I was persuaded to take an expensive modeling course but when I’d completed it I found that there were no opportunities for thirty-year-olds, they want skinny teenagers.” With this, she started to cry.

I desperately wanted to put my arms around her to comfort her but I thought that might send the wrong message. So I just told her not to worry, I’d help in any way I could.

“You have to take the bed tonight,” she sniffled, “Ill change the sheets.”

I didn’t want to argue with her and so I accepted the offer.

My Dream Comes True

The following day I sat down determined to get on with my novel. I decided to trash what I wrote so far and to write a romantic mystery, about a guy that shares an apartment with a girl who has an intriguing past. In the afternoon I did take a break to go for a walk and do a little window shopping.

My meanderings eventually led me to a Thai take-away and I thought instead of Silje having to make supper I’d order it in. I arranged it with the restaurant, paid for it and wended my way back home.

When she walked through the door I had taken delivery, had the table laid with a bottle of wine breathing in the middle and a flickering candle. She shook her head and smiled. I loved that smile of hers.

“You’re not trying to seduce me are you,” she asked, taking the seat I’d pulled out for her.

“You have guessed my intentions,” I said, jokingly, “Now I want you to drink as much wine as you like because I have another twenty bottles in the cupboard.”

She laughed and thanked me for making her feel better. The food and the Beaujolais were great – and guess what? When we’d finished we actually sat together on the sofa!

Silje opened up a bit more that night telling that she was estranged from her parents because her ex-partner forged her father’s signature on a loan guarantee. It ended up with a court battle and although she was found to have played no part in it, she thought her parents seemed to have doubts.
When she finally went to bed, she actually kissed me on the cheek and said, “Thank you for a lovely evening.”

The next day, when I sat down to write my novel, I got a phone call and an invitation from Melissa. I said I was just too busy and couldn’t go over to her place. Within minutes I got a second call, this time from Andrea, telling me how disappointed her friend was and begging me to change my mind. I came to the conclusion that these two are a couple of swingers and I’m their latest toy boy.

I did manage to get two or three thousand words down, weaving in some of the things that Silje had told me. Of course, I didn’t use her name or even say it took place in Norway, my character was called Jenna and she lived in County Cork.

When my roomy came home she started to cook supper and I insisted on helping her. We shared a few jokes, she told me about her harrowing day as a waitress, and I told her that I was making progress with my novel.

In the evening we played scrabble and despite English not being her first language – she beat me every game. At around 10 o’clock I had a shower and it was my turn for the bed. She actually chose to shower after me and the door to the bathroom was right in the sleeping area.

As I lay there I imagined her lathering her naked body all over and wished that I could have been doing it for her. When she stepped out of the door wrapped in a towel my blood pressure went up twenty points. She stopped and look down at me, “I don’t suppose there’s room for two in the bed is there?” she smiled.

It was a bit narrow, not quite a double, but I quickly moved over and turned back the duvet, “Looks like plenty of room to me,” I said.
The towel dropped to the floor revealing a body to die for, slender with beautiful perky tits and a neatly trimmed slit. She slipped in beside me; I put my arms around her and kissed her on the lips. In spite of being as horny as hell I didn’t want to go at it like an animal like I did with Andrea and Melissa. The truth was, I was falling in love with her and I wanted it to be perfect.

As her breasts crushed against my chest we continued to kiss, our tongues intertwined and my hand ran gently up and down her back that was still warm and damp from the shower. I lightly brushed the nipples with the palm of my hand, then I took one into my mouth and began to suck. She moved her hands frantically around my shoulders and moaned.

Slowly I moved down her body, pausing to lick her naval and then continuing down until my tongue made contact with her pubic hair. Her whole body started to tremble as she anticipated me parting her lips. I gently separated them with my fingers and then began to flick up and down her wet crack.

With my face set firmly between her legs, I extended my arms upwards and fingered her nipples as I continued to probe the petals of her flower with my tongue. When the trembling became more and more pronounced I knew she was about to orgasm, however, I tried to maintain a steady pace, and when she did cum her whole body began to writhe, even more so when I prized open her legs ready to make penetration.

My animal instincts were beginning to get the better of me and when I drove my throbbing cock into her warm wet cunt there was no gentleness about it. I grabbed onto her hands and held them behind her head as I forcefully drove it in. She had her eyes closed and seemed to wince every time my balls crashed against her ass.

When I felt my cum working its way up I increased the pace, and she, sensing that I was about to fill her cavity with a steady stream of hot semen, started to whimper and move her bum up and down as if she couldn’t wait for those last powerful thrusts. I shot my load and for some incredibly stupid reason, I began to say “I love, I love you,” over and over again. Silje didn’t respond to my ridiculous outburst but kissed me gently as I withdrew and just snuggle up and went to sleep.

The next morning I awoke to find myself alone, she had already gone to work. I made some coffee and then just lay around, I couldn’t seem to write and I refused to answer my phone in case it was one of my swinging admirers.

I suppose I was confused. After all who falls in love after knowing someone for a few days and being intimate with them once. It didn’t add up. I began to wonder if I should have evicted her that first day because now I was involved and if I wasn’t careful all her problems would become mine.

After a sandwich and a beer for lunch, I did hit the keys and managed to produce a few pages of garbled dialogue. It wasn’t my best work by no means, but it did seem to relieve my tension. That was until I thought about her coming home and began to get all jittery. I had no need to worry – she didn’t come back.


At eight o’clock I became concerned, but as I didn’t know the restaurant where she worked, I couldn’t very well pound the streets of Oslo looking for her. In the end, I rooted through her belongings until I found a pay slip with the name and address of her employer. It was only around the corner and so I dashed over there to find that she’d left at five. Fortunately, a waitress caught my conversation with the manager and told me that when she came on shift she saw Silje sitting on a bench in a nearby park.

Thankful for the fact that most Norwegian speak good English, I raced over to where the girl had directed me. It was getting dark, and there all alone, she sat, like a stone statue. I went over to her and told her I was taking her home.

“You don’t want me – I’m toxic,” she murmured, “I’m no good for you.”

I told her not to be silly and I raised her up from the seat and with my arm around her, I took her back to the apartment. She refused the food that I prepared for her but she did accept coffee.

It was almost as if she’d had some sort of breakdown and I blamed myself for driving her over the top. I think telling her I loved her had triggered something inside of her, perhaps ignited some past memories that she would have rather forgotten.

It was a tough night, eventually, I tucked her into bed and then I took to the sofa. The next morning I got up early and got breakfast. I almost had to drag her out of bed. Over the table, I started to lay down the law.

“Look – I don’t need all this shit but I’m prepared to help if you’re prepared to help yourself.”

She shrugged, that was all the answer I got. On my suggestion, she didn’t go to work and I persuaded her to give me all the correspondence regarding her debts and I’d try and sort things out.

It turned out the only thing she really owed was the Modelling School. They seemed to hounding her with threatening letters, and then there seemed to be a worry about the legal fees her parents had encountered due to the court case.

I didn’t really want to go to Andrea with the problem but I had no choice. She seemed surprised that I would take such an interest in a total stranger.

“I’ll look into it for you but I think I deserve a little something for my efforts.”

“Oh I’ll pay the fees of course,” I said, naively.

“She smiled and looked at me as if to say, ”You know what I mean.”

I felt I was being a bit disloyal to Silje but I ended up fucking Andrea right there in the office. Not only that, she wanted all the foreplay.

She locked the door after telling her secretary that she didn’t want to be disturbed and then we both stripped off. Sitting on the desk with her long beautiful legs apart I knew what she wanted and I started to lick her out as she hung, quite tightly, onto my shoulders. When she came she almost swept the entire contents off the desk and then she wanted me to sit there while she plunged my dick deep into her mouth.

Her warm fingers fondled my balls as she went up and down my shaft and it wasn’t long before I cried out ” I’m cumming.” She didn’t care a shit, she just kept on sucking until I shot my load into her mouth. Andrea simply licked her lips and then pressed her tits into my face wanted them to be sucked. After that, she sat me in an upright chair and lowered her cunt onto my cock.

Gripping onto the back of the chair she started to bounce up and down on it. I grabbed hold of her tits and squeezed them as she pounded my dick like as if she was riding one of those giant exercise balls. When I came I couldn’t help yelling out, “Oh FUCK!” because it was amazing, and she didn’t stop bouncing on me until it was obvious I could stand no more.

“Let’s consider that a retainer,” she said with a grin, “I’ll get working on it right away.”

A little unsteady on my battered legs I left the office with the receptionist giving me a knowing smile. When I arrived back at the apartment Silje was feeling a little better and she prepared my lunch. I didn’t want to talk about the problems at that time and just started to babble on about my childhood in Ireland and a lot of other meaningless dribble.

After lunch, we sat on the sofa and looked at some goofy videos I’d recorded with my sister and I got her to laugh again. It was kind of like walking on egg shells but I knew I was getting better at it.

We didn’t sleep together that night, nor did I attempt to show her any affection, I just played it cool. The next day I got a call from Andrea who said there wasn’t much to worry about. Apparently what started the whole shemozzle with the modeling school was a sizable bad check. Now she’d arranged for Silje to pay them a reasonable amount each month until it was cleared. When I told her about that she seemed to be quite happy.

Regarding the legal fees, she felt she owed her parents there wasn’t much I could do about that but I did decide I’d try and contact them. During our conversations, I managed to establish she originally came from an area near Bergen. It didn’t take many minutes of searching to find a name and a telephone number that seemed to match.

I was not looking forward to phoning them but one afternoon I went into the park and made the call. Mrs .Fredriksen answered and I opened up by asking if she spoke English. I gave a sigh of relief when she said yes.

The mention of Silje’s name started her crying, “Where is she?” she sobbed, “We haven’t heard from her in over a year.”

I tried to explain the situation and when I mentioned the lawsuit and the legal fees she said that wasn’t her daughters fault it was the monster she was living with.

“Can you get her to phone us”” she pleaded.

I told I’d do better than that I’d try and get her to travel to Sandviken. She seemed to be as happy as a lark after that and I told her I’d call her as soon as everything was arranged.

Back at the apartment things were improving. We played scrabble that night and had a few laughs together. I must admit that I was thinking about sex. It wasn’t easy to block it out of my mind with a beautiful woman like her wandering around in her short skirt and bare feet.

I held back talking about her parents and legal fees as I thought she might just become withdrawn, and that would probably ruin my chances of carnal gymnastics. What selfish bastards men are sometimes.

In the end, I decided to be ruled by my heart and not my dick and I sprung it on her.

“Tomorrow I’d like to go to Sandviken on the train, would you go with me?”

She looked at me as though I had gone mad, “What are you up to?” she asked.

I told her I’d spoken to her mother and that she was heartbroken that she’d not been in contact with her. It was now Silje’s turn to cry.

“Are you sure she wants to see me?” she sniffled.

“She was absolutely overjoyed at the prospect,” I replied.

She came and put her arms around me, “I think I love you,” she said, with tears drops running down her cheeks.

The problem with that statement was – I didn’t really know if it was just gratitude for what I was doing. However, I decided not to question it and I said I loved her too and she suggested we went to bed. It was a perfect ending to the day.

There may have been a little gratitude in her lovemaking because she certainly took the lead. I’d hardly hit the sheets when she went down on me.
She licked it, she sucked it and she fondled it, but although she brought me close to cumming she kept me just on edge, presumably wanting it inside of her love tunnel and not in her mouth.

I responded by rubbing my dick over her nipples. She really seemed to like that and then, I went down on her muff, burying my face in the soft pink folds and licking her out. Silje was moaning and groaning as I kept my pussy flicker busy running up and down her lips, while inserting one finger and moving it around and around.

When she came she took a series of short sharp breaths, dug her nails into my shoulders and started to call out “Fuck me, Fuck me.”

I did not intend to disappoint her and so I turned her over onto her side and ran it in from the rear. She worked her ass back onto to me, grinding my cock and driving me to hold on to her tits and fuck her fast and furious.

With my balls slapping against her bum I drove it in with a great deal of force and it wasn’t long before I blew a whole lot of cum deep inside of her. She screamed as I climaxed and made a few forceful thrusts to ensure she got every last drop. We fell asleep in each others’ arms and the next morning, we packed a few things and headed out on our seven-hour train journey.

Like a Fairy Tale

The scenery was so amazing I was glued to the window most of the way but Silje, who I expect had seen it many times before, went to sleep on my shoulder. It was such a good feeling.

When we arrived at the station in Bergen she was a nervous wreck, in fact, I think if she could have turned back she would have. However, I managed to get her off the train and there, running towards us was Mr. and Mrs. Fredriksen.

Of course, there were hugs and tears and I stepped back to allow them some privacy. After a while, somebody did notice me. It was her mother.

“And you must be Seth who phoned me and brought my daughter home,” she cried, putting her arms around me and giving me a big hug. Mr. Frederiksen was much more subdued and shook my hand and simply said, “Thank you.”

It was only a short drive to the house and once inside I was greeted by a table laden down with food and three additional family members, Bjorn, Silje’s brother, his wife and five-year-old daughter. I had explained that I had reserved a hotel room in town but the family insisted that I’d been staying there for the night.

“You do sleep together,” don’t you?” he mother inquired.

Before I could answer such an awkward question Silje squeezed my hand and said yes for me. After that, it seemed I was a member of the family.
During supper, where a fair amount of alcohol was consumed, no one mentioned anything about the past but I did get one big shock when her brother asked if she was going to go back into medicine again. Holy shit, I thought, here’s me thinking I’m fucking a waitress and I’ve been fucking a doctor.

Later she explained that she lost her license because she was prescribing drugs for her boyfriend and he was selling them.

“I’ve been very stupid,” she said, as we snuggled together in the big wooden bed, “I hope you will keep me from ever being stupid again.”

I hung on to her tight and kissed her. We didn’t make love because the old bed creaked if we made the slightest move. But I did hold on to her lovely tits as we went to sleep.

We just spent two days there’s before returning to Oslo but she seemed so happy and so positive about the future, I knew it was time well spent. In spite of her family being very hospitable and extremely kind to me, it was nice to get back to the apartment – it was really beginning to feel like home.

I Skyped my mother when we got back and introduced her to Silje. When she asked me how the novel was going I was a bit embarrassed, I could only say that I made a good start. I didn’t tell her that I written less than five thousand words.

Did we make love when we got home ? To darn right we did. We didn’t even go to bed to do it, we fucked right there on the sofa. I had her over the arms with her legs up in the air and I rammed it in standing up and watched her tits bounce as I plowed her pussy. We did it three times that night, once she sucked me off and the other time was in the shower with the water running.

We were having a great time together and I knew life would never be the same without her but I still wasn’t sure if she loved me for myself or what I’d done. A few days after we got back I put her to a little test, suggesting that perhaps I should go back to Ireland. She was devastated.

“I thought you love me,” she cried, with the most pathetic look on her face, “You told me you loved me.”

“I do love you but I’m not really sure how you feel.”

“How I feel? Are you completely blind?”

Before I could answer she began to get quite belligerent, “Is it about age? Is it because I’m a few years older than you? Well it shouldn’t make any fucking difference if you love me,” she broke down at this point, “OK go back to the fucking Irish Repblic if you have to.”

I took her into my arms and kissed her cheek, “I don’t want to go – I just wanted to be sure you really love me.”

She pushed me away, “So now I’ve passed the fucking test have I?”

“You can’t blame for wanting to make sure – I didn’t want to ask you to marry me with the chance you would turn me down.”

She threw her arms around my neck, “I would never turn you down – ask me?”

“Will you marry me?”

She looked thoughtful, “Can I have time to think about it?”

“No, you can’t.”

“OK – the answers yes.”

We should have been tearing each other’s clothes off at that point but we wanted to tell the world and so I got on Skype to my Mom and Dad, while she phoned her parents in Sandvikan.

The wedding was simple, my parents flew over for it and then we faced a year-long battle to get her medical license back. Andrea was very helpful and now, seeing me committed, she didn’t ask for payment in kind.

On the day the authorities issued her license she came back home very excited.

“Now I’m going to show you how doctors make love,” she said.

Producing several feet of satin ribbon she tied me spread eagle to the bed. Next she slipped a blindfold on me. I was getting very nervous, I couldn’t see a thing and I couldn’t move.

I felt her tongue tickle the end of my big toe, then there was nothing for a while. Then she touched the end of my knob with her finger, I presumed she spit on because it felt moist. Next was the big shock, she took it into her mouth and almost swallowed the lot.

After sliding up and down my shaft a few times she stopped again. There was silence except she did give out a faint giggle. I kept wondering what the hell was going to happen next and then she rubbed her tits all over my face, this was followed by her straddling my head and lowering her hot wet crack onto my mouth.

I desperately wanted to grab onto her but I was hog tied, I couldn’t move an inch. However, my tongue was still free and so I licked it like it was the flavor of the month.

It did not take Silje long to cum and when she did she slid down my body and went into a reverse cowboy. She lowered herself onto my cock very slowly, then she raised herself up before crashing down on it again. I was almost at the point of pleading for her to fuck me when she dropped back down and began to pound the shit out of me.

When I blew my goo it felt as though my balls were on fire. It streamed out as hot as molten lava and I was tugging at my bonds and calling out all kinds of profanity both in English and in Irish.

It was something of a co-incidence but the day after she got her status renewed I got a letter from a publisher back home saying that my book had been accepted for publication.

As she put her arms around my neck and looked over my shoulder at the good news, then she chewed my earlobe and said, “I suppose you’ll have to show me how published authors do it now!”

“Where’s the satin ribbon?” I cried, “Get me the satin ribbon!”

Silje ran to the bedroom laughing with me in pursuit. She threw herself onto the bed and with a lovely smile on her face she extended her arms to embrace me. As I gently lowered my body on hers, I briefly looked upwards and whispered “thank you” to my sweet departed Aunt Olaug.

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