Konrad Max’s Month of Love Part 4

I rode my bike to work early and picked up a wrap and a coffee to eat at the office. Paula turned up a few minutes later with a book in one hand and a coffee in the other. Apparently, the book, which she had bought the previous evening, listed all the things that happened on certain days in history. The usually quiet redhead continued to bombard me with uninteresting facts for the rest of the day.

As an example, she informed me that the first air crash victim was a Frenchman named Eugene Lefebvre, who took a nose dive on this day in 1909. Before I could fully digest that fact she skipped to 1911 when French poet Guillaume Apollinaire was arrested on suspicion of stealing the Mona Lisa from the Louvre.

When Taylor entered the room all bubbly, dressed in a bright red outfit and smelling of some exotic perfume Paula quickly put the book away and pretended to be engrossed in her work. Taylor came over to me with a big smile and told me that she had found the best place to buy a cheeseburger in the whole of France and she was treating me to lunch.

As it seemed useless to say no to either of Bob’s women, I just went along with it. My plan now was to work as hard as I could to complete the books and then possibly enter a monastery!

At 12 sharp Taylor drove me over to Le Pied de Mammoth, the hamburger joint on Rue Selleneck. I must say it was the best burger and fries I’ve had since I left Toronto. During lunch, she decided to confide her anti-matrimonial plans to me as she couldn’t keep it to herself any longer.

“I bought these two tiny surveillance cameras from an electronics store and I managed to place one in Elise’s apartment during a “friendly visit” and the other one I put in the storeroom at the office because that was where I caught her with the salesman.” She went on to explain that they transmitted a signal to a recorder she’d concealed in her Dad’s office.

“I’m going to play them back tomorrow to see if I caught any fish,” she laughed, “Do you want to join me for the premiere?”

Feeling quite faint as it appeared that my activities might have been recorded on candid camera I declined her offer and lost my appetite at the same time. In the afternoon I was trying to figure out how I could get into Bob’s office and destroy the recorder while Paula kept annoying with more fascinating facts about the 7th September, which apparently was the day in 1927 when the first fully electronic television system was achieved by Philo Farnsworth. I wonder if my fucking the boss’s future wife on a storeroom table on the 6th September will eventually go down in some history book.

I was not given the opportunity to search Bob’s office because he was in conference most of the day and even if I had been able to gain access I wouldn’t have known where to search. There was no alternative but to suffer and perhaps hope that the two men in dark glasses might gun me down before I was exposed as a low down fornicator.

There were no suspicious men in dark glasses outside the hotel when I arrived back from work. I had to put my panic down to an over active imagination. They were probably just two guys who thought it made them look mysterious if they wore tinted lenses after dark.

In spite of feeling better about be hunted down by hired assassins, I still thought I should stay clear of Gigi for the time being, although I thought of her continuously. I had supper tonight at Le Gruber the place where we met and managed to get the same table.

As I sat there pretending that she was sitting across from me I wondered if my emotions were getting out of control?


As I peddled my way to work I was dreading walking in the building thinking that Taylor might have examined the recordings and made my indiscretion public knowledge. Expecting the shit to hit the fan I kept a low profile. Paula had left her book at home, thank God and I just got with my work the best I could.

I didn’t get invited for lunch – in fact, I made do with a bag of peanuts and raisins as my stomach was not feeling receptive to real food. However, Taylor didn’t suddenly run into the room shouting scum bag; I didn’t see Bob chasing Elise down the street brandishing a shotgun and so I thought I might get through at least one more day of bookbinding.

When I was about to leave, just after five I was cornered by Taylor who wanted me to see the new Porche her dad had bought her. I was a little nervous as she asked me to sit in the passenger seat and feel the luxurious leather.

When she climbed in beside me she was very excited and produced a small portable device with a screen. My heart stopped beating for a few seconds.

“Guess what I’ve got?” she cried excitedly.

My mouth was too dry to answer and I let her babble on.

“The fucking camera in the storeroom malfunctioned,” she said, “But the one in the apartment hit pay dirt.”

My heart started beating again and I looked up to heaven and murmured “Thank you.”

“You won’t believe who’s been screwing the ass off Elise,” she said.

I said I hadn’t a clue and she switched on the screen and there was Elise’s apartment with two bodies bouncing up and down on the bed. The guy was on top and all I could see was his bare ass but a few minutes into this video spectacular, with exceptional sound, they changed positions and the identity was revealed.

“Holy shit – it’s Sacha the office boy.”

“I always thought he was a perverted little bastard,” she said, “But I never expected to find him in bed with Elise.”

Becoming quite serious she then asked my advice about how she could tell her father.

“Even though I’m doing him a good turn he may never forgive me for this,” she said with tears in her eyes.

I told her that what she’d done was illegal and that she would have to be very careful.

“Think it over carefully,” I said, “There may be some way you can bring the facts to light without involving yourself and I promised to give it some thought. ”

Taylor said the wedding was in a couple of weeks and so she didn’t have a lot of time but she wouldn’t do anything until she had spoken to me again. I got out of the Porsche and onto my bike and thanked my lucky stars that the camera in the storeroom had malfunctioned. When I arrived at the hotel I got a phone call from Angela advising me that we were both in the clear. The bad guys had apparently been arrested in this France and the gang leaders abroad.

“I’ll be home in the morning – I’ll see you there,” she said.

It’s funny but if I had a place of my own I would prefer not to go back but my salary was not really enough to rent anything decent in this expensive city dripping with high paid diplomats and civil servants. I had to face up to the fact that I was stuck for the moment. I planned to get up early the following morning, check out of the hotel and move my bags. However, I had a desperate urge to see Gigi again.

It was about six when I arrived at her building. I climbed up the two flights of stairs to her workshop, knocked gently on the door and walked in. A big smile appeared on her face. “Hi – I haven’t seen you for a few days.”

“It’s been exactly sixty-nine and a half hours,” I said.

“Wow – you must have been counting.”

“Every minute,” I replied.

She ignored my remarked that perhaps conjured up some sort of romantic attachment that she wasn’t ready for and simply went back to her sewing.

“I wanted to tell you about a few things that have changed in my life,” I said, “I’d really like to take you out to dinner and talk.”

“It’s too expensive to keep going out to dinner,” she said.

“I can afford it at the moment.”

“I don’t care about that – I shall start feeling some kind of obligation if you keep spending money on me. You go for a walk around town or something and come back in an hour – I rustle up a meal for us.”

“Why can’t I watch you – or even help.”

“That would distract me – I would rather you make yourself scarce for an hour. So off you go and come back at seven.”

Having no choice but to go along with her I went out into the Petite France area and just started to browse the store windows. It’s an enchanted place with cobbled streets and half-timbered buildings centuries old. It’s a bit like being caught up in a fairytale.

As I was walking by one of the canals I suddenly realized that I had not phoned my mother for about a week and if she’d phoned me she would have got a disconnect message. As I had a government phone I thought I would make the call to Canada at their expense.

I sat in a doorway and rang her. We had a long conversation, I told her that I was busy working and she was grateful for that but of course my grandparents in Buende had told her I was having an affair with Angela and that had not gone down too well.

It was not easy to explain an affair to my mother who only believes in sex between married people and would assume that if Angela and I were participating in such behavior it was merely a prelude to marriage.

“She’s so much older than you,” she said, “And much more a woman of the world. She’s been married twice you know.”

Twice – I was not aware of, but I didn’t let on about my ignorance but pacified her by saying I was thinking things over very carefully.

When I got back to Gigi’s place I had to bang on the door of the workshop to get her attention. The stairs to her attic apartment are only accessible through there and I was worried in case she’d played a trick and didn’t intend to open the door. But she did and I noticed at once that she had changed her dress and looked absolutely fabulous.

When we got up to the apartment I found the table was laid out beautifully and she told me to sit down while she finished things off. After a few minutes sitting there twiddling my thumbs, I got up and went around the corner into the kitchen. She stood at the counter preparing some salad and I couldn’t help but admire her trim figure and lovely bum. I walked up behind her and slipped my arms around her waist. It was a bad move. She turned around quite angrily and told me to back to the sitting area.

I felt a bit like a scolded little boy sitting there but I knew that I was at fault and that I had probably offended her. I regretted making such a stupid move and as soon as she reappeared with a tray of food I apologized.

“That’s OK.” She said, “Let’s eat.”

The meal consisted of baked pork chops with Sauer kraut and baked potatoes accompanied by a green salad. Before she sat down she opened the cupboard behind her and produced a little surprise.

“I thought you might be back one day and so I bought a bottle of wine.”

She handed me the bottle with a bottle opener and a wine glass. As I poured the wine I looked at her and she at me. I took a sip of my wine and then decided to speak my mind regardless of how it was taken. As my mother used to say “nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

“Gigi,” I said, my hand trembling and some of my wine spilling on the cloth, “I know it sounds crazy but I think I’m falling in love with you.”
She continued eating and didn’t look up at me for a few seconds.

“It does sound crazy, you’re living with a woman who you obviously have feelings for and now you suddenly want to turn your attention to someone else.”

I tried to explain how the relationship with Angela began but it sounded so phony I never really finished what I planned to say. As usual, my appetite was suffering but I forced myself to eat because she had gone to so much trouble.

After dinner, I insisted on helping to wash the dishes. We conducted the exercise in silence and she would look at me occasionally and shake her head. When we’d finished I simply turned to her and said,

”I’ve obviously screwed things up tonight and so it would probably be better if I left.”

She didn’t say anything as I made for the door but when I turned to thank her for the meal she walked over to me with tears in her eyes, threw her arms around my neck and said, “Please don’t go.”

I kissed the tears from her eyes and then our lips met. It must have been fifteen minutes before she moved back and asked if I would like to watch another movie.

I knew she didn’t want this lovemaking to go any further at this time and so I said I’d love to. While she sorted through her collection of DVDs I sat on the sofa in eager anticipation that we would at least snuggle together.

“Do you like Gerard Depardieu movies,” she asked, “I have an old one here that I really like – it’s called Too Beautiful for You – have you heard of it?”

I said I hadn’t but that I had seen several of his movies and found him to be an outstanding actor. Gigi agreed and putting the DVD in the slot she joined me on the sofa and she didn’t object when I put my arms around her.

Even though the Depardieu movie was very entertaining I must admit that I spent more time glancing at Gigi’s lovely face and when she laughed at some sequence or other it was like music to my ears.

The wine bottle remained on the table and I would occasional top up my glass and I lost track of just how much I’d consumed. By the end of the show, I was feeling a little dizzy and Gigi asked if I was alright.

“I’m sorry,” I said, “I think I’ve drunk too much wine, I usually never drink more than a couple of glasses and I seemed to have consumed most of the bottle.”

“You shouldn’t go home if you don’t feel well, you can sleep here on the sofa.”

She asked me if I wanted her to make coffee but I declined and she brought me a pillow and a blanket and help me settle down. That’s all I remember.


I was in the middle of a weird and wonderful dream when I was awoken by Gigi leaning over me with a cup of coffee.

“It’s 7.30 – do you have to go to work this morning?”

It took me a few moments to get my bearings and then holding my head I managed to stammer that I was due in a 9. I managed to get the coffee down but I left the croissant she brought me later.

Gigi seemed quite concerned and ushered me into the bathroom where she had laid out a new toothbrush and a clean towel.

“Perhaps you should phone your work and tell them that you can’t make it today,” she suggested.

I nodded as I looked in the mirror I saw this ghastly face looking back at me.

“OK.” I’ll do that,” I said, forgetting all about the fact that I had promised Angela that I would be back at the apartment this morning. However, I knew if she didn’t have to go to work she’d be in bed until midday and so I hoped for the best.

I left the bathroom feeling more refreshed and I told Gigi that I had to collect my bags from the hotel and go back to the apartment as Angela was back home. She looked a little downcast and I lifted her chin and gave her a light kiss.

“I’ll get things sorted out and give you a call – I love you Gigi.”

She didn’t reply, she simply nodded and moved to clear away my coffee cup and uneaten croissant.

Before I checked out of the hotel I phoned Bob to tell him that the emergency with Angela was over, she was back home and would he mind if I took the day off.

“I can come in tomorrow, I said, “To catch up with my work.”

Bob wouldn’t hear of such a thing and told me to take off whatever time I needed, he even invited Angela and me to have dinner with him and Elise sometime the following week. I thought that would be a hoot.

When I got to the apartment Angela wasn’t in bed she was sitting at the table, that was covered in papers, drinking coffee. She greeted me with a kiss but not that passionate one I’d expected, and then she became serious and invited me to sit down.

I’ve been authorized by the agency to tell you just a little about my work so you will understand why we have both been hiding out these last few days. My job is to track down stolen antiquities taken from places like Iraq, Afghanistan, and other conflict zones. Some of these artifacts are worth millions of dollars and are prized by some rich and powerful people for their private collections. Naturally, they don’t want to be exposed as receivers of stolen goods and that’s why the job can be dangerous at times.”

“Visa vis the two men in dark glasses.”

“Exactly – that’s the most serious situation I have encountered so far.” She paused and looked at me with a sorrowful look on her face, “That’s not all I have to tell you about my job,” she paused again and fiddled with some of the papers, “The agency wants me to go to New York to work with the United Nations.”

“Wow,” was about all I could say.

“It’s a great step up in my career Konrad I can’t really afford to miss the opportunity.”

“I understand – you don’t owe me anything – you’ve been very kind and opened up a whole new life to me.”

“I’m glad you think of it that way,” she said with a little smile. “If you’re planning to stay on in Strasbourg I will help you to find a new place to live and I’ll pay the first couple of months rents for you.”

I told her I would prefer to stand on my own feet and even handed her the fifteen hundred Euro I had left from what her colleague had given me.”

“Oh you keep that – that’s been written off by the agency.”

I sighed with relief and then asked her when she was due to leave.

“I have to leave on Sunday night so I have a lot of arrangements to make but don’t worry we’ll be able to spend some time together.” She then looked at me quizzically, “Don’t you have to go to work today?”

I lied and said that I’d asked for the day off because she was back home.

“That’s sweet,” she said, “You can help me to get ready.”

It looked as though she was not going to have time to help me find a place and within the hour she had taken off somewhere leaving me alone contemplating my future. About 10.30 the phone rang and Taylor was on the line.

“Konrad – I really have to talk to you – I expected you at work today – have you got time to meet me for lunch?”

I’m really fed up with eating in restaurants and so I suggested she came over to the apartment and I would make some lunch for us. The phone went dead for a moment and then she asked, “What about your lady friend?”

“It’s OK,” I said, feeling a little sadness as I continued, “She’s just my friend now and she’s leaving the country on Sunday.”

“So you’re a free agent,” she said.

“Not exactly.”

“What does that mean?”

“Let’s not worry about at the moment – let’s look after your immediate problem.”

With that, I asked her to give me an hour to pick up a few groceries and then to come round. When Taylor arrived I had made a pile of club sandwiches and a pot of coffee. She sat down and looked a little uneasy; almost as if she was scared Angela would come back.

After we’d polished off our lunch she laid out her plan before me and it was I that became scared. First, she told me that she’d planted some listening devices in various parts of the office including that of Elise and she heard her arrange to meet Sasha at her apartment on Saturday morning.

I told her that I thought she was probably violating the law but this didn’t seem to faze her. The next part of the plan became even more worrisome – she wanted me to act as a sort of look out.

The whole plan looked something like this: she was going to persuade her Dad that she wanted to buy an engagement present for Elise, a sort of peace offering as they frequently had disagreements. She would get him to shop with her in the street where Elise’s apartment was situated. I was to conceal myself in a store doorway across the street monitoring the video camera she had placed inside the apartment and when the couple got naked and down to business I was to signal her.

Bob had a key to the apartment and she had to get him to unlock the door quietly and they would both yell surprise!! The timing was crucial and I could see many things that could go wrong but Taylor maintained a positive attitude and begged me to do my part.

She gave me the monitoring device and showed me how to work it and was just about to leave when Angela got back.

“You have a friend over,” she observed with a little smile.

“Yes,” I replied, “I think you’ve met Taylor before.”

“Just briefly,” she said and held her hand out. “I’m Angela – has Konrad looked after you,” she asked looking at the dirty plates on the table.
“Oh yes – he makes a great sandwich.”

There was a little more pointless chit chat and Taylor left.

“Gosh I’m only two days from leaving the country and you’re entertaining prospective lovers.”

“I’m just helping with a scheme to surprise her future stepmother,” I laughed, “That’s all.”

Angela raised her eyebrows, “That’s what you say.”

She then went on to tell me that Barry, her ex, had phoned her while she was out and asked if he could stay the night. I said that would be OK as long as he slept on the sofa. Angela laughed out loud – you little bugger you’re out for revenge aren’t you?”

I nodded- she laughed again and shaking her head she went into the bedroom to continue her packing.

It seemed that another operative was moving in the apartment while she was away and so she didn’t have to clear everything out. She did fling a few things my way that she thought I could use including an iPhone; a French-English dictionary and a Rolex watch that she said she’d given Barry as a gift and took it back when they got divorced.

“Don’t let him see it,” she said, “he might get upset.”

I was quite happy to keep it hidden – it was a beautiful timepiece.

Later in the afternoon, I went to collect my bike from the hotel and I picked up a paper so I could look for a place. It didn’t look too promising. Just before supper time, I called in on Gigi and tried to fill her in what was going on with Angela. I thought she might be pleased but the way I put it I’m sure it seemed like I was saying, “Now I’m off the hook I can spend more time with you.” She simply responded with silence so I knew I’d said the wrong thing.

After we’d talked for a while she seemed to come around a little and I told her that I was looking for an apartment. I thought she might have said – “Why not move in with me – but she didn’t.”

I was about to leave when she said she was just going to eat and I was welcome to stay but I’d promised to go out with Angela and Barry and so I had to turn down her kind invitation. She looked a little disappointed.

I’ve come to the conclusion that Gigi does like me a lot but I’m not sure that she trusts me. Perhaps her experience with the older man she mentioned had a negative side and as a result, she is overly cautious when it comes to relationships.

By the time I got back to the apartment the dapper Barry had arrived and after a quick shower and a change of clothes I was ready to go out on the town. Barry probably expecting to screw his ex-wife once again took us to L’Alsace à Table, which has a sentimental attachment to them and he plied her with alcohol and sweet words but then got a shock when, back at the apartment, he was relegated to the sofa for the night.

Driven by revenge I gave Angela the best fuck ever. I tantalized her with my tongue; taunted her with my fingers, and ultimately penetrated her flower with strong forceful strokes that sent her into a super orgasm and caused her to scream at the top of her lungs. Poor Barry – I really felt sorry for him LOL.


I woke up at seven thirty and Barry was gone! He obviously didn’t wait to either shower or have a pee as he would have to have passed through the bedroom for that. Angela got up early as she still had a thousand things to do before her flight the next day. I, of course, have my 10.30 appointment playing 007 with Taylor. I’m still nervous about that.

I had bought a bunch of papers the day before and I continued to look through them for an apartment. Even phoning places was difficult because my French was still very poor. Sometimes I used German but I couldn’t do that all the time. Fortunately, the new tenant was not due to be moving in for a few days and so Angela said I could stay until she took over.

At ten I left the apartment with my monitor and headed for my position on Rue des Juifs. I waited in a store doorway and tested the device. Sure enough, it was bringing in a picture from Elise’s apartment and it was as clear as day. Unfortunately, Sasha was already there and he was kissing her quite furiously and had one hand groping up her skirt. I stepped out of the store doorway and looked down the street for Taylor and her dad but there was no sign of them.

I stepped back into the doorway and take another look at what was happening and bumped into a policeman who was leaving the store. Holy shit I almost passed out but after I’d offered a polite apology the cop tipped his hat and continued on his way. He probably thought I was some geek who couldn’t be pried away from his iPad.

Sasha and Elise were now ripping off each other’s clothes and backing up towards the bed as they did so. Suddenly the screen went blank and I could only assume that the camera battery had gone flat. I began to panic and stepping out into the street I strained my eyes to see if I could locate Taylor, she just happened to pop out of a store with her dad, who was carrying a huge parcel. He looked quite excited and was laughing at whatever she was saying to him.

As soon as Bob caught sight of me he greeted me with a smile, “Fancy seeing you here.”

Thinking he might get into a conversation and delay the proceedings I said the first stupid thing that came into my head to Taylor, which was “The Eagle has landed,” and excused myself leaving Bob looking very confused.

I was hoping to see the climax of this operation on the monitor but that was no longer possible and so I returned to the apartment to browse the classifieds and do some phoning. Around 11.30 Taylor phoned me.

“I want to thank you for your help Konrad, I couldn’t have done it without you.”

“So it went according to plan?”

“It couldn’t have gone better the moment we burst through the door Elise couldn’t even say hi because she had her mouth full.”

I asked her how her Dad was taking it and she said he was heartbroken but that it was better than finding out after they were married.
Angela came back during the phone call and I rang off and asked how things were going. She said we simply had to go out to lunch as she needed to get away from the strain for a couple of hours. I agreed to go but I didn’t know what I was letting myself in for.

She decided that we would go to Chez Yvonne and I was happy about that – they have great food. Unfortunately, they also serve wine and Angela being stressed out drank far more than she should. She ordered a bottle of Saint-Emilion Grand Cru and didn’t touch much of her lunch she just kept on drinking and then ordered a second bottle.

“In spite of having this wonderful opportunity Konrad,” she blabbed, “I’m going to miss living in Strasbourg and I’m going to miss my friends. Do you know something,” she said pushing her face just inches away from mine,”I’ve not even got time to say goodbye to my family in Buende – in fact,” she took a deep breath, “They don’t even know I’m going. They don’t even know I’m fucking going – now isn’t that the shits.”

I told her she could phone them when we got back but she said she was afraid too.

“We’re a close-knit family,” she sniffled, “And I’m going to live thousands of miles away – I might be there for years.”

I tried to console her saying they would probably love to visit her in New York but I don’t think she wanted to be consoled – it was almost as if she wanted to be miserable – she wanted to suffer.

I had a job driving her back home because she kept leaning against me, then, of course, I had to help her up to the stairs to the apartment where she promptly threw up. As I’ve had some experience of her drinking too much before I went through the same procedure of putting her to bed and covering her up. I then went through the papers on the dressing table to find her air tickets and check on her schedule for Sunday. Her plane left at 4.05p.m. so I figured I had to get her there for 2 p.m. Providing she was in a fit condition to go.

She had been packing some boxes to be transferred into storage, and there was stuff all over the floor of the bedroom. I did my best to finish this work off for her, hoping that I was putting the right things in the right boxes. After I’d finished I stood by the door and gazed at Angela. Even though our relationship had been tumultuous at times I knew I was going to miss her.

I slept on the sofa and had a restless night because I kept worrying about finding alternative affordable accommodation. At around 3 a.m I got up again and made some coffee and listened to some of the weird street noises. After that, I slept more soundly.


I got up at 7.30, had a shower and then tried to wake up Angela. It took some time to get her out of bed and she looked like hell. I helped her into the shower and then went to prepare breakfast. We sat in silence until I managed to tell her how much I was going to miss her. I wished afterward that I had kept my mouth shut as she started to cry and ran back into the bedroom.

The whole morning was a shemozzle, a mixture of laughter, tears, and panic. At twelve we decided to leave so that we could have lunch on the way. Neither of us ate much and we actually got to the airport early and she suggested that I should leave right away as she didn’t like long goodbyes. We kissed, she started to sniffle again and then she pierced my heart like a dagger when she said, “It’s a good thing I’m going away Konrad – I was beginning to fall in love with you.”

I hugged her very tight and quickly left the departure area, wiping my eyes as I did so. In spite of my love for Gigi, I still feel a strong attachment to Angela but for some reason, I’d never thought of our relationship as being permanent. Our personalities were very different and her lifestyle was far too hectic.

The occasional tear trickled down my cheek as I drove back to the apartment but I pulled myself together and began to think about the problems that lay ahead for me. I didn’t have a mother hen to take care of me anymore – I was on my own.

I parked the car as it was due to be picked up by some government agency or other and I climbed the stairs to the apartment. When I opened the door I was not greeted by an agent dressed as a workman but by a middle aged woman who was the spit and image of Judy Dench.

She informed me that she was taking over the apartment, not in a few days as Angela had suggested, but that very night. I was astounded as she pointed to my luggage, which I’d left packed and told me she needed it moving right away. Madame Bouchard, as she introduced herself, was not the kind of person you could argue with and so I scrambled to pick up a few bits and pieces I’d left scattered around and made my exit.

The only place I could think of where I might be able to stay for one night was at Gigi’s place. I thought she might let me sleep on the sofa again. Climbing up the two flights of stairs I knocked loudly on the door but got no response. I eventually phoned but got a message service. In the end, I decided to just sit there and wait. Three hours later I heard someone coming up the stairs – I sighed with relief when I saw her and she looked shocked.

I told her the story of the Gestapo Kapitan that had taken over my apartment and I asked if I could just spend one night on her sofa and I would find somewhere to stay tomorrow. She looked at me a bit suspiciously and then said, “Do you promise to behave?”

I gave her the Scout’s Honor and was admitted. Leaving my luggage in the workroom I followed her up into the attic apartment and she suggested I sit down while she got some supper ready. Not wanting her to go to a lot of trouble I said I would like to take her out to a restaurant but she turned me down again.

The room was furnished with a sofa, a table, two dining chairs and a large wall cabinet that housed the TV. As I’ve said before it was cozy but quite cramped.

She switched on the TV for me and a few minutes later served me with a cup of coffee. In spite of her hospitality, I felt a little uneasy. I thought she might be thinking I was playing a trick on her.

We had a pleasant supper and then she came up with a surprising offer.

“You can stay here for a few days,” she said, “But you’ll have to sleep in the workroom, there is a two piece bathroom and I’ll find a place to hang your clothes.”

“That would be great I,” said, “I can chip in some money for food and if you’ll allow me I can share the cooking.”

She smiled, “How about you wash the dishes?”

I told her that I could live with that and evening progressed very nicely with me showing her a lot of the photos of Canada I had loaded on my laptop and she pulling out her family album. We watched the news on TV and then she showed me my spot in the workroom and gave me a sleeping bag.

Before she left the room I took her hand and gently pulled her towards me and kissed her. She responded by putting her arms around my neck but that’s as far as she allowed it to go.


Gigi actually brought my breakfast down to the workroom and I got ready for work in the tiny bathroom. I took a cab to the office and as I walked down the hallway I passed Bob who looked pretty upset. Just behind him carrying a pile of boxes was Sasha, I was shocked to find him still working there.

Taylor came to see me later in the day and said that her Dad didn’t blame the boy, he felt that Elise, who was quite a bit older, had tempted him. I thought that was very generous of him. She then told me that she had a surprise for me and led me outside to the back of the building. There stood a 2005 blue Citroen C4.

“It’s yours,” she said, handing me they keys.

“Mine?” I stammered, not able to believe my ears.

“You helped me more than you can imagine, ”she said, giving me a kiss on the cheek.

I then felt obligated to tell her that although Angela had gone away there was someone that I was very fond of and who I was not prepared to cheat on.

“That’s no problem,” she said, “But I’d like to think about you occasionally when I masturbate,” she smiled, “Is that OK?”

“Taylor Woodrow, you’re incorrigible,” I laughed and gave a great big hug.

As we parted company in the corridor she added a little postscript.

“By the way – the camera in the storeroom didn’t malfunction – I just didn’t want you to get into trouble with my Dad.”

My face was very red when I returned to my desk where I was greeted by Paula who had some astounding news, “The wedding’s off,” she told me, “And Elise has been fired.”

“You don’t know the half of it, Paula,” I replied.

This evening I drove home in my car and had my first frustrating experience trying to find somewhere to park near Gigi’s place.

When I entered the workroom I told Gigi that I didn’t want any arguments I was taking her out because I had a car and I wanted to show off.

“We don’t have to go anywhere posh we can just go for a burger.”

“OK,” she replied, leaving her sewing,” Let’s go I’m starving.”

On the way, I explained how my ownership came about but I didn’t tell her about the storeroom camera. She told me that in spite of having a business she’d never bought a car because it’s so difficult to find a parking space. I couldn’t argue with her logic.

I drove her to Le Pied de Mammoth that Taylor had introduced me to. We had a fabulous time. In spite of my fondness for Angela, I felt free and I was determined to develop a lasting relationship with Gigi even if I have to take it slowly.

Gigi has a driving license and asked me if she could drive home, gosh I felt so good that we were sharing things. When we got to the building, of course, she let me go and find a parking space while she put the coffee on.

As we sat there in the tiny living area we discussed our past private a lives a little and then somehow we found our way into each other’s arms and kissed.

“I’m really serious about you Gigi,” I whispered in her ear.

“I’ve heard that before,” she whispered back.

“Why don’t you trust me?”

“You ditch your Canadian girlfriend to fly over to France with a woman you don’t love but enjoy having sex with; you get the gift of a car from your bosses nineteen-year-old daughter – do you blame me for having doubts.”

“No, I don’t,” I replied, “But I’m going to prove how much I love you.”

“Are you going to fight a dual for me?”

“If necessary I will,”

“Well they usually fight duels at dawn – so you’d better go downstairs and get some sleep. And don’t make too much noise I have tenants living below you.”

I managed to get one more kiss before I went down to my sleeping bag. Squeezing into the little bathroom I prepared myself for bed and the tried to find a comfortable spot on the hard floor. There weren’t any! Five minutes later I heard Gigi calling me from the attic stairs.

“I’m sorry to disturb you but could you come upstairs for a minute.”

It took me three seconds to squirm out of that sleeping bag and two more seconds to reach the attic.

Gigi stood in the narrow hallway of her apartment in a very flimsy nightdress.

“Could you sleep with me without wanting to be intimate?” she asked.

I was shocked by such a question but I had to answer honestly, “No I couldn’t.”

“That’s all that I wanted to know,” she said and she put her arms around my neck and gave me the most passionate kiss. She then took me by the hand and led me to her all white bed before turning towards me and letting her nightdress slip to the floor.

I stood there frozen for a few moments. She looked so delicate, so beautiful I was half afraid to touch her. Gigi moved towards me and once again put her arms around my neck and when her soft precious lips met mine the feeling was indescribable, it was like I was floating on air.

Although I had only seen this done on the movies I picked up her trembling body and placed her on the bed. I then took off my clothes, trying not to make the process hurried and ruin the romance, I did it slowly looking down her slim exquisite form as I did so.

When I was completely naked and sporting the largest boner in my life I leaned over and kissed her gently before easing myself onto the bed and putting one knee either side of her. Leaning forward I began to lick her small erect nipples as she reached up and rubbed up and down my side with her warm sensuous hands.

I first moved my tongue around her nipples in small circles and then I sucked them, I sucked them hard. She began to murmur softly as I reached under her bum with one hand and inserted my finger into her tight little flower. She gasped and arched her back and as I continued this motion before running tongue down the center of her body and then sliding it gently into her pink moist folds.

Things began to get intense and she started to move her ass around as if she was desperate to cum. She was taking short sharp breaths and digging her nails into my shoulders as I stretched my arms upwards and held on to her small firm tits. She called Konrad, three times, as I continued to flick my tongue up and down her lips and then she went into orgasm, shaking violently and wrapping her legs around me, really tight.

Breaking loose I moved back and put my feet on the floor intending to pull her by the legs and bring her within reach of my boner but she quickly changed her position lying flat on the bed and took my throbbing cock into her mouth. She maneuvered her long fingers around my balls as she sucked, going deeper and deeper each time until my legs were shaking and turning to jelly.

When I could stand it no more I pulled away from her, leaped back onto the bed, turned her body over and penetrated her flower with one swift move. We both gasped and I held it there a few moments before moving slowly in and out. Gradually I increased the pace as she reached to the back of the bed with both her arms. Seeing her breasts swaying side by side with every stroke I began moved faster and faster. Her beautiful petite tits continued their tantalizing motion while she whimpered softly urging me on until that final thrust when I could feel my balls tingle and the cum traveling upwards and flowing like hot lava into her warm receptive flower.

Before I withdrew I looked down at her angelic face, she was smiling.

I said, “I love you Gigi,”

She didn’t respond in words but her hand reached for my arm and she gave it a little squeeze.


I was awakened this morning by a kiss on the cheek and a soft voice whispering, “Your breakfast is ready.”

Opening my eyes – there was Gigi with her head on one side waiting patiently for me to get out of bed. I noticed that she was wearing my shirt and nothing else; I tried to reach out to see what was under it but she moved away quickly.

“Your breakfast will be cold,” she scolded, “Hurry up,” and she left the room giggling to herself.

We sat at the table like a couple and it felt completely natural. There was no discussion about our relationship it just seemed that we were meant for each other and our fate was sealed.

I left for work with a kiss on my lips and the wonderful thought that I would be returning home that tonight to someone truly I loved and cared for. THE END

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