Konrad Max’s Month of Love Part 3


Taylor was back at work and sitting at my desk when I arrived. She was all bubbly and smiling like the cat that got the cream. I had the feeling that she was making progress with her plan to bring about her “future step-mother’s” downfall but in spite of busting at the seams with excitement, she was seemingly not ready to share the details with me.

She helped me to sort some of the stuff to be bound and we even had a quick lunch together at the little café across the street. Elise was absolutely inundated with work and all I got from her was a little nod as we passed in the corridor.

Bob was apparently due back the next day and so I figured he and his fiance would no doubt be forging ahead with their wedding plans. However, I also knew that if Taylor had her way the event would not be taking place.

To my surprise, when I got back to the apartment that evening Angela was there. Of course, I was glad to see her but just a little worried in case any of my suitors turn up at the door bearing food. Fortunately, it never happened and after a heavy love making session which started in the bathroom and carried on into the bedroom, we went out to dinner at the Restaurant au Crocodile and I ordered for us both. The waiter was very patient but Angela had a problem to restrain herself. However, she couldn’t resist correcting my pronunciation. Every time she did this I’d stop and look at her over the menu and she’d giggle and ask to be excused.

We had a great meal, shared a bottle of wine and she insisted on paying the bill – which was good as I had not received a paycheck yet. When we got home Angela wanted to play “If you can catch me you can fuck me.” This entailed her running through the apartment nude with me in hot pursuit. It seemed as though it would be easy enough to catch somebody in a small apartment but it wasn’t. She was in fine fettle and leaped over the bed, dodged around the dining table and broke my grasp at least three times before she was subdued on the living room carpet.

Even then she kept crossing her legs and squirming all over the place making it extremely difficult for me to achieve penetration. When I did manage to get it in she went crazy and we ended up rolling all over the floor. At one point I pinned her down holding on to her wrists and I just looked down at her, and said, “Fuck – you’re so beautiful.”

She smiled and started to move up and down on me. I bent my head and kissed her. It was just a gentle kiss but it lit her fire and the next thing I knew she’d broken free and grabbing my hair with both hands she kissed me back passionately sticking her tongue into my mouth as far as it would go.

The tongue wrestling went on for a few minutes and then, not being able to restrain myself any further, I started to move my ass in quick time. Sweat began to drip off of me as I increased the pace, even more, when her body started to tremble violently and we both began to call out obscenities as we reached that moment of rapture together.

After we had recovered our strength we retired to the bed and fell asleep in each other’s arms.


Bob arrived back in the office at around ten in the morning and I was not sure what the problem was but I assumed that Elise had screwed up on some deliveries. You could hear them both yelling all over the office. It made me think that Taylor might not have to interfere with their wedding plans, as after such a bitter confrontation their relationship could easily end up in tatters.

Taylor appeared in the office about 11 o’clock, oblivious to the battle that had taken place earlier. Like yesterday she was bubbly and in the best of spirits and at 12 noon she insisted that I go to lunch with her.

We just went across the street to the little Turkish restaurant again. It was over a great cup of coffee that Taylor sprung a big surprise on me.
“Tomorrow my father wants you to drive me to look at a car he saw advertised in Karlsruhe – if I like it I’ll drive it back.”

“It’s Saturday tomorrow.”


“I don’t work on Saturday.”

“Not even if your employer wants you to and is prepared to pay you a bonus to do so?”

“I’ve always understood I work a five-day week.”

“Konrad,” she pleaded, “I want you to do this for me – I’ve always been good to you haven’t I?”

I think she was referring to the blowjob and not a number of lunches she’d bought me.

“It’s not that Taylor,” I said, “Angela’s home and I don’t know how to explain that I’m driving to Karlsruhe with a beautiful young woman.”

“Oh – so you do think I’m beautiful.”

“Of course.”

She flickered her eyelids, “Thank you.”

“Now can we get back to discussing this trip tomorrow?” I asked, getting a bit agitated.

“Meet me at the office at 9 a.m. and just tell that Angela of yours that you’re going with my Dad.”

“That would be lying.”

“Yes it would but I’m sure it will not your first time.”

I couldn’t argue with that and so not wanting to displease my boss after such a short time on the job I decided I’d do it. Taylor demonstrated her gratitude by getting up from her chair and giving me a kiss right on the lips. Unfortunately for me, that happened to be at the very moment Paula walked in to buy her lunch.

When I got home that evening I opened the door to find a man dressed like a workman sitting in a chair with a tool bag by his side. I was not sure if it was one of Angela’s ex-husbands and so I just stood there by the door and waited for him to speak. He got up from his chair, extended his hand and introduced himself as Pierre Aubert.

He smiled, “Don’t be alarmed Monsieur Max, Angela sent me.”

He went on to explained that Angela had driven home at 3.30 in the afternoon and saw two suspicious men seemingly staking out the building. “They’re still outside,” he said, “By the black Citroen.”

A bit befuddled by it all I went over to the window and looked out cautiously. Sure enough, there were two men standing by a car wearing dark glasses and looking straight up at the apartment.

“Who are they?” I asked.

“I’m not absolutely sure but they may present a danger to Angela, in her line of work it’s easy to make enemies.”

“What is her line of work?”

“That’s classified.”

“I thought it would be.”

Aubert smiled as if he understood my frustration. Then he told me to pack all my things and leave no papers or anything that could link me to Angela.

“This is a recent development, I don’t think they know about you.”

“They must have seen me when I came in.”

“There are several tenants in this building from their point of view you could be any one of them,” he said.

“And where am I suppose to go ?” I asked.

He handed me a fist full of money and told me to find a hotel in another area, pay cash and register under an assumed name. He handed me a cell phone

“Take this,” he said, “Angela will call you on this number when she feels it’s safe to do so – until then don’t tell anyone about this matter.”

I was beginning to feel like a secret agent and it was quite exciting but I have to admit that inwardly I was scared shitless. When I’d grabbed my things he told me to exit out of the back door and get a cab. He left by the front – the way he’d come in.

Unfortunately, I tend to travel with far too much luggage and so I was completely shagged out by the time I found my way on to Zurich and got a cab. I was so paranoid by this time I didn’t even trust the cab driver. I told him to proceed along Quai des Pecheurs and cross the river at Avenue de la Liberte then onto the Cathedral. I got him to drop me outside the main door and I looked around and saw a hotel across the street that looked very presentable and I booked myself in as Justin Trudeau, which was the name of the current Canadian Prime Minister. In the circumstances, I thought I had better maintain my sense of humor.

It was a great hotel but I hardly slept a wink


Even though I woke up feeling like shit I felt I had to keep my appointment with Taylor. I turned up in the cab half an hour late and she was obviously beginning to get anxious.

“I tried to phone your number and it’s no longer in service,” she said.

I was taken by surprised but said it was probably because Angela had not paid the bill. “She forgets things like that all the time,” I laughed, trying to casually pass it off.

Even though I tried to weasel out of taking this trip we soon got on our way to Karlsruhe. I didn’t say much on the journey while Taylor chattered incessantly. When we finally reached our destination we took a look at the car, a 2009 Porche, and she decided she didn’t like the color combination.

The highlight of the day was finding an Italian restaurant called the Aposto where we had an incredible lunch. After that, it was simply a matter of returning to Strasbourg where things got a little complicated.

Taylor drove the return journey and as my mind was preoccupied I didn’t pay too much attention to where she was going. The next thing I knew we were heading for Angela’s apartment.

“I’ll drop you off at your place,” she said, with a yawn indicating that I had been less that good company.

“No” I yelled in panic, “Don’t even drive past.”

Taylor was taken by surprise and quickly turned up the Rue des Bateliers narrowly avoiding a bicycle parked on the edge of the sidewalk.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” she cried as she struggled to retain control of the wheel.

“I don’t live there at the moment.”

She didn’t say anything for a while as she concentrated on negotiating the traffic on the narrow street. However, when we drew into the Place de Zurich she pulled over and turned to me with a quizzical look on her face.

“So – you’re not living with Angela anymore?”

“It’s not that exactly.”

“Are you living with her or not?”

“It’s just that she’s not there at the moment – she’s,” I hesitated, “Away.”

“And she doesn’t want you to live there while she’s away?”

“I’m sorry – I can’t explain it – there’s some secrecy involved.”

“OK,” she said impatiently, “Where do I drop you off?”

“Anywhere – I’ll take a cab the rest of the way.”

“No – you came out to help me today – I’ll drop you off wherever you’re staying – where are you staying?”

“I really can’t tell you,” I replied, feeling like a complete fool.

“Are you sick or something?” she queried, feeling my forehead.

“No,” I said, thinking fast on my feet, “To be honest with you Angela is in a kind of witness protection program at the moment and she doesn’t want me to become involved. We both have to lie low for the time being.”



So you’re both living in the same hideout?”

“No I’m living in one place and she in another.”

Taylor perked up. “I’ll tell you what I’m going to do to cheer you up,” she smiled, pulling back into the street. “I’m going to take you back to my place where you can rest while I make dinner for you.” She turned to me with a look of sheer admiration on her face, “ You’re an absolute hero to come out with me today when your life could be in danger – you’ve gone up three notches in my book.”

I wasn’t sure what she meant by that but I did know that I had become trapped in my own rhetoric and I was now bound for her apartment on Rue Zurich. When we arrived I asked her if her Dad would mind me dropping in for dinner but she told me he had gone to Paris for the weekend. The plot seemed to thicken.

As it was only around three o’clock it was too early for dinner and so Taylor opened a bottle of wine and we sat on the sofa together. It was a bit like a de je vu moment reminding me of the last glass of wine I’d shared with her future stepmother.

“You’re not the only one who’s had to hide out for a while,” she said, her beautifully shaped lips pausing before taking another sip of wine.

“I did something really crazy once and my mother wouldn’t let me out of the house for almost three months. I had to do home schooling for that time and when my confinement was over she sent me to another school – a girl’s only school.”

I was intrigued by her admission but I restrained myself from asking her the details. She didn’t let me off that easy.

“If you’re interested I show you what I did,” she said.

I could hardly say I don’t care a shit what you did and so she left the room and came back with her laptop.

“I can’t believe I did this,” she said, firing up the computer, “But I just intended it to be private – something I could get off on occasionally, unfortunately, the douche bag who made the video sent it out to his friends and it went viral. ”

She punched something in on the keyboard and up came a scene with Taylor, and a guy she said was her boyfriend at the time, sitting on a sofa together. They began to kiss and the next thing his hand was slipping inside of her top. Soon the top was off all together showing a prize-winning pair of tits. At this point, I began to expand rapidly and that was only the beginning.

After a bit of tit kissing, she bent over and unzipped the guy’s flies and started to suck on his enormous dick. All the time she was doing this she was moaning as if she hadn’t eaten for weeks.

Taylor snuggled up to me a bit closer and giggled as the video got raunchier and raunchier. The couple began to tear off each other’s clothes and the guy soon had his face between her legs while she moaned and groaned and hung on to his forearms.

It wasn’t long before she was screaming fuck me, fuck me you bastard. The guy pulled her legs over the arm of the sofa and rammed his dick in as far as it would go and then his ass started to move like a fiddlers elbow. Taylor was writhing in ecstasy and cursing as she did so. When she finally reached orgasm she actually eased herself up, grabbed the guy by the hair pulled him on the top of her.

She switched off the computer and turned to me. “I was very bad to do that wasn’t I?”

I wanted to say she was very good but in fact, I was speechless.

“I’ve always been motivated sexually,” she said, “Maybe I’m even addicted.”

As she said this she put her hand around my neck and pulled my head towards her until our lips met. There was something very special about those lips because no sooner had they made contact with mine than my balls seemed to burst into flames.

Drawing away from me for a second she asked me if I’d ever made love in a sauna. I said I hadn’t had that pleasure and she informed me that they just happened to have one and led me by the hand to show it to me.

It turned out to be an amazing experience as our two bodies, dripping with sweat, pounded against each other in an upright position and then she leaned against the wall I penetrated her from behind. I took hold of her gorgeous ass and drove it to her a mile a minute. When I blew my load I threw my arms around her and held onto her tits, as I continued to ram it into her cavity as the water continued to stream over our naked bodies.

I don’t think we’d been dried off and dressed for more than ten minutes when the door to the apartment opened and in stepped Bob and Elise. Bob, a bit shocked to see me there, explained that they had decided not to go to Paris. Elise looked at me as though I was the lowest vermin on earth.

Taylor was a bit flustered but she took her Dad by the arm and in one corner of the room whispered in his ear. Elise, wondering what was going on, looked somewhat alarmed but when he came over to me and said he was sorry about the situation I was in I could see her sigh with relief. I figured that at first, she thought that I’d talked to Taylor about our little fling together.

Bob told me I could rely on his support and said I could take a few weeks off if I needed to. I said I didn’t think that was necessary but I thanked him for his kind consideration. It did worry me a little when he shared the details of my predicament with Elise but I guess it was the natural thing to do as she was going to be his wife.

I was pleasantly surprised at Taylor’s culinary skills even though I didn’t have much appetite. What made it difficult for me to fully appreciate the food was the fact that she sat across from me, and every time she placed a morsel in her mouth she’d close her eyes and savor it, then lick her lips, open up her eyes again and smile at me. If we’d have been alone I would have thrown her onto that table and fucked between the chicken cordon bleu and the scalloped potatoes.

Back in the hotel, under the influence of wine and completely shagged out I slept like a log.


I slept until 10 am and I only woke then because the cell phone rang. It was Angela.

“Don’t tell me where you are,” she began, and then went on to say she was sorry that I “might” be in danger because of her. She went on to tell me not to worry, be careful, that she’d see me soon and ended up by saying she missed me. That was it – she simply rang off.

To say I was confused at that moment would be another understatement. I liked Strasbourg; I liked living with Angela and I liked my job but this particular situation was making me wish I was back in Canada.

By the time I had showered it was too late to eat breakfast and so I wandered around the streets for a while and then went into a beautiful old restaurant called Le Gruber. The atmosphere was breathtaking, and I wasn’t the only one to think so as it was quite crowded for lunch. I was fortunate to be placed across from a very attractive young lady in her early twenties with whom I had a great conversation.

It all started when I commented on her meal – it looked delicious. She told me it was Alsatian Tart Flambe and it prompted me to order the same along with the chicken in Riesling sauce.

She knew from my very bad French that I was not a local. I explained that I was a Canadian with German roots and she said she was French with German roots. Her name turned out to be a mixture of the two – Gisèle Gassmann.

“My English speaking friends called me Gigi,” she laughed, “Have you got a nickname?”

I had to admit that I hadn’t although some of the kids at my school did call me a “Square Head.” She thought that was rather funny and we just kept rambling on. I found out that she sewed, what she described as little whimsies, which she sold through local stores.

“I own a small building on the edge of Petit France,” she said, referring to the very old touristy part of town, “ I live and work in the top two floors and rent the rest,” she smiled, “My living space is a little cramped but it’s all mine – I have my independence – that’s very important to me.”

I told her that I was staying with a female friend but there was a small problem at the moment and so I was living in a hotel. She didn’t question me any further on this and so our conversation strayed into favorite movies, music, and even philosophy.

As the restaurant was doing a brisk business and they probably had someone waiting for our space we left together and once outside I asked if we could continue our discussion over dinner. She hesitated for a few moments and I had to turn on my “lost in Strasbourg look,” which solicited an OK and a smile.

I arranged to meet her outside the Cathedral at 7 pm and zipped back to my hotel to look up some nice quiet restaurant on my computer. I was quite excited about my dinner date but not in the romantic sense – Gigi just seemed like a nice girl, she has a good sense of humor and she’s interested in many of the things I’m interested in. She was quite pretty but not as glamorous as Angela; as exotic as Elise or a California blond like Taylor. She was just pretty.

I felt terribly alone isolated in the hotel. Her company during lunch had cheered me up a great deal and I sure need some cheering at that time.

As I stood outside the Cathedral I was a bit doubtful about her turning up but a couple of minutes before seven there she was. That afternoon she’d been casual with a jacket and jeans, now she was elegant in a dress and a very smart coat.

We got a cab and drove to the Le Caquelon restaurant on the Rue des Tonneliers. It looked very cozy on the internet and very French. I didn’t want to show off and take her to some of the places that I frequented with Angela – I figured Gigi was a down to earth kind of girl and she would just appreciate a good meal. I was right.

She had never been to the restaurant before and seemed to enjoy the ambiance as I did. We had a fruit salad and a three cheese fondue and passed on dessert as we were both quite full. Gigi didn’t drink and so I just had one glass of wine and we finished off with coffee.

When it was time to go she invited me for further coffee at her place but she stipulated, “No kissing – no hugging – just coffee.”

I agreed wholeheartedly because quite frankly I was almost fed up with sex – I really craved for an intellectual relationship – particularly with a member of the opposite sex. When we arrived at her place we first took a look at her workshop on the third floor and some of her whimsical products made from various materials. I was quite impressed. However, this did not prepare me for her little apartment upstairs.

In spite of it being a bit cramped, it was really cute. The place had been modernized but very tastefully so. It still has the old gnarled beams, lots of wood paneling and a real warm feeling about it.

I must admit that sex did cross my mind for a few moments when she showed me the bedroom. There on the side table, a single candle flickered in a crystal container and the faint smell of roses filled the air. The bed, dressed out in white and trimmed with old-fashioned lace was big enough for two but I was abruptly brought back to reality when she announced she was going to put the coffee on.

When she poured the steaming hot coffee into my cup I noticed how delicately she did everything. She laid out linen napkins, plates, and forks and I was soon staring down at a rather large piece of Black Forest cake. It was a perfect end to a wonderful evening, two people with mutual interests enjoying each other’s company over a cup of Mocha Java.

It was almost midnight when I left and she kissed me gently on the cheek and thanked me for dinner and she said she hoped we could do it again. I walked back to the hotel feeling like a school boy. As much as I’ve enjoyed my passionate encounters there’s nothing quite like meeting someone who is sensitive, feminine and who looks you right in the eye when you talk to them.

As I lay in bed I started to think of Angela and in my mind, I started to build a case against her to justify the fact that I had not only cheated with Elise and Taylor but I was a becoming infatuated with someone else. I began by reasoning that she only brought me over to Strasbourg to satisfy her lust and use me as an errand boy; she didn’t show any decency or consideration when she slept with her ex right in front of me and now I’m hiding out in a hotel because she put me in danger.

After I’d mulled over the details, again and again, I had to admit that she had been very good to me; I knew she really cared about me and I cared for her. Life just gets messy sometimes and I wasn’t sure if I mature enough to handle the messy details.


Took a cab, got to work on time and really got stuck into my binding. I really tried all day to put Gigi to the back of my mind. Taylor brought me some material and gave me a sly wink – but it didn’t do a thing for me. Elise, who obviously knew that I’d been fucking Taylor gave me an evil look as though she might be planning some form of revenge and Paula just gave a little giggle occasionally as if she knows something. I was convinced that woman was psychic.

Taylor invited me for lunch again and I tried to say I was too busy but the little bitch wouldn’t take no for an answer. On the way out of course, we had to go and bump into Elise. She made some snide remark I didn’t quite catch but Taylor obviously did as she turned and gave her the finger.

During lunch, Taylor leaned over and whispered, “I bet you’re curious about my plans for Elise.”

I had to admit I was but then she said she had a great plan but she wasn’t going to tell me what it was. Wasn’t sure how much time she had but I understood the wedding would be quite soon so I figured she’d have to get a move on.

The afternoon was uneventful. Bob slipped into the workroom a couple of times to see how things were going and to give me a pat on the back. I had a rush of guilt each time I saw him, he was a real nice guy and I’d violated the two people he cared about most. Didn’t make me feel too proud.

Back at the hotel I showered and changed and tried to think of where to go for a bite to eat. I really tried to keep Gigi out of my mind because I thought I was too involved with too many women already and if we started to go out together and she found out it could be awful.

I sat on the bed hoping perhaps Angela would call and say that the danger, whatever it was, was now over and we could go back to living our lives the way they were before. But there was no call, I didn’t have an appetite for eating alone and in the end, my resistance gave way and I walked down to Gigi’s place and pretended that I wanted to buy something for my mother.

She seemed pleased to see me and showed me a few things that might be of interest to a middle-aged North American woman but as I couldn’t make up my mind. In the end, she called my bluff.

“You really didn’t come in here to buy anything did you?”

I was a little taken back by her forthright attitude but I admitted it was just an excuse to see her again and I asked her if she’d go for dinner with me.

“I’ve got a better idea,” she said, “

“Why don’t we order a Pizza and when it arrives I’ll close up and we can dine here,” then she added, “No kissing, no hugging just.”

“Pizza,” I said.

We both had a good laugh over that.

When the pizza arrived she even insisted on paying as I’d spent so much on her the night before.

Up in the apartment, she put the coffee on and laid the table nicely for our pepperoni, bacon, and onion treat. Over, (what I call supper), we talked about our respective lives. First, she told me about hers; the fact she was born to a single mother in Lyons; how she dropped out of school to follow her desire to be a designer of some kind; and how an older man she met financed her building for her.

“Do you still have a relationship with this man?” I asked.

“No, he died two years ago. His family was very angry with me and they tried to take the building away from me but I fought them and won.”

Her admission gave me the opening I needed to confess about Angela. I reeled off the whole story but had to tell her, as I had told Taylor, that she was in some sort of witness protection program at the moment and I was affected by it. She seemed to take it all in her stride but she did ask me if I was in love with her.

“I don’t think so,” I said, “I like her a lot and she’s been very good to me but I don’t see any future in just continuing the relationship for no reason.”

“Except for sex,” she said bluntly.

I really didn’t know how to answer her and she could see that I was embarrassed. She took my hand, “Just take things a day at a time,” she said, “If you rush into or out of a situation it can lead to a lot of unhappiness.”

Neither of us said anything for a while as we continued with our meal but then she stopped eating and looked at me with her head to one side.

“I’m curious to know why you’re so interested in me?”

I wondered how many more blunt questions she was going to come up with.

“I’m attracted to you,” I said, trying to be equally forthright.

“And what attracts you to me?”

“You have qualities I admire.”

“What qualities are those?”

“I can have a great conversation with you,” I began, then found it difficult to continue and gave up, “Shit – I can’t explain it – I just like you – and you’re very beautiful.”

I guess I came over as been irritable and she took my hand again, “I’m sorry for asking you so many questions – why don’t I clear up and we can watch a movie together – I have the DVD of The Names of Love – it’s a comedy – in French of course – would that interest you?”

I was just interested in having company and I wasn’t concerned that I might miss out on a lot of the dialogue.

“That’s OK with me,” I replied, “I love French movies.”

She put on the movie and we sat on the sofa together. Naturally, I was dying to snuggle up to her but we sat at least two feet apart. The show proved to be very funny and a bit sexy and everything was going well until my cell phone rang. It was Angela.

“Are you OK ?” she asked.

“I’m fine.”

“I think we can return to normal by the end of the week,” she said, “The situation is being taken care of. I can’t wait to fuck your brains out.” With this, she laughed and rang off.

I presume these short calls are a precaution but I’m not complaining because I would have been in an awkward position if she’d have asked where I was or who I was with.

Gigi had got up to grab the remote to put the TV on pause while I was on the phone. When she sat down again we were only one foot apart. I almost wished that the phone would ring again thinking that maybe she’d get even closer.

When Baya, the leading character in the movie, talks about always having sex on the first date, Gigi and I unconsciously looked at each other and then quickly turned our attention back to the screen.

“I’m not so sure that this was a good choice of movie,” she commented, looking at me.

“It’s a very funny movie,” I said, “I’m enjoying it.”

At this point, she moved up closer and sort of leaned on me. I wasn’t sure whether to put my arm around her or not but after five or ten minutes talking about it I moved around in my seat and slipped it around her shoulder. She didn’t object.

Even though the actress on the movie was tearing the man’s clothes off it didn’t make me want to suddenly jump on Gigi. I realize now that it was because I respected her.

At eight thirty we had our last cup of coffee as she said that she had some work to do before morning. Seeing me off at the door she suddenly said she was going to break one of her rules and she kissed me on the lips. I tried to slip my arm around her narrow waist for a more passionate replay but she quickly pushed me away.

“I didn’t say you could break the rules,” she laughed.

On the way home I had a major shock. Right outside the hotel door were two dark-suited men wearing sunglasses. I had no idea if they were the men that were hanging around outside the apartment but it spooked me. Consequently, I walked straight passed and decided that I might find another place for the night. I ended up checking into the Hotel Gutenberg.


What a morning. Still, a little shaken by the possibility that I might be in mortal danger, I grabbed a quick coffee and made my way back to the Hotel Cathedral. There were no men outside the door so I went up to my room and phoned work to say I would be a little late. I changed my clothes and furtively left the hotel looking around every so often to make sure I was not been followed.

Instead of getting a cab this morning I rented a bike, thinking it would save money and also give me much-needed exercise. I arrived at the office at around 9.30 and sat down and finished off the book I was binding the day before. However, my mind was not on my job.

I began to think about Gigi and I decided I should not contact her again until things are back to normal. It would, I certainly didn’t want to get her involved. The office was relatively quiet today as Bob and a number of staff members were having a seminar at a local hotel. Presumably, Taylor was there with him but Elise had stayed back and was in charge of the office once again.

At 12 noon she let what remained of the staff go for lunch saying she would cover the phones. I was about to leave when Elise said she wanted to discuss some additional material that Bob had decided needed binding. This involved going into the store room and once inside she locked the door and smiled at me.

“I should be very annoyed with you,” she said, “You’ve been fucking my future step daughter.”

“How do you know that?” I asked, trying to look quite put out by the suggestion.

“I know what she’s like,” she replied, “I knew when we found you alone with her in the apartment she wouldn’t have been able to keep her hands off of you.”

“Perhaps she has more self-control than you think.”

“She has no more self-control that I have,” she sneered and started to remove her panties, “Now it’s not fair for you to fuck the daughter and deny the mother her little pleasures.”

She pulled up her short skirt and sat on the edge of the table. The sight of Elise’s long shapely legs and her eager beaver would have excited any man and I was certainly no exception. I zipped open my flies as she opened her legs wider to accommodate me.

It certainly wasn’t a romantic interlude, it was fast and furious with Elise holding onto my shoulders as the table slowly moved across the storeroom floor. When it crashed against the wall and I gave a few sharp powerful thrusts she responded to my final burst of fire by repeating “Leave it in, leave it in.”

She hung on to me for what seemed to be several minutes and then slipped off the table and told me casually I could go to lunch if I wanted to. Sometimes I think she’s a robot of some kind or an alien – be it a very beautiful one.

Feeling a bit like a piece of shit that someone trod in I ambled off for a coffee and a sandwich. As I sat in the little Turkish restaurant full of office workers, many of them pretty young women, I started to review my life.

I decided that I would like to quit my job at Selemax just to get away from Elise and Taylor but I really didn’t want to let Bob down. He was so enthusiastic about the project and he desperately wanted to get all the volumes I was binding displayed in his office. It seemed he wanted to create an atmosphere of professionalism and it was obvious he also wants to impress the executives from the American HQ when they visit.

If I intended to continue working at the company I realized I’d have to find a way to avoid being alone with those two sex crazed women. That was not going to be easy.

I spent a lonely evening in my hotel room watching TV. Ate alone in the restaurant and went to bed. Tried not to think of Gigi.

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