Konrad Max’s Month of Love Part 2

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Angela insisted on giving me a lift to work in her shiny new car. She dropped me off outside the building in Avenue des Vosges so she knew exactly where I worked and then took off to her more secret location.

Madam Thibault had a smile for me as I entered and informed me that the coffee was on in my work area. Paula seemed to be engrossed in her tasks but acknowledged my presence with a nod.

She was an unusual looking woman in her mid-forties. Her red hair had a broad black parting and her left arm was almost completely covered in tattoos.

I was at a bit of a loss about what to do as I had no tools or materials to work with. However, it was only a couple of minutes before Mr. Woodrow appeared and suggested I should go into town and buy whatever I needed.

“My daughter Taylor has a credit card so she’ll drive you around, meanwhile I’ll get Yvette to stack the first bunch of newsletters I want binding on your table and off we go!”

First, of course, I had to find out where I could buy the stuff I needed and so Taylor took me into an office that was not been used and together we browsed the web. I must say while I tapped away on the keyboard she was not shy at getting close. Her perfume was quite exotic and I found myself getting quite hot under the collar.

When we’d found a couple of possibilities we headed out the back to the car. I couldn’t help admiring her long youthful legs which showed off their full extent with her wearing a micro-mini skirt.

I’m not sure what she’d told her father about her knowledge of the city but she’d only been there a couple of months and I don’t think she knew it any better than I did. Her driving was also a bit to be desired but with me navigating and her trying to avoid colliding with the people that were honking at her we managed to find the first supplier.

There were a couple of pieces of equipment I needed that they didn’t stock and so we went for a wild trip around the city trying to find the other address on our list. Unfortunately, we passed by one intersection three times but after almost three-quarters of an hour, we found it. Once we’d loaded these rather heavy pieces into the trunk it was almost eleven and Taylor suggested we should go for an early lunch assuring me that her father would not mind. According to her, he had given her complete authority over me for the day.

Instead of heading for a restaurant she insisted on finding a place where she’d been with her father and it turned out to be a gourmet sandwich shop called Bretzel Burgard on Place Kleber. It took us twenty minutes to locate it but when we did I must admit it was worth it. We stocked up on some mouth-watering delicacies, bought a bottle of wine and two glasses and headed off looking for a place we could park by the river. By this time I was feeling that Taylor was just as crazy as Angela, and her father must have been a bit strange to give her license to do whatever she wanted – and a credit card to boot.

As she struggled to open the bottle of wine she said she loved France because back in the states she’d have to be 21 to drink. At this point, I warned her to only have one glass as she was driving and she nodded saying that was all she intended to consume.

I was still a bit worried the situation as this was my first day at work and here I was idling away the day drinking wine with the boss’s daughter. However, she switched on some music, we clinked our glasses and nothing seemed to matter except that moment in time.

I never thought a sandwich could lead to a romantic moment but it did. It appears that I had a speck of pate on my lip and Taylor leaned over with a napkin to wipe it off. The next thing I knew our lips met, it was a sweet kiss but I didn’t really want to get involved so I didn’t take it any further. She smiled when it was all over as if she’d achieved something and then we headed back to the office. We didn’t actually get in until almost one thirty and she helped me unload the stuff. I must say that when she bent over the trunk of the car to retrieve some of the items the sight of her very flimsy panties seriously interfered with my ability to concentrate and I nearly tripped over my own feet.

Madam Thibault, who insisted that I call her Yvette spoke acceptable English, assisted me for most of the afternoon showing me what Mr. Woodrow wanted. It was pretty straight forward really.

Angela phoned me just before quitting time and told me she’d be picking me up. At five o’clock, as promised, she was there and just as I was about to climb into the passenger seat Taylor ran out with my cell phone that I had apparently left on the desk. Both women eyed each other up and down and I made a quick introduction. As we drove away Angela turned to me with a half smile, “So that’s the kid is it?”

“Yes she’s just 19 – just finished high school,” I added quickly, hoping to make my former description of her plausible.

“She’s very well developed for her age.”

“I suppose she is.”

The conversation kept coming back to Taylor all the way home – I could tell that Angela didn’t trust me but I didn’t really care a shit – she hadn’t thought of my feelings when she fucked her ex-husband in the next room. But I didn’t have any designs on Taylor – she was the boss’s daughter, I knew I’d be foolish to get involved, AND I had a relatively good relationship with Angela so why should I start looking for tail elsewhere.


Around 7.30 Angela emerged from the shower winding a towel around her hair and singing some song I’d been hearing a lot on the radio. She was way out of tune but when you look that good so early in the morning – who cares a fuck.

I asked her when she was due in court regarding her drunk driving charge and she just said that it had been looked after. She was such a mysterious woman, I just couldn’t sum her up. She’d casually picked up another brand new car – it didn’t look as if she was going to face any charges for her crime and she still hadn’t told me where the fuck she worked.

After a quick breakfast, she said she’d drop me off at Selemax but she wouldn’t be able to pick me up as she was going to be away for a couple of days. “There’s money in the dressing table drawer,” she said nonchalantly, “Just help yourself.”

When we drew up outside the building she gave me a quick kiss, told me not to worry and she’d text me if she could. She then drove away into the shadows.

When I walked into the office Taylor was already sitting in my seat. She gave me a sweet good morning and said she was just warming up it for me. Paula who sits directly across from me raised her eyebrows.

“I wonder if I could watch you work for a little while,” she asked.

I didn’t have any problem with that and she drew up a chair. However, when Paula had to go out for a meeting she moved her chair a little closer. It was then that the questioning began.

“Was that your girlfriend who picked you up?” she asked.

“Sort of,” I replied.

“What do you mean sort of?”

“Well, we do have a kind of relationship.”

“Sort of – kind of, that all seems very vague,” she laughed.

I was really getting pissed off with the questioning and asked her to hold a book that I’d made up while I applied some paste to the spine. Now, of course, she was even closer.

“She seems a bit older than you,” she ventured, looking directly into my eyes.

“Do you think that’s a problem?”

“No, but men usually go out with women younger than themselves.”

“Perhaps I’m unusual,” I replied.

“Perhaps you are,” she smiled, “Perhaps you are.”

Paula re-appeared, the process on the book was finished and so Taylor decided to go and do something else. She gave me weird a little smile as she left, almost as if she was up to something.

I didn’t see her for the rest of the day but as I was trying to hail a taxi Bob’s car pulled up and Taylor, who was driving, offered me a ride. I didn’t see any harm in accepting but I did get a little nervous when she dropped her father off on Rue de Zurich and said that she would drive me home.

During the trip, in conversation with Bob, we got onto the topic of men cooking, which he apparently enjoyed. Unfortunately, I inadvertently mentioned that my girlfriend was away for a few days. Consequently, when we arrived at my building Taylor parked the car and got out at the same time as me.

“Are you going to invite me up for a drink?” she asked grabbing hold of my arm.

There are moments in life when you don’t get enough time to successfully think yourself out of an awkward situation. This was one of my moments.

I really didn’t want to take her up to the apartment because if Angela found out she’d probably cut my balls off. However, I didn’t want to snub my boss’s daughter. I believe they call such a dilemma – “Being between a rock and a hard place.”

Putting the key in the street door I said I had an appointment at 6.30 so there would only be time for a quick drink. I don’t think Taylor believed that for a minute, she smile and nodded and said OK but I had the feeling I was heading for trouble.

We climbed the stairs and I opened the next door allowing her to go in first.

“Wow – this is a pretty nice place,” she commented, “Your girlfriend must have lots of money.”

I ignored the comment and proceeded to make for the liquor cabinet.

“What would you like to drink?” I asked.

“Jack Daniels on the rocks if you have it?” she replied, nosing around the room.

“How about Scotch – single malt?”

“OK if that’s all you’ve got.”

I poured the drinks nervously and then went into the kitchen for some ice. When I came out Taylor was nowhere to be seen. However, I didn’t have to look far – she was in the bedroom.

Stretched out on the bed she asked me if that’s where my girl and I did it? I said I didn’t think that was any of her business.

She pulled a little girl lip and asked if I’d like to do it with her. I repeated my lie that I had an appointment and I immediately left the bedroom.

As I stood in the living room, trying my best to be hospitable with a drink in either hand, Taylor stormed past me and slammed the door as she left. It was a bit like déjà vu as Angela had done the same thing a few days before.


A few minutes after arriving at my desk, Paula, who I always thought of as the silent type, opened up a little. She certainly didn’t like Taylor and made no secret of it.

“Her father spoils her rotten,” she said, “I suppose he feels guilty about his divorce from her mother and as a result, he gives her whatever she wants. Goodness knows what will happen if he marries Mademoiselle Fortier and it looks as if that’s the way it’s going.” And then she went on to warn me that Taylor had got her eye on me and that she usually got her way. I thanked her for her advice and she went back to her worked and clammed up again.

Mid-afternoon Bob came in and said that he’d neglected to show me around the whole office and so I got a guided tour. The organization, which was simply an HQ for European Sales, had around 12 sale representatives in the field. In Strasbourg, there were about ten people in the office who processed the orders and there was a warehouse in another part of town that sent out the components.

During my tour I was introduced to the people in accounts; the assistant manager Charles LeBold; the two secretaries who provided support to the staff in the field and process the orders; Sasha a young gofer who sits in a closet-sized mail room and last but not least Elise Fortier. She was Bob’s private secretary and occupied an adjoining office. According to Paula, and I had no reason to doubt her, she was soon destined to be Mrs. Woodrow.

If anyone asked me to describe Elise it would take me a good half hour. In spite of her French name, she was either Oriental or a good part oriental. She was Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss Galaxy all rolled into one. A gorgeous face; long black hair that cascaded down to her waist; and a figure that would have given any normal male an enormous erection. To sum it up – she was perfect!

When she held out her hand to shake mine I didn’t want to let it go. Bob looked at me for a second as if gloating and murmuring under his breath “she’s all mine.”

I must say that thoughts of Angela and Taylor left me for the rest of the afternoon. It even screwed up my work somewhat but I fought to shake it off and by the time I went to bed with a large whiskey, the image was beginning to fade. Wow – how can somebody possibly have that kind of impact on a man.

Angela turned up the apartment before I left for work. She said she was very tired and wanted to crash right away – which she did, but not before suggesting that I drive her car to work. When I drove into the parking lot I saw Taylor climbing out of a cab. She looked very attractive in a short white dress and as her legs slid out of the taxi door she revealed her brief underwear for a moment. I think that most men would consider me an idiot to have turned down her advances of such a beautiful woman.

We ended up walking through the door together and she greeted me quite pleasantly so I presume she was not holding a grudge. Being a gentleman I let her ascend the stairs first and followed her up enjoying the view as I went.

Entering my work room I exchanged nods with Paula who was busy on the computer and sat down to work on my binding. At that moment Bob walked in and congratulated me on the books I’d completed.

“They look great,” he said, “Really great – I’m going to buy a new bookcase to accommodate them – maybe you and Taylor could go out this afternoon and look for one – you know the exact specifications so that will make it easier.”

When he left the room I started to try and calculate how many volumes there would be in total as I certainly didn’t want to screw up on the size. This meant going to the store room to check out the amount of material needing to be bound.

As I opened the door I picked up an aroma that I recognized and sure enough there was Taylor sorting through some files.

“Guess what?” she said as I walked in, “Daddy has given me the authority over you again today and so we are going to start by having lunch – we leave at 12 sharp.” Then without giving me the chance to say anything she picked up a pile of papers and left.

At noon I was shocked to find not Taylor at the reception to meet me but Elise!

“Taylor had to go home with a headache,” she said in a low sexy voice, “Mr. Woodrow asked me to stand in for her.”

I’m not sure what I mumbled in response but I followed her out to her sporty BMW in a daze and climbed in. The next thing I was aware of was those long slender legs extending themselves beside me and her reminding me to fasten my seatbelt.

Unlike Taylor, Elise drove confidently in a city she obviously knew well. First, we drove to a quaint little restaurant in the Petite France area called La Corde a Linge.

“Taylor said she promised you lunch,” she smiled, “I think you’ll like this little place.”

Quite frankly a hot dog stand would have been OK – just being able to spend time with such a beautiful woman was enough to satisfy my appetite.

We took a table under the trees by the river and browsed the menu.

“I don’t know about you,” she said, “But I like good plain Alsacian food.”

I wasn’t going to disagree and we both ended up tucking into traditional meatballs with mustard sauce with spaetzle on the side. I was rather surprised that someone with her figure could put away so much food.

Over coffee, she began to ask me questions about myself. I told her straight up that I was living with Angela and she surprised me by asking if I loved her. It was not an easy question to answer, I said I loved her but I wasn’t actually in love with her.

“That’s exactly how I feel about Bob,” she half whispered, as though she was afraid of what she was saying. She then put her cup down in the saucer somewhat clumsily and added, “And we’re getting married next month.”

When I told her I was not aware of the upcoming nuptials she said only a few people knew about it.

“I was married before,” she said, as she mopped her saucer with a napkin, I was only seventeen. He was quite a bit like you – young, handsome and without any prospects.”

“Thank you,” I laughed, trying not to take her too seriously.

“Oh – I’m sorry I didn’t mean to be rude but I mean a man like you can’t give me the material things I want – that always leads to arguments. My marriage only lasted eight months.”

I commiserated with her but then checked my watch and politely suggested we should perhaps get on with the job at hand. Elise looked very sad as we left the restaurant and remained quite solemn for the rest of our trip.

After we’d ordered the bookcase at Aldeos on Quai Kellermann and arranged for delivery we returned to the office. As we got out of the car she urged me not to mention our conversation to anyone. She obviously regretted being so open.

When I got home in the evening Angela had prepared a wonderful meal and we spent some quality time together – much of it in the bedroom.

Angela had a habit of suddenly coming up with ideas and wanting to act on them right away.

“Let’s go to Bünde,” she said, shaking me out of my sleep, “let’s visit the family.

She was referring to her parents and my grandparents who lived in this small German town. I was delighted because even though I’d spoken to them on Skype I’d never met them in person.

It was quite a rush as we were faced with a five or six-hour drive. We quickly packed a picnic lunch so we wouldn’t have to stop and we got away just before 9 am. Wow – that was a tough journey. We shared the driving and arrived in the very cute town of Bünde mid afternoon.

First, we headed to Kleiner Bruchweg were my grandparents lived and gave them a big surprise. These were my father’s family as my mother’s parents lived in Hamburg. I intended to visit them at a later date.

Grandma Helga sure got a shock when we rang the door bell. I was hugged by her and Grandpa until my ribs were sore. Once Angela had dumped me off she took off to visit her mom and dad in Ostkilver a few miles out of town. Instead of staying in a hotel we both stayed with our respective families and arranged to have a big get-together lunch on Sunday at the Zum Metzger mit dem Zopf.

Saturday proved to be a busy one as once the news got around that I was in town relatives I hadn’t even heard of descended on the house. It was truly a very special time and I actually slept in the room that my father slept in as a boy.

This morning I saw the house that I was born in; visited the cemetery where some of my ancestors are buried and I answered a lot of questions regarding my relationship with Angela. Obviously, my mother and Grandma Helga have been discussing the situation and so, even though my father’s family didn’t approve of shacking up together, I did come clean and told them that we were lovers.

After my confession, Grandma suggested we go to church together but Grandpa said that it was too late and there were lots of things to do and so my sins had to be put on hold. Angela turned up at the house with a second car full of her family and little groups seemed to form and every so often they would cast their glances toward the two of us.

The lunch went extremely well with everybody having a good time and a few people drinking a little more than they should. Later at the house, there were tearful goodbyes and promises for future get-togethers. Around 3 pm, piled up with food provided by the family who didn’t want us to starve to death on the way – we left.

“I don’t think you’re grandparents approve of our relationship,” Angela remarked as we pulled out of town, “It was rather brave of you to admit to it.”

“No point in lying to old people – they have a gift for reading faces.”

“So you think we look like a couple.”

I didn’t want to pursue that couple stuff and as luck would have it a van made a dangerous maneuver in the front of us causing Angela to ram on the brakes and to curse enthusiastically. When things got back to normal the subject was not broached again.

It was nearly midnight when we arrived back home as we had, in spite of all the food packaged by the families, stopped for a meal. Both shagged out from the whole experience we dropped into bed and quickly fell asleep.

Believe or not Angela got a call at 6.30 am and left immediately. I didn’t want to keep taking a taxi because of the cost and so I tried taking public transportation and arrived at work five minutes late.

When I walked in the office Paula had news for me. Bending over the desk and looking around furtively she informed me that Monsieur Woodrow and Elise were engaged to be married. I tried to look surprised and was about to get on with my work when I got a call from no other than Elise, she said that Bob had to fly for a series of meetings in London and would be away for a few days. She had apparently entrenched herself in Bob’s office and wanted to see me there.

When I entered Elise was on the phone and she was leaning over the desks looking through some papers at the same time. I couldn’t help but notice her breasts swaying from side to side as she was wearing a low cut top and obviously no bra. She seemed to be getting quite angry with whoever happened to be on the other end of the line and slammed the phone down on them.

“Dam salesmen,” she said, “They get the orders wrong and then expect somebody else to sort it out for them.”

She settled down and asked me to take a seat.

“Konrad,” she began, “I found it very easy to talk to you the other day and I still have a few worries I’d like to discuss – is there any chance you could have dinner with me tonight?”

I hesitated because I knew that if Angela returned that evening I would have a job explaining where I was going. Elise picked up on my hesitation and said if such an arrangement proved awkward for me perhaps we could just have lunch together. I certainly had no objection to that and went back to my work with a spring in my step. After all, any man would enjoy having lunch with a beautiful woman like her.
I didn’t see Taylor around at all that morning and presumed that she was probably in London with her father. However, when Elise and I drove away I thought I saw her at the window.

That didn’t particularly worry me but after we had parked the vehicle in the Rue des Juifs Elise informed me that we would be lunching in her apartment.

“I’ve got fresh bread, pate, brie and some great coffee, and it’s very comfortable,” she smiled.

She led me a little way down the street, inside an old building and then down a stone staircase to what I can only call a cave. It was an absolutely beautiful one room apartment, quite large and with a high rounded stone ceiling. It was well furnished in antique pieces with a huge comfortable looking bed in the corner.

“How on earth did you discover a place like this,” I asked.

“I wanted something unusual,” she said, “something with atmosphere – a love nest for Bob and I.”

“You certainly found it,” I laughed, “I’ve never seen anything like it.”

She invited me to sit on the well-stuffed white sofa while she busied herself in the kitchen area. The bed – situated right across from me conjured up some erotic images in my mind.

Elise soon brought a tray across and we started to eat our lunch. I was expecting her to begin discussing whatever her problem was but the conversation turned to food and other trivial things. I drank a couple of cups of coffee and polished off several pieces of bread and I was still waiting for her to open up once more.

She took the empty tray away and came back to sit by me but she didn’t say anything, she just gave a big sigh and then started to cry. I didn’t know quite what to do but I reached out to touch her arm in order to comfort her and suddenly she had her arms around my neck and continued to weep.

After a while, she straightened herself up again.

“I don’t want to go through with this marriage,” she cried, “but I’m responsible for his wife’s death and I can’t really call it off.”

“How could you be responsible for his wife’s death?” I inquired.

“She committed suicide because of me.”

” How could that happen,” I stammered, feeling very uncomfortable.

“Bob came over here a year ago,” she sniffled, “his wife stayed in the states so Taylor could finish her high school and then he met me and when he told his wife he’d found someone else she killed herself. Taylor stayed with relatives until a couple of months ago – I’m sure she hates me – she pretends not to but I’m sure she does.”

I’m not often stuck for words but I was at that moment. I started to look at my watch again hoping that I could think of some way to get out of this situation but things got worse.

“Is your girlfriend a good lover?” she inquired.

“Yes,” I spluttered, “I suppose she is.”

“Bob isn’t a good lover,” she said, “That’s the problem, yes I want material things but I also want someone who can satisfy me sexually.”

I looked at my watch again.

“Do you satisfy your girlfriend Konrad?” she asked, putting her hand on my thigh.

Holy fuck – she was beautiful and so alluring but she was beginning to spook me. I suggested that it was probably not appropriate for the two of us to be alone and that Bob would probably blow his top if he found out about it.

“I was hoping that you could be my friend,” she pleaded in a low voice – tightening her grip on my thigh.

In spite of sympathizing with Bob and his deceased wife, I was beginning to feel terribly horny. However, I thought I might be reading the situation all wrong and I didn’t want to make a move that might lose me my job and possibly damage my relationship with Angela.

I didn’t need to worry as she started to whisper “I want you to be my friend Konrad – I want you to be my friend,” and as she said it her face got closer and closer to mine. Whatever resistance I once had suddenly disintegrated and I grabbed her shoulders and pulled her toward me. The next thing we were all over each other and I was enjoying the sweetness of her tongue as it probed the back of my throat.

As we became more and more entwined I ventured to slip my hand under her short skirt. The moment my fingertips made contact her smooth warm skin she started to tremble and rained frenzied kisses all over my face. When I reached the edge of her panties she gasped and tightened her grip on me. At this point I rose to my feet pulling her up with me and taking her up in my arms I carried her to that most inviting bed.

She looks so fragile lying there I slipped off her skirt and panties very gently and moved her top up to her shoulders. I paused for a few seconds just to admire her beautiful body – it was breathtaking. When I bent my head and started to brush my tongue over her nipples she closed her eyes started to whimper. As I took them into my mouth she arched her back and groaned and putting her arms behind her she grabbed on to the bed head.

It occurred to me that as she was naked I should take my clothes off and as I stood beside the bed taking off my underwear her hand reached out to feel my groin. As her long delicate fingers began to explore I felt the blood rushing through my veins and I swear my boner grew another inch. She soon took advantage of this and re-positioned herself so that she could absorb it into her mouth.

I held onto her shoulders as she slowly took as much of it in as physically possible and then withdrew it at the same speed. Every so often she would just use her tongue to tantalize me, sometimes bringing her tongue from my balls right to the tip.

When I could stand no more I lay her on her back and as she opened her beautiful long shapely legs I slipped my tongue into the petals of her flower. Once more she grabbed for the bed head and raised her bum upwards making it easier for me to immerse myself in her warm moist folds.

As she got more and more excited she urged me to put my finger in while still making rapid movements with my tongue and it wasn’t long before her body began to twist and turn, then she screamed out loud as she went into a massive orgasm. At this point, I took hold of her wrists and lowered myself on to her gradually penetrating her flower. I teased her a little by rapidly going in and out for a few strokes and then stopping. Every time I stopped she would move her ass up and down desperately wanting it to continue.

Because my balls were aching and ready to explode I began to increase my pace. The bed was creaking with my every move – faster and faster until it was my turn to scream. My sperm gushed into her tight into little cunt in a continuous stream and she broke her arms free and held onto me as hard as she could as I squeezed every last drop into her.

I had just made love to possibly the most beautiful woman in the world and I was beginning to feel guilty about it. Elise seemed to have no regrets and after slipping on a lacy robe she went to the kitchen area to put more coffee on. When she came back she sat beside me kissed me and said, “That was wonderful.”

There was no denying that but I wondered where this was going to lead us. She had no such doubts.

“Do you know something,” she said, taking my hand in hers, “I think I will marry Bob and perhaps you could be my lover.”

I wasn’t sure what to say to a proposition like that. To turn down having sex with a gorgeous creature like Elise would certainly put one’s masculinity into question. Consequently, I just said that we could possibly work something out. A stupid answer but it was all I could come up with at the time.

As luck would have it when I got back into the office Taylor was once more sitting in my chair. It was almost three o’clock and she commented on the fact that I had taken rather a long lunch.

“The next time I ask you out to lunch,” she smiled, “You’ll have to spend as much time with me.”

When I got home in the evening I received a text from Angela? She said she was going to be away for two or three days.

The fire alarms went off in the office building today and we all had to troop outside for twenty minutes while the fire department went through each floor systematically. I stood by one of the trees that line the street with Taylor on one side and Elise on the other. Paula, who sat on a garbage can by the door looked over at us with a wry smile. When we were allowed back into the office she commented that I was quite the ladies man. After that, every time she looked at me she gave that same little grin. Goodness knows what she’s thinking.

It didn’t help the situation when at noon Taylor came into the office and told me she was going to buy me lunch. When I said I was too busy and I was just going to go out and bring back a coffee and a sandwich she tried to pull the “My father gave me complete authority,” again.

“I thought that Madame Fortier was in charge in your father’s absence,” I said, glancing over at Paula who seemed most interested in our conversation.

The expression on Taylor’s face certainly conveyed her feeling about Elise.

“She’s not Mrs. Woodrow yet,” she exploded, “I’m just as important as she is – so get your ass off that chair and we’ll go to lunch – I’m paying.”

The last thing I wanted to do was to capitulate to a kid of nineteen but I was in an awkward position. To save face I said that I would go but I would certainly mention her behavior to her father when he returned.

“He’s not back so let’s go,” she snapped.

I would truly like to have taken her over my knee and given her ass a good tanning but I grabbed my jacket and followed her out with Paula giving me a sly wave as I did so.

It seemed ridiculous to even consider going to lunch with both of us being angry and so before we got to her car I suggested we forgot what happened in the office and have a pleasant lunch together. She smiled, the kind of smile that could melt your heart, and squeezed my hand.

“Let’s do that,” she agreed.

Taylor drove her usual hair-raising fashion and I must admit her choice of restaurant was a bit of a surprise – none other than McDonald’s in the Rue Grandes Arcades.

“I’m fed up with all the fancy food,” she laughed, “I just want a hamburger and fries.”

Now, this is not one of my favorite establishments but I must admit after dining in so many swanky restaurants I thought it would be a nice change. She asked me what I wanted then told me to find a table while she got the food.

I must say what started out so badly between us developed into a most enjoyable lunch. However, when we were walking back to the car she asked me if I’d mind coming back to her apartment as she had something serious she wanted to discuss with me. I immediately envisioned the trap that Elise had set for me and the look on my face must have indicated my reluctance.

“It’s OK I’m not planning to seduce you,” she smiled, “I really do have a serious problem – and – it’s that time of the month and so you don’t have anything to worry about.”

I was mostly worried about what Elise was going to say because as far as I was concerned she was the boss now Bob was away. When I expressed my unease about taking an extended lunch she looked at me with puppy dog eyes and I fell in with her plan.

The place she resided with her dad was in a very nice building with a doorman no less. We took the elevator to the third floor and entered the plush apartment. She suggested I sit on the sofa and asked if I wanted a drink.

“I think I’ll be in enough trouble with Elise without adding to it by smelling of alcohol.”

“That bitch has really got you under her thumb hasn’t she?”

“You obviously don’t like your future stepmother,” I said.

“I hate that fucking bitch,” she replied, pouring herself a large drink and plopping down on the sofa beside me. “She doesn’t love my dad, she likes the fact that he has money.”

“What makes you think that,” I asked, trying to be diplomatic in spite of the fact I knew this to be true.

“A couple of weeks ago I caught her in the store room with one of the salesmen – he had his hand up her skirt and she was loving it – I don’t think that’s the kind of woman my dad should marry – and she was also responsible for my mother’s death – a woman who was loving and loyal to the last.” At this point, she burst into tears.

Between sobs, she told me the same story that Elise had relayed to me regarding the suicide. Of course, I pretended to be shocked as if it was all new to me.

“I only wish I could prove she fucked around with other guys,” she said, “But I’d have to have video evidence to convince my dad. He’s so smitten he thinks she can do no wrong.” She sighed, “She is very beautiful isn’t she?”

I had to admit she was – nobody could deny that fact. But it seems that she is not quite so attractive on the inside.

“If you had the money I guess you could hire a gigolo to make love to her and provide you with the proof you need,” I said, more as something to say than a serious suggestion.

Taylor jumped up and down in her seat, “That’s brilliant,” she cried, “I have lots of money – my mother came from a very rich family and after the way, my dad behaved she left it all to me. I don’t get it all until I’m 21 but I have enough to be going on with.”

After the fact, I wasn’t sure that I had done the right thing making that suggestion but she was raining kisses all over my face and it didn’t seem the time to backtrack. I did make an attempt to stand up saying that we should get back to the office but she pulled me back down.

“I want to do something special for you,” she said, “You’ve saved my life.”

Even though I insisted she owed me nothing she proceeded to unzip my fly. The proximity to this lovely young woman and the kisses had caused me to start getting hard and when she felt this she giggled with delight.

“Now lie back and enjoy,” she said, taking it out and nibbling the end with her full lips.

It was too late to argue about it now and has she slid it further and further into her mouth I lost all sense of responsibility. She gradually moved until she was kneeling in front of me and then she stopped urging me to lift my bum so she could pull my pants down.

I did her bidding and soon she was rhythmically going up and down on me with her tongue doing magical moves at the same time. Putting my fingers in her hair seem to excite her and she increased the pace until I could feel my veins burning hot and ready to cum. I warned her but she ignored me and kept going until I shot my load down her lovely throat.

It took me a couple of minutes to come down from the moon during which time Taylor ran to the bathroom. When she returned she gently cleaned me up with a warm face cloth.

“That was quite amazing,” I said kissing her forehead.

“One day I’m going to get you into bed,” she smiled, “And that will be amazing!”

It was almost 3 pm when we got back to the office and Elise was there to greet us.

“Where the hell have you been?” she asked, aiming her vengeance at me and ignoring Taylor.

“Don’t blame Konrad, I insisted he took me to lunch and when we came out of the restaurant the car wouldn’t start. It took an hour and a half to get a mechanic out.”

I could see that Elise didn’t buy it but she told me to stay and an extra hour to catch up, which I had no problem with but Taylor started to curse at her and they continued the argument in her office while I sneaked back into the workroom.

Paula had obviously heard the commotion. She looked up from her work for a second, raised her eyebrows, then went back to sorting through some news clippings.

She’s a strange woman, sometimes she doesn’t say a word for hours and then she latches on to some piece of gossip and she can’t wait to share it. When I first met her I thought she was a miserable looking bitch but now her dry sense of humor was beginning to grow on me.

Just after five, which was my normal time to leave, Taylor slipped in for a few minutes and vented her frustrations with Elise. She then told me she was about to put my plan into action, kissed me on the cheek and was about to leave when the Oriental Goddess herself entered the room. Taylor made a quick exit without giving her so much as a glance.

Elise turned and watched her leave the room, she then looked at me suspiciously, “Is there something going on between you two?”

“We’re just friends, apart from her father she’s the only North American I know here. It’s nice to stay in touch with your own culture.”

“Be careful,” she warned me, “She may only be nineteen but she’s sex crazy – I’d hate to see you become involved – it would only lead to disaster and,” she paused and rubbed my shoulder gently with her hand, “I don’t want it to interfere with our arrangement.”

I was not aware that we had an arrangement but she seemed to think we had. It’s not that I hadn’t enjoyed making love to her – it was incredible. Whereas Angela made love aggressively Elise made it feel like it was part of a ballet. It was different – but full of danger and I really didn’t want to create problems for myself because I liked the work I was doing. Obviously, Bob was not going to be too pleased if he discovered that I was fucking his fiancé and getting blowjobs from his daughter.


I was still in bed when the phone rang – it was Angela. I had no idea where she was calling from but I thought I heard Arabic or a similar tongue being spoken in the background. She said she was going to be away for a few more days and when I questioned her about her location she just rang off.

I was not happy and I was beginning to wonder if it was possible to maintain a relationship when one person’s activities are cloaked in mystery and secrecy. The fact that I was living in a foreign country, where I had no real friends or relatives, seemed to exacerbate the problem.

Later the day I unconsciously mentioned to Elise that Angela was away and I found it lonely in the evenings. She said that she felt the same way as Bob was still in London.

“We used to go out almost every evening,” she said, “Now I sit on my own and watch TV.”

When she said this I felt that she might be trying to lure me into her web again and so I quickly changed the subject. As Paula was sitting right across from us with her ears twitching Elise didn’t bring it up again.

For the rest of the day, Elise seemed to be engrossed in business occasionally shouting and screaming at people which seemed so out of keeping with her angelic looks. I honestly think the responsibility she’d been given by Bob was just too much for her. Taylor didn’t show her face all day, I suspected she was probably busy planning her future stepmother’s downfall.

I drove home in the evening, had a shower and tried to figure what I was going to have for supper. I was just about to raid the fridge when the door bell rang and who should be standing there with a bag of Chinese take-out but Elise.

“I couldn’t bear to think of you cooking your own food and then having to eat alone,” she said with a little pout that seemed to say she was hoping I was not angry with her for taking such a liberty.

There was really no option but to ask her in and she was soon spreading the food out on the table and asking me if I had a corkscrew for the bottle of wine that had been hiding in one of the bags.

I tried to be gracious but I was really pissed off that she had just turned up at my door like that. Even though Angela was not at home there are neighbors who may have well take note of her visit – she’s hardly a woman who would go unnoticed.

It seemed a bit too late to do anything about the situation and so we ate our meal, drank our wine and engaged in polite conversation. However, every mouthful I took was accompanied by the thought of what she might have got in mind for dessert.

When we’d polished off the Moo Goo Kai Pan, Egg Rolls and the Beef Chow Mein she suggested that we might sit on the sofa to finish our wine. I was under no illusion as to where this would lead, but having been treated to the gentle sway of her perky breasts as she reached across the table with her chopsticks, I was beginning to feel the urge.

When she had finished her wine she announced it was time for the entertainment and she promptly got up and started to look through Angela’s CD collection. Having found the one she wanted she placed it in the player. It turned out to be Lena Meyer- Landrut singing “Taken by a Stranger.”

Music was not the only thing I was about to enjoy as she began to dance seductively to the pulsating rhythm, then one by one she shed pieces of her clothing throwing them this way and that. Wearing so little she had completely disrobed before the second verse.

Dancing towards me she held out her hands and pulled me to my feet. She then began to slowly take off my clothes until the two of us were dancing with our naked bodies pressed hard against each other. When the music stopped she eased me back onto the sofa and straddled over my lap lowering herself on to me and absorbing my throbbing cock deep inside of her.

She placed her hands on my shoulders and moved up and down slowly. Her long hair brushed my chest and her nipples found their way into my mouth. I closed my eyes and just drifted into ecstasy as she moaned softly and continued to move her ass up, down and sideways.

Elise was in no hurry for me to cum whereas I was feeling a real need. She just kept on tantalizing me first with slow and then with faster moves until she began to go into orgasm, then she threw her head back and gave it all she’d got. I know that I’m always using the term explode but that’s exactly what it felt like as my goo surged up inside of her. She just held on to my arms and leaned back with her eyes closed as I moved my ass up and down anxious to fill her up to the brim.

We both showered and then she put on her clothes, gave me a peck on the cheek and left. It was almost a cold goodbye after such extreme passion. I was left wondering whether I was just a convenient fuck for her and that anybody presentable could satisfy her needs. I’m afraid that Bob is not the lucky guy I once thought him to be.

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