Paddy’s Journal Week 02


Last night was very pleasant but Jack phoned twice to see how his little girl was. In the end, I took the phone and had words with him, I just couldn’t stand to think that my association with his daughter was causing him such anguish.

“I will look after your daughter and protect her with my life,” I said, very dramatically, poor guy sniffled a “thank you,” and rang off.
Aoibhe wanted to stay all night but I said her dad would be worried and so she left at around midnight. He wasn’t the only one worried as I had visions of her wanting to move in with me and she was sure to want to move things around. I really did think I was ready for that yet. However, at ten in the morning she turned up at my door with two suitcases.

“Dad says he doesn’t mind if I move in with you.”

I wish dad had asked me – I’m a bachelor living in a bachelor pad – what does it take to convince people you’re happy that way? BUT I hadn’t got the heart to say take those cases back home BUT where was I going to put all her stuff?

There is a fairly big cupboard on the landing where I keep all the flea market buys I don’t have room for. I have a golf bag, even though I don’t play golf, a BBQ even though I don’t have any space outside to put it and I an old fashioned ice box that will never be used. I decided to donate these things to the charity store downstairs and to clean the place out for her things. For drawer space, she’s had to slide her cases under the bed. Speaking of beds, the two of us have got to squeeze on to a ¾ mattress but she’s slim and so we can probably manage.

Before we started to do any of this stuff I sat her down and told her I didn’t want to change anything in my little abode it took me time to get it just how I wanted it. She said she was quite happy with the way things are and promised not to start badgering me about redecorating or refurbishing. Of course, having been married I know verbal promises are not worth the paper they’re written on.

We were so busy cleaning out the cupboard and carrying the junk downstairs for the Colonel and Wanda to dispose of we didn’t have time to prepare anything for lunch. At 12 noon we decided to go across the street and eat.

I felt a little uneasy facing Jack again but he made a real effort to be pleasant. My biggest problem was with the three Michaels who had all decided to dine there that day. While Aoibhe went over to talk to her mother I had to stand the jibes of my degenerate friends.

“You lucky fucker,” said Mike Noiseaux, “You’re as ugly as fuck with a miserable personality and you’ve landed a beauty queen.”

The comments from the other two were not much of an improvement, but when she came back to the table they all behaved themselves. Brenda wouldn’t give me a bill insisting that as long as I looked after her little girl I would dine for free.

“But screw up,” she said, “and I’ll poison you.”

My three friends thought that was hilarious, and I tried to crack a smile but it’s not easy when you’re under threat. She also informed me that it would not include my alcohol

“I don’t want to turn you into an alcoholic,” she said.

When were about to leave Jack hugged Aoibhe as if she was taking off to a foreign land and then he mentioned the promise I’d made to him. I shook his hand and we left. For the rest of the day, my new flatmate reorganized the cupboard on the landing and phoned after a few jobs. I continued to track down Mr. Bell who I eventually found living in London. His wife didn’t want to take the documents for signature and she asked me to do it. Now I had to break the news to Aoibhe that I’d be going away for the day on Wednesday but with a bit of luck I should be back the same night.

She didn’t say much at the time but while we were enjoying Shepherd’s Pie night at the bar (for free) she asked if she could come with me.

“I have some money, I can pay my own fare .”

Now I had not only acquired a partner but a sidekick.


Cohabiting when you’ve lived on your own for a few years takes some getting used to, The bathroom is not your private domain anymore and when your apartment only consists of one room when one person wants to sleep it’s pretty well lights out and television off. Fortunately, I do have a sofa in the office so I can watch online programs if Aoibhe is either sleepy or she doesn’t want to watch the same programs.

The sex is obviously good but it comes at a price – the loss of personal freedom. And I’m not sure how this will play out in the future as she gets more and more entrenched. And what if she get’s pregnant? She says she’s on the pill but maybe I should wear a condom as well, or perhaps I should have the snip.

I’m still a bit floored by the fact that she’s infatuated with me! It was all so sudden and I probably should have thought this whole thing out more thoroughly but when women get upset I’m putty in their hands.

My friends think I’m the luckiest fucking man on the planet but they’re all approaching middle age and constantly moaning about not getting enough sex. Being a private eye has always provided me with women of all shapes and sizes, and with a variety of sexual preferences that made copulating an amazing adventure. Now I’m sharing my accommodation it will limit my activities but I’m not going to give it up entirely. What would some of my beautiful clients think if I turned down their advances? My reputation could be ruined.

Another problem is her cooking, she prepared lunch today and it was first class – just like her mother’s food. And as I type this she’s doing my laundry, it seems like a plot to make me dependant on her.

I’ve made arrangements for her to fly with me to London tomorrow and as Mrs. Bell was quite prepared for me to stay overnight, I booked us into a small hotel in Bloomsbury, where I’ve stayed before. Aoibhe is quite excited about the trip even though she’s been to London many times before.


We caught an early morning flight to London and managed to check into our hotel by noon. I had an appointment with Mr. Bell for lunch and he was going to bring along a colleague to witness his signature. I was going to leave Aoibhe to eat at the hotel restaurant on her own but she looked disappointed and we both headed for the Hare and Tortoise that served Japanese cuisine. Mr. Bell couldn’t take his eye off of Aoibhe and neither could his colleague, I guess they were like the three Michaels and thought I was a lucky guy.

She did look particularly beautiful in a pale pink dress that really showed off her long dark hair and she was just wearing the right amount of make-up and jewelry. I actually felt proud to be with her – that’s not a good sign.

When the meal was over and the papers were signed we returned to the hotel where she stripped off and threw herself across the bed. I’ve fucked a lot of women in my time, a lot of beautiful women but I have to admit that Aoibhe is the jewel in the crown. She’s fucking gorgeous and that’s all there is to it.

As I looked down at her lying there with a faint smile on her face I decided that my needs should come second, I was going to concentrate on giving her the most pleasurable experience possible. I took off my clothes to reveal my dick was hard and ready for action but I knelt down before the bed and latching onto her ankles I drew her vajajay slowly towards me.

My heart was beating a mile a minute as I pressed my face between her legs and began to gently lick the inside of her thighs.
“Oh God,” she cried out, “Oh my God.”

I moved my face further up until my lips made contact with her bush, and I kissed it. Her ass gave a little jolt and when I used my fingertips to part the lips of her flower and ran my tongue up and down her pink folds she started to tremble, feeling that she was going into and early orgasm I inserted two fingers into her wet cavity and worked them in and out in a fucking motion.

“Oh shit!” she cried out at the top of her voice and then she shook violently, wrapped her legs around my head and pulled me into her pussy so hard I nearly suffocated. When she cooled down a bit I stood up but I didn’t ram my cock into her as she expected I straddled her body and made for her tits. I sucked and I sucked, and I sucked hard, at the same time I pressed one knee against her cunt and I worked it up and down.

I was prepared to continue tantalizing her for some time but she reached down, grabbed onto my cock and begged me to put it in. Returning to the end of the bed I lifted up her legs, drew her forward until her flower was touching the end of my knob and the I drove it into her. It was as stiff as a board and after giving an initial gasp as it forced its way deep inside of her she began to move her ass up and down.

Grasping on to her legs tighter to restrict her movements and started to ram it in and out looking down at her jiggling tits as I did so. I don’t know what it is about tits swaying from side to side but it drives me crazy and I was bouncing my balls off her ass like a steam engine out of control.

It didn’t take long before my balls started to tingle and I shot a massive load into her love tunnel, I didn’t seem to be able to stop banging it into her to drain every drop but suddenly she pulled away from me and pushed me back, squatted on the floor and licked to residue from the end of my dick.

“WOW,” she said, “licking her lips and standing up to embrace me, “That was great.”

After we’d both had a shower we strolled along Bloomsbury Avenue, took supper at a delightful Italian restaurant where we threw little kisses across the table at each other and then she mouthed, “I love you.”

Even though I knew she wanted me to say the same thing back to her I just couldn’t do it. She was a little silent walking back to the hotel and as if she might be a little miffed she pretended to be engrossed in a mindless TV show until it was time for bed. She then turned her back on me and went to sleep.


We flew back on the early flight, I deliver the documents to Mrs. Bell and then we made our way back to the office. Ten minutes later Aoibhe was taking her clothes out of a cupboard and started packing her cases.

I wasn’t quite sure whether to ask her what she was doing or to just leave her to do whatever she wanted. For a while, I just pottered around the office sorting out a few files and after about ten minutes she came storming in from the apartment almost ripping the door off of the hinges.

“You don’t love me do you – you just want to fuck me and when you get tired of that you’ll just drop me – like you did your wife.”

“I didn’t drop her,” I objected, “she dropped me.”

“I don’t really care a fuck,” she continued to yell, “there are lots of men in this world who would do anything to marry me.”

“Like Darragh?” I said sarcastically.

“Like Darragh, and like Aidan and like Efron.”

“Efron,” I said, hardly able to believe there was anyone with a name like Efron.

“Yes, fucking Efron,” she screamed, “ and he’s twice the man you are and he’s filthy rich.”

“Well, why were you so anxious to move in with me if all these highly desirable men were knocking at your door?”

“Because I loved you, you fucking bastard,” she shot back, bursting into tears.

Women don’t usually tell me they love me. My first wife did of course and look where that ended. I was quite happy with my bachelor life before Aoibhe intruded on it and now it’s been turned upside down.

I naturally had to put my arms around her to console her and that was another major mistake. She has these deep brown eyes and glistening with tears they looked into mine like a forlorn puppy,

“Don’t you love me a little bit?” she sniffled, “I’ll understand if you say no but I can’t live here with you if you just think of me as a whore.”

Holy shit, she shot me through the heart with a silver bullet. I didn’t think of her in that way and I got really angry with her for saying it.

“I’m fond of you, and I respect you,” I said, but to me, love is a commitment. It’s not to be taken lightly.”

I dried her eyes with a tissue and asked if we could just be good friends for the moment.

“Do you mean no love making? That would be difficult,” I said, “sleeping in the same bed.”

“So that is all you want me for,” she cried, “ I was right – you just want to fuck me, and she went back to the apartment to finish her packing.

Sitting at my desk breaking pencils in half I wondered if I was going to miss her or whether, like all the other short liaisons I’d had, I would simply move on to the next. I knew I’d be seeing her every day at the bar wouldn’t be easy and I’d probably be there when she came in with some guy like she did with Darragh.

By the time she walked out the apartment with her cases I told her I didn’t want her to go. She didn’t answer me she just struggled towards the office door ready to make her exit.

“I‘ll miss you,” I said, “I’ll miss you a lot.”

She opened up the door and shoved one suitcase out onto the landing. I knew what she was up to, she was challenging the shithead I’d become and she was trying to reduce me to some kind of a wimp. It was not in my nature to be beaten, I’d stood up to gangsters, I’d looked down the barrel of a gun and I’d never given in. And I was determined I was not going to bend the rules that I had set for myself regarding commitment; it was just not going to happen.

The door closed behind her, I could hear her going down the stairs dragging the cases, thump, thump, thump. I broke the last pencil in the holder and then I got up, went onto the landing a blurted it out,

“I love you .”

By this time Wanda from the store downstairs, having heard the bumping of the cases, opened the bottom door and peered past Aoibhe, up to where I was standing.

“What’s going on?” she asked.

“He just told me he loved me,” said Aoibhe.

“Of course he loves you – any fool could see that. Now help her back up with those cases,” she demanded, “and don’t make so much noise.”

We spent the rest of the day making love but we did go over to her mom’s bar for supper.

“Don’t you two look happy,” she said, then, jokingly added, “you’re not pregnant are you?”

I’m not sure what my expression was but Brenda walked away giggling.


I woke up this morning with a beautiful naked young woman lying beside me. It wasn’t the first time but it was different, I was not going to get up and tiptoe out of her life forever like on the other occasions, I had committed myself to some sort of relationship. I knew that a billion other guys on this earth would willingly change places with me but I was still having doubts about sharing my life.

As she lay there beside me looking so innocent I wondered how she had managed to ensnare me when so many others had failed. Perhaps in some mysterious way she’d made me a better person, maybe having to care for someone else on a day to day basis would be good for me. However, there was a price tag and it was a big one, it was one I’d paid once before when I gave up that total unfettered freedom they call being single for the chains of marriage.

My ex-wife was also beautiful, she was a stay at home wife and looked after our home very well but my every move was monitored. The amount I drank, the gadgets I bought, the TV shows I watched was to some extent controlled. Possibly being an only child had made sharing difficult for me. My mother and father indulged me, nothing was too much trouble for their darling boy. If it hadn’t been for a family of four delinquent boys who lived next door with whom I had constant fights I would probably have grown up a wimp.

I looked over at the clock it was 7 a.m., time for coffee and a couple of slices of rye toast. That was how I start every day and I don’t intend to change my routine. When I climbed out of our narrow bed she moved over, pulled the sheets around her shoulders and smiled.

“You’re so fucking beautiful,” I whispered softly. She smiled in her sleep again, almost as if she could hear me.

After putting on the kettle and popping two slices of bread in the toaster I went into the office and checked my email, there was nothing of interest and before I could check the news I heard the kettle whistle and rushed to get to it before she woke. I was too late, she was sitting up in bed stretching her naked body.

“Do you want coffee?” I asked, wanting to know how much I needed to make.

“That would be lovely,” she said, climbing out of bed, slipping on her robe and then inquiring if I was working on a case today.

I told her I didn’t have anything until the evening when I had to follow a man on behalf of his wife. She informed me that she was going to spend most of the day scouring the internet for a job,

“I have to pull my weight, I don’t want to be a kept woman,” she said.

I told her there was no hurry because inwardly I would have been happy for her to stay at home to cook, do the laundry and keep the place clean. However, I know modern women think as that as slavery. My mother never did, she loved her home and had no desire to enter the workforce but times have changed.

As soon as I finished breakfast I poured a second cup of coffee and returned to the office to browse the newspapers online. Aoibhe came in after a while eating a Yogurt and sat beside Snowy on the sofa.

“I think he likes me,” she said, stroking the purring clump of fuzz.

“He likes women better than men,” I replied.

“I suppose he’s had the opportunity to meet quite a few.”

“Quite a few.”

“How many women would you say you’ve fucked Paddy?”

“I don’t keep score.”

“So it’s quite a lot?”

More than Elton John and less than Tom Jones,” I answered, not really wanting to have this conversation. But that’s how it continued for the rest of the day in between her straightening up the place and cooking lunch, and me following up leads for more work. It was just small talk.

After supper, I had to go into Dublin and pick up the trail of the philandering husband. I didn’t home until past midnight. Aoibhe had gone to sleep watching TV. I poured myself a drink and watched a bit of the Late, Late Show, before squeezing in beside her to saw off a few Zs.


We drove into Dublin this morning. It was quite warm but overcast. Aoibhe wore a dark green mini skirt and black tights. I’m not sure why but black tights always seem sexy to me, even more so than bare legs. In the Temple Bar district, we walked up and down people watching for a while and then went into The Palace Bar for a Guinness and a big sandwich that looked like a doorstep. It’s my favorite drinking hole, next to Jack and Brenda’s. It has unspoiled Victorian charm and beautiful stained glass, but I could see it might not have been her first choice. However, she said she enjoyed it, even though she had to struggle to get her tiny mouth around the sandwich.

There’s always an interesting crowd at the Palace and we got into conversation with a gray-haired old woman who, seeing the difference in ages, couldn’t resist asking if we were a couple. When I told her yes, and Aoibhe grabbed onto my arm and snuggled to prove the point, she asked us if we were sexually compatible.

“He’s very demanding,” she said, “but I restrict him to six nights a week, that way I get at least one night’s rest.”

She took it all with a good sense of humor and said we looked very happy together. I bought her a pint before we left and then we headed to Steven’s Green Shopping Center. My partner, if I may use the modern term, had a credit card and I restlessly paced up and down the stores where she tried on everything that was on the sale racks.

In a shop called Soho Market I paced for twenty minutes while she made her mind up between two dresses, then apparently not liking my brand of coffee we ended up choosing from umpteen blends at Gurman’s and then we moved on to Le Center-Ville for croissants. It was getting a bit much and I asked if we could go and sit down and have a coffee. She took me by the hand and led me to The Insomnia Coffee Company, where we had a great cup of coffee and was now I was ready to head home.

“I’m sorry,” she said, when I mentioned it, “you probably tire more easily than I do, I’ll have to be more thoughtful.”

I think she was being facetious but I planned to show her who has the most energy when I got her into bed. I intended to make her beg for mercy – and I did.

After supper, she tried on her new clothes and when she was stripped down in between outfits I shoved her onto the bed, tore off her panties, unzipped my pants and drove it into her. She was taken completely by surprise.

“I’ll show you who’s got the most energy,” I panted as I held onto her ass and went full tilt.

She was gasping as our bodies crashed together and when I started to make some primeval noises as I felt my cum moving up from my balls, she cried out “Oh Fuck,” grabbed onto my forearms, and moved her bum up and down to speed up the process. Once I started to cum I rammed it in hard to give her every last drop and then I stepped back, pulled her to her feet, turned her over in the doggie position and plowed it into her from behind.

“What are you trying to do,” she panted,

“I’m showing you that I’m not old and worn out,” I responded as I held onto her tits and pounded the cheeks of her ass.”

“You could have a heart attack,” she called out, as I kept driving it in and out a mile a minute.

It wasn’t romantic at all and when I’d shot my load the second time, she rolled on the bed and laughed hysterically.

“That was ridiculous,” she said, “You’re crazy, I didn’t think you would take what I said in the mall so seriously.”

I flopped down beside her and started to laugh myself, “It didn’t really bother me,” I said, trying to cover up, “I just wanted to fuck you.”

“Well next time try a little tenderness, anyone would think you wanted to punish me.”

By this time my dick was a little flaccid and she reached over and flopped it from side to side.

“It’s resting,” I said.

“Let’s see if I can wake him up,” she smiled, and then she leaned over and began to gently suck it. Believe it or not, I came a third time and then I fell asleep.


I woke up this morning fully clothed. It was seven thirty but I was dying for a coffee and as I got up I noticed Aoibhe was not in the bed. Quietly opening the door to the office I saw her lying on the sofa with Snowy at her feet. The blanket had fallen to the floor so I picked it up and covered her with it. As usual, she looked like an angel and I was tempted to kiss those beautiful lips, but I thought it might wake her, or she might turn into a frog, so I tiptoed out of the room and put the kettle on.

Not wanting to disturb I put the TV on low and sat and drank my coffee. Breaking with tradition I dug out one of the croissants she’d bought and sat there feeling quite continental. At eight, she came through the door wrapped in the blanket,

“I’m cold,” she said, “Is there any coffee?”

I put on the kettle and made another pot and then we just snuggled up ready to watch a little TV when the phone rang. Aoibhe answered it and then handed it to me.

“It’s your mother.”

I took the phone to be greeted with the words, “Who was that?”

After I’d explained it was my girlfriend, she went on to complain that I rarely phone her, that I was not there for her last birthday and listed a few other misdemeanors, before dropping a bomb on me.

“I’m coming out to see you today, she said, “I will be there before noon.

I explained to Aoibhe that my mother, who lived in Drogheda, was driving down to see me – us, and that he’d be here for lunch.

She immediately went into panic mode. It seemed as though she wanted to make a good impression and began to tidy up and jabber on about what she was going to cook. I was simply asked to get a bottle of wine from the cellar, which is a small cupboard underneath the one where she hangs her clothes. It’s always locked of course – I don’t want somebody straying in off the street and helping themselves.

After selecting a Bordeaux I returned to the apartment where she was fussing around like a mother hen.

“Uncork it and let it breathe,” she said, with all the authority of a bar owner’s daughter.

She had taken some salmon out of the little freezer compartment we have and intended to steam it with tiny potatoes and green onions. For desert, she made some jello and blended with whipping cream. I didn’t even know we had any of that stuff; obviously, she picked it up since we got together. The most amazing part was the glasses. When she cleared out the landing cupboard she found a set of antique goblets I picked up at a yard sale and never even unpacked, she’d used these for the desert and had them sitting in the fridge.

When the tiny table, complete with candle, was to her liking, she went into the bathroom to get ready. I never went to all this trouble for my mother, it was usually a mug of tea and a slice of the cake she brought with her. And in addition to the culinary preparations, she made me put on a nicer shirt and even ran the iron over it.

“This is not the President of Ireland that’s coming,” I said.

“I want your mother to have a good impression of me.”

I wasn’t sure whether all her effort would pay off, my mother didn’t like too many people. She never liked my girl friends or my ex-wife. She seemed to find fault with everybody.

When she arrived I opened the door and when she entered the apartment I introduced her to Aoibhe.

“Holy mother of God: she exclaimed, “you’re young enough to be his daughter.”

“I’m 22,” she replied, looking slightly embarrassed.

“Your parents must be out of their minds with worry,” she said, “where do they live my dear?”

“Just across the street.”

“Perhaps they’ll see more of you than I do of my son,” she snapped, placing a large cake on the counter top and taking off her coat.

Aoibhe, a little bit nervous at meeting the dragon lady, turned on the steamer and told us that lunch would be ready in about twenty minutes. She asked mother if she’d like a glass of wine now but she declined and said she would have it with her lunch.

Being tactful and wanting to give us a few minutes alone, she said she had to slip over to her parent’s place to get some extra cutlery. It was the longest ten minutes of my life.

“People are going to call you a pedophile,” my mother said, “she’s far too young for you Patrick and she’s probably hankering after babies and as much as I would like to be a grandmother you’re far too old to be taking on a family.”

She kept coming up with more and more reasons why I shouldn’t continue the relationship until I could stand it no longer and blurted out,”Mother! I love her.”

It was the exact moment that Aoibhe appeared in the doorway with a bunch of cutlery in her hand. She broke into a big smile, grabbed onto my arm and said, “And I love him.”

The dragon was defeated, she actually said the lunch was delicious, complimented Aoibhe on her dress and when she left she actually gave her a hug and told her to look after me.

I breathed a sigh of relief when she’d gone, kissed my child bride for her efforts and settled down for a normal evening…to be continued

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