Paddy’s Journal Week 01

Paddy and Aoibhe – Week 1

I’d just wrapped up a case and I was spending my time relaxing, which involved listening to music and flying paper airplanes across the office. Around 9 o’clock there was a knock on the door and I took my customary position facing the window and yelled come in, spinning around in my chair like Sam Spade when the client entered. Except it wasn’t a client it was Aoibhe.

After greeting me she explained that she had never been in my office and thought she might pay me a visit. She was carrying a plastic container with some of her mother’s famous Carrot Cake and so I put on the coffee and we sat and had a chat. We talked about her studies in forensics and then she asked if I’d give her the grand tour. There obviously isn’t much to show but I gave her the history of how I acquired some of my Flea market junk and then she said she’d like to see my apartment.

“Is this where you bring some of your female clients?” she asked, that seemed to indicate her father had been besmirching my reputation.
“Some,” I replied, not wanting to get into a discussion about my love life.

“You’ve never invited me here,” she said, straightening up one of my pictures on the wall.

“I’ve hardly seen you over the past couple of years,” I pointed out, making the picture crooked again, “AND as you’re the daughter of two of my best friends it would not have been appropriate for me to do so, in fact, you probably shouldn’t be here right now.”

“I didn’t think Private Eyes had any scruples,” she smiled, sitting down on my bed, that was still unmade.

“Perhaps you’ve read too many cheap novels,” I said.

“Oh well if you’re not going to seduce me I guess I’ll leave,” she grinned and got up and left.

I had a massive erection for the rest of the morning because I just couldn’t stop thinking about her.


The women I fuck are from all parts of Ireland and occasionally overseas. I rarely see them again and that’s how I like it. Getting involved with Aoibhe wouldn’t be like that, she only lives across the street at the bar that has become my second home. Her parents are good friends and I wouldn’t want to jeopardize that or have her dad take a swipe at me. Sure he’s no match for me but just the unpleasantness it could generate would be unbearable.

I have decided that under no circumstances am I going to let some pretty young woman with a fashion model figure screw up my way of life. Yes, I’ve thought of what it would be like to lay that lovely body across my bed and slide my dick into it but I’m convinced that I can resist temptation in this case.

I didn’t go over to the bar last night I just had some pot noodles, in spite of it being Shepheard’s Pie Night I didn’t want to see Aoibhe again until I thought things through and firmed up my resolve. Now I’ve done that I can walk into that bar and, apart from exchanging pleasantries I shall ignore her.

Later this morning, I got a call from a man in Dublin who wants me to investigate another man he’s planning to go into business with. I began immediately phoning contacts and made quite a bit of progress. At 12 noon I had pot noodles again as I was not quite ready to face Aoibhe. However, I’m determined to go over for supper tonight as it’s Irish Stew and I don’t intend to miss that.


I’ve gathered quite a bit of information on my client’s proposed partner and it doesn’t look good. Tomorrow I intend to go down to the courthouse to check some records and then I can support my report with official documents. This kind of work isn’t very exciting but it pays the bills and I rarely get shot at.

At 5.30 I’m trying to decide whether I should go over to Jack and Brenda’s Bar or whether I should try out the new Chinese place that’s just opened. I like to encourage new businesses. As I sat there I heard footsteps on the wooden stairs, I knew they were dainty feet and I began to sweat. There was a faint tap on the door and I reluctantly yelled come in. When she came through the door wearing a skirt up to her navel and a low cut top that showed off her jiggling tits, I knew I was defeated.

“Mom wondered if you were OK, you didn’t come over for supper last night.”

“I was really busy – I just couldn’t break away.”

“Are you coming over tonight – if not I could bring it over for you.”

Thinking there was safety in numbers I decided to go across the street with her. At my table sat the three Michaels, quaffing Guinness and calling an order in for me. Michael Noiseaux, who was always the curious one asked me what I was doing with Aoibhe. I simply said she’d come over to make sure I was eating there tonight. Then the conversation deteriorated to sexual comments about Jack’s daughter and how they’d like to get their leg over.

“I bet you’ll have her in bed before the week’s out,” teased Michael Mills.

“No way,” I assured them, “she strictly off limits.”

I sat there drinking and playing cards until about 10 and then we split up and went our separate ways. When I arrived back at my place I sighed with relief, I’d made it, yes I had a hard on most of the evening but I was never once tempted to encourage her in any way. I was the master of my genitalia.

I locked the office door and moved into the apartment and then my cell phone rang, it was Aoibhe, she was outside my door.

“You left your scarf on the chair,” she said.

“I wasn’t wearing a scarf,” I replied.

“Well I think you should ask me in for a drink, I have come all this way.”

Holy fuck, she’d only crossed the street, but not wanting to be rude I opened the door and there she was with a big smile on her face.
“I don’t think you should stay more than five minutes,” I said, “Your Dad will be worried.

“No he won’t – they’ve closed up and gone over to some friends, they won’t be until the early hours.”

I poured her a drink and expected her to sit on the sofa in the office but she just waltzed off into my apartment, leaving a trail of intoxicating perfume. A defeated man I followed her.


Last night was one to remember, after pouring my guest a drink she wandered into the apartment and sat on the bed. I took my place a safe distance away from her but it wasn’t that safe. From my chair, I could see right up her mini skirt and that white strip that covered her crack was clearly visible. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it.

“Don’t you find me attractive?” she asked, sipping on her drink with those kissable lips.

“I find you very attractive.”

“But you’ve been trying to avoid me.”

“How did you come to that conclusion?”

“Partly intuition and partly the way you’ve been acting,” she said.

“I think you know my reasons for trying to keep a little distance between us, first I’m almost old enough to be your father and second I don’t want to upset your parents.”

“But you would like to fuck me wouldn’t you?”

“I refuse to answer that as it might incriminate me.”

“Well I’d like to fuck you,” she said, “I’ve been attracted to you since the first time I set eyes on you. I like older men and I like men who don’t conform – you score on both counts.”

“I’m flattered,” I replied, “But I still think it would create too many problems AND – I’m not looking for a steady girlfriend because I’m not the kind of person to commit.”

“For fuck’s sake, I’m not asking you to marry me,” she laughed, “I just think you’d be a fun person to have fun with – if that makes any sense.”

She got up from the bed and eased herself onto my lap. I was forced to hold onto her firm warm thigh to prevent her slipping off and when she crushed her lips against mine my hand instinctively slipped under her skirt and my finger tips made contact with her damp panties. She reacted by putting her arms around my neck and taking a deep breath. I worked my finger around that strip and gently moved it up and down her wet crack. I gently poked it inside her vagina and out again, then worked it up between her pink folds to her clit. I kept repeating this action as she held onto me tighter and tighter and started to tremble.

“Holy fuck,” I’m cumming,” she cried out.

She then proceeded to kiss my face all over and attempted to take my Tshirt over my head.

“Why don’t we strip off and lie on the bed,” I said, as my dick had swelled up and was pressing painfully against my pants.

Aoibhe is beautiful dressed but undressed – well she took my breath away – she’s a fucking goddess.

We stood there naked for a few seconds smiling at each other and then I gently laid her on the bed and began to suck on her tits, stroking her trimmed pussy at the same time. She stretched her body out extending her arms behind her and just whimpered. After a while, I slipped down the bed, placed my face between her thighs and gave her a good tongue lashing. She came again in no time flat and then grabbed onto me and begged me to put it in.

Her cunt is really tight and as I slowly shoved it into that warm wet tunnel I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. Sometimes you feel as though you don’t want to start driving it in and out because you know you’re going to cum and it will be all over. At that moment, I would like to have laid there with my cock buried deep inside of her for a couple of hours.

When she stuck her long painted nails into my ass I knew she wanted some action, so I started to ram it in, slowly at first but as she arched her back, thrusting those perfect tits up toward me I increased the pace until I was going at it like a mad man. When I felt my balls go on the boil I knew I’d soon be streaming my jizz into her love tunnel and I went into a frenzy until I shot my load, I then drove it into her her with force for those last few cock draining strokes. It was unbelievable.

When she left around one in the morning I had a feeling that my life would never be the same again, and it worried me.


When I got divorced from my wife I swore that I’d never get into any kind of relationship that lasted more than two or three fucks. Once you get past that point you begin to get attached. Normally when I go to bed with clients or others who become involved in a case everybody accepts that it’s just one or two off. Something like a holiday romance and usually when the case is wrapped up you put some distance between the two of you. Distance is the problem with Aoibhe, she’s not only based just across the street it just happens to be my favorite watering hole.

Another complication is my relationship with her parents, they have become like family to me. If they thought I was fucking their daughter I have no idea what they would think. They know I have no moral standards so they would probably be distraught.


The moment I entered the bar for my lunch today I felt a sense of guilt. Aoibhe, who is helping them out until she finds a position in a lab, immediately came over to my table. It seemed as though she was being over attentive and I glanced over at Jack who stood behind the bar and I swear that he looked over at us suspiciously.

After lunch, I spent the afternoon with a client who wanted advice on how to make his premises more secure. I do designs systems with alarm and monitoring devices and then I turn the business over to my friend John Grimm, who sells and installs the equipment. I got back to the office at six. Wanda and the colonel were still in the store and before I could go upstairs Wanda gave me a shout.

“Aoibhe has been looking for you,” she said, with raised eyebrows, “she’s been over here twice – what’s going on between you two?”

If there’s one thing I hate it’s women’s intuition, they’re all fucking psychic. I just told her I was helping her to draw up a resume and she just smiled. “Of course you are,” everyone knows what that means.

In the end, I decided not to go upstairs, I went straight over to the bar and after I’d eaten supper I sat talking to an old friend of mine who’s in the Garda and stayed there until after ten. Aoibhe seemed to be really agitated and she left the bar and I didn’t see her again.


My cat Snowy wasn’t feeling well this morning and Wanda downstairs agreed to take her to the vet for me. I have a report to finish for a job I completed last week and I wanted to concentrate on that so I could send a final bill to the client. I never really wanted to have a cat but when the shop downstairs is dedicated to cat rescue and the proprietors are your landlords you feel somewhat obligated. Now the cat and I have got used to each other I’d miss him if he wasn’t around.


Rather than go over to the bar decided to cook my own lunch today and so I put a steak in the pan and ate that with a bottle of Guinness. I hadn’t quite finished my meal when Aiobhe walked in. I guess because we had one passionate session together she feels that she can just walk in without knocking. Of course, she looked beautiful, she always does, and beautiful women have always been my weakness, so I didn’t tell her that she should have knocked and waited for me to shout “come in.”

“I thought you might come over for lunch today,” she said, pouting a little.

Pretending to be a little more interested in my steak than I was of her I chewed the last piece and swilled it down before replying.

“I’m in the middle of something important,” I said, and I didn’t want to break away from the office.

“Can I come over tonight and cook your supper?”

“I don’t think that would be a very good idea.”

“I’m a good cook.”

“I’m sure you are but what would your dad say to that?”

“He already thinks something is going on.”

Fuck – those were the words I didn’t want to hear and I told her that I would be at the bar for supper and that I didn’t want her to pay so much attention to me. She didn’t take it well and told me I was a fucking bastard and stormed out.

That evening she wasn’t in the bar when I arrived and half an hour later she walked in on the arm of a good looking guy that was more her age. Holy fuck – I started feeling jealous. What’s wrong with me?


Watching Aoibhe playing up to the young guy in the bar last night really pissed me off, although Jack had a smirk on his face, obviously happy that his daughter had lost interest in an uncouth, mature, detective. I found myself getting quite agitated and almost got into a fight with a man who bumped into my table and spilled some of my drink.

This morning I was feeling like shit, I got a call from a Mrs. Bell. She needs me to track down her husband who took off on her a couple of years ago. She doesn’t want him back but needs to dispose of some property that is in both their names. I had to call on her in Dublin at 10.30 and on the way in I was hoping she’d be sex-starved and desperate to get me into bed. However, she turned out to be old a shriveled up and although I’ sure she would have sucked my cock at the drop of a hat – even I have standards.

It was the kind of job I could probably do on the phone and computer and so I headed back to the office and then I went over to the bar for lunch.
“Where’s you helper today?” I asked as Jack poured my Guinness.

“She’s out with that young man of hers,” he replied, attempting to stifle an evil grin.

I quickly finished off my Farmer’s Lunch and went back to my office. Snowy was back from the vets and was seemingly in good health. Wanda had pinned a note on my door. “Don’t give the cat any Bourbon.” It probably wasn’t a good idea but when he seemed a bit under the weather I added a teaspoon to his water thinking it would cheer him up. It always works for me!

As a matter of fact, I poured myself a big one when I got in and sat with my feet up on the desk and meditated for a while. Around two o’clock there was the sound of tiny feet on the stairs and then a knock at the door. I didn’t do my Sam Spade chair swivel I just sat there with my heart pounding and hoarsely called out “come in.”

I knew it was Aoibhe, I figured she’d realized that there was no substitute for the real thing and she was going to want me to fuck her brains out. That didn’t turn out to be the reason she was here, she sat down on the sofa and said she wanted to ask my advice.

You know Daragh, the guy you saw me with last night?”

I nodded.

“We were at college together,” she continued, “we went out a few times but it was nothing serious.”

I gave a little yawn wondering where this conversation was going, and then she dropped a bomb.

“He wants me to marry him.”

There was no reason for me to be concerned other than I might not have the opportunity to fuck her again – and I had to admit she was a good fuck. However, it was more than that, I suddenly felt sick to the stomach. It looked as though I’d thrown away the opportunity to have a relationship with a sweet, beautiful young woman.

“What do you want me to say?” I shrugged, “I’m not your father, you’d better ask him what he thinks.”

“I have mentioned it and he’s delighted, he thinks it will be great to have a doctor in the family.”

“Then why would you want my opinion?”

“I don’t really – I simply wanted you to know.”

With that, she got up and left and I tried to get lost in my work tracing the elusive Mr. Bell.


I got up late this morning made a bacon sandwich and sat and watched a Gaelic Football match I’d recorded of Kerry versus Dublin. Even though I already knew the result it was an exciting game to watch.

At around eleven there was a pounding on my office door and I went to see who was there. It was Jack and he was as mad as fuck.

“What have you been up to with my daughter?” he yelled at the top of his voice.

“I’m not sure if I know what you mean.”

He muscled past me into the office and in a fit of rage he actually took a Chinese vase that was sitting on the side and threw it against the wall. I wasn’t going to stand by and let him trash my office and so I told him to get the fuck out before I threw him out.

“Well you just stay away from her and away from my bar,” he yelled as he went down the stairs three steps at a time.

I couldn’t believe that I was banned from the bar – I have my own table there – it’s my second home – and the thought of not being able to have Brenda’s cooking again was almost too much to bear. However, the crazy bastard was within his rights so there was nothing I could do but sit down and have a stiff drink.

At three thirty, I was trying to lose myself in a TV show when there was another knock on the door, this time it was Brenda.

“Could you come over and talk to Aoibhe,” she said, “she’s locked herself in her room, she’s crying her eyes out and she won’t let us in.”

“Wouldn’t it be better to call her fiancé?” In said, referring to the young handsome Darragh.

“Don’t be naïve,” she said, “she thinks she’s in love with you and she keeps calling your name.”

“Oh – your husband has banned me from the bar so I can’t really help you.”

“Don’t worry about that, I’ll take care of him – but you owe it to me to come over and talk to her.”

I don’t really owe her anything accept my friendship but I thought I better see what I could do. After passing Jack, who was gritting his teeth in the bar, I was led upstairs and I could immediately hear the sobbing.

Now I have known a good many women in my time and some of them probably liked me but no one has ever become hysterical before. This was a first.

I tapped on the door and told her it was me, the crying stopped and there was an uneasy silence. I tapped again and asked if I could go in.

“Go away – you don’t care about me,” she yelled, “and I don’t care about you.”

Brenda who was standing by my side shook her head and whispered, “That’s not true.”

I tapped again, “I do care about you – so open the door and let’s talk.”

After a little persistence Aoibhe opened the door just enough to see her pretty tear stained face, then she walked back in and sat down on the bed and I followed her. Brenda discretely left and later I could hear Jack and her shouting at each other downstairs. What a fucking mess.

Putting my arm around her to comfort her I said it was silly for her to develop such strong feeling for someone she hardly knew. She sniffled saying she’d known me for a long time, which was true if you count when she was a girl and I used to call on her mom and dad.

“I just want to spend some time with you,” she whimpered, “and I want you to get to know me.”

“But there’s no future in associating with an old guy like me I’m grumpy and I’m unreliable.”

In the end, I agreed to let her come over to the apartment to cook supper for me, after that we made love and sat and watched TV together like an old couple. It’s all very confusing….to be continued

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