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Aoibhe (pron. Ay-vuh) Donoghue is the daughter of Jack and Brenda whose bar I frequent almost every day and some nights. I didn’t see her growing up as I was in Canada at that time and when I returned to Ireland she was studying in England. She frequently came home for the holidays but when she did, I was often out on a case and so I didn’t really have a chance to see what a beautiful young woman she’d become until she’d finished school. However, even though I was attracted to her, I did not entertain any thoughts of getting into her pants, after all, she was the daughter of two old friends – but then she hit on me.

Follow my complicated, and sometimes bizarre love life each week:

Week 01
Week 02
Week 03
Week 04
Week 05
And it all takes place in Dun Laoghaire, on the beautiful Dublin Bay

My ecclectic office the result of too many trips to the fleamarket

My landlords, The Colonel and his wife Wanda run the charity store downstairs.

This is the bar owned by Aoibhe’s parents, it’s conveniently located across the street from my office.

My apartment, which I thought was just big enough for one, until Aoibhe came along.

Dun Laoghaire a great place to live and work

Fully Illustrated Sex Toy Catalog

Dun Laoghaire Weather

Dublin Street Scene LIVE

Copyright 2017 Paddy Killeen
The characters portrayed in my stories are, for intents and purposes fictional and any similarity to persons living or dead is purely a product of your imagination.
You may not sell, license, sub-license, rent, transfer or distribute any part of my stories or images in any format, or claim ownership.

In an effort to blend reality with fiction the author and the protagonist are essentially one and the same. Their oneness is reflected in their choices, their backgrounds and their obvious dislike for the conventional

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