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By Chritiano Caffieri

Jackson Pyke was the brilliant but socially inept inventor of beletherium, a highly toxic gas that had absolutely no known application. The company he worked for though, was convinced that it had to be possible to make a shit-pile of money from it. It was just discovering how. Dowhook Chemical awarded Jack his own small lab for the project and a vast number of safety protocols were in place to protect those who worked there.

Only two technicians were allowed in at any one time. Due to the pernicious qualities of the poisonous but useless substance, the lab workers only wore a simple smock with no clothing underneath. The room was also equipped with two emergency pods so that those inside the facility could take cover in case of a leak. If the contamination alarm went off, the two technicians were instructed to quickly take off their smocks, put them in the disposal bin provided and then calmly run like hell into into the airtight modules. Upon entering, their naked bodies would be sprayed with a decontamination gas.

These very strict procedures would ensure that none of the beletherium would not remain on their skin because that would be fatal. Once in the module, operatives from the main factory would begin the main decontamination procedures. These involved removing all the air from of the lab, filtering it out and testing it. This took about eight hours, during which time the technicians were required to remain in the emergency pod, where there was a comfortable seat, bottled water and a few emergency snacks.

Professor Pike’s lab assistant was indisputably gorgeous but somewhat reserved. In fact, Alexa Pinhurst was so reserved she informed her brainy but awkward boss that she wouldn’t date him if he was the last man on earth. It was such a frank and non-ambiguous rejection of his clumsy but sincere romantic entreaties, that he vowed never to broach the subject again. This was easier said that done, however. As the lithe, long legged Alexa moved enticingly around the work benches, particularly when she bent over those benches, it caused his resolve to wither like an unloved petunia. Plus, the fact that he knew she was naked under her fetching-but-thin white smock, caused him to be in a state of constant and visible arousal.

The chance of the carefully monitored Beletherium leaking was exceedingly slight but every day, they were required to review the emergency protocols, and recite the procedures. Weeks went by without a hitch. He was in love and she was a bitch. But then one day, as in all dangerous and off-the-books laboratories, all hell broke loose. Lights began to flash and sirens wailed. The two technicians immediately stripped off, disposed of their smocks and scampered for the pods. Things were going smoothly and exactly according to plan. Jackson clambered into his unit, but unfortunately, the door to the one designated for Alexa was stuck shut. Appropriately concerned but not panicked, the quick thinking assistant hammered for dear life on the door of Jackson’s pod and was quickly let inside.

Unfortunately, the capsules were not much bigger than a phone booth. More than adequate for one person to hang out in but a tad snug for two. Poor Jackson, who was already calling on every last molecule of strength in his body to not pop a boner, was doing his best to move Alexa into a move comfortable position. His valiant attempts to keep his penis politely flaccid were not helped by Alexa’s big tits kept rubbing against his hairy chest. By the time they had maneuvered to the point where Alexa could sit down in the one available seat, she was nonplussed, to say the least, to discover Jackson’s engorged cock sticking in her face. More than a little repulsed, she request that he turn around. The mortified professor quickly acceded to her request but then Alexa found herself face to face with her superior’s hairy posterior and quickly demanded he return to his original orientation.

“Isn’t there something you can do to get that thing down?” she inquired, as his member slapped her cheek and came to rest beside her nose.

“Well we could both stand,” he suggested, “at least then it wouldn’t be sticking in your face.”

They attempted several variations but to no avail. If they stood face to face, the end of Jackson’s doowanger was poking and rubbing against her belly. If she turned around, it took up residence in her ass-crack. Before they could test whether cheek to cheek was any less unpleasant and embarrassing, Alexa had a panic attack and tried to open the pod door. This could have been catastrophic. Jackson quickly grabbed a hold of his agitated assistant to prevent her exiting the capsule but discovered he had one of her perfect breasts in each hand. The shock of being so brazenly felt up snapped her back to her senses. Alexa took a second to compose herself, gently removed his hands from her chest and calmly retook her seat.

“I’m sorry,” she apologized, “I won’t panic again. I know this must be difficult for you, faced with the possibility of standing there with that erection for the next eight hours.”

He gallantly told for her not to worry. He could cope with it if she could.

“Well, perhaps you could turn around and, you know, relieve yourself. I wouldn’t mind at all if you did.”

Jackson turned twelve shades of red with a slightly purple under-glow. “Oh, I’m sorry, I would if I could but I would be far to embarrassed to pleasure myself in front of you. Perhaps I could stand sideways.”

Alexa thought long and hard (how ironic) about what she was going to say next. “Well, perhaps I could help lesson your embarrassment by aiding you in your, ah, quest,” she gulped.

“Aid me?”

“I’m offering to give you a handjob, Jackson. Please don’t make me be any more explicit than that.”

Jackson swallowed hard. He pondered how to sound thankful for her offer without jumping up and down, yelling, “Yippee, yipee, YIPEE!” Finally, he put on his most serious professorial face and replied, “Anything you would be willing to do to improve our unfortunate situation would be most welcome.

“Are there any tissues in here?” she inquired, looking around the tiny booth.


Alexa tried her best to keep it together. “We need somewhere to put the result of our endeavors.”


“When they finally let us out of here, they can’t find big pools of cum on the floor, can they? I’d never hear the end of it.” She looked around her spartan surrounding one more time. “There has to be something we can do with it.”

Amazingly, Jackson had an idea. “I’m afraid, there’s only one place I can think of where it could end up that no one would find it.”

Alexa turned as white as a Republican outreach program. “Oh my god, you’re asking me to give you a blow job?”

“I don’t know what I’m asking. I’m a scientist and scientists search for solutions.”

A mortified but resigned Alexa grabbed Jackson’s penis, perhaps a little too roughly. “I can’t believe I’m doing this.”

The good professor practically inhaled all the oxygen in their life-protecting pod as Alexa guided the head of his penis through her moist, puffy lips. The feeling was indescribable. It took all his willpower not to grab the back of her head and smash the end of his cock against her tonsils. Somehow he sensed that she would appreciate it. As she politely sucked away and allowed his painfully engorged manhood further and further inside her mouth, she slid her left hand up his inner thigh and began to tenderly knead his nards. By now, the entirety of Jackson’s pulsating schlong was inside his assistant’s head. Alexa, was becoming less and less reserved as she became more and more turned on. Suddenly, she pulled his prick back out into the room and playfully licked the underside of his love helmet before diving back onto the throbbing beast with abandon. The way her tongue swirled around his head as her warm wet mouth slid silkily up and down his shaft caused the overload of sperm in his balls to ready themselves for evacuation.

At this pivotal penile point she gazed up at him with her dreamy, sexy eyes and said, “It’d be okay if you wanted to grab my hair and face-fuck me. I’ll do anything you want me to.”

Poor Jackson felt ashamed of himself afterwards but he did as she suggested. He seized some long locks of her blond hair and rammed his dick down her throat. He knew that she wanted to get this ordeal overwith as soon as possible so he concentrated on crossing the finish-line and her tonsils. Thrust after thrust of his cock into her perfect, sloppy mouth drove him mad with desire. Finally, he felt that familiar tug in the nuts she was caressing and he blew load after load of steaming hot jism into her gaping maw. His knees were shaking as he spurted his last rich helping of goo into her and collapsed on her face.  

“My word, I didn’t know you were that desperate,” she announced, once they were separated, “I assume, you being a man of honor, you’ll wish to reciprocate in kind?”

“Pardon?” asked the slow-to-the-point professor.

“I’m inviting you to eat me out, you cretin.”

It wasn’t easy to kneel down before her in that little space provided, but Jackson managed by lifting her legs up over his shoulders and sliding his face between her soft warm thighs. Her vulva and vaginal opening tasted of heaven. His tongue slid up and down her womanly crevice as he ardently dined on the dew of her glory. Getting down to business, he began to lingually massage her bulging clitoris and burrowed his middle finger deep into her tight but receptive love hole.

Somehow, the unmitigated shame of the situation stirred her molten honey pot into a whirling vortex of pleasure. Her legs tightened on his cheeks as she closed in on her first real cum in months. Alexa was far to proper to “self pleasure” so it had been quite a while and the the amount of erogenic water that had amassed behind her womanly damn was colossal. The first blast of her climax almost made her faint. Gigantic, cataclysmic, breathtaking orgasmic spasms tore through her body like a trailer park tornado. She screamed and grabbed on to his hair, forcing her crack hard against his mouth as if she wanted pull his entire head inside of her.

“I want you to fuck me so bad,” she exclaimed, trying to rise from her seat on trembling legs.

Sex in a phone booth is never an easy proposition but they were determined to make it work. She placed here left leg up on the seat, giving Jackson full access to her smoldering pussy. He entered her with ease, grabbing her right ass cheek for balance and her left tit for fun. Alexa reached around and snuck two fingers up his sphincter as he rammed his cock again and again as deep into her as he could manage. The former Miss Stuck-Up was now howling like wounded coyote and begging him to fuck her harder.

Breathing heavy and rhythmically banging around in that tiny pod like a heavy quilt in a dryer, they could both feel the rising tide of yet another monumental orgasm. Before they knew it, she was climactally squirting all over their capsule and Jackson’s second helping of cum was oozing out of her vagina and dropping in little squishy puddles all over the floor.

After the concupiscent mists finally cleared, they both looked around at the orgiastic shambles the pod was in. There would be no mistaking what had transpired in their eight hours of captivity unless one of them was willing to lick the floor and three of the walls clean. 

They weren’t.

Alexa went on to marry a hedge-fund manager but Jackson has an open invitation, should she happen to be bent over a bench at the lab, to perform some very naughty experiments upon her womanly sweetmeats.

The End

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