#2 – The Unexpected Guest

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By Cristiano Caffieri

It was quite a stormy Christmas Eve when Amanda, half frozen and covered from head to toe in snow, turned up at Jason Kemper’s house quite unannounced and totally unexpected. The last time he’d seen his young second cousin was when she was twelve, now she was 25 and in trouble.

The guy she’d been shacked up with had taken off on her during the night taking everything that was worth anything and leaving her to face the landlord who he’d not paid to for over three months. When she was put out on the street she had a small case and twenty-five dollars, just enough to buy a bus ticket to the small town where she knew her long lost relative ran an antique business out of his house. She didn’t realize his wife had left him until she was met at the door by his less than welcoming housekeeper Lily, who had designs on Jason herself, and the idea of a beautiful nubile young woman like Amanda staying there was not on her agenda.

She had to wait for Jason as he was out with members of his service club giving out Christmas packages. Lily reluctantly gave her something to eat when she mentioned she hadn’t eaten that day and she consumed it ravenously. When her 30-year-old cousin walked in the room Amanda had no doubts why the housekeeper fancied him. He was very good looking, markedly fit and had a smile that would melt a heart of stone.

As they sat side by side on the sofa going over old times Lily kept walking in and out of the room with her nose in the air. She didn’t like the fact that her competitor had gorgeous long legs exposed by a very short skirt and great tits that poked out of her top.

When it came time for bed that night she was given a small room on the upper floor butting up to the one occupied by the forty-something housekeeper. She had a shower and changed into the only decent thing she possessed, some beautiful lingerie that he ex-boyfriend had shoplifted from a posh shop in Dayton.

Amanda figured there was an opportunity to move permanently into Primrose House, as it was called, and the only thing standing in her way was a middle-aged frump. After giving Jason a while to settle into his bedroom she quietly sneaked down stairs, or so she thought, but Lily knew every floorboard that squeaked and she was only too aware of what was going on.

As the housekeeper, she had a free run of the place and often did little bits of maintenance. One of her home improvements was a spy hole she’d made in the floor so that she could keep an eye on her handsome employer, who had the room directly below hers. When she looked down it that night she could see that Jason was sitting up in bed reading and it wasn’t long before the door slid open and the alluring Amanda, in her sheer negligee, appeared at the foot of his bed saying that she wanted to talk to him.

The next thing the spying housekeeper saw was this little blonde tart sitting on the edge of the bed very, very close to him. Lily had to put her ear to the hole to be able to hear what was being said and she was shocked. Amanda was saying that she was desperate for somewhere to stay and that because she had no money she was prepared to pay for her keep with sexual favors.

If Lily had had a gun she would have poked it through that hole and shot the little bitch right through the fucking head but she didn’t. Instead, she returned to spying and although she heard Jason say he wouldn’t hear of such a thing and that she was welcome to stay as long as she wanted without obligation, Amanda just put her hand under the covers and grabbed his dick.

As well intentioned as Jason was he just didn’t have the willpower to resist and soon they were locked in a passionate embrace with their tongue twirling around each other’s mouth like two exotic dancers. Soon the negligee and his pajamas were in a pile on the floor and his hands were all over her young firm body, to say nothing of his lips.

Lily, although distraught, began to feel terribly horny and started to diddle herself with her middle finger. When Jason buried his face between Amanda’s tits she started to rub hers furiously. It was difficult lying on the floor to see what was going on and so she quietly tiptoed downstairs and stood by the open bedroom door.

By this time the young slender cousin had his dick in her mouth and she was sucking a mile a minute as Jason closed his eyes and seemed to be holding his breath. Emma kept rubbing her finger up and down her wet groove as the cock sucking continued. When he came in Amanda’s mouth, she also had an orgasm too and couldn’t help crying out.

The young nubile cousin looked over and saw the housekeeper with her nightie hoisted up still rubbing her clit and Jason’s jaw dropped in amazement.

“Come in and join us,” she invited, over his protests, “Let’s have a threesome.”

Emma was so frustrated by this time she would have fucked anything on two or even four legs. Driven to desperation she climbed on the bed and started to lick the remaining residue off of his dick. Amanda began to finger herself watching her. Jason, who had been a bit of a prude in the past suddenly began to realize he was in some sort of sexual paradise.

Having tasted the goo, that one day she’d hoped would clog up her fallopian tubes, Emma began to suck him off while he grabbed Amanda and got her to sit on his face. The combination of having someone slipping his dick into between their lips and having a very wet vagina covering his mouth made him go into a licking frenzy.

Reaching up with his hands he squeezed on Amanda tits as Emma’s brushed hers against his thighs while she was plunging up and down his shaft. When he came, it not only made him shout a string of obscenities, his cock sucking housekeeper screamed too, and a few seconds later so did Amanda.

Desperate to bury his dick into a warm wet slit he quickly climbed on Amanda and forced his dick, that had made a remarkable recovery, deep inside of her. Not wanting to leave the older woman out of things she suggested that Emma sit on her face while he was fucking her.

It was like an all out orgy. Jason was standing on the floor at the edge of the bed plunging his dick into Amanda, while she sucked out Emma, who held onto the rail for support. Seeing one pair of perky young tits jiggling in front of him and another pair, more mature but still attractive, swing back and forth drove him into a state of unimaginable euphoria. Every thrust was made with the intention of blowing his load inside of Amanda’s love tunnel and it wasn’t long before he, bellowing like a rutting Moose, achieved his objective.

In the end, everyone was lying on the bed exhausted but as soon as they had gathered their wits they decided that the three of them were going to live together happily ever after. Amanda would never have imagined as they all lay there, laughing and hugging, that the woman whose sexual fantasies she’d help to satisfy would choose Christmas Day to spike her cocoa with not one, but two spoons of arsenic.

Although Christmas is touted as promoting goodwill to all men, it doesn’t actually mention anything about women – does it?


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