#9 – The Nutwhacker

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By Cristiano Caffieri

Burton Bridges had always wanted to do something a little different with his local stage productions but he was always vetoed by the traditionalist committee. When, as usual, they asked him to put on a Christmas show he agreed providing they gave him a free reign. To sway them he mentioned he was planning something that involved elements of the Nutcracker.

“You can’t get much traditional than that,” he said, and they agreed.
He was getting on in years and he figured this might be his last production and so he pulled out the stops. The budget was small and so he decided to dispense with wardrobe. This meant that the entire cast was to be in the nude except for their hats, worn mainly to enable the audience to identify the characters.

Not wanting to alert the theater board too early regarding his intentions he discretely cast the performers and got them to swear an oath of secrecy with their right hand on a copy of McBeth. The rehearsals were to be held at Burton’s house away from prying eyes and he hoped to keep the production completely under wraps until it actually hit the stage, and possibly the fan.

The script, that was a hastily put together, was a takeoff on the Nutcracker, although Tchaikovsky probably wouldn’t have recognized that fact. Burton cleared most of the furniture out of his basement recreation room and ten people assembled to be given their respective roles. Deciding that they might as well get used to being naked from the outset he got them to take off their clothes and was surprised how willing his actors and actresses seem to be.

On one side of the room, he lined up the men with their dicks hanging down, except for George Grey, whose ability to face five sets of tits pointing at him from across the room resulted in a noticeable erection. The women who were aged from 22 to 46 offered a variety of mammary glands to suit every taste and this completely distracted the men and Burton found it hard to get their attention.

“George you can be Drosselmeyer,” he said, “But instead of children’s toys you make sex toys.”

There was some laughter as he opened up a box and produced a whole range of vibrators, nipple clamps, and cock rings.

“Carolyn you can be Clara but of course you’re not a young girl you’re a nympho and Charlie you play the part usually reserved for the Prince which will now be an insidious pox ridden playboy. Now I’ve prepared a rough script but basically, most of it will be improvised.”

At that point he excused himself to go to the bathroom and on his return was shocked to find that the women were trying out the toys assisted by the men. As it seemed a bit of harmless fun he let them continue while he sat and watched from the sideline.

Carolyn who had a giant dildo stuck up her twat was really getting carried away yelling and screaming at the top of her voice. This seemed to affect the mental balance of her husband Rick who ripped the apparatus away from her and rammed his cock into her well-oiled crack.

As they rolled on the floor moaning and groaning they almost knocked over the Christmas tree. This attempt at interpretive foreplay seemed to inspire the entire cast, making then as horny as randy Reindeer. Emily the librarian, who was usually straight-laced let her hair down literally and started sucking Joel Paget’s dick. The young guy barely twenty had a look of amazement on his face but he held onto her head as she knelt before him with his eyes closed and what looked like a faint smile on his face.

Perhaps the most outstanding performance that evening was by Paula the Meter Maid and Herbie Fellows. She sat on a chair at the end of the room with her legs upon his shoulders as he sucked and licked her cunt in a way that lead to her screaming a string of obscenities like, “Holy fucking hell and lick my fucking cunt dry – lick it dry.”

After 30 minutes or so the action began to cool down, some knobs were a little droopy and vajayjays were sore from the pounding they had taken. It was almost ten o’clock and so the rehearsal broke up and they hastily put on their clothes and filed past their director on the way to the door. The last one in line was Emily and she asked if she might stay for a cup of coffee, “Giving felatio makes your mouth go dry,” she grinned shyly.

Burton, who’d lived on his own since his wife ran away with the milkman didn’t have anything better to do and so he put the coffee on and they went into the living room until it was brewed. Emily seemed to like the way he’d decorated the room for Christmas and mentioned how lonely it must be at this time of the year when you’re all on your own in such a large house.

“I live alone too,” she said, “Of course I’ve never been married, in fact giving that blow job tonight was my first sexual experience,” she murmured, seemingly a bit ashamed of her behavior.

“It’s good to let go of yourself sometimes,” Burton replied, half wishing it was him that she gave the blowjob too.

“I really need to get more experience,” she said, “I thought maybe you could help me with that.”

“What about the coffee,” asked Burton with a sly look on his face.
“O fuck the coffee – I need to feel a man inside of me – I want to cum without having to diddle myself.”

Burton started to take off his clothes and this prompted her to do the same. He directed her to sit on the sofa and he knelt in between her legs as she closed her eyes and whimpered a little. Parting the soft pink folds of her tight slit he proceeded to run his tongue slowly along the lips. Emily began to shake like crazy and he only had the chance to press his mouth briefly against her cavity when she came with a terrifying scream.

“Wow that was fast,”

She was too breathless to say anything and he didn’t think that she was ready to be fucked just yet and so he just sat on the sofa beside her watching her body twitching and her tits bouncing around so provocatively he decided to kiss them. Poor Emily reacted to his lips sucking her nipples with loud groans and she dug her fingernails into his back as he continued. After a while, she pushed him away.

“It’s my turn to suck now,” she announced, in a librarian like a manner, and she knelt down on the sofa and almost swallowed the whole of his dick in one gulp. Burton couldn’t believe that a 40-year-old virgin could acquire such skills just reading books and watching porn.

With her fingers caressing his balls she moved up and down his cock using her lips and her tongue to maximum effect. When he felt himself cumming he wondered if she’d step back like she did with Seth – but no she swallowed the lot.

His dick was still capable of penetrating her virgin cunt, in fact, he was turned on to such an extent he could have bored a hole through concrete. He shoved it in gently as he didn’t want it to be too much of a shock and once inside he started to move it in and out slowly. Emily responded by moving her ass in unison. She was in ecstasy.

As he began to gather speed his balls began to feel they were full of tiny firecrackers. Perspiration was dripping from his chest and glistening on her swaying tits as he rammed it in as fast as he could go. When he shot his load Emily went berserk and began to repeat,

“Thank you, thank you,” over and over again, as though he given her an autographed first edition of The Glass Menagerie.

After that night the two of them met regularly when the rest of the cast had gone and fucked each others’ brains out. Burton was getting quite attached to Emily and during rehearsal he found himself getting quite jealous when she sucked someone else’s dick or let them eat her out.

A few days before Christmas the show billed for adults only, turned out to be a sensation. It was basically live pornography and the audience loved it.

As soon as it was over and Burton had defended himself successfully before the local judge, Emily moved in with him for the Christmas holiday and the last I heard they were living together on a permanent basis.

He was never asked to produce any further shows but he still gets congratulated on a daily basis by people who happened to be there for the one and only performance of the Nutwhacker.


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