#8 – The Love Palace

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By Cristiano Caffieri

Darin Stokes was a gas station attendant and bored out of his fucking mind with his job…and his home life wasn’t much better. He was 50 years old and his wife, who was about the same age, had long since given up wanting sex. In fact, it was pretty well winnowed its way down to Christmas and his birthday. Even on those big days, which he awaited with eager anticipation, she just lay there like a log and asked him to let her know when he’d finished.

Well, one Christmas he decided that things were going to be different. His boss, who had recently made a huge profit selling off his business, decided to give Darin a $1000 bonus. He thought about buying something nice for his wife but then, what was she going to give him in return – two pair of discount socks like every other year?

Darin had heard a couple of guys at the gas station talking about some fancy place downtown where, for a few hundred bucks, you could get the fuck of your life. They even mentioned the address! He first drove past the place to see what it looked like and then tried to buck up the courage to actually go in.

It took two days of deep thought and meditation before he finally got the nerve to take the plunge. He told his wife he had an appointment with his optometrist so she wouldn’t get suspicious when he left the house dressed up like a used car salesman.

When Darin arrived outside the big Victorian mansion, he sat in his car for over an hour, taking deep breaths and wondering whether he should re-consider. Eventually, he convinced himself that he’d worked hard over the years to get that bonus and if anyone deserved a Christmas gift, it was him.

Eventually, Darin found the courage to ring the bell on the big oak door but he was having difficulty catching his breath. “Holy fuck – what if I have a heart attack and my wife has to collect my body from here?” he mumbled to himself. Luckily, before he could make a bolt for it, a rather charming middle-aged lady opened the door and inquired whether she could be of assistance.

The way Darin stammered and stuttered convinced the woman he was not a cop and she invited him into a sumptuous hallway, draped in red velvet and smelling of roses. The atmosphere alone gave him a hard on. There were beautiful bikinied babes everywhere and all wearing Santa Claus hats.

“I think you’re new to this kind of activity, aren’t you?” the woman speculated. “Don’t worry about a thing – we will look after you.”

With this comforting statement, the kindly woman requested he sit in a small well-appointed room and said that someone would bring him a glass of wine and discuss his requirements. That person turned out to be a young woman in her twenties wearing a skimpy bathing suit that showed off the most beautiful figure he’d ever seen – even better than the girls on his prized garage calendar.

Her name was Christine and after brief introductions, she quizzed him about his desires. Darin liked that word because he desired to be pampered and fucked to the tune of one thousand smackers. He didn’t tell the girl at first because she had begun to run through an extensive price list of what was on offer.

“If you just want plain intercourse – no foreplay – that’s two hundred. With a little foreplay thrown in – three hundred – with a blowjob – that’s five.”

“What can I get for a thousand,” he asked producing his wad and laying it on the table.

“Oh, I think we can give you a Christmas to remember Mr. Stokes – or may I call you Darin,” she smiled, ever so sweetly.

Christine took him by the hand and led him down the hallway to a door marked “The Madame de Pompadour Room.

“This is our VIP Suite, Darin – I think you are going to like it in here.” She then waltzed him into a dazzlingly opulent den of iniquity, with its own Jacuzzi and a white circular bed. Next to the circle of sin was another equally attractive damsel named Sandy. His female companions immediately began to remove his clothing and then they took off theirs.

Darin felt rather shy at first but the lovely smiles of his two horny handmaidens soon put him at ease. Christine took him by the arm once more and led him over to the tub. Once he was luxuriously submerged in bubbles, she proceeded to wash him. First his back, chest and legs and then his balls. She gently peeled back his foreskin and smiled. “If I’m going to suck that for you I want it to be very clean,” she said.

By now, Darin’s dick was so hard it hurt. It was so enormous when he stepped out of the bath and into the towel that Sandy was holding, she had to move out of its way. Once his rubdown was complete, he was invited to lie on the bed. Now naked and horizontal, he tried to conceal his growing nerves. What did they have in store for him next?

The girls sashayed over to a dressing table and each took a bottle of some kind of exotic oils. They began to massage it deeply into his doughy flesh. It smelt of sweet fruits and flowers and made his skin tingle to the touch. Sandy slipped her willowy fingers around his balls and played with them like Paderewski on the piano. Darin immediately started to hyperventilate and became increasingly more anxious to cum. It turns out; he really didn’t have to worry about that.

As he was being massaged out of his mind by her associate, Christine put her lips to the end of his dick and kissed it. She repeated this scrumptious maneuver a number of times as his nutsack continued to be tickled and teased. Then, she took the whole thing into her mouth. The sensual shock was so great; his body jerked upwards like it was spring-loaded. The two girls paused for a few moments until he had regained his composure.

Christine’s gorgeous lips were now working up and down his cock at a steady suck-a-licious pace. Darin was reduced to taking short sharp breaths and moaning a little. The passionate pair continued to work on him until he felt this hot searing cum traveling up his pipes and into Christine’s mouth.

“Holy shit,” he cried. She just kept sucking on it as if she didn’t want to let it go. Finally, he was given a short break in the action to gather himself but soon these carnal cuties began applying more oil to his dick and scrotum.

“I wonder if I could have a little request?” he asked hoarsely as the prurient pampering continued.

“Whatever would you like, Darin?” inquired Christine.

“Could I possibly suck your tits – I’ve never in my life seen such a beautiful perky pair.”

“That should cost you another hundred but it’s nearly Christmas so you can do it for free – what about you Sandy?”

It was OK by her! For the next three minute’s, Darin practically sucked and licked the nipples right off their bodies. The girls made sure that he had full and unimpeded access to their healthy chests. By this time, his rock was up and ready to go again. His ever-obliging mattress mates asked him what position he would like. This time he preferred to lie on top, as he was anxious to see their delightful assets bounce around. To his delight, Christine lay down for him so he could penetrate her and Sandy once again fingered his balls from behind.

When he felt his hard shaft slide into her wet warm cunt, it was the most amazing sexual experience of his life. He actually held it in place for a few seconds just to savor the feeling. However, with those fingers probing his nuts, he was soon ramming it in at an incredible pace.

Christine may have been putting on an act as she moaned and groaned but he it loved anyway. To top it off she began to yell, “Fuck me, Darin! Fuck me, it feels so good,” And what guy wouldn’t like that?

It didn’t take long for loverboy to shoot his load and Christine wrapped her legs around him and squeezed tightly like she wanted it to last for ever. He was completely shagged out and spent. He hadn’t fucked like that for years and years.

Before he left the establishment, the Madam served him coffee and a light snack and then the two girls kissed him goodbye and wished him a Merry Christmas. As Darin was making his way back to his car, he calculated that if he stopped smoking and cut back on his drinking, he could probably afford to go back there about the same time next year.

He was so deliriously happy he actually exchanged season’s greetings with the meter maid. And she’d just ticketed his vehicle. It didn’t bother him a whit. Using the steering wheel to beat out the rhythm he bellowed out carols all the way home.


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