#7 – Sex in Space

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By Cristiano Caffieri

There had been UFO sightings over the city for several days, some enthusiasts had grainy photos to prove it but who takes notice of kooks like that. Certainly, Marty Weber didn’t. He spent all of his time out of doors selling hot dogs in the front of the convention center and the only things he’d seen flying around were the pigeons that shit on his cart occasionally.

Because it was Christmas time and a little chilly he’d added some roasted chestnuts to his menu but business was down a bit because of all the company Christmas lunches that were going on. It was crazy that at the time of year when he needed a few extra dollars business dropped off.

On the day in question, there was a little bit of a consolation. The Miss Christmas Cheer contest was being held in the center which was sponsored by a liquor company A few of the girls had slipped out for a hot dog and Marty was a great admirer of the female form and after he’d given them a footlong he dream about what it would be like to give them his own seven and three-quarter inches.

He had a girlfriend but he was not the sort of guy to turn a lot of heads. The kindest thing that could be said about him was that he was ordinary. However, he was a very polite, kind and jovial and so he was certainly admired by many of his customers.

That day the main topic of conversation about the UFO sightings and although he thought it was a lot of horseshit he went along with them, after all, it’s not good business to argue with a customer. Even when he was suddenly beamed up, right from his hot dog stand into a UFO of some kind, he was not altogether convinced. He thought the fumes from the propane gas were playing with his mind or something.

However, even after shaking his head vigorously, he couldn’t deny that he was in a round transparent enclosure being peered out by people who looked somewhat similar to humans apart from being devoid of hair and having a bronze skin color. He started to bang on the barrier but they smiled at him and waved and he got tired after a time and sat down on a mattress that was placed in the center of the enclosure.
A few minutes later, as he lay there trying to figure the whole thing out, one of the beauty contestants, wearing a red and white bikini and a Santa hat just materialized out of thin air. She looked at him in amazement.

“Who the fuck are you,” she asked, “And where the fuck is this.”

When he said he thought they were on a UFO, she looked at him with contempt.

“Listen to me you little creep – if this is some sort of publicity stunt or hoax I’m going to tear your balls off with these,” she flexed her inch long nails in front of his face and he cringed – now more afraid of her than the aliens.

Several new aliens arrived to look at them including one who had a lot of gold braid and looked as though he might be the chief honcho. He discussed something with two of his henchman and then one of them started to call out in a throaty voice, “Sex – have sex,” and the door slid open for a second and another little man tossed in a bunch of mistletoe.

“What are these shit heads on about,” asked the woman, “Getting more frustrated by the minute.”

“I think they want us to have sex – I guess they’re curious about us humans.” he replied.

“Then they can watch the porn channels like every other fucking pervert,” she snarled, looking at him as if he was one of the perverts she was referring to.

Trying to be friendly and calm her down he offered his hand, “By the way my names Marty…. ”

“Don’t tell me – Marty McFly,” she sneered.

“No it’s Marty Weber actually – what’s yours.”

“None of your fucking business you little douche bag.”

If he was going to held prisoner here for some time Marty wondered if he could ask for a more pleasant cell mate. But before he could say the Birdman of Alcatraz the aliens began to bang on the glass calling out “sex – sex – sex. The woman just started banging back and telling “the little turds” to let her out or suffer the consequences.

She had no sooner got the venom out of her mouth when both their clothes just vaporized and they stood there naked. The site of them there trying to cover up their private parts really excited the crowd and there were more calls for sex.

In the end, it all went quiet, the aliens drifted away and they didn’t see anyone else until they a gnarled old character popped two trays through a serving slot. Marty was hungry and although he didn’t recognize anything on the plate he cleaned it up anyway.

Miss Christmas Cheer, on the other hand, went immediately on hunger strike and shoved the food back out. “I’m not eating that filth,” she yelled but within half an hour she was complaining that she was hungry.

“I had a Snickers bar in my pocket,” said Marty, “But they’ve got my pockets somewhere.”

No sooner had he thought about the chocolate bar than it appeared on the mattress – he picked it up and gave it to her.

“We’ll go halves,” she said, turning a little more human.

“No I’ve eaten,” he smiled, “That meal was quite filling actually.”

She sat chewing the bar thoughtfully then she looked at Marty and shook her head a little, “Do you think if we had a quickie they’d return us to earth,” she asked.

“I don’t know but I imagine that they probably want a real show – exactly like earthlings make love to each other.”

“No fucking way,” she yelled, “No fucking way – that would mean I’d have to suck your dick and you’d have to eat my pussy – I’m never ever going to do that.”

“Well, I wouldn’t mind spending a few months in here if they’d give us a TV or something – I don’t fancy just sitting around all day like an animal in the zoo.”

“You don’t think they’d keep us here for months do you.”

“I really don’t know,” said Marty, “Who knows with aliens they’re completely unpredictable. He said it with such conviction it sounded as though he was an expert on the subject.

“I’m Jeannie Whitelaw,” she sighed, extending her hand, “Maybe we should give them what they want.”

Marty took one look at that beauty queen’s body again and had to quickly cover his dick that was getting as hard as a rock. He suggested they should both shower as there was some hygienic looking contraption at one end of the enclosure.

“OK let’s start by showering and see whether they come back, it’s no good fucking our brains out if they’re not watching.”

Marty didn’t really think that was a problem for him but he wasn’t going to argue when things were going so well. Once in the shower the water came on automatically, big soapy sponges appeared and the little hot dog seller ventured to sponge her down. She looked indignant at first but thinking it might speed up their release she let him lather her tits and her gorgeous groove and she even returned the favor by washing his balls.

“Do you always have a erection like that?” she asked, “You have rather a big one for a little guy.” With this comment she walked out of the shower, “What’s next – what do these creatures want us to do next.”

“Why don’t you pretend I’m George Clooney,” he said, “And I’ll think of you as my girlfriend and we’ll just do what comes natural – I think that’s what they want.”

“Do you think your girlfriend is more beautiful than me,” she retorted.

“Not really – but she’s an expert at making love – nobody could come up to her standard as far as I’m concerned.”

Jeannie became most indignant, “I can make love to a man as good as – if not better than – any woman in this state,” she pouted, “How do you think I got nominated to represent my city three years on the run.”

With this she shoved Marty backwards onto the mattress and dived on to his dick taking between her ruby lips and sucking it like a pro. Her fingers moved around his balls as she kept plunging it into her mouth. When he felt his cum moving up to the starting line he called out to warn her but determined to show him that she was the best she swallowed the fucking lot.

Marty’s body was shaking all over when she’d finished and it took him a few moments to recuperate. When he did he pulled her on top of him and started to suck her tits while moving his knee gently in her groin. Even though she didn’t want to seem to be enjoying it she couldn’t help but moan.

When he slipped his body under hers, positioning his face between her legs, she took a deep breath. He worked his fingers into her pulsating vulva while licking up and down her very sensitive edges, she cried out several times before that final scream when her ass began to move up and down and she seemed to become hysterical.

Jeannie turned over on her back and almost dragged him on top of her as if she couldn’t wait to have his prick inside of her. As he penetrated deep into her warm wet groove she held onto him tight, digging those one inch nails into his back.

Their asses moved in unison and their body slapped together in that final frenzy until he shot his load and she screamed, Fucking – fucking – fuck” and wrapped her legs around him so tight he thought she’d break his back.

There was a banging on the partition as over a dozen of the aliens, some taking copious notes, had gathered to show their appreciation. Jeannie, who couldn’t stop acting like a beauty queen, acknowledged their applause with a royal wave. Then she turned to Marty and said, threateningly, “If we get to go now – I don’t want you to say a word about this to anyone – do you understand that?”

At that that moment, still naked, they were teleported to a dumpster at the back of the convention center. As they sat there shivering amongst discarded Christmas decorations, orange peel and turkey dinner leftovers, they could hear the strains of Jingle Bell Rock blasting out from the hall.

Marty, grasping hold of Jeannie’s buttocks, eased her up so she could see over the edge of the metal container.

“Holy fuck!” she exclaimed

Standing on a broken plastic snowman he joined her at the rim as a flock of reporters covering the rear door to the convention center turned their attention and their cameras on the two naked space travelers. Marty sighed, knowing that his life as a hotdog salesman would never be the same and Jeannie – she just burst into tears.


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