#6 – Mary Christmas

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By Cristiano Caffieri

Drew had managed to postpone his arranged marriage to his second cousin Mary until she had graduated from Theological College and him from a course in computer animation. It wasn’t an easy thing to do, his parents were quite happy about his engagement to a future minister of the church but Mary, who had engineered the whole unofficial engagement thing, without him having any say in it, was not pleased at all.

To put it mildly, Mary was a nymphomaniac and a perverted one at that. Since they met up at the Whittier family Christmas the year before his body had been used and abused by her and even by one of her friends. He shuddered at what lay ahead of him unless he could completely change his identity or join the Foreign Legion.

The poor guy was dreading the next Christmas coming up because he knew Mary, and her parents would be there and using whatever devious means were necessary, his cousin would arrange for them to both sleep in the basement. Being alone with cousin Mary was lethal, in fact, he would have preferred to share his bed with a Cobra, who at least would kill him instantly and not just try to drain every drop of sperm from his body, possibly resulting in an agonizing death.

When the big day arrived things were much more serious than he ever imagined, Mary’s grandmother had been admitted to a hospital and her parents had to spend Christmas by her bedside. This in itself would not have been a major disaster but his scheming cousin asked if she could bring two of her college friends along to the gathering as they had nowhere to go for the holiday.

Drew was suspicious of the whole thing, feeling sure that Mary had possibly poisoned her grandmother just so she could fill up the two vacant spots at the table with her equally twisted theological compadres. He didn’t know what she had planned but it probably involved a foursome and that made his balls ache just to think about it.

The journey from Miami to Jacksonville was tense, at least for him, he dozed off for a few minutes and woke up in a panic as he dreamed that he was standing at the altar with his cousin and, instead of a wedding band she was slipping a cock ring on his dick. His parents couldn’t understand what was the matter with him, “It will be so nice for you this year with three friends your own age being there,” said his mother, not realizing that her baby boy was in danger of being muffed to death.

The greeting at the Whittier place was all hugs and kisses. Mary and her two friends Penny and Emily gave Drew an extra special hug and his cousin whispered in his ear, “It’s all arranged – we’re all going to sleep in the basement tonight.”

A lot of men might have envied a guy who was about to be sucked and fucked by three nubile theologians but that’s because they wouldn’t be able to imagine the depraved lengths these girls would go to for a new sexual experience. The opening of the gifts provided the first clues to what they had in mind.

His cousin had bought him a Hitachi vibrator, which not being shaped like a penis, passed itself off as a massager. Drew’s mother nodded as she examined it saying it would be handy to relax his shoulder muscles after a hard day at the computer. Penny bought him a rather nice leather case for tissues and Emily gave a bottle of relaxing aromatic oil. His mother laughed when she saw it was labeled edible, “I can’t imagine why anyone would want to consume it,” she laughed, but Drew knew.

Quite worried about what was to come after dinner that evening he just picked at his food while the three Angels of Coitus stuffed their silly smiling faces. When the meal was finished there were drinks, of course, followed by some heavy reminiscing and then it was bedtime!!!!!!!!!

Once in the basement Drew quickly got into his sleeping bag and zipped it up tight. The three women took turns to use the bathroom and then there was an ominous click as Mary went up the steps and slipped the bolt on the door.

Feigning sleep is not that easy and he was particularly bad at it. His fake snoring fooled no one and he was soon unzipped, poured out of his sleeping bag and stripped off by three overly excited ovulators. Giggling like a bunch of silly school girls they poked and prodded him until the game became more serious. Emily stretched out on the pool table while Penny stuffed her face between her thighs and ate her out, fondling her enormous tits at the same time. Mary then took Drew by the hand and laying beside Emily informed him that it was a competition to see which who came first.

His tongue was no stranger to Mary`s cock pocket so he got to work. In spite of his reluctance to be her sex slave he knew she had the desire to be a winner and so, he gave it his very best.

He knew she had very sensitive pussy lips and so he diddled them a little with his fingers as he parted them to insert is tongue. She started to grunt and groan from the outset and when he began to swipe the full length of her crack with his pussy fluffer she gripped onto his shoulders, her body started to vibrate like a badly tuned motor, and she held back a scream as her body bounced up and down on the green felt top.

Emily didn`t stand a chance, it was fully one minute later that her tits began to slap together as she writhed around on the table. Mary, of course, was delighted with the result and immediately dismounted and went down on his swollen dick.

Drew took a deep breath as she plunged her mouth almost the full length and the other two women, feeling they should add a little to the prize advanced on him to perform a little magic. Penny rubbed her cunt against his leg and inserted one of her long slender fingers up his ass. On the other side, Emily brushed her hairy bush against him and fondled his balls.

He had never in his life felt such urgency to cum. His nerves were being assaulted on all sides, and knowing that he couldn`t make a noise because of the folk upstairs he actually swallowed his screams. When he finally shot his load Mary, of course, took the whole lot in her mouth and immediately stuck out her tongue for her fellow sermonizers to lick. It was all very unnerving.

Yawning and stretching his arms as if he was ready for bed didn`t impress the girls. In fact, it seemed to urge them on and the fact that he had never fucked either Penny or Emily suddenly became an issue.

“Tonight I think you should fuck Penny,” said Mary, she’s not had a dick up her twat for over three months.

“You can’t expect me just to make love on command,” he protested.

“Well either that or I’m going to stick this right up your ass,” she threatened, producing the big vibrator from behind her back.

“You have no right to go through my Christmas gifts,” he said.

“Oh shut up Drew – sometimes you’re such a drag.”

At that moment he had an epiphany. If he really made love to Penny, really treated her to something very special – maybe just maybe – Mary would get obsessively jealous, the women would fight amongst themselves and that might lead to a break up in all their relationships.

Without another word he walked over to Penny and fondling her left tit with his hand, he put his right arm around her waist and kissed her passionately on the lips. The other two just stood there in amazement as it lingered on and on and she slid her arms around his neck in response.

As Drew lowered her naked body gently to the floor you could almost hear the sound of harps and violins. Mary and Emily continued to stand there with their mouths open and they opened even wider when he began to suck her tits and she responded, not like the animal they knew but like a take-off on Marylin Monroe.

“Come on – get on with it,” said Mary impatiently, “You’re supposed to fucking her not drooling all over her tits.”

They ignored her, which didn’t go down well and when Emily sat down nearby and began to diddle her slit, she became infuriated. Drew moved down Penny’s body in a series of little kisses until his face was between her thighs. He used his fingers to playfully divide the folds of her vajayjay and then flicked his tongue up and down her very wet lips.

Much to Mary’s chagrin, she was moaning and groaning and enjoying every lick. When she came it was like a volcanic eruption, she arched her back and was gasping as if she was having difficulty in breathing.

“Oh my god Drew – put your cock into me please and fuck me hard,” she whimpered.

As his fiancé (of sorts), ground her teeth, and Emily was about to have a full-blown orgasm, he lined up his throbbing knob with her cunt and drove it in.

“Oh Fuck!” she cried out, as he buried it deep inside her, “Oh Fuck,” she repeated as he began to slide it in and out. “Fuck me fast and fuck me hard,” she called out as his balls began to slam against her ass.

Mary could hardly contain herself as Drew pounded Penny’s pussy. She thought the pair were acting completely obscene and she had a few sharp words for Emily who was rubbing her crack furiously trying to cum for the second time.

Getting a little carried away by his own performance with his (sort of) fiancé’s best friend, he began to yell out endearments. This became louder and more pronounced as he began to feel his hot cum streaming up and ready to shoot into her pink canal. When he was on the short strokes she became hysterical and waved her legs and arms all over the place as his cum oozed into her with those last forceful thrusts. Then she put her arms and legs around him and held onto him tight.

“You disgusting pigs,” said Mary, shaking her head in dismay, “Friends and fiancés don’t act like that – it was horrifying to watch.”

For the rest of her stay, she insisted on sleeping outside in the garden shed and cut off all communication with her (sort of) ex-fiancé and her two friends. Leaving one day early she stomped down the driveway on her way to catch the bus back to college – keying Penny’s car on the way.

As for Drew, his appetite improved, he played scrabble with his two female companions and actually “made love” to Penny again, allowing Emily to watch of course.


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