#5 – Full Figured Girls

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By Cristiano Caffieri

Johnny Desmond was the lead singer in a local band called Krapper. They played at clubs, high schools, weddings and birthday bashes; in fact, they played for anyone who’d pay them, even a little.

When they were booked to play Christmas week at teenage haunt called The Roxy they were overjoyed. It was not only an opportunity to play for an appreciative crowd but Marty Guezman the owner also ran a small recording studio and they were hoping he might suggest that they make an album.

The band went down very well. Girls dressed in Santa hats and springy Reindeer antlers screamed and tried to touch them on the stage and they began to feel like they’d hit the big time. Two girls in particular were always at the very front smiling, calling out Johnny’s name, and even throwing little gifts at him.

They had quite pretty faces but those faces were mounted on rather large bodies, to put it mildly, they were fat – OK – very fat. Sometimes they`d cram into the hallway that led to their dressing room and it was a struggle to get by them. He`d signed their autograph books three times and he wanted to be polite but was getting a little tired of their attention.

On Christmas Eve, after playing to a record crowd, the members of the band decided to go out to a fancy restaurant and live it up a little. As they were leaving by the stage door Marty Guezman grabbed on Johnny`s arm and asked if he could have a word with him. Naturally, he thought this was their big break and he was going to offer the band a recording contract. So he told the guys to go ahead and that he`d catch up with them later.

Marty took the young singer back towards the band dressing room and on the way down the corridor he did say the band had great potential and he was trying to figure out some way he could help them to become better known. Johnny suggested that he might consider recording their composition Rock a Billy Rudolf.

“The kids seemed to love it,” he said, but the impresario seemed to have other things on his mind and when he flung the door of the dressing room open Johnny was in for a shock. Sitting there, with their big thighs open and their bums overhanging their chairs, were the two fat girls.

“I want to introduce you to my daughters,” he said, “This is Marianne and Katrina. They are two of your greatest fans and I want you to treat them nice.”

The two girls giggled and Marty just walked out the door and left him there with his mouth hanging open.

“We’ve got a bottle of Champagne and we’d like to join us for a drink, “smiled Katrina, producing a bottle from behind her back.

“And I’ve got the glasses,” said Marianne with an equally big smile on her face.

“Just one glass perhaps,” said Johnny.

Katrina popped the cork like a pro sending it ricocheting off the dressing table mirror. Then as her sister held the glasses she poured and then handed one to him.

“What shall we toast?” asked Johnny, not knowing what else to say.

“To your success and a Merry Christmas,” the two girls chorused, making him think that they knew something of their father’s plans.

Somehow when that bottle was finished another one appeared and he was feeling a little woozy having consumed it on an empty stomach. Consequently, he thought he was hearing things when Marianne, with her spring loaded antlers bobbing around, asked him how many girls he fucked and this was followed up with an even more intimate question, “Have you ever done it with a full-figured girl.”

When he stammered no they both took off their baggy dresses and to his astonishment they were completed naked underneath. Their hairy pussies were vajazzled in festive colors and their amazingly large tits were topped off with nipples that looked like four shiny Rudolph noses. There’s no doubt they could have breastfed the whole state of Wisconsin.

Soon they were advancing on him with cheeky glints in their eyes and they started to slip off his T-shirt. Hoping that it might stave off an attack he suggested that it was a bit of a tricky situation because their father might pop back in. Katrina just held up the key to the door and gave him a sinister smile.

Convincing himself that he was doing this to ensure the future success of the band he let them strip him completely naked and then the fun started. Marianne sat on a chair and pulled his onto her lap holding his back against her big soft tits. Katrina just dropped to her knees and started to play with his dick.

It wasn’t very big because he wasn’t really turned on but as she skilfully massaged his balls and pulled his foreskin right back it began to harden. This made her giggle with delight and she slipped it into her mouth with a slurping sound, almost making his eyes pop out of his head.

With her huge tits resting on his thighs, she sucked him and sucked him good. Johnny was really getting into it and his balls were beginning to show signs of shooting some serious cum. When he warned her she took his dick into her chubby hand and worked it until his load shot all over her face. She giggled and as it trickled down from the end of her nose to her lip. She licked it off saying “Yummy, yummy,” and then taking a second lick.

Just as if they playing musical chairs the girls changed places. Now it was Katrina’s turn to hug him as though he was some cuddly soft toy and he was beginning to enjoy it except for being worried how many times they expected him to cum. However, Marianne didn’t start to suck his dick she just stood over him dangling her tits over his mouth. He found he had to hold one with both hands and position it before he could get his lips around it.

When he began to suck hard on those her nipples, which were the size of crab apples, she made all kinds of moaning noises and this seemed to turn her sister on and she started to grind her snatch against his bare ass. After a while, Marianne moved her tits away from his face and wrapped them around his dick that had hardened up again. It was like as if it was being squeezed between two giant marshmallows and he thought he might cum at any moment but she stopped before that happened and leaned over the dressing table inviting him to penetrate her healthy looking cunt from behind.

Katrina released him and, once again, thinking that the future of the band might be dependent on his performance, he grabbed hold of Marianne’s voluptuous ass, stuck his dick in as far as it would go and then moved his arms around her to fondle as much of her swinging tits as he could handle. Once in position, he started to slide in and out of her well-lubricated tunnel and it felt great. She was able to expand and contract her muscles inside and it was like his dick was being sucked all over again.

After driving it into to her with all the force and speed he could muster they both came at the same time and he yelled as loud as she did. Her sister who had been fingering herself during the performance yelled a few seconds later.

He was beginning to really get into their way of doing things but he wasn’t sure how much more he could take, he was feeling quite exhausted. After allowing a brief rest Katrina wanted him on the carpet and once laying there she lowered herself onto his dick. In doing so she transferred some of her stray vajazzle onto his pubic hair and then she began to move around on it like an exotic dancer with those big tits slapping against each other as she did so.

Johnny held on to the edges of the carpet as his dick was treated to a grinding. It didn’t take too long before he felt hot cum traveling from his balls in a Northerly direction and then it shot deep inside of her. Katrina screamed and began to literally jump up and down on his cock. He had a feeling that his pelvis would need considerably therapy to straighten it out.

The two girls, presumably thinking he couldn’t cum more than three times, now seemed happy for him to just lick them both out. The resulting orgasms seemed to shake the building and having his face buried deep between their Masterdon thighs at the time of the tremors occurred he almost suffocated.

When it was all over Johnny’s opinion of full-figured girls had changed considerably because he’d had the best sex he’d ever had. However, when he suggested that they could get together again sometime they turned him down flat.

“We were hoping your dick was a bit bigger than that,” said, Katrina and Marianne nodded her head in agreement. “But it was still enjoyable,” she added after seeing his dispirited face, “And we’ll still be your fans.”

“But don’t keep singing that stupid Rock a Billy Rudolf anymore,” Marianne interjected, “ It’s shit.”

“Merry fucking Christmas,” he murmured as he kicked the door closed behind them.

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