#4 – Lingerie from a Stranger

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By Cristiano Caffieri

Jo Delgado was a young and very pretty American post-graduate studying in Hamburg, Germany. She was very happy in the little apartment that she had rented but with Christmas just a few days away she was feeling a little homesick. Although she’d made a few friends while she’d been there it looked more than likely that she was going to spend the holiday alone.

They had some beautiful decorations in the shops there and so she did her best to make her little place look like home. This included a small Christmas Tree under which she had wrapped a few gifts for herself. However, when she came home from the last day of school before the break there was something very odd in the shape of a large package wrapped in gold paper lying there.

Jo was certainly curious, there was nothing written on the outside except, “To: Fraulein Delgado.” When she opened it there was a single rose on top of some white tissue paper and below that some very beautiful silk lingerie and a card. It was from Stefan Pfeifer in apartment 3A wishing her a very happy Christmas.

It was a nice gesture but she was furious that someone had violated her privacy by entering her apartment while she was out and how the hell did he get in there. She only knew the man from passing him in the hall, giving a smile and a friendly greeting.

Packing all the stuff back in the box she shot out of her door and down the hall to confront the interloper. She banged on the door with quite a bit of force wanting to establish from the very outset that she was angry. When he opened it she shoved the package in his face and asked him how he got into her apartment.

Stefan looked quite embarrassed and said that he’d persuaded the manager to let him in because he thought as she was alone in Germany she wouldn’t have many gifts under her tree. He looked so pitiful as he held the torn parcel in his hand that she began to soften up a bit.

“But that stuff is very expensive,” she said, “You can’t go around buying intimate gifts like that for a stranger.”

“Oh you don’t have to worry about that,” he assured her, “It’s my job – I sell ladies lingerie and so I get a deep discount.”

Jo was feeling a little ashamed of coming on so strong and so when he invited her in for a drink she said, “OK.”

Stefan turned out to be a very nice guy who was quite shy and said that he’d meant to talk to her a number of times but he was afraid she would laugh at his English.

“You speak very good English,” she smiled, “Much better than my German.”

“Well,” he stammered, “Could I ask you to please accept my gift.”
Jo looked at his sad looking face and laughed, “OK – but if you were my boyfriend I would feel obligated to put it on to show you.”

“Could we pretend?”

“I suppose we could,” and with that, she disappeared into his bathroom and reappeared wearing just a little pair of panties and a short flimsy camisole.

“You look so beautiful,” he gasped, admiring the way it hung over her pointy tits and showed up her long slender legs to their best advantage.

“I’m sorry I was angry with you,” she said, intending to giving him a little peck on the cheek, that somehow missed and landed full on his lips. He couldn’t reply as his mouth was locked against hers and his tongue was wrestling with its newly found friend.

Stefan may have been shy but he couldn’t resist slipping his hand up her camisole. She took a deep breath as his warm firm hand wandered over her nipples. He was breathing a little heavy himself but he managed to whisper, “Would you like to see my bedroom?”

He took her by the hand and led the way the big bed covered with a comfy looking duvet that looked quite inviting. Jo climbed on to it giggling like a school girl and rolled from side to side.

“Wow this is cozy,” she said, “Much nicer than mine.”

“You can use it whenever you wish,” he replied with a sly grin.

“I think you’re thinking naughty things.”

“It’s very hard not to with someone as beautiful as you,” he said, and he lay down beside her and kissed her gently, one hand returning under the camisole and the other one sliding up the inside of her thigh. When he reached the edge of her silk panties he ventured to insert one finger into her flower. She responded by crushing her lips against his and holding on to him tight.

Stefan eased himself out of her grasp and positioned himself kneeling at the end of the bed. She began to breathe rather quickly as she anticipated that he was going to pull off those panties and eat her out. When he’d removed the underwear he pulled her further down the bed so that he could put his face between her legs and he began to open the lips of her pussy with his long fingers and insert his tongue into her pink petals.

“Oh my god,” she yelled as he licked up and down her wet slit, “That feels so good – Oh my god – you do it so good.” She kept on repeating such phrases until her breathing became much more rapid and her voice reduced to a whisper. In the end it was “ Oh my god – Oh my god,” in rapid succession and the a loud “OH MY GOD!”

Her eyes were closed tight, her body was shaking all over and she was gasping for breath. Stefan soothed her by running his hands tenderly up and down her soft skin, which was a little moist with perspiration.
Jo lay silently for a while and then she leaned over and urged him to take his clothes off. When he was completely naked she caressed his balls and took his big stiff dick into her mouth. Stefan’s body tensed up as she proceeded to move her lips up and down his shaft. He would have liked nothing better than to cum in her mouth but Jo wanted to feel that boner to stretch the sides of her cunt and move up inside of her.

He was a little disappointed when she took her mouth away and lay back for him to fuck her brains out, however when he slid his throbbing dick into her love tunnel he had no misgivings – it felt so warm and wet and soon he was he was fucking her furiously grunting and groaning as he did so. As his dick rammed into her she gripped onto him and urged him on until he shot his load with a loud yell. Jo held onto him tight and moved her ass so that she could continue to feel his dick pressing against the sides of her cunt but like all good things it had to come to an end.

While Stefan went out to get two glasses of wine she sat on the bed thinking how wonderful it had been, and then the bedroom door opened and Stefan returned with a glass in each hand and a sprig of Mistletoe taped to his dick.

She began to laugh hysterically and realized at the moment she had met her soul mate – a man with a sense of humor – and a big dick!


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