#3 – New Man for Christmas

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By Cristiano Caffieri

Isobel made an unfortunate choice when she married Joe Bryant. He was controlling, vindictive and he had a terrible temper. They’d been together for two years and apart from the first few weeks of their marriage, it had been a miserable existence for her.

One Sunday, a couple of days before Christmas, it all came to a head. She’d been to visit her mother who was not feeling well and Joe had instructed her to be back in time to prepare supper. Things didn’t go well on her visit and she ended up having to take her mother into the hospital, consequently, she didn’t get back home until around midnight and she found the door bolted and she couldn’t get in. It was pouring with rain and she frantically knocked on the door but she was ignored.

He didn’t allow her to drive his car and there were no more buses at that time so she couldn’t head back to her mother’s house. Poor Isobel didn’t know what to do and so, drenched to the skin, she started walking aimlessly down the street. After about twenty minutes standing shivering in a bus shelter a car pulled up and a rather nice middle aged man asked if she wanted a ride.

Tired and exhausted she accepted the offer even though she knew it was dangerous. However, as she got into the vehicle her head began to reel and she passed out. When she awoke she was naked and in a strange bed. She heard some noises coming from what appeared to be a kitchen and then the middle aged man she remembered from the car entered the room.

“You’re awake,” he smiled, “How are you feeling.”

She was actually feeling terrified and she didn’t know what to say and so she just stared at him rather blankly.

“I’m sorry about having to take off all your clothes,” he apologized, “But you were completely soaked, I put them in the dryer, they’re dry and they’re warm so I’ll bring them in whenever you’re ready.”

Isabel still didn’t say anything the thought of a stranger stripping off all of her clothes and perhaps fondling breasts and poking around in her pussy while she was passed out really scared her.

“I’ve just made some breakfast – there’s a robe on the end of the bed – why don’t you put it on and join me – you could probably do with a cup of strong coffee.”

When he’d left she felt down to her crack to see if there was any sticky stuff around it and then took a deep breath and climbed out of bed. She slipped on the robe, found her way to the bathroom and then walked into the kitchen. The man very gentlemanly pulled out her chair for her and that sat directly across and said, “I’m Marcus by the way – Marcus Patterson.”

“O I’m Isobel Bryant,” she replied, feeling a bit more comfortable with the situation.

She thought it was quite nice to have breakfast prepared for her during which she loosened up a bit and began to tell him why she was walking around in the rain and what a horrible marriage she had.

“He’s unfaithful too,” she added, with a sigh, “I keep finding condom packages in his clothes even though I’m on the pill.

“He reached over and touched her hand, “A beautiful young woman like you shouldn’t have to put up with such things,” he said, “there are many men who would give their right arm for somebody like you and they’d give the kind of life you deserve.”

She shook her head from side to side in that defeated kind of way,

“Who for example?”

“Me,” he smiled, “If I was twenty years younger.”

“Age isn’t important,” she said, “Unfortunately when I got married my hormones overrode my good judgment – Joe is quite good looking – but you are too,” she added quickly.

“O I don’t think a gorgeous girl like you would fancy making love to an old guy like me.”

“Well I’m going to surprise you,” she said, and she let the robe drop to the floor leaving her perky tits pointing right at him.”

“It’s been a year or two since I made love,” he said, seemingly doubting his ability to satisfy her.

“Well let’s go to the bedroom and find out how good your memory is,” she laughed.

Isobel was feeling liberated for the first time in two years and she was determined to fuck this man like she’d never fucked before.
Marcus, although a little bit unsure of himself, began to strip off his clothes on the way. When he got to the bed, where she was lying naked on her back, he told her she was the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen.

She smiled roguishly and stretched out her leg so that her foot just touched the underside of his scrotum. He let out a little gasp and as she continued to manipulate his balls and his dick between her toes. Nobody had ever done that with him before so he closed his eyes and just stood there and enjoyed it.

When she stopped he opened his eyes and look down at her. Isobel’s legs were open and her slit, which was neatly trimmed but hairy, looked most inviting. He moved forward, knelt over her and began to suck and play with her tits. Every so often his dick would brush the inside of her thigh and her whole body began to get very warm. After he’d sucked, licked and fondled them for a while he gently penetrated the folds of her wet crack, just for a few seconds, then he’d withdraw it and do it all over again.

In between slowly slipping it in and out, he’d return to her nipples and just nibble them lightly. Isobel was feeling very horny, and she was anxious to feel his dick cum inside of her but before he got around to that, he slid off the bed and drew her legs forward until he had his face wedged between her thighs. She began to breathe in short spurts as his tongue explored the folds of her pink taco.

He sucked it, he licked it and poked it gently with his finger until she felt herself starting to tremble and then she screamed out loud as her whole body began to shake uncontrollably. When she opened up her eyes there was Marcus with a sweet smile on his face lowering himself onto her body and thrusting his hot throbbing cock into her receptive, and very wet crack. Isobel gripped onto his forearms as he moved in and out, gradually increasing his speed until his balls were bouncing against her ass. When his creamy goo began to ooze into her he started to grunt and he kept ramming his dick in as if he didn’t want it to end.

She sighed as he made that last thrust, and then just lay back with a silly smile on her face, as he lay beside her.

“I feel warm all over,” she whispered, squeezing his thigh effectionately, “Thank you.”

Now it was Marcus that had the silly smile on his face, he’d proved that he could fuck a younger woman and satisfy her. He had every right to feel a little smug.

After a few more kisses and endearments they returned to the kitchen and sat naked at the table to finish their coffee. They were unable to take their eyes off of each other. Looking over his cup Marcus ventured to ask her what she was doing for Christmas.

“I don’t have an plans right now,” she replied, “How about you?”

“Well as you can see I haven’t done any decorating or even bought a tree yet

“I could stay for a couple of days and help you,”

“What would your husband say to that?”

“Fuck my husband.”

“I think I’d rather fuck you.”

“Well – if I was invited, I’d be prepared stay for Christmas and even the New Year – but I don’t have any money – so I can’t buy you a gift.”

“You are a gift – the most beautiful gift a man could ever want.”

“He leaned over the table and kissed her on the lips,” I want to invite you to spend Christmas here with me,” he said, “And next Christmas, and the one after that and all of the days in between.”

It all seemed like a dream but Isobel thought about poor Joe in that house alone, he didn’t know how to cook or do laundry, he didn’t even know how to pay the utility bills or what size boxer shorts he wore. She knew that without her he was just a fucking miserable useless piece of shit who’d probably starve to death and she started to laugh hysterically!


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