X Rated Christmas Stories – #1 – The Snow Squall

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By Cristiano Caffieri

Paul Simmington was a young teacher who had outgrown the Spanish resorts he frequented as a student. The school breaks where he drank and fucked himself stupid seemed way in the distant past. Now at 27 years old, he preferred to spend them quietly following his passion – cross country skiing. If a piece of tail came his way he didn’t turn it down but he usually stayed in small out of the way lodges and so the opportunity rarely arose.

In particular, he loved to spend Christmas in Austria. He didn’t always go to the same place, preferring to try out new areas each year and to enjoy the hospitality of quaint hotels. The one Christmas that he’ll never forget is the one that he spent in a little lodge near Salzburg.
It was a delightful little place run by a Mr. and Mrs. Braun who provided comfortable rooms and an excellent table. Paul spoke quite good German and he usually made friends with the locals and other guests and he’d spend his evenings playing cards, drinking a few beers and occasionally exchanging tall tales with them.

His hosts were very helpful and assisted him in planning his routes and so it was on the afternoon he set out for Bear Rock, named of course because of its shape. It was about five Kilometers from the lodge and he figured he could make it there and back before dinner.
The weather was clear when he started out and it was easy going for the first four kilometers and then he suddenly ran into a squall. The snow came down thick and fast and it was driven into his face by a powerful wind. There didn’t seem anywhere to get away from it so he decided to try and make it to the big rock in the hope that he might find a little shelter there.

Half blinded by the snow and getting colder by the minute he pressed on but after a while, he began to weaken and the possibility of him dying out there became a disturbing reality. Just when he thought his legs would carry him no further he saw a cabin. Mustering whatever strength he had left he managed to make it to the front porch.
He banged furiously on the big pine door and a few moments later it was opened by a pretty young woman wearing a traditional Austrian dirndl. He quickly slipped out of his skis and the woman helped him inside. The house was cheerfully decorated for Christmas and there was a warm looking stove which he made for in an effort to thaw himself out.

The woman, who introduced herself as Emma, moved a chair up so he could sit down and warm himself and then proceeded to pour him a cup of coffee. As he drank it he noticed that it was just a one room cabin with a big bed in the corner and a few pieces of simple handcrafted furniture.

After his eyes had regained their 20/20 vision he began to notice how strikingly beautiful Emma was. She was blonde, blue-eyed and in spite of her traditional dress, it was easy to see she had a great figure under it. He wondered why a young woman like this was living there in the middle of nowhere but although she was pleasant she didn’t seem to want to talk about herself.

He must have sat there for an hour watching her move around the cabin getting some food ready and he was worried about getting back to the lodge before dark, however, when he looked out of the window the storm didn’t seem to have let up one bit. Paul couldn’t understand such a rapid change in the weather but there was nothing he could do and he ended up sitting at the table enjoying a delicious meal after which she poured him another coffee and a brandy.

It was still quite early but as there was no television or radio it seemed that in this neck of the woods you went to bed by 8 o’clock. Emma began to take off her clothes until she was completely naked, then she pulled a chamber pot from under the bed and had a pee. She then shoved the pot before him inviting him to empty his bladder before retiring. Paul did need to go but slipped down his ski pants and turned his back on her as he did so.

Emma by this time and climbed into bed and beckoned for him to come and sit beside her. “We can keep each other warm,” she said, “It’s going to get much colder later on.”

Paul slowly took off his clothes revealing an enormous boner. She put her hand over her mouth and giggled.

“Are you sure you want me to sleep beside you,” he asked, feeling that he didn’t want to be charged with sexual misconduct in a foreign country.

“Of course,” she said, “I want you to make love to me.”

Paul pinched himself thinking that maybe he had died out there in the snow and this was some sort of heavenly abode. But it was real and the moment he climbed into bed it was reality at its best. Emma slid down under the covers and proceeded to give him a blowjob to die for. Her mouth was almost magical, it slid up and down his cock going deeper in each time causing him to grunt and groan and wish that he could cum.

Normally he would have cum but she seemed to have some technique that made the sucking go on and on. He was breathing heavy, almost gasping for breath as his need to copulate became more desperate. When he felt his goo moving up from his balls his whole body began to glow all over as if he was suffering a fever and then it happened – he shot his load in her mouth.

Emma took a handkerchief from under the pillow and spit his cum into it while he lay back wide-eyed and quite exhausted. He realized, of course, it was now payback time and he must strive to give her what she’d given him. Paul started by licking her erect nipples, stroking the base of her tits with his hands as he did so. She loved it and whimpered which encourage him to continue.

When one hand slipped down to her hairy pussy and a finger penetrated her wet crack she did a little jump as if shocked and when he began to move it around inside searching for her G spot she began to groan quite loudly. When he put the second finger in and stretched the entrance to her cunt, this really turned her on and she clung onto him kissing his face all over.

He ran his tongue from her tits across her belly and down to her pussy. Parting the bright pink folds with his fingers he inserted his tongue into her hole and moved it around a little. Emma began to shake all over and when he held the lips of vajajay back and licked them ever so gently it took a very short time for her to cum, screaming as she did so.

Emma was now ready, anxious in fact, to have his dick driven up inside of her. With the bed being rather high it offered a great opportunity for him to do it doggie style. Climbing off of the bed he pulled her with him and leaned her over the white duvet. Then with his hands firmly on her beautiful hip bones, he rammed his dick inside of her as far as it would go.

With his balls banging on her ass he pounded her cunt with everything he’d got. Emma was almost hysterical. The pace increased until you could hear the slapping of his groin against the cheeks of her bum and he was beginning to groan and yell “O fuck – O fuck as he felt his cum moving up. It seemed to stream forth endlessly and he thrust his dick into her hole as far as it would go. She responded by gripping onto the bed covers, lifting her head into the air and screaming out loud.

They spent the night in each other’s arms and the next morning she served him breakfast in an uneasy silence. The weather had cleared but it was Christmas Day and so he thought he should stay a while. They ate, drank and played a lot of silly games together and he felt deliriously happy.

There were no gifts under the tree and he would dearly have loved to give her something other than his obvious affection for her. All he could find in his pocket was a roll of fruit gums and so he handed them to her wishing her a Merry Christmas. She took them and smiled but there was a tear running down her cheek.

When it came time to leave there were hugs and kisses and soon he was skiing back to the lodge. The owners were frantic wondering where he had been. When he told them about the snow storm and the cabin by Bear Rock they looked at him in amazement, “There was no storm yesterday and as for the cabin – that place burned down over forty years ago – all you can see is the charred foundation,” laughed Herr Braun, “You must have been dreaming or something.”

On Boxing Day he went out again to Bear Rock, and, as Herr Braun had said, all you could see above the snow was a charred foundation. As he stood there he felt a faint shiver go through his body and he had the feeling that someone was watching him.

Paul decided there and then that he was not going to go look for a different lodge next year, he was coming back here and on Christmas Eve he would ski down to Bear Rock and hope that once again he would run into a snow squall.


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