With Her Back against the Wall

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Ewan Davies was a shy kind of guy, he’d never really had a girlfriend, preferring to raise canaries in the aviary he’d built in the back garden. In spite of being on his own most of the time, he was a happy soul except when his Dad’s brother Frank came to visit.

His Uncle Frank was a philanderer, he’d been married four times and every time he’d visit the house he’d bring some pretty young woman with him. The loud mouthed reprobate’s repertoire never varied when he got together with Ewan, “Have you found yourself a good woman yet?” was one of his favorite greetings and another was, “A handsome young guy like you should be looking for a piece of tail – not messing around with a bunch of stupid birds.”

Of course, he always did it front of whatever floozy he’d brought with him, and he’d laugh out loud and pat Ewan on the back as if to say, “It’s just a bit of fun.” But Ewan didn’t think it was funny at all.

Most of the women Frank brought in tow were caked in make-up with died blonde hair but on his last visit, Frank brought a young girl that looked like Tailor Swift and announced that they were engaged. She was absolutely gorgeous and Ewan was most impressed.

His uncle had told her about the Canaries and so when he was in a deep conversation with his parents Ewan took Sally out to see the birds. She seemed quite taken with them and after perching a few on her finger and talking to them in a rather sweet voice the two of them sat in the little room that Ewan had built adjoining the aviary and talked.

She sat very close to him on the bench he’d constructed and he was getting quite hot under the collar, to say nothing of his underwear.
She had the most beautiful big eyes he’d ever seen and long brown hair that cascaded down to her shoulders which she kept brushing away from her face with her long manicured fingers. Although he certainly admired her big blue eyes her tits were another matter, he had a problem diverting his gaze from them and he was positive that she noticed him, especially when she asked if he’d like to feel them.
Poor Ewan just took a deep breath and exhaled in little jerks as he tried to say, “Yes I would.”

She took his hand and rubbed it gently on her left tit and then moved it over to the right. He could feel her hard nipples on the palm of his hand and it didn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

Sally actually seemed to enjoy the way Ewan was kneading her plump dumplings and she leaned over and kissed him on the mouth. He quickly let go of her tits and threw his arms around her. When her tongue blobbed into his mouth he was in a state of ecstasy and he just pulled her tighter and tighter towards him.

The next little surprise he got was when he felt her fingers seeking out his dick. When she located it she played with the end but soon stopped and asked if the door to his little cabin locked. It certainly did and Ewan slid the two big bolts and then turned around to see that Sally had slipped off her top and her tits were pointing right at him with “Suck me,” written all over them.

In spite of a lack of experience, Ewan went over to her, bent his knees and began to work his lips all over them. Sally started to groan and at the same time began to undo his belt. When his pants dropped to the ground she fell to her knees pulled down his boxers and took the whole of his rod into her mouth.

Poor Ewan’s eyes nearly popped out of his head. She worked it with her mouth and fingers until he thought it was going to spurt at any moment but just as he was beginning to take deep breaths she stood up and dropped her skirt and pants. Sally then spread her legs apart and looked at him as if to say, “Your move.”. Ewan dropped to the floor and quickly moved forward to position himself under her shaved pussy. He pulled her pink petals apart and gently put his tongue into her exquisite flower. It tasted so good!

Moving his hands to grab her bum he pulled her closer to him and stuck his tongue into her wet groove. She gasped and clung to his hair as he began to lick it from side to side. Sally loved it. She leaned her head back with a big smile on her face and he continued to lap her moist groove like a very happy puppy.

It wasn’t long before she started to tremble and hold tighter and tighter onto his hair. She did her best to muffle her cries when she came but never the less she was quite vocal. Fortunately, the tweeting of the Canaries covered it up, and as Uncle Frank, who was nattering on about how he could still please younger women, was unaware that at that very moment his fiance was being pleased by his nephew.

After she’d cum she seemed very anxious to get his dick inside of her. She moved over to the wall, leaned back and Ewan slipped his arms around her before bending his knees and shoving his dick into her heaving body.

Sally took a deep breath as he penetrated her and stretched out her arms to hold on to the shelving either side of her. She then thrust out her pelvis and Ewan began to ram it in and out as she called for him to go faster and faster. It wasn’t the easiest position to fuck her in but he kept the pace going until he could feel his cum traveling through his veins like hot lava and jettisoning deep into her steaming love canal.

They just clung onto each other for a few moments as both of them were a bit shaky in the legs, then Sally kissed him and started to dress. When they returned to the house Uncle Frank asked what she thought of the birds.

“I could spend all day out there,” she smiled, giving a sly wink to Ewan.

“Well when we’re married you’ll be able to that,” he said, “We’re going to rent my brother’s basement apartment, “Is that OK with you Ewan?”

“Of course Uncle Frank, I look forward to it immensely.” It was his turn now to give a little wink to Sally. THE END

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Copyright 2014 Cristiano Caffier

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