Wild, Wet and Wonderful

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Amanda Eyre was not a promiscuous young woman, in fact, she’d only been intimate with a couple of past boyfriends and at 22 she was single, working in a dead end job and concerned about her mother who needed some expensive medical procedures but having no funds to pay for them. That’s why Amanda replied to the most bizarre advertisement she saw in a news magazine.

She was surprised that such an advertisement would be allowed in an American publication but came to the conclusion that someone was not paying attention when it was inserted. It was posted by a man, who claimed to be very rich, and invited young women who believed they could please him sexually for a grand prize of one million dollars and one hundred thousand each for all of the runners up.

Amanda had sent off a set of photographs, including some taken in a tiny bikini, along with some personal details about herself. A few weeks later she received an air ticket for Miami, from there it was on a private plane with 5 other girls destined for a small island in the Caribbean.

Her colleagues, all in their early twenties and incredibly beautiful, didn’t associate with each other during the flight. It was as if they were afraid they might give away their secret methods for giving a man the ultimate fuck.

When they arrived at the sprawling mansion set amongst the palm trees there was a lot of giggling amongst the bevy of blond and brunette beauties as no doubt they each thought they might be able to please him so much he would ask them to marry him. Amanda kept her distance from the others as the man who had brought them to the island led the way to the house. A rather jolly and rotund housekeeper showed them to their rooms on the second floor and all of them were impressed with the sheer luxury that surrounded them.

Amanda took a relaxing bubble bath and examined her gorgeous perky tits in the mirror wondering if the mysterious billionaire would be turned on by them. The housekeeper had informed them that dinner would be at 8 o’clock and so a few minutes before she wandered downstairs. There was a sumptuous meal laid before them and servants galore but no Mr. Whoever-he-was.

After dinner, the girls were taken to the drawing room where drinks were served. By this time some of the girls were getting restless. Everyone was wondering who the mysterious billionaire was.

As Amanda, sitting some distance away from the others, looked those empty-headed bitches with their pumped-up tits half hanging out wondering what she’d gotten herself into. Would her mother, in spite of her illness, approve of her fucking a complete stranger’s brains out for money. The problem was, she was stuck on some island without any means of escape.

At 10 o’clock the girls seemed in the mood to retire, it had been a long day and some of their make-up was beginning to melt away revealing that some of them were not quite as young as they appeared when they first stepped onto the plane. In the end, only Amanda sat there, still thinking of how she could get out of the situation.

At 10. 30 she was just about to go to bed herself when one of the servants, a good looking young guy, in his late twenties came to clear away the glasses.

“Would you like a refill?” he asked, as she toyed with her glass.

“No thanks – I’ve had quite enough.”

“You look a little depressed,” he said as her took her empty glass and placed it on the tray.

“Not really depressed.”

“But having second thoughts about being here?”

She nodded, “I suppose I am.”

“I can get you off the island if you want,” he said, “I captain the boss’s boat and I just happen to have the keys. We can be in Miami in a few hours if you want to.”

“And what will your boss say?”

“He won’t even notice you’ve gone, this is just a game for him, in fact, it’s all about a bet.”

“A bet!”

“Yes, a billionaire friend bet him he couldn’t get six beautiful girls to reply to his advertisement and actually offer their bodies to him.”

“And what about the money,” she asked angrily, “Is that just a joke.”

“No he’ll probably give each a million – he stands to make ten times that much out of the bet.” He looked at her with his twinkling eyes, “I suppose you want to stay now you’ve heard that.”

“No I don’t,” she retorted, “If the offer’s still open I’d like to go home.”

The man who now introduced himself as Danny told her to grab her things and meet him at the front door in ten minutes. She did exactly as he said and he led the way to a luxurious boat moored at the end of a rather long dock.

Danny, who was now wearing his captain’s hat and a smart looking blazer, looked very dashing. The trip was a very pleasant one and they talked and laughed all the way to Miami and didn’t get a wink of sleep.

When they had cleared customs and immigration Danny suggested he should book them two hotel rooms so that they could get some sleep and they could arrange a flight for her the next day. Amanda felt that he must have been a most valued servant to his boss to have such freedom. When she commented on this he just said they went back a long time, as if they were more like old friends than master and servant.

The hotel he chose was a very pleasant little Art Deco place on South Beach but the man at the reception desk said he was sorry but he only had one room left. Amanda, who by now was quite struck with Danny said that was OK as she trusted him. However, she didn’t trust herself.

Once in the room, they began to discuss who would shower first and Danny, with a cheeky grin, said they could both shower together and help to save the environment. Amanda hesitated for a moment and then said OK.

Fortunately, the shower was one of those large ones with a big glass door, there was certainly room for two. Both of them undressed cautiously as if they were just that little bit shy and soon they were both naked and looking each other up and down – both said “Wow” at exactly the same time.

Danny was extremely well built with a very nice dick that was beginning to rise to the occasion. He was equally impressed with Amanda small but perky tits and a partly shaved flower that seemed receptive to a speedy incursion.

When the water was turned on Danny took the soap and very carefully washed her breasts palming her nipples ever so gently, Amanda started to shake a little and her mouth went dry as he continued to move large gobs of lather around her slender form.

She was longing for him to touch her flower but he took his time. He ran his hands around her bum up her waistline and back up to her breasts, pressing his lips to hers as he did so. Their tongues entwined and his hands slipped down and held on to her buttocks as they continued to kiss.

When he drew away for a moment it was her turn. With the water dripping down her face she slowly dropped to her knees and taking his throbbing dick in one hand she held it there for a second before absorbing it hungrily into her mouth. Danny swallowed hard as she began to use her hands and her generous lips in the most pleasing way. She would suck hard for a while and then withdraw and as he attempted to catch his breath she would plunge it into her mouth again wrapping her tongue all around it as she did so.

Danny knew that if didn’t break away from her he would cum right in her mouth and so he rather roughly grabbed her arms and raised he to her feet. As they kissed passionately once more his long strong fingers began to probe the delicate petals of her flower and then he inserted two fingers deep into her soft warm and very wet groove.

Amanda was now trembling violently as she had a massive orgasm that caused her to hold on to him tightly, digging her nails into his back as she did so. Danny responded by lifting her up over his shoulder, carrying her out of the shower and throwing her onto the bed. As she lay there with him towering over her she smiled knowingly, aware that at any moment he would thrust that enormous and very hard dick deep inside of her. That smile excited Danny more than ever and he literally dived onto her supple form and pinning her arms behind her head he plunged it into her.

Amanda gasped and so did he. For a few moments he just lay there just forcing it in as far as it would go and then looking down at her beautiful breasts pointing towards him he started to move slowly up and down.

Even though she wrapped her legs around him tightly he began to move at quite a pace. His long strong strokes that penetrated deep inside of her gave her a sense of urgency, she really wanted to cum again and she twisted and turned on his dick and until he could stand it no longer. With her breasts swaying furiously to and fro he increased his speed and made each and every stroke count as he rammed it into her as far as it would go.

Danny started to cry out as he could feel himself cumming and she, now in a complete state of ecstasy, held on to his forearms and lurched herself backward as he made that last forceful stroke that shot his load inside of her. Amanda was almost sobbing as she lay there with his still damp body clamped against hers. It seemed like minutes before she could get complete control of herself, while Danny, still lying on the top of her seemed to be gasping for air.

The two fell asleep in each other’s arms and when they awoke the whole process started all over again. After the second mind blowing fuckfest Danny leaned over her and confessed that he was not the captain of the billionaire’s ship but was, in fact, the billionaire himself – Daniel Willeston III.

Amanda was a bit shocked by the deception but his proposal of marriage soon made up for any misgivings she had. Now on that little island in the Caribbean, they have made love on the beach, in the sea, in a hammock and up against a palm tree.

Danny has never been so happy and hardly ever wants to leave his tropical paradise and that’s the fucking truth.

Copyright Cristiano Caffieri 2013

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