Excerpt – Wild Oats

French Kissing and More

It all started with a holiday in Nice. Even though I’d recently lost my job in Canada I’d already paid for a package holiday, so I figured I’d might as well take a break to think things over. It was really a matter of deciding whether I should look for another job in Montreal or pack a bag and bum around the world. Fortunately I had almost two months in severance and vacation pay due to me so I didn’t have to make a hasty decision.

The hotel I’d been booked into was a cozy little Art Deco place, not far from the beach and with an attached restaurant. This proved to be a popular hangout for ex-pats and on my third day there I happened to share a table with a guy from England named Rod Bench. He worked at an English Language School in the city and when I told him my situation he suggested that I apply for a job there.

“They’re mostly Korean students,” he said, “And they really want to learn American pronunciation. We’re having an open house this afternoon why don’t you come along and I can introduce you to Janet Warner, she’s the principal.”

The school turned out to be a big old house on the Boulevard Dubouchage and it was buzzing with activity as the students, most of who seemed to be in their mid-twenties, were involved in all kinds of competitions to sharpen their English language skills. In one room there was a quiz session, in another they were playing Hangman and yet another they were screaming their heads off in a game of charades.

My friend guided me through all of this pandemonium to a little room on the third floor that served as Janet’s office. My first impression of her was that she was a no-nonsense business woman but she had a great ass and a cleavage that made you just wanted to nuzzle your nose in it.

Rod just said, “This is the Michael Perry I told you about,” and he took off and left us to talk. I’d run off a resume from my laptop but I didn’t have my degree or any other documents but that didn’t seem to matter. She said she’d give me a month’s trial and if that worked out there’d be a permanent position for me

That night I bought Rod a meal to thank him for helping me to get a job and we had a few laughs about his adventures in Nice. It turned out that he was a bit of a Casanova and he wasn’t particular whether his conquests were married or single. The story that sparked my interest was the one about Janet Walker, my future boss.

“I didn’t fuck her,” he laughed, “She fucked me, and she’ll fuck you too – it’s sort of a rite of passage.”

Apparently she was originally from England but had married a rich French lawyer, who obviously couldn’t give her all she needed, and perhaps didn’t care that she preyed on all the young male teachers.

The next day I got up early and began to browse the newspapers for an apartment. My French was not great and so I enlisted the help of the Alise, my waitress, and after the breakfast crowd had moved out, she sat with me at the table. Rents were kind of high and it was difficult to find something within my budget. However, we did eventually stumble on a place in the Rue Valperga.

Alise was free in the afternoon and she offered to go with me. It was just a studio apartment above a store, quite small and badly in need of paint, but I paid my deposit and signed the lease, it was unlikely I was going to find anything else as reasonably priced.

I had lots to do the next day and I wanted to retire early, which I did, but I was not alone. After buying her dinner, Alise came back to my hotel room for a glass of wine.

She was a vivacious eighteen year old with a very girlish figure and I’d had an erection practically all afternoon. Her pretty cotton dress, the smell of her perfume and the way she laughed and grabbed hold of my arm when she did so, all had quite an effect on me. As we sat on the end of the bed in such close proximity it was difficult to resist the urge to kiss her. I didn’t even try.

When our lips met her tongue immediately began to probe inside my mouth and I gave in to temptation once more and moved my hand to her breast. Her body gave a little jerk as if she wasn’t expecting it but she didn’t indicate she wanted me to move it.

As the kissing got more passionate and she slipped her arm around my neck, I ventured to unbutton her dress. She wasn’t wearing a bra and so within a few second my hand was groping her soft warm flesh. In response she pressed her lips harder and harder against mine.

Slowly we leaned back until we were lying on the bed side by side. I moved my face so that I could lick her hardened nipples and moved my right hand down to the hem of her dress. As I brought it up between her thighs she began to tremble. I paused before poking my finger around the narrow white strip of her panties and into her wet crack. When I did, and began moving it around inside of her vajajay, she moaned a little, but as I probed deeper she started to breath rapidly as if she might cum at any moment.

When I began to take off her clothes, I was perhaps a little too anxious, consequently it proved to be a bit of a struggle. To assist me, Alise sat up and pulled her dress off over her head. She then started to unbuckle my belt and unzip my flies.

Naked, we just lay there and gazed at each other for a while and then I bent over and kissed her belly button. My tongue lingered there for a moment before traveling down to her neatly trimmed flower. She responded to my tongue flicking with a big sigh and opened her legs to invite me to go the next level.

With my face firmly between her thighs I part

ed the lips of her pussy with my fingers and licked up one side and down the other. I tried to make the foreplay last but she seemed anxious to quicken the pace and so I moved my tongue lightly but very quickly along her moistened crack.

Alise was gyrating her ass from side to side as I continued to lick and suck her velvet folds. It made it difficult to give her a really good tongue lashing but when I felt her cunt starting to vibrate I knew she was on the way to a big O.

She attempted to subdue her screams but she was not very successful. It was almost as if she became hysterical. Her fingers dug into my shoulders and her tits bounced around as she contorted her body every which way.

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