Wild Island Women

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By Cristiano Caffieri

When his rich uncle died and left him a chunk of money, Tyler Hartman made his first purchase a small sailboat. It was completely unsuitable for a Pacific crossing and his seamanship was at best mediocre. However, Tyler was stubborn and had the illusion that he could make it to Australia, a country he’d always dreamed of seeing, and perhaps becoming a hero for achieving such an amazing fete.

After several harrowing weeks at sea, where everything that could go wrong, went wrong, he eventually entered a small island group in the South Pacific. He intended to sail to the main island to stock up on supplies but due to a sudden squall he ran for shelter in the nearest lagoon and beached his craft.

This happened to be an island where the men from the rest of the archipelago dumped their wives for nagging and other offenses that violated their macho view of marriage. The day that he arrived there were twelve women on the island, some young, some older, some gorgeous and some not so gorgeous. Their periods of confinement ranged from a couple of days to several weeks. He found out later that some of the women nagged their husbands purposely as living on this little island was a bit of a holiday.

When the storm had abated Tyler staggered into the little collection of huts to be met by a screaming bunch of females. However, they turned out to be very hospitable and soon he was sitting down to a sumptuous banquet hastily put together in his honor. And while he was snacking on roast pig and baked bananas, some of the women donned their ceremonial grass skirts and danced for him.

It was hard to concentrate on eating when a beautiful young woman named Apue, kept shaking her bottom in his face. All of the women paid attention to him but she seemed particularly interested and she was the only one that spoke reasonable English.

After the meal, it was bath time and two of the younger women, along with one of the older and heavier ones, took him down to an improvised shower. Even though he struggled and tried to explain that he was capable of taking off his own clothes they seemed to get a kick out of stripping him down.

As he stood naked they all walked around him a few times admiring his body and pointing to his dick. There was a lot of giggling going on and it made him feel that maybe his didn’t compare favorably with the ones dangling from their own menfolk.

Ushered into the shower constructed of wood and palm leaves two of the women armed with large sponges began to soap him all over while a third one poured pails of cold water on him from above. Apue, was one of the more thorough spongers, she paid particular attention to his groin area.

Even though the cold water would normally have dampened his ardor when she peeled back his foreskin and washed his end very, very gently, his cock came up like the duty stallion. The women all thought this was quite wonderful and there was lots more giggling and a lot of chitter chatter in a language he didn’t understand.

Tyler was wiped down by all three women and then Apue told him to put his clothes back on. However, it was a struggle to get his pants over his rock hard dick as it didn’t seem to want to go down.

Back at the main part of the compound where the women lived Apue tried to explain the situation on the island.

“All women have husbands so cannot fuck you,” she began quite innocently, “Husbands bastards but rules are rules and husbands might kill you,” she continued.

As horny as he was he didn’t intend to fuck himself to death. Which might well have been the outcome. However, he was very taken with Apue, she was a beautiful shade of brown, had long black hair, terrific legs and under that sarong, he figured there was a lovely pair of tits. He imagined her naked with her legs wrapped around him and once more his dick became hard and felt quite uncomfortable.

Apue cast a glance down at his pants and smiled. “Would you like to go for a swim,” she asked, “The weather seems to have settled down.”

Tyler didn’t see any wrong with going for a swim and he was looking forward to seeing her in a bikini but there was no bikini. When they got to the beach she just peeled off her sarong and ran into the sea naked. Her body was more beautiful than he even imagined. He would have given anything at that moment to have sucked those perky tits and driven, his still erect dick, into that lovely bush.

Apue had seen him naked, even peeled back his foreskin, so he didn’t see any reason for modesty himself, and so he tore off his pants and shirt and chased her into the clear blue water of the lagoon. They ended up playing like children splashing each other and even playing touch tag.

At one point they collided in the water and spent a few seconds in each other’s arms. In spite of the water being a bit chilly, he could feel the warmth of her breasts as they pressed against his chest. He was so tempted to kiss her but the prospect of being hacked to death with a machete did not appeal to him.

When the playing was over they walked back up the beach, Apue laid out her sarong so they could both lay back and dry off in the sun.

As he looked over at her with her tantalizingly gorgeous breasts pointing skyward, his schlong, that had shriveled up a bit in the water sprang to life once more. She glanced over at it and giggled, “You want me suck for you.?”

Although Tyler thought that would even be better than going to Australia, he didn’t think her machete toting husband would approve. And he told her so.

“O – I not married,” she said, “My father put me here because many men want marry me – he want me out way ’till he make decision on who it should be.”

Tyler was still a bit worried about the father but as she leaned over and took it between her lips he thought at least he would die happy. Apue seemed to have magic fingers and an even more magical tongue.

Her long black hair, still damp, hung down and tickled his groin as she absorbed him completely in her lovely mouth. When he felt that he might cum at any moment he broke away, threw her onto her back, and straddling her with his legs he proceeded to suck her firm nipples.

She whimpered a little as his tongue playfully danced all over her tits, and then, trailing it down passed her navel to her moist groove, he opened up her pink petals with his fingers and sucked on them gently. At this point, she whimpered a lot.

Tyler was a bit hesitant performing his next move as he thought she might be a virgin – and when he overcame his fears and penetrated her neat little bush his fears were well founded. Even though he was in ecstasy, having his dick buried deep inside of her, the fear of reprisals by her family still worried him. She cried out a little went he first forced his way in but soon she was moving her ass around and arching her back as if to say “let’s get on with it.”

Tyler began to go in and out slowly, not wanting to hurt her, but she’d obviously be waiting for this experience and she moved up and down on his dick at the same time, urging him on to pick up the pace. In the end, he was pounding her pussy as though there was no tomorrow, which of course, could have been true in the circumstances.

His balls were beginning to feel as if they were at boiling point. He could feel his sperm surging through his veins and then. accompanied by a big grunt, he shot his load inside of her. Apue squealed quite loudly and wrapped her legs around him and Tyler kept ramming his dick in and out as if he didn’t want it to end. When he did stop and rolled back onto the sarong exhausted, he was in for a big surprised. Out of the trees emerged the other women applauding him.

“Holy shit – have they been watching us?”

“Yes – you marry me now,” said Apue, “That is our tradition.”

“Marry you?” he croaked hoarsely, feeling that he might have been trapped into something.

“You not want to marry me? I cook good – I fuck good – many men want me.”

The oldest and largest woman in the group came forward bent down and gave him a great big hug.

“She – the wife of chief man – ruler of the islands – she know when you fuck me you married.”

Tyler thought of all the women he would have been married to in the United States if the same laws applied. It wasn’t that Apue wasn’t beautiful and seemed to have a nice gentle personality – he just wasn’t ready for marriage yet. But at the moment he was behind the eight ball.

A real shock came later in the day when he found out that Apue was the daughter of the chief, meaning that he had fucked her in the front of her mother. Weighed down with garlands and plied with every food imaginable his head was in a spin. He always dreamed of having a dusky exotic wife like Apue but he didn’t expect a shotgun – or a machete wedding.

Tyler sat beneath a palm tree drinking coconut water when he saw Apue’s mother take out her cell phone and chat excitedly, presumably telling the Big Chief the news of the engagement. He wasn’t sure what to do, his brain told him he should sneak out after dark and sail away in his boat but his heart kept telling him he wouldn’t have the chance to marry a beautiful girl like Apue anytime soon. Tyler wasn’t exactly an oil painting.

He decided to stay on another day to see how things worked out and after another shower and foreskin scouring Apue lead him to the honeymoon suite. It was just another palm leaf hut and it was some distance from the others.

“People won’t hear you scream here,” she said.

Tyler wasn’t sure what he was in for but he found it necessary to be naked. Apue massaged him with some sweet smelly oil, first his back, which certainly took the tension out of his muscles and then she turned him over and did the front. This tended to tighten his muscles up again and of course, once more, his dick rose to the occasion.

This oiling went on for a few minutes, much of which was spent oiling his genitalia. He thought maybe she was intending to give him a hand job but that was not the plan. After a while, she handed him the oil and he had to try to follow her example. It was tough because as she lay there, her body glistening and smelling so sweet, he was so tempted to jump right on the top of her and fuck her brains out.

The more Tyler oiled that amazing body the less he thought about sneaking away in his boat. As he rubbed over the contours of her breasts be began to think how lucky he was to have accidentally landed in such a place.

Oiling complete, she knelt on the flowery bed that some of the women had arranged for them and invited him to do it doggy style. What a great bum she had.

Beginning to breathe a bit heavy he leaned over her back, put his arms around her to cup her breasts and slipped it in. It was tight, it was warm, it was wet, and it was wonderful.

As it looked as if she didn’t want any foreplay this time he just rammed it in and started to fuck her at high speed. The only thing that distracted him for a moment was when he thought he heard giggling outside. It seemed as though somebody might be peeking through the thatch at their performance. In the end, he thought, “What the hell – they saw us before – what does it matter.”

When he felt Apue reacting as though she was about to cum he quickened up the pace and a split second after she began to moan and tremble as he shot his load and it felt amazing. While his cock was still dripping she turned around and put it in her mouth as though she wanted to get it up again. And she did.

For a recently deflowered virgin Apue seemed to know how to make a man feel good but she didn’t get it all her own way, Tyler grabbed hold of her, shoved her back on the mat and buried his face between her legs. He teased her with very gentle quick flicks of his tongue and then he’d pause, causing her to move her bum around as if to say, “don’t stop – keep on sucking me.”

He licked the hair around her flower, stuck his tongue into her warm lubricated groove and then he started to zip it around those soft velvet lips with the intention of making her cum. When she did she let out a big shout and he heard several women’s voices go “ooooh,” outside.
Even though she’d cum twice in a very short time Tyler wanted his turn and he wanted it bad. Taking her wrists he pinned them behind her head. She smiled as if to say, “Do what you want with me.” And then he began to drive it into her, looking down at her lovely tits swaying to and fro, as he did so.

This was the final orgasm for both of them, and the naked pair slept among the flowers until morning. He was awoken by his wife bringing him his breakfast and telling him that her father, the Chief, had just landed and wanted to see him after he’d eaten.

No matter how delicious the meal, it was hard to enjoy it with the prospect of meeting your potential machete-wielding father-in-law. However, as it turned out there was no machete just a big hug from the jolly smiling chief. Apue translated his words.

“I am pleased you choose marry my daughter and made her with child already.” (big smile).

“Wait a minute protested Tyler, nobody can tell if someone is pregnant that soon.”

“Manuka can,” Apue replied, pointing to an old wizened woman who had come ashore with the Chief’s party, “She never been wrong yet.”



Tyler swallowed hard. Yesterday he was a single carefree young fella sailing around the world. Now he was a married man with a kid on the way.

“Don’t worry,” said Apue, seeing some concern in his face, “If I don’t fuck good when pregnant, you sleep with my cousin, Nunumi, she widow and know many good tricks.”

“Nunumi turned out to be just as beautiful as Apue and that settled it for Tyler. He decided there and then that there was nothing back in the States for him or in Australia for that matter. Now he operates his boat for tourists shuttling them between the islands, and because he looks a bit more Tarzan-like, due to his time in the sun, the odd tourist likes the idea of being fucked on a moving boat. Apue, who he loves with all his heart, is devoted to her five children and doesn’t seem to mind his little philanderings.

Copyright 2013-2016 Cristiano Caffieri

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