Why Pay Rent when you can Fuck the Landlord?

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Andy Kyne worked in the oil fields, was single, didn’t have any responsibilities and so he thought he’d invest some of the money he’d accumulated in a property. The one that caught his eye was a nice old house that had been converted into four bachelor apartments. Three were rented and one was empty and that fitted in with his plans perfectly. He would use the vacant one for himself as he usually came into the city at least once a month to get a break from the smell of oil. This would mean that instead of staying in a sterile hotel room he’d have his own little hide-a-way.

It was an estate sale and so he was able to get it at a reasonable price as the family wanted to get their hands on the money. On April 21st, his birthday, he moved a few of his things in and decided that he should meet the tenants. However, as it turned out they had arranged to meet him with a little tea party in the apartment opposite his.

The invitation was extended to him by a beautiful young woman in her very early twenties and when he entered apartment #2 he found two more young women of a similar age and just as beautiful. It turned out that Zara, Maggie and Irana were members of the local ballet company and had been renting their abodes from the late Mr. Dowd for a couple of years.

“He was a very nice man,” said Zara, “It’s a pity he died so young.”

“How old was he,” asked Andy.

“Late forties I think,” piped up Maggie, wiping a tear from her eye, “He was like a father to us.”

“Not a fah-ther exac-tily,” laughed, Irana, in a strong Russian accent, “Certain-ily not like my fah-ther.”

“You know what I mean,” said Maggie, blushing a little.

“The fact is Mr. Kyne, we never had to pay any rent to Mr. Dowd.

“You didn’t pay rent,” he exclaimed, spitting out some of his tea.

“We had an arrahng-ement,” Irana said dramatically.

“He used to fuck us once a month in lieu of rent,” said, Zara, “now you know.”

Andy was astounded by this revelation. They went on to explain how they got a very small amount of money from the ballet company and it just didn’t stretch to paying rent.

Once again Zara led the way and made a suggestion, “We are very fit because of our profession Mr. Kyne and we know a lot about making a man very happy.”

“Very hahpy indeed,” chorused Irana.

“Now I’m prepared to give a sample of our expertise right now,” continued Zara “then you can go back to your apartment and think it over.”

Zara was the one who escorted him into this little gathering. She was tall, slender, didn’t have very big tits but she had the most beautiful legs. He was certainly prepared to fuck a gorgeous looking doll like her but not in front of her friends. However, Irana and Maggie didn’t give him much choice and the next thing he knew they descended on him and began to take off his clothes.

Andy didn’t want to struggle, he thought it would make him look like a wuss, and his attention strayed somewhat as he watched Zara peel off her clothes revealing the most amazing nubile body he’d ever seen. As soon as she was naked she moved elegantly across the room and knelt before him like a princess from a fairy tale.

The other two girls rid themselves of their clothes as an added attraction and sat across from them smiling as Zara took his dick and started to gently peel back his foreskin. Then her fingers slid between his legs to massage his ball sack.

He closed his eyes so that he couldn’t see the other two looking at them and began to enjoy the ride. Maggie had switched on some ballet music and Zara’s lips performed on his dick to the strains of Stravinsky, or it may have been Prokofiev. However, whatever, when the music was slow she moved it in and out of her mouth slowly, and when it sped up a little – so did she. When the piece was coming to an end there was a grand crescendo and she pumped his dick furiously, leaning back as his cum flew up into her face. The other girls applauded as if they were watching the pas de deux from Swan Lake.

Andy opened his eyes not quite knowing what move to make next, he wasn’t sure how Mr. Dowd did it but he desperately wanted to suck her tits and so he lifted her up, straddle-legged, onto his lap and started to lightly chew on her nipples. The audience approved, and Zara moaned and groaned running her fingers through his hair and squirming her ass so that he could feel her moist groove on his leg.

Feeling that tit sucking alone would not give her the orgasm she deserved, he stood up with her clinging to his body and sat her down in the chair. Andy knelt down before her, as the others started to breathe heavy, and parting her thighs he pulled her ass to the edge of the cushion then sat on the floor so that he could place his face between her legs.

She gasped as he began to lick the pink folds of her cunt while using his fingers to play gently with the lips. When he got serious and started to lick her with great swipes of his tongue she began to make all kinds of noises and so did her two companions.

Zara came with a piercing scream and she grabbed onto his head burying his face deep into her pussy. Andy was now feeling like the duty stallion, his dick was hard and throbbing and he wanted to fuck her so bad.

He pulled her roughly off of the chair, lay her on the rug and just drove his dick into her. She took a deep breath as it went all the way in. Pinning her arms back behind her head he started to move his ass with forceful thrusts as Maggie and Irana sort of whimpered in the background.

As Andy went faster and faster Zara started to call out “Oh my god, Oh my god,” over and over again until he shot his load and she screamed, “O – MY – GOD!”
The audience was most appreciative but he was a little nervous in case they started to shout “Encore.” He was feeling quite shagged out and Zara just continued to lie on the floor with her eyes closed and her body still shaking. However, the other two dancers just wanted to taste some of the cum that was still dripping from the end of his dick and once they’d done this it was back to the tea and Battenberg Cake. This was followed by some hard bargaining regarding the rent – Andy was certainly no pushover.

Eventually, he got the girls where he wanted them and they actually offered to pay twice what they’d paid to the recently departed Mr. Dowd. That was very difficult for him to argue with. THE END

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Copyright 2015 Cristiano Caffieri

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