Why Don’t We Fuck Each Other?

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Brendan McCoy lived with his widowed mother. He was the apple of her eye and she was, in many ways, a good mother – but so protective! She almost smothered him.

Sheila McCoy was prim and proper, never talked about anything to do with sex, and, much to her son’s consternation, would frequently switch off the TV in the middle of a program if there were any signs of nakedness or vulgarity. At twenty years old he’d virtually never dated and when he did it was usually someone his mother approved of, from a good Christian family, who like her, believed that sex was purely for procreation. However, there was a daughter of a family friend that he fancied.

Her name was Adelina, after the French saint. She was extremely good looking but she did tend to wear clothes that were far from flattering and the last time he saw her she was wearing braces. You might say that she was the best of a bad bunch, and so he bucked up the courage and asked her out.

Even though her family was highly respected, and her dad, Winston Kegel, had been a business associate of his late father, his mother seemed hesitant about encouraging him to date her. But seemingly, not wanting to explain her reasons, she suddenly gave her OK.

Although Brendan had a perfectly good car, his date said she wanted to pick him up in hers. He soon found out why. After a very nice meal, she drove him to an office building close to downtown.

“This is my Dad’s building,” she said, “This is where he runs his insurance business from.”

He thought it looked like a nice piece of architecture but it wasn’t exactly the Guggenheim Museum.

“I have a little office in there, would you like to see it?”

“Sure,” he replied, still not quite knowing why she was making such a fuss about offices.

“I run an eBay business out of here,” she said, unlocking the outside door, “Selling antique jewelry.”

The office was on the second floor and when he followed her in he was impressed with all the shelves packed with boxes and all the other furnishings and equipment associated with a thriving business. There was also a very comfortable looking sofa, where he sat while she went to get him a drink from a little fridge in the corner.

He was expecting a Coke but she produced a bottle of whiskey, some ice and two glasses.

“Don’t say anything about this,” she said, “My father doesn’t approve of alcohol.”

She sat beside him on the sofa as they sipped their drinks and she began to maneuver the conversation around to sex.

“Have you ever fucked anyone?” she asked quite bluntly.

“No I haven’t,” he replied, rather shyly.

“Neither have I,” she said, “I don’t think that’s normal at our age – do you?”

Brendan wasn’t quite sure what was normal and what was not, but he was certainly prepared to participate if it was on offer. He was fed up with jerking himself off.

“It’s probably not normal,” he decided, hoping that this line of conversation might lead to him losing his virginity.

“I think it would be great to experience it,” she said, with a determined look on her face, “Why don’t we fuck each other, we could watch a porn site on the computer and then do exactly what they do.”

“Game on,” he thought, and things got better when she suggested they watch it naked.

She stood up, let her long skirt drop to the floor, zipped off her top and bra, and then wiggled out of her panties. Adelina looked absolutely fucking gorgeous. She had really big tits, beautiful slender legs, and a hairy pussy. The sight of her took his breath away and made his prick rise to the occasion.

Brendan quickly shed his blazer and shirt and struggled out of his pants and underwear as she watched with great interest. As soon as he was completely naked he sat back on the sofa and tried to shield the family jewels. She went over to the desk, turned the monitor around to face him and then clicked on a porn site. As soon as that was done she plonked her bare ass close beside him and concentrated on the action.

The woman on the screen knelt down, took the guy’s dick in her hand and started to lick it around the end. She then plunged it into her mouth and started to work up and down it as he moaned and groaned. Brendan was beginning to perspire as it almost felt as though it was happening to him, then suddenly he became aware of Adelina’s hand slipping over his leg. The next thing he knew she was holding onto his dick.

“That’s hard,” she whispered as they watched the woman break away and lie back on the bed. The man began to lick the inside of her thighs and ended up prying open her cunt and ravenously licking up and down the lips.

The woman was making all kinds of noises and she threw her arms back in complete surrender as he licked and poked her with his fingers. Adelina tightened her grip as the woman’s body began to shake as she went into an orgasm.

When the man stood up and grasped her legs and pulled her crack towards his throbbing cock, Adelina began to work her hand up and down Brendan’s shaft until he could stand it no longer. He took her in his arms and kissed her passionately. She blobbed her tongue in and out of his mouth and kept sliding her hand up and down his dick.

Soon he had her lying on her back sucking her tits furiously. She whimpered as he put his finger in her hairy groove and moved it up and down in a steady rhythm.

“Fuck me, I want to be fucked,” Adelina yelled, just as the man of the screen was thrusting his in and out of his partner like a piston engine.
Brendan pulled her back into a comfortable position and then he lined up his dick and rammed it into her. As she’d already broken her hymen so that she could wear tampons, it slid in easily. She gasped as he withdrew and rammed it in again.

Seeing her tits jiggling, and hearing the animal noises emanating from the couple on the internet, it prompted him to go at it like a mad man. She had her legs high in the air as he pounded and pounded her pussy nonstop.

“That is so fucking good,” she cried, “do it harder – harder – harder.”

The pressure was building up in Brendan’s balls and he started to yell,

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming inside of you.”

“Yes, yes, yes,” she cried, “Cum inside of me.”

He increased the pace until his ass was going up and down like a fiddler’s elbow, then he let out a primeval yell as he blew his load. Adelina screamed, then began to writhe in total ecstasy. Half laughing, half crying she gripped onto his shoulders as he continued to pump a stream of warm semen into her love tunnel.

There wasn’t room for both of them to lie side by side on the sofa so when it was over he sat on the floor beside her gently diddling her pussy. In the meantime the couple on the screen climaxed and the guy was in the process of shooting his load into the woman’s open mouth.

“We should get an apartment together,” said Adelina, as she got up to switch off the porn channel, “We could do this all of the time.”

“That would be great but how would our parents feel about that?”

He’d hardly got the words out of his out of his mouth when the door crashed open and her father, brandishing a number 8 iron and wearing nothing but his bikini briefs, burst into the room followed by Brendan’s mother in her bra and panties, with an equally menacing Cleek raised above her head.

“What the fuck is going on here,” her dad yelled, thinking that he’d caught a couple of burglars. Then realizing who it was, in spite of them being naked, he froze and Mrs. McCoy bumped into the back of him.

Adelina, now feeling she had considerable leverage over the cowering pair, who were obviously using one of the adjoining offices for a romantic rendezvous, told them that she and Brendan planned to shack up together. There was no objection. In fact, Mr. Kegel even agreed to pay the rent on their apartment, as long as she didn’t mention what she’d seen to her mother.

Mrs. McCoy was not as enthusiastic about the arrangement but when Brendan took a photo of the half-naked pair and suggested putting it on social media, she smiled and nodded her approval. THE END

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Copyright 2015 Cristiano Caffieri

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