Wet Fingers

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Ralph McKenzie was a bit of a geek and he spent all of his teen years sitting at his computer developing programs. At first, he concentrated on business applications and then drifted into social networks and here he hit the jackpot. He was only 22 years of age when he was paid almost thirty million dollars for the rights to a networking site that he’d been operating for less than 18 months. They obviously could see the growth potential.

Unfortunately, his years locked in rooms full of flashing screens and humming computers had deprived him of making any friends, well normal friends at least. Of course, he’d have a few beers with his work colleagues occasionally but those get-togethers were more like business meetings, they always ended up talking shop.

Even when he dated Dulcie Schulman, who worked alongside him, they never got passed a little kissing. Someone would always mention gamification or scalability, and that would lead into a discussion that would fill the rest of the evening.

Suddenly being a millionaire and having to make decisions in the real world proved to be quite difficult for him. He’d bought his mom and dad a condo in Florida, so he couldn’t just pop around for a chat anymore and he had no siblings to chew the fat with. In fact, the only relative he had in the Chicago area was his uncle Ron. He just happened to be the black sheep of the family but Ralph liked him, he was quite smart for an older man, and he had a great sense of humor.

After two weeks of sitting around his pool with his laptop, he decided to give his uncle a call and invite him round for a drink. When his guest arrived he happened to be watching a new young actress named Nickie Souvaine being interviewed on TV. He was completely infatuated with her and his eyes were glued to the screen.

“I bet you’d like to get your dick into that one wouldn’t you?” Ron laughed, grabbing himself a cold beer and plonking his bum next to Ralph on the sofa.

“I guess every guy in America would.”

“Well with all that money you’ve made, I figure you could do it.”

Ralph, who was not yet aware of the influence that a lot of greenbacks could get you, just shook his head.

“Why would a pretty girl like that have an affair with me just for the money,” he retorted, “She’s obviously successful or she wouldn’t be on the Morning Show.”

“She’s an unknown by Hollywood standards,” Ron replied, “She’s only been in a couple of minor movies, and they were just supporting roles.”

“And how do you know so much?”

“I read the tabloids,” he grinned, “I just love all that Tinseltown shit.”

Several beers later, the idea of at least meeting the young starlet started to sound plausible, and a plan would have been put into place that very night had the two had not dropped off to sleep where they sat. The next morning after some strong coffee and a bowl of Sugar Puffs the details began to evolve.

Ron persuaded him to contact her agent and arrange for her to shoot a commercial for his own comic book and memorabilia store, which Ralph had financed for him. When they phoned the agent, explained the project and offered a rather generous fee, it was just up to the starlet to decide if she wanted such a Mickey Mouse assignment. Later that day they got a phone call and it was all systems go.

Arrangements were made for a private plane to fly her in, a camera crew was lined up and there was a sense of excitement around the place. Ralph was dreaming about the possibility of getting her into bed, although he wasn’t holding out much hope, and his uncle was dreaming about how all the publicity was going to impact his business.

When she arrived at the airport both of them went to greet her with an appropriately stretched limo, and they almost missed her as she was muffled up trying not be recognized. Obviously, the fact that she was going to shoot a commercial for a lowly comic book store was not one of the highlights of her career. However, it did seem she needed the money.

Now Ralph had booked her at a local five-star hotel, however, Ron suggested she stay at his nephew’s place so that they could get an early start to the shoot. Much to their surprise, she accepted without the slightest hesitation.

It was noon when they arrived at the house and Lilly, the housekeeper, had quickly prepared lunch after receiving a call as the limo sped towards the house. Ralph dug out a couple of bottles of champagne and sat waiting for Nickie to come down from her room, where she’d gone to freshen up.

When she walked into the dining room the two men both gasped, she looked even more beautiful than she did on TV. She was wearing a short clinging dress that showed off her finer points to maximum effect.

Her long blond hair cascaded over her more than adequate cleavage, and her nylon clad legs glided towards them provocatively. When she sat down she did so with so much grace they both gave little sighs.

Both of the hosts would have been quite happy to go without their lunch and to just sit there and watch her put those tiny morsels between her full red lips and move them delicately around her mouth. She was as close to being a goddess as you can possibly get.

Ralph had completely given up on the idea of fucking her; he thought there was no way she was going to open up her legs for him. However, he was completely under her spell and he intended to at least make use of the time he had to spend with her. To this end he persuaded his uncle to go and check on his store, leaving the two of them alone.

With drinks in hand, Ralph and Nickie moved to the living room and there, sitting beside him on the sofa she gave him the shock treatment.

“You didn’t really hire me to do some crummy commercial did you – you thought you might be able to fuck me?”

His mouth went dry and although he tried to say something, only a croaking sound came out.

“I’ve check up on you Mr. McKenzie and I discovered that you recently sold out your company for thirty million dollars.”

He nodded his head and swallowed, his power of speech having still not returned.

“I’m going to make you a deal,” she said, fingering the lapels of his jacket, “You can fuck me tonight and for the next few months, but I want something in return.”

“Any…thing,” he stammered.

“I need lots of publicity and I think that the headline “ Young Hollywood actress dates millionaire nerd,” will do the trick.”

“You want me to be your boyfriend?”

“Temporarily, then we’ll have a violent argument in a public place and split-up.”

He didn’t know what to say, of course, he wanted to fuck her – but as part of a publicity stunt? Ralph wasn’t sure.

“I’ll do the commercial for your uncle’s comic book store, and I’ll take the fee but we’ll tell the press I did it as a favor for my cute nerdy boyfriend.”

She leaned forward and kissed him gently on the lips and the nerves in his body lit up like a Christmas Tree.

“Now why don’t we go up to the bedroom, make passionate love and then you can make your final decision.

As Ralph followed her up the stairs he got a great view up her short skirt. It was hard for him to believe that within a few minutes he would be rubbing his hands up and down those lovely thighs.

Nickie was already stripping off when they entered the room and he just froze for a few seconds, his eyes focusing on her gorgeous tits, and when she dropped her skirt around her ankles, revealing her flimsy see-through panties, he began to perspire.

She wriggled out of those quite quickly and lay on the bed just staring at him with her large blue eyes She battered her long natural eyelashes and made a little kissing sound with her lips to hurry him on. Quickly he removed his clothes revealing an enormous hard on. She smiled and beckoned him with a faint smile on her face. As he moved to the edge of the bed she licked her fingers and reached for his cock. She slowly peeled back the skin with that hand and massaged his balls with the other. Adding a little more spit to her damp fingers she worked up and down his shaft, skillfully probing his ball-sack at the same time.

His legs were getting a bit wobbly as he felt his cum moving up his pipe and then he shot his load. She quickly moved closer so that it spurted all over her tits and then she rubbed it in vigorously.

Ralph, his blood pressured zooming up twenty points, leaped onto the bed and opening her legs wide he crushed his mouth against her trimmed bush. He then began to seek out her crack with his tongue. Nickie grabbed hold of his ears and tugged them so hard he thought she was going to rip them off. As he licked up and down her wet cunt he reached up to grope her tits and she raised her ass upwards, forcing her pussy lips hard against his mouth.

It didn’t take her long before she began to quiver and then she came she yelled out loud and trapped his face between her thighs. He kept licking until it became too much for her and she moved away from him.

With his dick back up and rearing to go, he tried to pin her down and force it into her but she wanted from behind. She quickly slipped off the bed and then leaning with her tits pressed against the covers, she stuck her beautiful ass in the air.

Ralph positioned himself behind her, grabbed onto her hip bones and drove it in as far as it would go. She gasped as it penetrated deep inside of her, and gasped again when he began to thrust it in and out.

Aroused by the sight of her bum as it vibrated with every stroke, he was driven to ram it into her cunt as fast as he could go. Nickie was making all kinds of noises as he pounded her ass and then she started into another orgasm and yelled “Oh fuck,” at the top of her voice as he blew a load of his cum into her love canal. He just lay on top of her for a while, keeping his cock buried inside of her and forcing his hands under her body to fondle her tits. They made love most of the night and the way she responded to his touch made him think that there was actually some chemistry developing between them.

Once his uncle’s commercial was shot the two flew to Hollywood with the hope that reporters would be there at the airport to greet them. There were none!

For the next couple of months, they lived in her apartment and he loved every minute of it, even though Nickie was a little depressed at times. The problem was she just wasn’t getting any offers. She phoned her agent almost every day but apart from a couple of auditions, for which she didn’t get the part, the cupboard was bare.

One morning after she’d returned from an appointment, she asked if they could go back to Chicago and live together in his house there.

“I’m giving up acting, it’s just too frustrating, I’m just another pretty face – there’s no way I’m going to become a great actress – I have to be prepared to accept that.” she said, with her eyes tearing up, “And there are other considerations,” she added.

Ralph didn’t question her any further but simply put his arms around her and tried to encourage her to continue to follow her dream. He even offered to pump some money into a publicity campaign but she was adamant. In the end, he decided that if she wanted to shack up with him he’d be crazy to turn her down, so they headed back east.

As they sat on the plane the steward asked if they’d like anything to drink.

“Nothing for me,” she said, “I’m pregnant – but the father of my child looks a little shaken – maybe you could bring him some water.” THE END

Copyright 2015 Cristiano Caffieri

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