We Knew you would Cum

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Aimee and Emily were two twenty-year-olds who shared an apartment together. Their experience with men has been somewhat lacking and they’d relied on internet porn for their sexual education.

They’d both been cautious about picking up guys and they didn’t belong to the bar scene and so their prospects of putting some of what they’d learned from their computer into practice was not very rosy. However, the girls were quite resourceful and they decided to invite a young man of similar age, who lived in the apartment below, to come for dinner with the intention of seducing him after dessert.

Lyle seemed quite shy and when the girls invited him he was hesitant but they could see that he really wanted to say yes and so they made up his mind for him. The first surprise for Lyle was when the girls opened the door and they were both in the nude.

“O didn’t we tell you the dress code was casual,” they smiled, as blushing, Lyle walked in and took a seat at the table.

They really put on a spread for him, something they thought a bachelor living alone would appreciate, but he couldn’t take his eyes off his two hostesses. Even before the soiree really got underway he lost his concentration completely and tipped a bowl of soup into his lap. This was a golden opportunity for the girls to take his clothes off to clean them. Although he protested they were very firm with him and holding him down on the floor they proceeded to strip him clean.

“Now we all look alike,” chirped Aimee, but then looking down at his dick that had suddenly grown in size, she corrected herself by saying, “well – not quite the same.”

They did manage to finish the meal together although Lyle could hardly swallow a thing. As soon as the ice cream was finished the two girls invited him to sit between them on the sofa. He seemed a little nervous about making the move but a little tugging and pulling soon got him where they wanted him.

As he sat there Aimee connected the computer to the TV set and poor Lyle tried his best to cover his dick with his hands. Emily told him not to be so shy and that it was just a natural reaction. He didn’t seem convinced and managed to put a cushion on his lap. When Aimee sat down she just grabbed it from him and threw it across the room, then she clicked the controller on the TV and right there in living color was a young couple fucking each other’s brains out.

Doesn’t that look like fun?” Aimee laughed.

Lyle just swallowed hard and tried to conceal the fact that he was getting very excited. Perspiration was dripping from his forehead as the couple on the TV consumed each other’s genitals as though they hadn’t eaten for weeks. After this little snack, the man turned his partner over and went in from the back as the well-endowed girl’s breasts swung to and fro.

“Do you think her breasts are as nice as mine,” Emily inquired, taking one of his hands and placing it right on her tit.

Lyle shook his head and seemed to be breathing rather heavy and this condition became worse when the girl on the TV took her partner’s dick and put it between her voluptuous set of fun bags. Aimee saw this as a great opportunity and quickly knelt down before him and slipped his big red cock between hers.

Although he still looked a little concerned he actually came to life at this point and started to move it up and down.

“Does that feel good?” She asked as she re-positioned herself and took his wood into her mouth.

He let out a muted cry and as she began to suck and caress it. Emily, who was looking on, was getting a little wet and steamy herself and after a while, she stood up on the sofa and straddling his body she pushed her shaved flower into his face. He started to lick it furiously as if he was making up for the fact he had left most of his ice cream. For her it was pure ecstasy, her whole body started to tingle and it was only moments before she had her first orgasm and she had to hold onto Lyle’s hair as her legs turned to jelly.

After a while Aimee stopped sucking and turning her back to him, she sat on his dick. When it went deep into her cunt he just gasped. Knowing he wanted desperately to cum she started to bounce up and down on it until he yelled out loud and putting his hands around Emily’s bum he pulled her bush deep into his face as if to muffle the sound.

The two girls let him have a little breathing space but his dick was still partially erect and now he was beginning to get the hang of the game. Before Aimee knew what was happening he grabbed her arm and pulled her down onto the sofa. He then proceeded to suck on her nipples and grab onto her mound like a schoolboy having his first feel.

When Emily leaned over and started to fondle his balls Aimee got the benefit, as he sucked harder and harder and ran his finger down her wet crack and inserted it into her love canal. She began to moan and groan, as he worked it around in circles, and this got her roommate very excited, so much so that she dug her teeth into his bare ass. In spite of it being painful Lyle didn’t let it interfere with the work at hand, however, when she reached up between his legs and pulled his foreskin way back, he yelled at the top of his lungs.

Emily was taken by surprise when he turned, grabbed by the shoulders and threw her down beside Aime.

“You bit my ass and it hurt,” he informed her as he rolled on top of her body, prized open her legs and rammed his cock into her. She gasped as it was a bit more painful than she expected.

As he began to slowly slip it in and out of her well-lubricated slot, Aime got up and lay on his back, crushing her big tits against his perspiring skin. In spite of the added weight, Lyle continued to fuck like a champion and he was soon whispering in Emily’s ear, “I’m cumming, “I’m cumming and then he really let loose with “I’M CUMMING!” as he shot his load.

They just lay there piled on top of one another for a couple of minutes until Aime rolled over onto the floor and took him with her. She proceeded to sit on his face and then leaned forward to engorge his cock, groaning as she did so. Emily just lay quietly and watched as her friend sucked on his dick bringing it back up to something resembling a nice firm cucumber.

Lyle who had now developed a taste for her pussy slid his tongue along her crack, up, down and sideways. The experience of sucking each other at the same time was driving them both wild. Aimee was the first to cum and although her body was shaking and her bum moving all over the place she kept taking his dick deep into her mouth until he filled it up with his goop.

Exhausted, they both lay panting on the carpet and were joined by Emily. With one either side of him, they snuggled their naked bodies against one another, entwining their arms and legs, kissing and occasionally rubbing each other’s genitalia.

Lyle, who now had a smile on his face as big as the cat who drank the cream, said he felt so relieved and how much he owed his two young neighbors.

“After the football accident three months ago the surgeon wasn’t sure if I’d be able to cum again,” he said.

“OMG do you play football?” exclaimed Emily, who was a big Dallas Cowboys fan.”

“No I don’t play myself but the man who caught me fucking his wife in bed was a college quarterback”

Copyright Cristiano Caffieri 2012 – 2016

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