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by Cristiano Caffieri

Eddie McBain had worked alongside Julia Parker for six months and he‘d had had an erection for most of that time. She was absolutely gorgeous in every way, her figure, her hair, her eyes and her perky tits were, as far as he was concerned, perfect. But although she was hot she did have a reputation for being a fiery bitch and it she seemed she was going steady with the resort lifeguard Brian, which made asking her out a bit risky.

Brian was a well built, red headed, part-time cage fighter. All the girls at the resort swooned over him and even pretended to be drowning just to get his arms around them. Rumor was that he was a bit of a swinger and not only attended to the needs of the young women who frequented the resort but some of the older women too. However, she seemed to be smitten by him and on more than one occasion, Eddie had seen them feeling each other up behind the potted palm trees.

When he had almost given up hope of seeing Julia’s tits free of her bikini top, that she wore as a waitress, something amazing happened. He was helping her clean off one of the tables when she suddenly asked him if he fancied her.

“I see you looking at me all of the time but you never say very much,” she smiled, handing him a pile of dirty dishes.

“Well I thought you and Brian were an item,” he stammered.

“You shouldn’t let that put you off – I’m not his property.”

Eddie took a deep breath, “OK would you go out with me then?”

Julia smiled and stacked even more plates on the pile he already had,

“Why don’t you come to my room after the shift and we’ll talk about it.”

He was so shocked at the invitation he almost dropped the dishes but he did manage to answer her before he made his way to the kitchen with an enthusiastic “OK!”

When the shift was finished he couldn’t wait to have a shower and change. He decided to wear shorts, one because it was hot and secondly if she was in the mood for a fuck he could more easily get out of his clothes.

Eddie wasn’t a bad looking guy, he was around 23, with tussled dark hair, twinkling eyes and muscular legs, which might have been another reason for the shorts. Julia seemed very pleased to see him when he knocked at the door and he was pleased to see her in a very tiny bikini.

He was somewhat surprised by her room, it wasn’t like his employee room, a sort of cell with a single bed, she had a big room with two double beds normally reserved for the guests.

He knew Julia was one to speak her mind but he was completely shocked by her forthright manner on this particular occasion.

“If you want to fuck me – you’ll have to do it my way – OK.”

Eddie swallowed hard and just nodded. His dick, on the other hand, seemed to be yelling to be let out of those shorts.

Julia proceeded to undress him but smacked his fingers when he tried to touch her bare midriff. “I said my way,” she chastised as she slipped off his t-shirt and pulled down his shorts.

She seemed quite impressed with the size and condition of his dick but quickly went over to a draw and produced several sets of handcuffs. Eddie was more than a little nervous but he went along with it and lay naked on the bed while she restrained him. When his wrists and ankles were secured to the bed she peeled off her bikini and his dick grew another inch. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes anticipating that she was either going to suck his most prominent feature or ride him like a cowboy.

His eyes opened wide when he heard a rap at the door. Julia casually strolled over to the door with her gorgeous bum swaying from side to side while Eddie went into panic mode trying to figure out how he could cover himself up.

When the door opened and Brian walked in, he tugged at his restraints and asked, “What the fuck is going on?”

Nobody replied, Julia just began to undress Brian and Eddie’s thoughts went into a double panic mode, maybe be triple. He was terrified at what his two co-workers might have in mind but at this point at least, he didn’t have to worry, now naked and with a boner that looked somewhat larger than Eddie’s, Brian picked Julia up in his arms and threw her on to the other bed. She opened up her legs and he knelt at the end of the bed, took her ankles and drew her down towards his mouth.

Eddie turned his head away but soon reversed his decision when Julia snapped, “You have to look – it’s my way remember.”

He wasn’t sure what the fuck was her way but he felt, as he was shackled, he was in no position to argue. However, he felt very uneasy watching Brian making a meal of her pussy and she moaning as if he had a three-foot tongue. When Brian stood up Julia slipped down the bed and took his dick into her mouth and continued to moan as she sucked it furiously and massaged his balls with her fingers.

Brian, moaned himself a little and then drawing away from her he grabbed her under the arms and threw her back on the bed, then he just dived on the top of her and made a hole in one. Julia screamed as he drove it in up to the hilt and then she dug her nails into his ass and cried out,”Fuck me you bastard – fuck me hard.”

With Brian’s ass going up and down like a steam piston and Julia crying out with every stroke, Eddie’s dick began to rise to its former glory. He was wishing it was him that was pounding that lovely body and was beginning to wonder if he was the target of a big joke and he’d end up with nothing, apart from seeing Julia naked.

The bed was creaking and Brian was bellowing like a bull as he came. Julia sounded like she was going into hysterics and tightly wrapped her legs around him. When it was all over Brian got up as though it was just another day at the office and calmly put his clothes back on.

Walking past Eddie lying there spread eagle he tapped his foot, “Sorry I can’t stay for your performance but I have another appointment.”

The door close and there was an eerie silence. Julia just lay there for a few moments and then got up and announced that she was going to take a shower. Eddie sure hoped that if she was going to expect the same from him she would wash away all of Brian’s residue.

When Julia returned she gave him a sweet smile, “Would you like me to slowly suck your cock so that you can cum in my mouth?”

Eddie rattled his chains a little and nodded, his mouth was too dry to speak. She knelt between his legs and inched her mouth towards the end of his dick. When it slipped between those bright red lips it felt sensational and even more so when she began to move slowly up and down on it, her tits occasionally brushing his thighs as she did so.

He would like to have stayed in her warm mouth for ever but it was only a short time before his dick started to feel the pressure mounting and his balls were tingling like crazy. The more excited he got, the more Julia got excited, and she sucked and fondled his balls with her fingers as if she was dying for him to cum.

When his love lava finally broke loose and oozed into her mouth she moaned with pleasure and worked every drop out using her fingers and her tongue. Eddie was exhausted and still a bit frustrated that his hands were secured but it got even more frustrating when she moved up to the bed head and lowered her wet groove on to his face.

“Lick me out you bastard,” she snarled, “Lick me out.”

Eddie stuck his tongue into her pink petals and began to move it around, lingering in the areas where she appeared to be the most sensitive. Every so often he would hit the spot and her body would jerk upwards and she grabbed onto the bed rail and rattling it furiously. At times he was having difficulty in breathing as the lips of her pussy were covering both his mouth and nose but he kept on licking.

Julia was really into the experience and it wasn’t long before her body started to shake and her pussy was getting wetter and wetter. When she came, still holding onto the rail, she threw herself backward and screamed at the top of her voice, then she fell back onto the bed and lay there for a few moments.

Her recess didn’t last for long and seeing that Eddie’s manhood was standing to attention and ready for action again she straddled over him cowboy fashion and lowered herself onto his dick. Eddie gasped and tugged onto his restraints but she was in charge and she was about to have the ride of her life.

Julia placed her soft warm hands on his chest and then she began to move up and down slowly. Each time she came down on his rock hard dick he gasped and Julia smiled as if to say, “That feels good – doesn’t it?”

After a few ups and downs she asked if he was ready for a gallop, he nodded and gave a weak, yes, not knowing quite what to expect and she then pinched his nipples between her fingers and thumbs and started to go up and down like a crazy person. To make it even more authentic she even cried out “yippee” a few times.

The bed was banging on the wall, her tits were bouncing up and down and Eddie had a look of pain on his face as he felt his cum surging back up once more. When he did cum it seemed to be scalding hot as it passed through his tubes and deep into her pussy. As he was cumming Julia’s body began to tremble and he held tighter and tighter onto his nipples and then screamed as she went into a massive orgasm.

She moved back on the bed looking quite exhilarated and teased him a little by licking the drippings off the end of his dick as though she expected him to go another round. However, she eventually picked up the key from the bedside table and released him from his cuffs.

“That was great,” she laughed, “Really great, I wished Brian could have been here to watch.”

“Do you like people to watch?” Eddie asked, feeling quite uncomfortable about the whole idea.

“Oh yes – it makes me twice as horny. Sometimes the manager and his wife come in and bring a few of the more broadminded hotel guests with them, it’s lots of fun. Last week when Brian and I used a bottle of Champagne as a dildo I got three curtain calls.”

“I hope it wasn’t a double magnum,” he chirped, making a poor attempt at humor.

Julia didn’t think that suggesting her snatch could accommodate something quite that large was not very funny and flew into a rage.

Eddie was rushed to the nearest medical facility, where the examining physician said he’d never seen anyone’s balls quite that swollen before. THE END

Copyright Cristiano Caffier 2014

book number one

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