Virginity for Sale

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Even though Jacob Jennings was not short of female companionship, being somewhat wealthy, he was drawn to the plight of a young woman who was offering to sell her most treasured possession on the internet. It appeared that her mother needed some urgent medical care and she was prepared to sacrifice her virginity for $250,000.

The whole thing fascinated him. He didn’t even realize that there were any eighteen-year-old virgins around and he had to admire the fact that one of the last remaining ones would do something so gallant for their mother.

Of course, he’d been with rich bitches who claimed that they were virgins but they’d probably just had them stitched up again. Here he saw an opportunity to fuck the real thing and that was priceless.

Jacob was a businessman with a reputation for being a ruthless bastard. He’d trampled on a lot of people to accumulate his millions but he still admired someone like Miss Emily Weskitt, who’s good deeds were rooted in good old fashioned entrepreneurialism.

Rather than contact her himself he had his lawyer make all the arrangements and with a check in hand he arrived at the five-star hotel where a suite had been reserved. It was close to noon when there was a timid knock on his door and he opened it to see this beautiful young, and somewhat nervous woman, standing there and looking as if she might take flight at any moment. When she saw him she did look a little relieved. Perhaps she was expecting a fat drooling old man and not a relatively well-preserved 40-year-old. However, he was still old enough to be her father.

Although she was hesitant and looked around, as if waiting for the cavalry to rescue her, she did enter the room and just stood there like a statue until he invited her to sit on the sofa. Her long slender legs immediately caught his attention but she didn’t intend letting him see what was between them – just yet. As she sat down she hurriedly pulled on her miniskirt to prevent his wandering eyes from focusing on what was going to cost him a quarter of a million dollars.
Emily was pretty with big blue eyes, long brown hair, that she continuously flicked away from her face, and although she was a bit light in the tit department, she was otherwise perfect. He opened up the conversation by asking her if she’d had lunch. She shook her head.

“I hope you don’t mind,” he said, “but I have ordered something from room service.”

She said she wasn’t really hungry and then she began to cry.

“There’s no need to cry about it,” he said, facetiously, “You can just sit and watch me eat.”

She continued to cry and then broke into a sniffling confession.

“I’m sorry,” she began, “but I lied on my blog, I’m not a virgin, I’ve had sex a few times but I am telling the truth about my mother, she does need urgent medical attention.”

At this point, the sniffling turned into full blown sobs and he sat down beside her aiming to comfort her. Holy shit she shot up from the sofa like a rocket,

“I shouldn’t be here,” she cried, “I’m just wasting your time, I’m sorry.”

“You’ve forgotten your money,” he called out, waving the check at her.

She turned with tears streaming down her face, “But I’m a fraud” she said, “why would you give me the money?”

He got up and walked towards her, “Because I feel sorry for you and your mother,” he replied, “Now sit down and have lunch with me, I think you owe me that.”

Smiling through the tears she moved back towards the sofa and sat down. A couple of minutes later the food arrived and over lunch, she told me all of her problems. She had enough for three people. Her father had taken off on her mother, who shortly afterward had been struck down by kidney failure, and she was trying to work her way through college and support her mother at the same time.

It didn’t exactly spoil his lunch but it did curb his appetite. However, things began to get more cheery when she suggested they should have sex together,

“I couldn’t take the money unless I gave you something in return,” she said.

In spite of desperately wanting to lay naked beside this beautiful willowy young woman he told her it wasn’t necessary but as a skilled negotiator he was almost sure that she would insist, and she did.

“You’re so incredibly kind and understanding,” she whispered, leaning over to kiss his cheek.

When he turned to face her she sealed her lips to his and ran her fingers around his neck. At this point, his dick was trying to bore a hole through my pants and his whole body was getting hot and very bothered.

That first kiss became more and more passionate but in spite of his palms getting very sweaty he refrained from letting his hands wander, but she didn’t. When her free hand rubbed up and down his thigh and detected his boner she squeezed it and sent him into a state of desperation. Soon his hands were rummaging underneath her top, and after unhooking her bra he began to massage her sweet little tits. She loved it and began searching for his zipper, but before she could gain access he did what they always seem to in the movies, he scooped her lithe little body into his arms and carried her into the bedroom.
They were soon both naked, laying on the bed and groping each other all over. Quite unexpectedly she broke from his grasp, moved down the bed and began to suck on his balls.

The top of his head almost blew off and she paused her lips over the end of his cock and then slipped the whole thing into her mouth. She worked up and down it as he groaned and moaned until he could feel his sperm racing up his tubes and into her mouth. OMG, he’d never had it so good. As soon as he’d got his breath back he grabbed her and flung her back on the bed, positioning his face between her thighs and nuzzling his mouth again her hairy snatch.

The moment his tongue just flicked her lips she flung her arms back, grabbing onto the bed head, forcing her ass up and her cunt tight against his mouth. He struggled to get his hand up beside his face and then with his fingers he pulled open her pink folds and began to lick up and down them slowly. She was in a state of ecstasy and kept whispering, “ holy fuck”, over and over again. As he prodded his finger into her warm wet crevice she started to tremble and then with a yell her body began to shake, rattle and roll.

Before her orgasm had settled down he raised himself up, looked down at those young firm tits hers and plunged his dick deep inside of her. She gasped as he started to ram it in, then pull it out; ram it in and then pull it out. However, showing she was anxious to get the show on the road she dug her nails into his ass, urging him to fuck her and fuck her hard.

He was ready and he plunged it into her fast and furious until he could feel his balls tingling and his cum surging up and into her tunnel of love. With her legs wrapped tight around his back, he kept thrusting it in and out to drain every last drop inside of her.

After it was all over, they just lay their naked and he felt like a teenager again. He felt exhilarated because he’d had such great sex but at the same time he knew this was a one off and that they would probably never see each other again. However, Emily was full of surprises, back in the living area over a glass of champagne she confessed that her mother was as healthy as a horse and gave him back the check.

“I’m sorry,” she said, “It was an idea cooked up by my mother and her doctor, I thought I could go through with it but you’re a much too nicer guy to play tricks on.”

Jacob took the check and smiled, “it wouldn’t have been much used to you anyway, it’s made out in Vietnamese Dong.”

She took it back to examine it, “And what’s a Vietnamese Dong worth?”

“Well say it would 250,000 would buy you a Big Mac, Fries, and a Coffee.”

“OMG, you were prepared to puncture my crack for a fistful of play money.”

“I guess we were made for each other,” he laughed, and wrapping his arms around her slender waist he pulled her close and kissed her, while she very carefully removed the wallet from his back pocket.

copyright 2017

book number one

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