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by Cristiano Caffieri

Ray Mallender had a couple months break from university and he wanted to do something exciting for at least part of it. Serving fast food was out of the question and so was construction, he’d been there and done that and he didn’t want to do it again. He searched several papers in Wales where he lived but there was nothing that took his fancy. However one day on the train from Cardiff to Aberystwyth he picked up a newspaper that someone had left behind and there was an advert for an assistant to help with a research project at a bird sanctuary off the coast of Scotland.

After a rather in-depth, and somewhat personal interview on Skype with Professor Marian McLeod, who had posted the ad, he secured the job and arrived at Portree on the Isle of Skye for their first actual meeting. She turned out to be a very good looking lady, probably in her mid-thirties, with a great set tits tucked under a heavy sweater and wearing a kilt and knee socks. Her hair was taken back like a librarian and her thick horn-rimmed glasses kind of added to that persona.

After exchanging greetings he carried his back pack and sleeping bag on board a creaky old fishing boat while the captain and his mate loaded a number of boxes and barrels of fuel.

“We’ve got to carry lots of supplies,” she said, “We might get cut off for an extra couple of weeks, the weather is very unpredictable where we’re going.”

He was already getting quite nervous about spending three weeks with Marian but the idea of that being extended was really scary. She seemed a dull, serious kind of woman who was probably not going to play Frisbee with him and would more than likely work late into the night. In a bizarre sort of way, he was very close to the truth.

When they arrived on the island, that looked awfully small and virtually covered with seabirds, he caught sight of their accommodation as they came into the shelter of a rocky cove. It was an abandoned lighthouse.

Hauling the provisions and fuel up the cliffs with a hand operated wooden crane was heavy going, then they had to be loaded on a trolley and pushed up a steep incline to a storage shed. He was completed bushed by the time they got into the living quarters that didn’t look that bad at first glance.

Marian, obviously seeing that he looked tired, told him to sit down while she made some tea and sandwiches. She whipped off her heavy sweater and let her unrestricted tits sway from side to side as she moved around the kitchen area.

When she laid the table she stuck a bottle of Scotch in the middle telling him they could have a wee dram in their tea. It turned out that she had a wee dram of tea in her whiskey and after a few of these she loosened up quite a bit.

There was only one bedroom and only one bed.

“They’re used to be three in here when the lighthouse was operating,” she said, “But they moved out a lot of the stuff when it closed, much of what you see here now is mine. I come out a couple of times a year to do my research and to write and so I do need a few creature comforts.”

As she started to make up the bed she turned to him as he stood by the door, “You can put your sleeping bag over there on the sheepskin rug, or you can sleep in the bed with me if you’re not too shy.”

Ray didn’t know what to say and just ended up gibbering like an idiot. She certainly didn’t look his type until she returned from the bathroom just wearing a baggy T-shirt and with her hair flowing down on her shoulders.

“Have you made up your mind about the sleeping arrangements,” she asked climbing into bed showing him right up her long shapely sock free legs as she did so.

“Well – I’d prefer to sleep in the bed of course but I’m afraid I couldn’t control myself.”

“Neither could I,” she said, “So if that’s your only problem – jump in.”

He took off his pants carefully and was going to leave his shirt and underwear on but Marian stopped him in his tracks.

“If you’re planning to fuck me, young man, I suggest you take off all of your clothes and with this, she sat up and peeled off her baggy t-shirt exposing what he thought were the most beautiful tits he’d ever seen.

When he did strip off she raised her eyebrows when she saw his dick. He wasn’t sure whether she thought it to be satisfactory or not, so he was still a bit self-conscious as he climbed in beside her. Once he was under the covers she just turned her back on him and shoved her bum into his groin area. It looked as if she thought he should make the first moves.

Ray put his arm over her and cupped one of her tits in his hand, she wiggled her ass a bit as if it was a seal of approval. He rubbed the nipple and saw that it was erect and had the urge to take it into his mouth. However when he tried to turn her over she resisted a bit so it became a sort of wrestling match with him eventually straddling her body so that he could suck those delicious looking fun bags.

She let him nibble on them for a while and arched her back as though she was thoroughly enjoying it and then without warning, she shoved him off of her. Ray was a bit confused but he was not put off, his dick was as hard and as straight as a flagpole and he was dying to cum so as she’d turned her back on him once more he tried to slip it in her bum. She wriggled a bit as if she might be facilitating his move but then resumed her former position almost fracturing his treasured possession.

Ray didn’t know what to make of her behavior, he was getting frustrated and so he threw all of the covers off of the bed jumped off himself. Kneeling down on the floor he grabbed her ankles and drew her down towards him so that he could bury his face in her hairy pussy. Even though she was groaning as he proceeded to eat her out she still struggled, making it difficult for him to move his tongue around her pink petals as he wanted to.

The next surprise came when she turned over and stuck her ass in the air. He had to reposition himself by leaning backward with his head between her legs. Then he had to struggle to get his arms free so that he could reach up to play with her dangling tits at the same time. Now she remained still and began to breathe heavy, this was followed by “OMG, Oh Fuck” and a number of other swear words and blasphemies.

When she came, she yelled out loud and she crushed her cunt hard against his face until she almost suffocated him. He was having some difficulty in breathing but kept on licking and sucking anyway. When it became too much for her to take she flopped forward onto the bed, with his tongue following her hairy muff until it was out of reach.

“You fucking bastard,” she said, when she managed to raise herself up, “I’ll get you for that,” and she literally hauled him up on the bed by his shoulders and positioned him so that she could take his dick into her mouth. She was so carried away he was afraid she might bite it off, but she was actually gentle, sucking it as if it was a ripe banana, and tantalizing his balls with her fingers.

When Ray felt his scrotum on the boil and knew he was about to cum he warned her but she kept it in her mouth but instead of speeding it up she made it tortuously slow and it was as frustrating as hell. He was so desperate he tried to thrust it in and out of her mouth himself but then she moved back as if she might stop if he didn’t behave.

When he came in her mouth it was like his whole body was going into shock. He was shaking like someone in a fit as it oozed out of his dick in short spurts. She looked up at him with her big brown eyes as she continued to drain every drop out of his balls.

Even though his dick had lost a bit of its stiffness Marian needed it now and she wanted it doggie style. She was well lubricated and so it there was no difficulty in slipping it in but then it was her that did all the movements. She wanted him to stand still while she drove her ass backward and forwards. It felt great but he had anxious to take over, what he considered to be the man’s role. Alas, it seemed as if Marian had other ideas and she was not shy about enforcing them.

Before he shot his load into her love tunnel he did manage to take control and started ramming it in and out at a furious pace, holding on to her swinging tits from behind as he did so. Marian loved it and she was screaming as his balls kept colliding with her ass and he made those final rapid thrusts.

They were both exhausted at the end and just lay there naked holding hands. The next day he was expecting to go out chasing viscous seabirds but Marian said that she had a wee confession to make.

“I’m not an ornithologist,” she said, “I actually write books on human sexual behavior – if you’re upset because I’ve deceived you – feel free to leave by the next boat.”

“When does that leave,” he grinned wryly.

“In three weeks – possibly four.”

“That sounds reasonable,” he smiled, sneaking up behind her and groping her tits, “In fact, I’m hoping the weather takes a turn for the worst.” THE END

Copyright 2014 Cristiano Caffieri

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