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by Cristiano Caffieri

Following a number of incidents of sexual harassment at Biddlecomb High, the principal Lorne Smith decided that he would file a request for someone to conduct sex education classes. The young lady hired by the authorities to do the job exuded sexuality herself. She was slender, petite, had flaming red hair and hypnotic green eyes.

When she called into his office for a brief orientation, he became so intoxicated by her subtle perfume and sensual voice that he forgot to ask how she went about teaching her subject, or when she intended to start. Even her name, Dixie Louviere, had an erotic ring to it. After she’d gone, he couldn’t seem to stop himself repeating it – over and over again in his head.

She reported to him on the first day of school, wearing a very fetching nurse’s uniform with a particularly short skirt. As she outlined her program, occasionally touching her body to illustrate some point she was trying to make, he became quite flustered. After she’d finished her little presentation, he began to babble on about things that had no relevance to the classes she was about to supervise.

“I don’t have a lot of sexual experience myself,” he told her, “I’m a little shy with women.”

“That’s too bad – you’re a very good looking man – I’d even venture to say quite sexy.”

Lorne went a little red in the face and very coyly explained that he’d never been able to satisfy a woman, “I have no technique,” he said, “especially when it comes to foreplay.”

“Have you ever asked a woman what she wants?”

“How do you mean?”

“Well – where she likes to be touched and whether she likes it gentle or a little bit rough.”

“Oh no,” he mumbled, “I could never do that.”

“Why don’t we do a little role playing?” she suggested. “You tell me where you like to be touched.”

The man, who had been the keynote speaker at a number of educational conferences, was dumbstruck. He shrugged and rolled his eyes, eventually managing to squeak out, “just here,” as he pointed to his crotch.

Dixie moved around the desk, leaned over and rubbed the bulge that was pressing against his zipper, “Here?” she inquired softly.

Lorne didn’t say anything, as the lump in his throat was almost as big as the one in his pants. He just nodded his head.

“Now here is what I want you to do,” she said, quite firmly. “I would like you to take off your pants and sit on the desk – I will lock the door.”

His heart was beating a mile a minute as he started to remove them. And watching her tight little bum sashay across the room, he lost all his sense of dignity. His brain refused to think about what would happen if word of this got out to the school governors.

Lorne sat on the desk as instructed but he didn’t remove his polka-dotted boxer shorts. With his boner sticking up it looked like he was holding a Barbie tent on his lap.

“Come on silly – don’t be shy – slip off your sexy underwear,” she giggled.

Very reluctantly, he shed his unmentionables to reveal a large erect cock that no man would be ashamed of.

“Now,” she said, moving in closer, “I’m going to touch you where you said you liked to be touched – do you want me to be rough or gentle?”

“Gentle please,” he croaked as if his mouth was drying up.

Dixie reached into the pocket of her nurse’s uniform and produced a small tube.

“This is a terrific lubricant and it smells good,” she said, removing the cap and inhaling deeply. “I’m going to rub some on your penis and it’s going to feel heavenly.”

Lorne closed his eyes and swallowed hard as her long slender fingers began to apply the cream. Up and down she went with one hand while caressing his balls with the other.

At first, she went very slowly but as she sensed he was getting more and more excited she increased the pace, twisting her hand skillfully to give him the most pleasurable experience possible. Soon he was taking in short sharp breaths and making whimpering sounds. Then he started to mumble incoherently followed by the loud cry – “I’M CUMMING!”

His goo shot up in the air like a major volcanic eruption. She stepped back a little, to prevent it splashing on her uniform, but then continued to gently work his spunk out until there was just one solitary drop weeping out of Pete’s penile eye. Dixie wiped it off with her finger and licked it.

“I love the taste of cum,” she smiled. “I’d give you a blow job but I have a bit of a sore throat today – maybe some other time.”

He almost came again, just thinking about those ruby red lips sliding up and down his dick. She broke the dream and brought him back to reality when she requested him to ask her where she liked being touched.

“Everywhere,” she replied, stripping off her uniform. “But you should start by sucking my tits and my pussy and then I want you to cum again, but deep inside of me this time.”

Dixie had the most beautiful body he’d ever seen. She moved towards him until her nipples were in line with his mouth. Grabbing her by the waist, he pulled her closer and inhaled her nipples as though he was hoping for her to lactate. The sultry Sex Ed. teacher pulled away from him and frowned.

“You didn’t ask me if I wanted you to be gentle or rough,” she scolded.

“Oh – I’m sorry – how do you want me to proceed?”

“Just flick your tongue lightly all over my tits and then suck my nipples gently, slowly rubbing your hands under them at the same time.”

In spite of being a school principal, he wasn’t the brightest of people and although he tried to control his enthusiasm, he was still a bit on the aggressive side. Luckily, Dixie was beginning to enjoy his mouth being crushed against her more than adequate mammary glands and she began to moan a little.

“Now you should be heading down towards my cunt,” she instructed, “Just wiggle your finger inside it to see if it’s wet.”

It was wet! Lorne’s excitement level hit the roof. Jumping down from the desk he lowered her onto the rug, opened up her legs and jammed his face between her thighs.

“Now you can do it rough,” she cried, “suck it, suck it as hard as you like!”

He didn’t need any more encouragement at this point. His lips and tongue were working like madmen and his arms were stretched out so that he could tweak her nipples at the same time. Dixie almost became hysterical as she neared her orgasm. When she did finally reach climax, she twisted and bounced around so violently, his face was battered from one side to the other between her thighs.

Lorne decided to take the initiative at this point and plowed his throbbing cock straight into her wet crack. He held his engorged penis deep inside her for a second or two before thrusting it in and out of her tight twat like someone gone wild. Dixie responded in kind. She dug her fingers into his shoulder flesh and screamed as his hot creamy nut juice filled her love cave. Despite having blown an enormous load, he kept driving his dick into her honey pot as if he was hoping to cum a second time.

“That was not bad,” she smiled, getting up and starting to put on her uniform. “Not bad at all. A few more sessions and I think I could certify you as a stud.”

“I have to thank you for that wonderful experience,” he replied. “But we must be discreet. I’d hate those three miserable old men that serve on the Board of Governors to get wind of what we’ve been doing.”

“That’s what they said about you,” she laughed, wiggling into her panties.

“You mean you fucked them too? All three of them?”

“Of course – how do you think I got the job? I have no qualifications. I only have life experience – but you already know that – don’t you?”

As her perfect little ass slipped out of the door he sighed, thinking how nice it would be if all his female staff were as qualified as she was!. THE END

Copyright 2014 Cristiano Caffieri

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