Ty the Sex Toy Tester

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Ty Larsen was happy when he managed to get a summer job in a very competitive market but the 20-year-old was a little embarrassed by his place of employment. It wasn’t easy to tell your friends and family that you work at Moira’s Sex Toys without being greeted with a certain amount of ribald comments.

His boss was a very good looking woman in her early thirties who dressed in sexy attire to compliment the atmosphere and she even had a muscle shirt with a big dildo on the front for him to wear. Occasional some of the girls he knew would pop in and caress a few of the vibrators while asking him questions about their performance. Sometimes he wished that he’d never landed the position.

Moira was a very pleasant easy going person and the job, which mostly involved packing mail orders, was not hard and they had frequent coffee breaks. It was at one of these coffee breaks that Moira said that she liked to work late on Thursdays to do product testing and would that cause him any problem. There was an extra forty bucks involved and so he agreed immediately.

When the testing day came around he was in for a bit of a shock. Moira locked the store door and opened another door in the back corridor that he’d never seen opened before. It was sparsely furnished with just a massage bed in the middle that had velvet handcuffs draped from the top and bottom.

“Come in,” beckoned Moira, “We just have two or three new lines to test and that shouldn’t take too long,” she paused and smiled, “But then again it could.”

Without another word, she proceeded to strip off her clothes and lay down naked on the bed. Although Ty was a bit shocked at first he couldn’t help but appreciate her body. Moira had an hour glass figure and the sand at both the top and the bottom were nicely distributed.

“Will you secure my wrists and ankles with the cuffs,” she asked, spreading her legs and revealing her tunnel of love. Ty, who was now breathing a little bit heavier than usual did as she requested. As he did so she looked up at him with her big blue eyes, they were almost pleading for him to touch her body all over. However, Ty was not sure of how this testing business was going to go and so he didn’t make any premature moves.

Once secured she asked him to take a glass dildo from the shelf behind him and a bottle of aromatic lubricant. She instructed him on how to prepare it and then asked him to insert it into her Vagina.

His mouth was going try as he pressed the tip against her pink petals.
“Slip it right in,” she said, and then requested that he move it slowly in and out. Her second demand was for him to fondle her breasts while he was doing that.

As he worked the dildo with his right hand he rubbed the palm of his left lightly over her breasts. Moira just kept sighing until she took a deep, deep breath and then, trembling all over she began to arch her back as she went into orgasm.

She lay still for a few seconds and then asked him to take the glass one out and use a big ugly Jack Rabbit type of vibrator that sat menacingly on the shelf. It was a big fucker that stretched the lips of her cunt to capacity and it had a protrusion to stimulate the clitoris. After she’d instructed him just how far to shove it in she told him to press the button and start the engines.

This time her ass started to move as if she had a live snake up her. She tugged at the restraints, yelled and screamed and after just a few minutes she came big time.

“Fucking hell,” she cried out, “Fucking, fucking hell, take it out Ty, take it out, I can’t stand anymore.”

He did as he was bid and she just lay there, stretched out for a while. Gazing down at her nubile form he wished with all his heart that he could cock his leg over and that opportunity came when Moira asked him to take off his clothes.

“I’ve got a male product I want to test,” she said.

He was a bit shy at taking off his clothes even though his body was nothing to be ashamed of. She watched his every move and took a deep breath when she saw his dick, which had naturally become erect given the circumstances.

“See the little red box back there next to the handcuffs – open it.”

When he did it revealed something that looked like a small plastic donut. “What is it he asked?”

“It’s a vibrating cock ring, just lubricate it a bit and slip it on to your penis.”

This was something he was not prepared for but he did as he was told and then she explained how to switch it on. When he did, it gave him a very strange but pleasurable sensation.

“That pleases both the man and the woman,” she said, “So if you fuck me we can see if it works – come on fuck me,” she repeated in no uncertain terms.

Ty was rearing to go, in fact, his balls were aching with anticipation. He climbed up on the bed and as she smiled at him he drove it in, Moira gasped and then did a big exhale.

“God that feels good,” she said, “Now ram it into me hard and fast Ty we’ve got to test its durability.”

He didn’t need much encouragement and thrust it in as far as it would go, and then, as per her instructions, he began to drive it in hard and fast. The zinging in his balls from the vibrations and the warm, soft and well-lubricated pussy drove him to increase his speed as he had an urgent need to cum. When he did it was unbelievable, his cream filling oozed in a never-ending stream and Moira, whose arms were still restrained, whipped all over the place in an effort to break loose.
Eventually, she to get her hands free and proceeded to dig her nails deep into his back. It was excruciatingly painful but it was all part of the game and he loved it.

With his motor switched off he just lay on top of her their bodies bonded together by perspiration, In spite of cumming his dick was still quite erect and when she asked him to loosen the restraints on her ankles she slipped off the table onto the floor and knelt between his legs.

When her lips began to kiss the end of his dick he leaned forward, putting his hands on the massage table for support. He didn’t really think it was possible to cum again, so soon after he’d shot a load, but as her mouth gradually slipped down his shaft, and then out again, and in again. Ty was already desperate to cum – and cum in her mouth.

Moira maneuvered her tongue and her fingers until he though the top of his head was going to blow off. She was so good at it and she groaned as she sucked, making it seem as if she was thoroughly enjoying the experience. He didn’t shout I’m cumming when he felt that familiar tingling at the base of his dick, he just didn’t want to take it out. Moira not only let it stream between her sensuous lips she kept milking it for the last drop and then swallowed it.

Fortunately, there was a shower at the back of the room and they sponged each other down before putting their clothes back on. When they stepped out of the cabinet he asked if she tested new products every week.

“Yes,” she replied with a little smile, “And sometimes just to make sure – I have to test them twice. THE END

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Copyright 2015 Cristiano Caffieri

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