Two Timing Mother Fucker

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Marisa had never visited Leif’s office, she’d never had the desire to until one day, after some serious shopping, she thought she would surprise him, perhaps persuade him to go out for a coffee with her. The couple had been going steady for over three years, during the week he spent most nights at her place but at weekends he said he had to spend time with his aging mother who lived in a small village some two hours drive from Oslo.

When she arrived at the office building where he worked she was confronted by his very beautiful secretary.

“I wonder if I could see Mr. Almerssen,” she asked.

“May I tell him who’s calling?”

“Just tell him it’s Marisa – I’m his girlfriend.”

The woman’s eyes almost popped out of her head, then very curtly she said she would tell him. There seemed to be an argument going on in his office and when he emerged followed by his secretary, who had a face as long as a bass fiddle, Leif looked very flustered and said he would love to go for a coffee but he was just too busy.

Marisa soon realized that the blonde twenty-two old floozy with the mini skirt and big tits was his mother, at least at the weekend. After giving him a look that left him no doubt that she knew what was going on she left the office abruptly and went straight home.

“I can’t believe that he’s been fucking two women at the same time,” she muttered to herself as she sat on the bus. A few people looked at her but she didn’t care a shit – she was spitting nails.

By the time she got home her attitude was changing, Marisa knew that now the blonde bombshell was aware that her Prince Charming was poking another woman five nights a week she would be giving him fucking hell. Leif would be expecting to get the same treatment when he got to her place. But she decided to surprise him, she cooked a lovely supper, laid an elegant table, changed into her most sexy lingerie and when he came in she kissed him sweetly, helped him off with his coat and made no mention of the fact that his mother was considerably younger than he was.

After the meal, she insisted that he relax and take a bubble bath. The bath was big enough for two and as soon as he stepped into the water she got in the other side so she could face him. When her toes began to play with his balls his dick shot up above the waterline like a periscope.

Marisa eased herself up and knelt down before him and as he closed his eyes she wiped off the bubbles with her hand and took it all into her mouth. Even though her nose kept bobbing under the lather she began to work up and down his cock, caressing his balls at the same time. After being given absolute shit by his secretary, having projectiles aimed at his head and all of his files scattered across the floor, it felt heavenly.

When he came Marisa kept his dick in her mouth and then spit his goo into a tissue and climbed out of the bath.

“Don’t dry off,” she said, “Just come into the bedroom while you’re still wet.”

She’d laid a big white town on the bed and when he entered the room she lay seductively looking up at him with her big blue eyes. Leif knelt down beside her and began to suck on her perfectly formed tits. Marisa arched her back and groaned.

“You are so beautiful,” he whispered as he continued to suck and lick her all over. His hand began to work its way slowly down to her thighs, he opened her legs gently and inserted one finger into her warm damp slit. Inside it was well lubricated and inviting. He inserted a second finger and she began to moan and groan and touch his body all over.
Not wanting her to cum until he had licked the pink petals of her flower he re-positioned himself with his face between her legs and started to lick the very edges with his tongue. Marisa whimpered as it explored all of her delicate crevices and then her body began to tremble and shake quite violently as she had a massive orgasm.
Leif’s dick was as hard as a rock again and he plunged it into her cunt while she was still shaking and started to thrust it in and out with considerable force. She gripped his forearms tightly as he gradually increased the pace and he began to yell “Oh fuck, Oh fuck ,” as he could feel his cum moving up rapidly.

When he shot his load it was her turn to yell and she kept repeating “OMG, OMG, OMG,” as he kept ramming it in until he was completely exhausted.

“That was marvelous,” she said, as he lay beside her. “Absolutely marvelous.”

“It’s you that are marvelous,” he replied, “I think perhaps we should get married, I need to commit, and I can’t think of no anyone that I’d rather commit to more than you.”

As his ex-secretary burned all of his photographs in the fireplace in front of which they made love so many times, Marisa smiled. Her strategy had worked, the phantom mother had been eliminated and she planned to live happily ever after.

Copyright 2014 Cristiano Caffieri

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