Tunnel of Love

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by Cristiano Caffieri

When Russ Petersen saw an advertisement for a disused WWll army installation for sale he was immediately fascinated. It was embedded in a south of England cave system and it looked like an ideal place for a writer to live and work. The agent turned out to be a most attractive lady in her early thirties by the name of Reiko Weatherford.

She arranged to meet him in a nearby town and from there she drove him to the chalk hills were the installation, formerly used for plotting aircraft movements, was situated. Once they got out of the car, Ms. Weatherford had some difficulty negotiating the terrain as she’d chosen to wear stiletto heels. As they picked their way through the rocks she stumbled several times and Russ had put his arms around her to save her from falling.

When she unlocked the door, that was embedded in a hillside, she explained that some squatters had been living there and the place was a bit untidy. As they entered the tunnel, that still had electricity connected, they did have to step over some garbage but when she opened a door that the former tenants hadn’t got access to he was pleasantly surprised. It was a plotting room with much of the equipment still in place and leading off that was a sitting area with 1930s furniture and a quaint little kitchen.

“This is quite unbelievable,” said, Russ, “It’s perfect for what I want – anytime I’m writing a novel I could just come down here and sequester myself until the project is finished. It’s pretty hard to do that with all the noise you get in a place like Manchester.”

They sat in the sitting area for a while going over the legalities and the price and he signed an offer immediately, right on the plotting table. When retraced their steps down the tunnel, which had a number of small rooms leading off of it, and came to the big steel door that they’d left open. It was now mysteriously shut and secured from the outside.

Reiko had the key but that didn’t seem to help, it seemed that someone had secured it from outside.

“Oh my god, I think the squatters are responsible for this, they were pretty bitter when we turned them out, they’d been here for three years – kind of thought of it as their permanent home.”

She took her cell phone from her purse and attempted to make a call but the steel door and the rocks just didn’t allow a signal.

“I’m not quite sure what to do,” she said, looking quite embarrassed, “I told them I’d check in before I left for the week-end when I don’t show they’re bound to come looking.”

It was resolved that should go back to the sitting area until help arrived but a lot of conversation and three hours later there wasn’t a sign of any rescuers. The big worry was having no food or water if nobody bothered to look for them for a couple of days. Reiko started to panic.

“Why the fuck isn’t anyone coming,” she cried, “They know I’m not at the office, my cars just outside here – so why isn’t anyone here – shows how much they fucking care about me.”

Russ tried to calm her down but she was becoming quite hysterical. In the end, he decided to go and look if there was an emergency exit somewhere. For over an hour he searched the various tunnels and rooms until he came up to a metal ladder that led to, what appeared to be exactly what he was looking for, but unfortunately, it had been secured, probably when the military moved out.

Reiko didn’t take the news well and so he sat beside her, put his arm around her and tried to console her.

“Could we die here Russ?” she asked.

“I don’t think so,”

“But you’re not sure are you.”

“I’m pretty sure – even my car is parked in the center of town – that will arouse some suspicion.”

“No it won’t,” she babbled, “They will simply tow it away and the office manager will think I just took off for my weekend and we’re going to sit here and die of thirst and it’s all too horrible to think about.”

She kept on crying for fifteen minutes or so and then she came out with an unexpected suggestion.

“Just in case we are going to die Russ, would you like to fuck me – I mean this could be the last time for both of us.”

He was amazed that she would be thinking about sex at a time like this but she was a very beautiful woman and to turn her down would be insulting – not to mention the fact that he was beginning to get a hard on.

Russ didn’t answer her he just pulled her towards him and kissed her sensuous lips. She responded by throwing her arms around his neck and their tongues were soon familiarizing themselves with each other.

When he slipped his hand up her top she held him even tighter and as he unfastened he bra at the back she started to tremble a little. Once it was off he began to fondle her soft warm tits and then bowed his head to take her nipples in his mouth. While he sucked and licked them he put one hand up her short skirt and forced a finger up one side of her panties and into her warm wet crack.

It seemed that the horror of being locked in a virtual tomb had been forgotten for the moment as she eased him away so that she could take off all of her clothes and Russ did the same. She had an absolutely gorgeous blemish-less body and he could wait to hold it against his.

Like a modern-day Sir Walter Raleigh he took his coat and laid it on the floor then he put his arms around her and lowered her onto it. As he straddled her, ready to put his face between her thighs, she quickly changed her position so that she could kiss the end of his dick. She actually latched onto the end of his foreskin and with her teeth and stretched towards her it a little before plunging the whole thing into her mouth

Ross’s eyes almost popped out of his head as she wound a forefinger and thumb around his dick and used the other hand to manipulate his balls. As she slipped up and down his shaft she moved the fingers on both hands giving him multiple sensations and causing him to blow gobs of air followed by deep breaths. When he called out loud that he was about to cum Reiko didn’t miss a stroke, it just streamed into her mouth like Semolina dessert and she swallowed it in one big gulp.

Russ laid her back on the coat and lifted her long slender legs up so that he could get good access to her wet crack. The moment his tongue hit her pink soft labia her body became taught and she reached for his shoulders and dug her fingernails into his skin. As he sucked the lips of her cunt she groaned and even seemed to sob at times, but when he changed his tactic and began to take long licks from close to her ass up to her clit she started to moan, groan, shout and yell, “You suck so good – keep sucking me Russ I want to cum.” This was followed by “I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’M CUMMING!” And her body began to shake as if they were in an earthquake.

Russ raised up on his knees and pulled her quivering slit towards him, then he thrust his cock into it, pulling on her arms until it was like they were on a seesaw. Her eyes were closed as he continued to rock her backward and forwards on his dick and then once more, desperate to cum himself, he lay on the top of her and plowed it into her with powerful strokes.

When he shot his load he gave a big primeval grunt and she kept repeating “Oh my god, Oh my god,” as he withdrew and the excess cum ran down the inside of her thighs.

When it was all over they sat in each other’s arms for a while and kissed. It was then that the door burst open and Mrs. Armstrong, her boss barged in with silver-haired middle-aged man who was also interested in seeing the property

“Sorry, sorry, sorry,” she called out trying to hide her eyes.

“We thought we were going to die in here and so we decided to a least have a fuck before we expired,” said, Reiko, and then she went on to explain that Russ had already agreed to buy the property.

The other man, who was introduced as Mr. Cunningham, was a little disappointed but the sight of the naked couple putting their clothes back on seemed to compensate for his loss. Once Russ and Reiko were ready the four of them made their way back down the dismal passageway to the door.

“Whoops,” said, Mrs. Armstrong as she tugged on the handle, “It’s stuck again, Holy shit – it looks as though we could be here until Monday.”

As Reiko began to hyperventilate Mr. Cunningham smiled like the Cheshire Cat, “I wonder what we could do to fill the time,” he asked, taking Mrs. Armstrong’s hand to comfort her. THE END

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