Three to One

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by Cristiano Caffieri

It’s funny how you can get into serious trouble minding your own business. I was on a sightseeing trip through West Virginia and Kentucky and I just happened to pull into one of those viewing areas where you can look at the breathtaking scenery. There were three other cars there that I presumed belong to each of the three women who stood to the left of me.

We were all admiring the view but I must admit I was more interest in the young woman with the mini skirt and the very long legs. She seemed to sense that I was admiring her and she turned and gave me a half-smile. Before I could chat her up, a speeding car skidded off of the highway, across the parking area and crashed into the stone wall. A split second later another car screamed to a halt behind it and a man and a woman jumped out both brandishing handguns.

They rushed over to the wrecked car, where the driver, with blood all over his face, kicked open the door and pointed a gun at the other two. The next thing we knew the guns were blazing and the injured man just slumped out of the car with half his face missing. The man leaned over his lifeless body and grabbed a bag from the passenger seat.

The three women were screaming and I was almost shitting myself. We were all witnesses, and I thought they were just going to kill us all in cold blood. However, it seemed they thought we might be useful as shields if the cops caught up with them. The woman who appeared to be in charge looked in the four cars parked there and decided on the big old Ford.

“Whose car is this?” she yelled.”

When the woman in the miniskirt said it was hers she demanded the keys and then ordered the four of us into the back seat. The big guy, who appeared to be the underling, sat in the passenger seat pointed a gun at us.

“Hand over your cell phones and don’t do anything stupid or I’ll blow fucking your heads off,” he snarled.

Three of us handed him our cell phone but the black woman said she’d left hers in her car.

“You’d better be telling the truth or I’ll face fuck with this,” he said, pressing the gun against her lips.

The boss lady thought that was quite amusing but the black woman began crying hysterically and that made me feel helpless. A man always believes he can turn into Superman on these occasions but that gun was Kryptonite as far as I was concerned.

The driver, burned rubber gunning out of the parking lot but then drove cautiously down the highway, glancing in the rearview mirror as she went. When we turned onto a dirt road things changed, she drove like a bat out of hell. The four of us crammed into the back seat were bouncing off of each other. The woman in the mini ended up on my knee. She was scared shitless and she buried her face in my neck as though we’d known each other all our lives.

“Are we heading for the cabins boss?” asked the man with the gun.

“Yeh – we can haul up there and then decide what to do.”

After a few miles, we turned up another road that ran through dense woods and stopped outside a couple of cabins. They ordered us out of the car, unlocked the door of the smaller of the two and shoved us in. All the windows were boarded up and I couldn’t see a fucking thing. I fumbled around for a light switch but there wasn’t any. In the search, I did grab on to one woman’s tit and had to apologize.

Unfortunately, we could hear the conversation the two hoodlums were having outside and it didn’t sound good.

“We’ll stay here for the night and in the morning we’ll kill three of them and hang on to one as a hostage. We should be able to grab another vehicle somewhere and we’ll head back to Pittsburgh.”

They walked away presumably going to the larger cabin.

There was lots of sobbing going on in the background but I had to feel around to find out what was in the room. I found there was a sofa, a bed, and an old wood stove. The stove suddenly gave me an idea.

“Does anyone smoke,” I asked.

“I do,” sniffled a woman who seemed to have a slight accent, probably Latino.

“Have you got a lighter?”

“Yes – I have one in my pocket.”

“Why don’t you light it so that we can see what the hell’s in here.”

There was nothing that I hadn’t discovered in the dark but I did see there was a stack of firewood and some kindling by the stove. I took the lighter from her and quickly lit the stove and it did offer a bit of light.

Obviously, everyone was still upset but we managed to introduce ourselves. The woman in the mini was Skye, the black woman’s name was Vanessa and the Latino woman was Pilar.

My companions all squeezed onto what appeared to be a well-worn sofa and I sat on the bed.
“What the fuck are we going to do?” piped up Skye, “three of us are going to be dead in the morning.”
There were more sobs.

“I suggest we wait until they open up in the morning and we’ll try and take them by surprise, maybe we could shovel up some hot embers from the fire and throw it in their faces.”

“What are we going to shovel it with our hands?” Vanessa asked.

“No – if you look above the stove there’s one hanging on the wall, we could also beat the shit out of them with that.”

Nobody seemed overly enthusiastic about my plan but Skye came up with an idea that appealed to me.

“If this is going to be my last night on earth,” she said, “I want to have a good fuck are you game Michael?”

Before I could answer Vanessa cut in and asked how she could think of such a thing at a time like this.

“Look if we’re going to die I like to have at least one great orgasm before I go. Michaels a good looking guy and I’m sure he can fuck and suck with the best of them – what do you say, Michael.”

Thinking it might be my last opportunity I said I would do anything to oblige.

“Surely you are not going to do it here in front of us,” protested Pilar.

“No we’re going to get a room at the nearest motel,” Skye retorted.

There was no doubt that both Vanessa and Pilar were upset with the idea that we were going to fuck each other’s brains out just a few feet from where they were sitting. However, Skye didn’t care a shit and started to strip off.

Even in the flickering light from the fire, I could see she had a great set of tits and a hairy muff. She walked over to me and started to take off my shirt and then my pants, which revealed a big boner that was point right at her twat.

Still standing we began to peck at each other with little kisses and then her tongue went halfway down my throat. I sat her on the bed, opened up her legs and place my head between her firm warm thighs. The other two women gasped as I started to lick up down her wet slit as she moaned and groaned and tugged at my hair.

I separated the lips of her cunt with my fingers pulling it wide open and then taking big licks from her ass to her clit. She loved it.

When she came, she gave a muffled scream and immediately slid off the bed and took my dick in her mouth. It seemed to slip halfway down her throat. She fondled my balls with her soft warm fingers and sucked until I thought the top of my head would blow off.

Vanessa commented that she didn’t know how she could do that to a total stranger but there was a bit of a quiver to her voice that made me think that all this action was making her feel horny. I didn’t let Skye make me cum I just wanted to ram my dick up her crack and so I grabbed her under the arms, flung her on the bed, parted her legs and made a hole in one.

“O Fuck,” she cried out as I shoved it in as far as it would go.

As I started to pound her cunt I heard Pilar chirp up, “I wish my husband would do that to me sometimes.”

Skye’s tits were bouncing all over the place as I rammed it into her at a mile a minute. Digging her fingernails into my ass she urged me on.
“Go faster,” she cried, “I’m cumming.”

She wasn’t the only one, I could feel my batter working its way up my pipe and then it oozed into her crevice in a never-ending stream. I wanted to give her every drop and so I kept ramming it in until she couldn’t stand it anymore.

Out of breath she made her way back to the sofa and asked who was next. I really didn’t really expect either of the other two would come forward but Vanessa stood up.

“I guess if we’re going to die we might as well make the best of it,” she said, as she struggled to get out of her sweats. I was amazed at what a beautiful body she’d been hiding underneath those baggy clothes. One couldn’t see much in the light from the flickering stove but it was enough to perk my cock straight up.

I was standing by the bed and she just fell to her knees. She licked it and sucked it and reached between my legs to stick a finger up my ass. With her sucking it like a suction pump, and working her finger in and out, I completely lost control. I blew the whole load in her mouth. She didn’t seem to mind but I was worried about getting it up again to fuck her.

I decided to spend a little extra time on foreplay to get me aroused. Pulling her to her feet I began to suck her big hard nipples. She just kept stroking my neck and giving big sighs, but when I slipped my hand between her legs her body jerked as though she’d been shot.

“Holy fuck,” she called out as my finger found its way into her well-lubricated slit and I started to move it around, “holy fuck.”

Although there was only the flickering light from the open stove I could see the tense look on the faces of the other two women. They looked as though they were both feeling that finger slipping in and out of their cracks. From what I could see Skye was just sitting in her panties and it looked like she was masturbating.

As I continued diddling her Vanessa started to breath heavy and then she gave out a big scream and her body started to vibrate as though she was hanging on to a jackhammer. When I took my finger out she shoved me onto the bed and proceeded to climb on my throbbing knob. She just lowered herself onto it slowly and when I reached up and grabbed onto her big tits she started to ride me like a cowboy.

Her mound crashed down on me as if she was riding in the 2.30 at Churchill Downs. I was fucking grateful she didn’t have a whip. When I felt my cum was about to make a break for it I started to move my ass up and down at the same pace and soon we were both yelling, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming,” as we galloped to a photo finish.

That woman milked me dry and when Pilar said, “I can’t fuck you I married, I was sort of relieved.

“My husband would kill me if I got pregnant,” she said, but then proceeded to get up and move toward the bed.

“I don’t suppose it would hurt to sixty-nine,” she grinned, “you can’t get pregnant doing that can you?”

As I lay there trying to get my breath back she positioned her petite body over me. Her warm thighs, either side of my head, she pressed her tight little cunt right up against my nose and wiggled her ass.

She didn’t go down on me immediately she just fondled my balls to get my dick back up. I just lay back and enjoyed her delicate fingers as they gently stroked, squeezed and then pulled back my foreskin.

When her sweet lips slid over my bell-end it made my body tingle all over. I gripped onto her slim thighs and pressed my mouth against her damp velvet labia and just poked my tongue inside. It tasted so fucking good I slurped up and down it like I was sucking the filling out of a cream donut. She went ballistic and her head was going up and down like one of the nodding dogs some folk have in the rear window of their cars.

“Suck it, suck it good,” yelled Skye as I started to groan.

Then Vanessa, who was bouncing her ass up and down on the creaking sofa as though it was happening to her, called out, encouraging Pilar to swallow my load. That seemed to urge her on and she increased the pace and went deeper and deeper down on me.

I stepped up my intensity to match hers and then I felt my cum moving up and into her mouth. Her body started to vibrate like a nine on the Richter scale and she tried to pull away from me as if it was too much for her. As she broke loose and rolled to the end of the bed crazy Skye got up and took my dick into her mouth to mop up the leftovers.

“That was so fucking good,” sighed Pilar, “I could do that all over again. Fortunately, she didn’t press the situation and I was glad because I was shagged out.

I don’t think any of us slept very well but I was awakened out of my shallow sleep by a Rooster. At that point, I began to make plans. I took the steel shovel from the wall behind the stove and decided that as soon as that door opened I was going to go out swinging. As I was taking it down several shots rang out and I thought those bastards were probably practicing for our execution.

One of the women was whimpering as the door opened, I raised the shovel and charged. Somebody put their foot out and I fell on my face outside. When I looked up there was a Sheriff’s deputy standing over me.

“I hope you’re not that aggressive with door to door salesmen,” he grinned and then when on to tell me, and the women, who had now emerged from the cabin, that the two hoodlums were dead. They all broke into cheers and started to dance around on the grass and we ended up in a group hug.
“I guess you ladies found it hard being locked up in the dark,” the deputy commented as we walked towards the car.

”We did find it hard,” giggled Vanessa.

“Very hard,” laughed Skye, “but that’s how I like it.” THE END

Copyright 2019 Cristiano Caffieri

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