The Woman in the Feathered Mask

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by Cristiano Caffieri

When a new massage parlor moved into Evansville it was of no particular interest to Ben Compton and he would certainly never have gone there if it hadn’t been for his friend Kip.

“It’s really great,” he told his buddy, “The girls are all naked with great tits and they rub you all over with nice smelling oil and then jerk you off. It’s amazing.”

Ben had recently broken up with his girlfriend Dana after a stupid argument that ensued after she refused to give him a blow job. As a consequence, he wasn’t getting anything in the way of sex and so he thought he give his friend’s recommendation a try.

The place was called The Masquerade, it was situated in a seedy looking building but was surprisingly opulent when you got inside. All the girls, even the receptionist, were in the nude and they all wore masks, not surgical ones – fancy ones like they wear in Venice and Rio for the festivals, with just their eyes and mouth visible. In addition, they all had false names so there was no way you could identify them. The girl assigned to Ben was called Venus.

Her mask was gold and decorated with red and blue feathers, she had short cropped hair, a gorgeous set of tits and he assumed behind the masquerade she was probably very attractive. She seemed a little hesitant when she was first introduced to him by the voluptuous lady manager. It was as if she might know him and this made him a little uncomfortable.

She led him into a room where the lighting and the background music created an ambiance that made his balls tingle as soon as he stepped through the door. There was a rather ornate massage table in the center and a glass shower cabinet in one corner.

Venus said very little and used gestures most of the time. First, she indicated that he should take off all of his clothes and then that he should step into the shower.

A little embarrassed by it all he tried to cover the family jewels with his hands and the woman gave a muffled giggle as she noticed him do it. Once in the shower, she proceeded to sponge him down with great gobs of lather. When she washed his balls and pulled back his foreskin to thoroughly clean the end of his cock he began to shake. She looked up and him from behind that mask and then wrapped her long fingers around it and teased him by going up and down a few times. By the time Venus escorted him over to the massage table he was already breathing heavy and it was standing bolt upright. He was really anxious for her for her grab onto it and work it until he shot his load all over her tits but there was a long process to go through before that.

Taking a bottle of light green oil from the shelf she proceeded to pour little drops all over his body. It had a very nice aroma that made him feel quite relaxed, considering the circumstances. That changed somewhat when her hands made contact with his naked flesh. Starting at his feet she slowly but surely worked her way upward. Sometimes she rubbed his body with the flat of her hands and sometimes she made little circles with the tips of her fingers. Sometimes she was firm and aggressive and sometimes so gentle it tickled.

His scrotum was completely bypassed on the first trip that extended up to his chin and then she spent quite a bit of time rubbing his chest. After that she made him turn over and worked her way from his neck down to his bum. Here she did stop for a while moving her fingers up and down his crack and just lightly touching the rear of his ball sack. It felt so good and being face down he almost bit into the pillow.

When it was time to turn over again she got down to the real business pouring more oil over his balls and his dick and then taking them in hand. As she massaged between his legs and slid her hand up and down his shaft he prayed that he wouldn’t cum too soon.

Venus’s beautiful tits moved to and fro as she skilfully controlled the pace so as to give him the longest possible time in jerk-off-heaven – but then he felt his hot goo moving up his pipe and let an “Aaah” as it spurted into the air. She slowly coaxed it all out for him as he lay there groaning and moving his ass up and down in an effort to fuck her hand.

When every drop had been expunged she cleaned up the mess from his chest and belly with a warm towel and then she said something that shocked him, “I’m not paid to do this and I wouldn’t do it for just anyone but if you like I can give you a blow job.”

It was an offer he couldn’t refuse. Venus pulled on his legs until they were dangling off the end of the table and then she moved between them, pausing for just a second before she plunged his dick deep into her mouth. It was like a hundred thousands volts of electricity tearing through his body.

Holding on to his thighs she went up and down on him – sucking it, twirling her tongue around it and moaning as if she was enjoying every moment. He naturally thought she would withdraw as soon as he yelled “I’m cumming,” but she didn’t – she just took it all between her sexy lips, and swallowed it.

He couldn’t understand why he’d been given such royal treatment but on the way out she whispered, “Don’t say anything about the extra service Ben – it was just something special between friends.”

“Oh my god, who are you?” he asked, desperate to see behind that mask.

She lifted it up just enough so that he could identify her and he was absolutely shocked to see that it was his ex-girlfriend’s mother.

“Give Dana a call,” she said, “I think she may have changed her mind.” THE END

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