The Sign of the Five Vagina’s

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Jason Bridges had quite a well-paid job as assistant editor on a magazine that was distributed to Funeral Homes but it was so depressing. He was tired of writing articles on embalming fluid and casket fittings and was looking for a change. One lunchtime he decided to call on the agency that had found him his present job to see if they had anything a little more exciting.

Mrs. Soames, who ran the agency had just put the phone down after taking a call from a client who was looking for just the man. It was for, what was described as, a magazine for young women in the 18 – 24 range and dealt with health, fitness, and sex.

An appointment was set up with the managing editor the following day and the moment he walked through the door he thought it was the job for him. The décor was slick and modern with a touch of the orient and the receptionist had a plunging neckline that met the slit in her skirt.

The managing editor’s office was covered with Japanese erotic art and there was the faint smell of Jasmine in the air. Her name was Sky, and she looked like she’d just stepped off the cover of a fashion magazine. After ordering latte’s for both of them she came straight to the point.

“To be quite frank Jason,” she said, “I don’t really want to hire you. We normally only hire young women but our parent company insists that we become more diverse. Now we have a vacancy I have no option but to fill it with someone like you.”

Jason didn’t say anything he was too busy looking at her long slender legs as she sat on a stool facing him scanning his resume. At length, she gave a big sigh, told him he seemed to have all the right qualifications, and asked when he could start.

He loved to have said “this afternoon” but he had to give two week’s notice to his employer and so for fourteen whole days he had to wait to take on his new position. On the Monday he arrived early, he walked into the office and was introduced to the four glamorous young women who made up the staff and it was down to work.

Sky showed him to his chic little hide-away and gave him the last three issues so that he could familiarize himself with the format and the kind of content they required. At eleven the receptionist came into the office and told him it was time for gym. A bit confused he followed her down a hallway to a room where all the staff had gathered and were all naked.

“We do half an hour of exercises every morning,” she said, “and occasionally we try out some of the new products and assess their effectiveness. We prefer to do this in the nude except when we’re trying out new gym or yoga wear.”

All the girls stood there, completely naked staring at him.

“Come on,” coaxed Sky, “take your clothes off we’ve all seem a cock and balls before.”

As the girls giggled he stripped off slowly but once he was naked and started to jump around he lost his shyness. He wasn’t sure if the girls were as intrigued with his bouncing balls as he was with their jiggling tits but he saw a few looks of admiration when his dick started to harden up.

When the half-hour was up they all proceeded to the communal shower room that had mirrors on the wall instead of tile and the same on the ceiling. The women took big sponges and began to soap each other’s tits and cracks. A girl called Teddy moved towards him with a big smile on her face and stuck her sponge between his legs. She then proceeded to soap his scrotum and even pulled his foreskin back to clean the end of his dick. It was now so hard it hurt.

Another girl named Patti helped dry him off and now supporting a big boner he reciprocated gently rubbing her tits and thinking how nice it would be to slip his throbbing cock into her neatly trimmed orchid. After their orifices were thoroughly clean Sky told everybody to move into the conference room. Still nude they walked into a room with subdued lighting, soft oriental music, and six big puffy chairs.

Sky told him to take a seat and there he sat looking over at three gaping vagina and twice as many suckable looking tits.

“This is where we all masturbate to get rid of any stress – you can’t do good work if you’re all stressed up inside.”

Beside each chair, there was a small table with a bottle of lubricant on it.

“This is a new product from the Blue Rose people and I’d like you all to write a couple of paragraphs about it when you get back to your desks.”

The women all nodded, unscrewed the bottles, and began to massage copious amounts into their vaginas. Jason hesitated for a moment and then lubed up his dick and started to jerk himself off. This seemed to excite the women and their fingers were diddling their cracks a mile a minute. Soon there were groans, moans, and screams. They all managed to cum before Jason and then sat and waited for his goo to squirt. When it did he thought they were going to applaud but although they seem to nod their approval they got up went back to the gym to get dressed and then it was lunchtime.

For the rest of the afternoon, it was down to work and it did seem that the bizarre ritual they went through each day paid off. At five o’clock the women emerged from their offices and Jason was preparing to leave when Sky called him.

“I’d like to see you in my office Jason.”

When he walked in she asked if he thought he was going to be happy working there. He told her he was going to be very happy.

“I’m going to ask you a favor Jason,” she smiled seductively, “but you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.”

“Just name it,” said Jason, thinking he might be going to get lucky.

“I’ve recently had a break up with my boyfriend and I haven’t had sex for almost three weeks, I wondered if you would like to fuck me?”

It was an offer Jason couldn’t refuse and soon they had their clothes off once more. She had a fucking amazing body and he walked over to her, put his arms around her slender waist, and with his wet dick sliding across her leg he slipped his tongue into her mouth.

With his left hand grasping on to her tight little ass he ran the right hand up her warm thigh and inserted his middle finger into her cunt. She gasped as he forced it up inside and groaned as he started to move it round and round.

Pulling away from his magic finger she dropped to her knees, pulled his foreskin way back, and slid her sweet mouth along his cock as far as it would go, and then she started to move up and down on it while fingering his balls. Holding on to her shoulders he closed his eyes and every nerve in his body seemed as if they were about to explode. When he did blow his load in her mouth he grabbed onto her head and forced his dick in and out to get rid of every last drop.

With her tonsils coated in a thick layer of cum she moved back and sat on the stool with her legs open. It was his turn to kneel and he stuffed his face between her soft warm thighs and crushed his mouth against the pink folds of her cunt. She gasped as he parted the lips with his fingers and ran his pussy flicker up and down each side.

“Oh fuck, that feels so good,” she cried out, “lick it hard for me Jason, lick it hard.”

He started to lap her well-lubricated crack from bottom to top like a big Saint Bernard dog. She went ballistic and urged him on as she wanted to cum so bad. Gripping his hair she pulled really hard as she went into orgasm and her body was still shaking when he stood up and rammed his big hot cock deep inside of her.

He kicked the stool from under her and aggressively backed her up against the wall and then he pounded her tight crack until he could feel his batter moving up his pipe and shooting into her love canal.
Sky just cried – it was that good.

After they’d showered and sponged each other all over they went out to dinner. As they stared at each other over the table she blew him a kiss and told him she thought he was a perfect fit for their magazine. She then suggested that at the masturbatory session the following day perhaps she should give him a blow job as the girls diddled their cracks.

“I’m sure that watching me sucking your cock will excite them,” she laughed.

Imagining all those girls gathered around fingering themselves while Sky plunge up and down on his member sure excited him. However, over the next few weeks things started to get out of hand, so to speak. The girls started to take turns to blow him, they rubbed their cracks in his face until they came and one day they even tested a strap-on by ramming up his ass.

At the end of the second month, Jason, now some ten pounds lighter went back to his old employer and asked if there was any possibility of getting his job back. A new editor was now in charge, a pleasantly plump middle-aged woman named Mary. She looked at him with a salacious smile on her face, held out her hand, and said, “Welcome back Jason.”

Two things began to concern him, one was the salacious smile, and two was the coffin she kept in her office as a conversation piece. He’d only been back three days when he walked into her den and found her lying in the coffin naked except for black lipstick. In spite of her age, she had a great set of tits and a big hairy muff that she moved up and down as she beckoned him with her finger.

Having resigned himself to the fact that he was irresistible to women he quickly stripped off and lowered himself on the top of her. When he thrust his throbbing cock into her pussy he found that she had the ability to make it suck him as he fucked her. It felt so good he went at it like a deranged undertaker and when he blew his load they both screamed at the top of their lungs.

On a couple of occasions Sky tried to lure him back the magazine but although he agreed to fill her cavity once a week he still preferred to ram it into hairy Mary’s vibrating blowhole.

Copright 2020 Cristiano Caffieri

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