The Sexy Extraterrestrial

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Noel Graham always found working the night shift at the observatory a bit eerie. Every little noise was amplified and echoed through the building and even a mouse scurrying behind the metal cupboards could make a person jump out of their skin.

The young post graduate was particularly excited one November evening as there had been a number of strange sightings in the night sky and of course, there were the usual rumors about flying saucers and aliens. He didn’t believe in such things but what ever was causing the phenomena could turn out to be interesting from a scientific point of view. Consequently, he kept his eyes glued to the monitors that were hooked up to the radio telescope.

Of course working on your own in the small hours anywhere can fire up the imagination, and so it was when a shadow was suddenly cast over the console. When he turned around he was confronted by the most amazing sight, a woman, tall and slim with a tanned skin and long pure white hair was standing behind him.

It was quite a shock although he was used to some of the other students playing tricks on him from time to time. Like when they slipped a goat into the building one night it ended up chewing on some important papers. But this was no goat this was a very beautiful woman and if she was a student at the college he certainly never seen her before.

The woman smiled and started to take off what looked like a very expensive track suit. Noel was aghast as it slipped to the floor and stood there naked. If anyone had asked him to imagine the perfect woman she would certainly have filled the bill.

She never said anything, she just extended her hand and pulled him up from his seat and moved him over towards a day bed that was used for rest time on particularly long shifts. Poor Noel didn’t know what to think. First, he couldn’t figure out how she got into the building unless she’d been hiding somewhere before he came in but after the goat incident he’d always made it the practice to lock the door and there were no windows.

He went obediently to the day bed because he was sort of hypnotized, who wouldn’t be in such circumstances and his mouth had gone kind of dry making it difficult for him to speak but he did manage it eventually.

“Who are you,” he asked, trying to force a little laugh, “Have some of the lads from Professor Baldwins class put you up to this?”

She smiled, it was a beautiful smile, and her green eyes twinkled as she began to unbutton his shirt.

“Wait a minute,” he protested, “We’ll get into a lot of trouble fooling around like this – there’s CCTV in here and everyone will be able to see it later, we could both be expelled.”

The woman just smiled again and when he looked at those beautiful tits and her pussy, that was also shrouded in fine white hair, it just seemed as though he didn’t care anymore. With his shirt and pants lying at his feet he stood there before her with an enormous boner and urgent desire to drive it into this incredible creature.

She stood there looking him almost admiringly and made what he thought was an attempt at speaking, it wasn’t anything he could understand it was a purring sound. Now he was getting really freaked out, the flashes in the night sky, an unusually beautiful woman somehow getting passed locked doors and that snow white hair both on top and below, started to play tricks with his mind.

“Holy fuck, she could be an alien,” he thought to himself, and before he could think anymore the woman dropped gracefully to her knees and took her dick in his mouth.

What ever misgivings he had about the cameras were swept away, the way she sucked and fondled him was beyond belief, it made cock sucking almost dignified.

Noel was reluctant to touch her but as she kept sliding his dick between her lips he had to hold on to her shoulders for support. Her skin was soft and warm and his whole body began to tingle in a way he never felt before.

The was no doubt in his mind that she was going to keep going until he came and so he closed his eyes and just enjoyed the moment. However, when he felt his cum searing up from his balls he opened them again and swallowed hard as she kept the motion going until he just exploded. She didn’t take it out of her mouth right away she just continued to hold on to the cheeks of his bum with her long sensuous fingers and stayed there for a full two minutes.

Suddenly this mysterious woman or alien creature just became someone with who he wanted to share an amazing sexual experience and so he guided her onto the day bed and as she lay there he lowered himself on the top of her and began to suck her large erect nipples. She started to purr again – it was like as if he was fucking cat woman.

After licking her tits he moved down her sweet tasting body until his face was between her thighs. As soon as his tongue touched the lips of her pussy she reacted by jerking her ass upwards and at this point, he held to her bum and explored deep into her silken folds. Her groove was getting moist and he began to finger it gently hoping that he could make her cum. He always felt such a failure when his girlfriend didn’t have an orgasm and for some reason, it became even more important for him not to fail this time.

As he alternated between finger and tongue the purring stared all over again and he felt the petals of her flower begin to vibrate and then her whole body began to tremble. She grabbed onto his forearms as she continued to shake but Noel broke her grasp pinned her wrists behind her head and drove his dick into her moistened groove.

The woman reacted as though she’d been shot, arching her back and going quite stiff, but when he started to drive it in and out she closed those lovely eyes and gyrated her ass as if she was loving every moment of it. As the pace quickened, her tits began to bounce, her whimpering became ever louder and as he was about to stream his earthly seed deep inside of her he shouted out “FUCK” at the top of his voice. She kept her eyes closed and began to shake violently again, and then like a magical mist she evaporated before his eyes.

The next day he went over the CCTV footage and there was nothing out of the ordinary except about 1 a.m. when there were a few frames of a white-haired woman’s face gently blowing a kiss. He wanted to show it to his colleagues but they were too busy ridiculing the weirdos that kept phoning in to report UFO sightings the night before.

Now every time he works the night shift Noel looks into the endless skies and whispers “Andromeda – where are you?” THE END

Copyright Cristiano Caffieri 2014

book number one

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