The Sexual Assault Course

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By Cristiano Caffieri

Aaron Schulz had just one year left to serve in the army when he was suddenly posted to the remote island of Anakawa in the Pacific Ocean. It was a small listening post, outdated but for political reasons, the military had decided to keep it open for a while longer. There were just 6 servicemen and two officers, both women.

Captain Nancy Woodhouse was in charge and Lieutenant Selena Rodriguez acted as her second in command, although she was actually an army nurse. On his arrival, he was ushered into the Captain’s office and after the usual formalities, he was allowed to sit down.

“We don’t go for a lot of bullshit around here”, she told him, “We do our job, keep the place clean and we generally treat each other as friends.” she got up from her desk and walked around the office.

Around 30 years of age Nancy certainly kept herself in shape. She was slim, had long blond hair, beautiful blues eyes had great legs. Aaron could see a lot of them because her skirt was definitely not regulation length.

“Now a lot of the equipment we have here is crap and your job is to make it work. As long as we appear to be doing something useful the brass back home won’t worry us. This way we can swing a little loose if you know what I mean.”

He was a bit surprised when she moved to the corner of the desk and sat there where he could see right up her short skirt. Aaron was getting a little hot under the collar as he looked up her bare thighs to the narrow slip of white material that constituted her panties.

“As soon as I’ve stowed my kit Captain I can get right to work,” he stammered, thinking of fixing some of the communications equipment.

“That’s not the way we do things around here soldier,” she paused and crossed her legs, “There are certain formalities we have to go through. We’ve been seeing the same old faces around here for the last two years and now we have a new one, in the shape of PFC Schulz, we want to make sure you’re in peak condition for the tasks that lie ahead.”

He tried to tell her that he’d had a thorough medical before leaving his base but she ignored him and pressed a button on her desk. Within seconds Lieutenant Rodriguez came through the door.

“We have to give PFC Schulz a complete physical Lieutenant,”

The lieutenant looked quite pleased with the news and told Aaron to remove all of his clothes immediately. He felt most embarrassed doing it in front of two women but orders are orders.

Whereas the Captain was tall and slim, the nurse was on the short side and had a little more meat on her – particularly in the tit department. She may not have been the beauty that her commanding officer was but he did notice her sensuous full lips that she licked continuously as he took off his clothes.

The Lieutenant put her fingers under his balls and asked him to cough. Aaron’s dick, having become erect, waved a little from side to side as if greeting an old friend. The Captain sniggered, obviously finding it quite amusing.

“He looks in pretty good shape to me,” the nurse grinned in the most unprofessional way.

“Fit for the initiation test?”

Fit for the initiation test,” she replied, walking over to a door at the side of the office.

“This used to be the officer’s gym when this base was much larger and a lot more important,” she informed Aaron, “Now we use it as a kind of assault course.”

Aaron wondered what the hell was going on as he was ushered into the room that didn’t look like a gym at all. The only things that resembled exercise equipment were numerous piles of mattresses scattered all over the floor. The strobe lighting and Wagnerian music, which the Lieutenant activated with a switch, gave more of a night club atmosphere to the place.

The Captain, who was only wearing a skirt and shirt, kicked off her shoes and then cried out, “If you can catch me you can fuck me and started running around the room jumping over the mattresses like a gazelle.

“You heard what she said,” ordered the Lieutenant, “Get going – we don’t have any room for slackers around here.”

It was the most bizarre situation Aaron had ever found himself in but with the lithe, long-legged Captain Woodhouse jumping up and down on a pile of mattresses shouting, “What are you waiting for?” he figured he was up to the task.

As soon as he took off so did she. With her skirt riding up her thighs she weaved through all those piles of mattresses with Aaron in hot pursuit. Occasionally she would do a somersault shouting “Wheeeee,” as she did so and the nurse standing at the door was laughing and goading her on.

Soon, getting a little more used to this unusual assault course, Aaron eventually got her cornered and brought her crashing down onto one of the mattresses. He straddled her body and literally tore off her shirt. Her tits were amazing, cone shaped and perky with the most delicious looking erect nipples.

As he began to nuzzle them and run his tongue around her crowns she wiggled out of her skirt. Now there was nothing between his dick and her cunt but a pair of brief white panties.

To his surprise she suddenly became a little violent and slapped him across the face, quite hard “Suck them harder,” she called out, “Harder.”

Aaron almost took half her tit into his mouth and sucked for all he was worth. “That’s it,” she groaned, “That’s it.” She rolled around and arched her back and flung her long legs all over the place and then without warning in a sort of unarmed combat move she spun him over onto his back and diving down to his dick she took the whole thing into her mouth.

As she slid it in and out of her mouth, using her tongue to great effect, her long nails dug into his groin. It was pain and ecstasy at the same time and he found himself breathing hard and dying to cum in her mouth, but this was not in the Captain’s plan. Just as his balls were feeling as though they were going to explode she got up and started running again.

His legs were feeling a bit jelly-like but he staggered after her regardless. Now at the point of desperation, he just had to fuck her and he intended to fuck her good.

It wasn’t easy running over the mattresses but when she stumbled Aaron saw his opportunity to pin her down again. However, it didn’t quite work out the way he thought it would. Just as he believed he had the upper hand, in a move that would have made Jackie Chan proud, she flung him over her shoulder and on to the floor. A little shaken and dazed he looked up to find they had been joined by Lieutenant Rodriguez, who was completely naked, except for a tattoo on either of her huge tits that read sweet and sour.

He didn’t have the chance to make another move as the sexy looking nurse dropped on the top of him, facing backward and covering his face with her hairy snatch. It smelled quite sweet as though she had added perfume and he discovered it didn’t taste bad either.

The Lieutenant seemed quite happy with his decision and kept repeating the word “Lovely – lovely – lovely,” as he moved his tongue slowly around her pussy lips. He was quite enjoying the experience himself but he was in for a shock, as without warning, the Captain, in a reverse cowboy, literally fell on to his big stiff dick. She began to pounce up and down on him like a rodeo rider and the feeling of it being plunged so deep into her cunt just drove him insane. He dug his fingers hard into the squirming Lieutenant’s thighs and he licked her like she’d never been licked before.

Within a short time, everybody was yelling as both women reached a climax and Aaron shot an enormous load into his rider’s hairy crack. They all lay on the mattress for a while and then the Captain sat up and looked down at him.

“You’ve passed muster soldier, now you will report to this room every Monday and Wednesday at 1000 hours, do I make myself clear?” Aaron put his legs together the best he could and gave a weak salute.

“Yes, ma’am.”

With this, she went looking for her skirt and the nurse slapped him on the ass, winked and got up to return to her duties.

Aaron staggered to his feet and dragged himself back to the office. The Captain was already sitting at her desk, her long hair a little tussled but otherwise she appeared quite un-phased by the experience.

“So you’re planning to leave the service in twelve months?” she said, looking up from his file.

“Yes, ma’am – I want to settle back into civilian life again.”

“Let me tell you something soldier – there’s no better life than right here in the United States Army. I enlisted straight from high school and I’ve never regretted a day. This is my family, my home, my security,” she took a deep breath and her tits swelled with pride, “You may not believe this soldier but three years ago they even paid for me to have a sex change.”

Copyright 2014 Cristiano Caffieri

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