The Seven Year Bitch

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Mark Spencer was separated and waiting for divorce proceeding to take place. In the meantime he’d been relegated to living in a small bachelor pad, going to work each morning with a bag of unappetising sandwiches and coming home at night to a frozen dinner. It was the shits.

In addition to everything else he’d been deprived of his conjugal benefits for about four months. He was feeling desperately horny all the time and getting to the point where he’d even considered employing the services of a prostitute. However, in the end he decided to start dating, again, and for several nights he browsed the internet dating sites. He was almost about to give up on this when he spotted someone he knew, and it wasn’t just anybody – it was his first love -Simone Kemple.

It was weird because, even though it had been seven years since they split up, he’d never forgotten her. She was the love of his life and he was heartbroken when she dumped him. They’d never slept together, nor even engaged in heavy petting. Simone seemed so pure he didn’t want to spoil that image and he was positive that one day they would marry and then there’d be lots of time for sex.

About a week after he saw that photo on the website he managed to make contact and arranged to meet her for dinner at a restaurant they frequented when they were going out together. The agency that ran the website gave each person who registered an assigned name to protect their privacy. She was called Rachel and he was given the label of George.

Mark considered he had a bit of an advantage because, although he recognized her picture, she didn’t seem to have recognised his. He thought it was because he didn’t have the silly beard he sported as a teenager and his hair, which once hung down to his shoulders, was now somewhat US Marine-like.

He was bubbling over with excitement as he left for his date because he remembered what a fantastic looking girl she was. All of his buddies thought he was a lucky son of a bitch to be dating such a doll. She was pretty, had great tits, long slender legs and a wonderful smile. Of course they all thought he was fucking her and after their break-up he often wished he have taken that step. Now it looked as though he might be given a second chance.

When he walked into the restaurant the first thing he saw was Simone, aka Rachel sitting there primping her hair. She’d aged a little, like he had, but she still looked good. He went straight to the table expecting her to recognize him right away – but she didn’t seem to.

“Rachel?” he inquired, extending his hand, “I’m George.”

She gave that prize winning smile of hers and slipped her hand into his.

“I’m pleased to meet you,” she said, “It’s funny that you chose this restaurant, I used to come here with an old friend. That was a long time ago but it still looks very much the same.”

“I used to come here with my very first girl friend,”

“Was she pretty,”

“You wouldn’t believe how pretty.”

“Prettier than me?”

“She was quite like you as a matter of fact.”

As the conversation progressed Rachel told him that she had been married twice, the last husband being a prominent lawyer who owned a number of apartment buildings, “Now I own one of them she,” she said, “I live in the penthouse suite and my income comes from rentals.”

“Quite a nice arrangement,” he responded.

“I don’t think you believe that I live in a penthouse,” she said, with her head to one side, “you think I’m trying to impress you.”

“No – really – I believe you.”

“Well as soon as we’ve finished dinner I’m going to take you there for coffee so that it will leave no doubt in your mind.”

He wanted to assure her that it wasn’t necessary but the thought of being alone with her made his balls start to tingle with expectation. It turned out to be a gorgeous apartment, ten floors up with huge windows that overlooked the city lights and it even had a fully equipped gym.

As they sat sipping on their coffee the conversation turned to ex wives and husbands, past loves and dating.

“Did you fuck your first love,” she inquired.

It took him somewhat by surprise, she certainly didn’t say things like that when they were teenagers.

“No I didn’t,” he replied, “And I often regret the fact.”

“Why is that?”

“Maybe we would have stayed together.”

“So you think sex cements a relationship?”


Sitting across from her he could see right up her short skirt and he was dying to slip his hand up her thigh and maneuver his finger around that white strip that concealed her vajajay. He was so engrossed thinking about the possibilities that he was quite startled when she boldly asked,

“When you made a date with me on the internet – did you plan to fuck me?”

He didn’t know how to answer that and ended up just giving a little shrug.

“I intended to fuck you,” she smiled, “I thought you looked my type, young and handsome.”

Mark swallowed hard and in spite of his desire to go over and rip her dress off he sat frozen in his chair. It was like he was a teen again, he was afraid to make the first move. In the end she went over to sit beside him on the love seat. Pressing her thigh against his she began to run her finger nail up and down the front of his shirt.

“Would you like me to show you the bedroom?” she purred.

He swallowed again, “That would be nice,” he replied, and she took him by the hand and led him into her luxurious boudoir.

As he still seemed a little hesitant, she took the imitative and began to undress him. Gaining a little more confidence he struggled to relieve her of her clothing at the same time.

Both naked they instinctively looked each other up and down. He thought everything from her perky tits to her neatly shaved muff were state of the art and she couldn’t take her eyes off of his enormous boner. She slipped her arms around him, pressed her lips against his, and slid her tongue deep into his mouth while rubbing her crack against his throbbing cock.

Mark placed his hands on her hips and lowered her onto the plush carpet. Very gently he licked her nipples and ran his fingers up and down the inside of her thigh, just stopping short of touching the lips of her cunt.

Rachel started to get very excited and she turned him onto his back and went down on him. As it went deeper and deeper into her mouth he drifted into a state of ecstasy and several times he was tempted to call out “Simone – O Simone,” but he restrained himself.

She worked her full lips up and down his shaft, tantalizing his balls with her fingers and groaning as if she was enjoying every moment of it. When he blew his load she just kept milking it, still fondling his balls and making strange noises as she did so. He was feeling a bit shagged but he couldn’t let her see that and so he threw her on her back, placed his face between her legs and began to lick her moist pink folds as she cried out,

“Holy fuck,” at the top of her lungs.

With his pussy flicker moving up and down her crack and both hands reaching up to play with her nipples, it didn’t take long before she started to shake so violently, it must have registered a nine on the Richter Scale. Taking short sharp breaths she clung onto him tighter and tighter and went into a massive orgasm. Breaking loose from her grip he mounted her and scored a hole in one with his rock hard cock. She gasped as it went in and she whimpered like a little girl as it slid in and out of her warm wet cunt.

Mark had been waiting seven years for this and he pounded her pussy unmercifully. When he felt his cum working its way up he increased the pace. Rachel, whose ass was writhing like a rattlesnake, dug her finger nails into his skin as she waited for the big moment. When it came she just screamed and he kept pumping it into her until they were both exhausted.

When the evening was over they kissed at the door, both agreed to see each other again and he suggested that perhaps she shouldn’t call him George any more,

“Why not use my real name,” he said with a smirk on his face, “It’s Mark – Mark Spencer – you remember me don’t you?”

“Of course I remember you – you fucked me less than half an hour ago.”

“NO! I mean – remember me from seven years ago, Mark Spencer – I had a little goatee and long hair.”

“Holy shit,” she said, starting to laugh, “ I remember you now, you used to date my daughter Simone.”

Copyright 2015 Cristiano Caffieri

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