The Opposite Six

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by Cristiano Caffieri

When Ray decided to back pack around Europe he didn’t think he’d end up as a cleaner in a Paris theater, but when he ran out of money he didn’t have much choice. It wasn’t a bad job but he was living in a hostel and that wasn’t very convenient.

After a few days on the job he got talking to a couple of girls out of the chorus line and they said they had a small spare room for rent in their house. It turned out to be just big enough for a double bed and a small chest of drawers but at least he’d have more privacy and be able to use the kitchen.

As he had Sunday off he moved his backpack into his new quarters and then went out to buy a few things to make himself more comfortable. The girls did a show on the Sunday and so he didn’t see them until they came in around midnight. However, it was not just the two girls he’d made the arrangement with there were six of them in total. Six long-legged beauties with big tits and perpetual smiles.

There was Camille, Elli, Kathy, Lucille, Sofia and Zoe. Elli made the introductions. They all welcomed him with kisses on the cheek and then they all flopped down on the sofa and chairs and broke open a bottle. It was 2 a.m. when they began to head for their respective quarters and to Ray’s surprise, Elli followed him to his room.

“I’m feeling very horny,” she said, in her very sexy French accent, “Would you mind poking me – I always sleep better after that.”

Being a bit naive he wasn’t sure whether poking meant something other than fucking but it didn’t, she wanted it and she wanted it bad. Once the door closed she ripped off her clothes and jumped onto his bed naked.

“I want you to kiss my tits and my foo foo and then you can fill me up with your cum – I love that.”

Ray was still in shock and although his dick had become erect just seeing her lying there, he hesitated a few moments to gather his thoughts. He then took his clothes off almost cautiously, as she writhed around on the covers as though she was getting terribly impatient.

When he struggled out of his underwear she appeared to be impressed with what he had to offer and leaned over and kissed the end of it. He thought she might be going to suck it, but she seemed more intent on him pleasing her. That didn’t really present a problem as he was ready for any role she wanted him to play.

Ray licked, fondled and sucked her gorgeous tits as she moaned and groaned and arched her back, and then he moved down and placed his face between her warm thighs. Her body started to tremble in anticipation and when he just gently touched her shaved slit with the end of his tongue she jerked upwards and cried out, “Eat it, suck it and lick it for me – I love that.”

Anxious to please he was soon prising her pink folds apart with his fingers, and lightly working his pussy flicker over her clit. Elli was calling out all kinds of things in French and then she grabbed on to his hair, raised up her ass and yelled, as she had a massive orgasm. Her body was shaking violently but she managed to open her legs up wide and waited for his throbbing cock to penetrate her wet crack.

When he rammed it in she went wild and moved her ass up and down as if she wanted him to go faster. Soon his bum was going up and down like a fiddlers elbow and his balls were beginning to ache. When he shot his load, she called out something that sounded like “incroyable” and then held onto him so tight he could hardly breathe.

Elli slept in his bed all night and continued to sleep when he got up to go to work. The girls didn’t usually go in until early evening and on weekdays one of the six would get a day off.

He got back to the house just after the others left and on this, his second day in his new abode he found Kathy, the English girl was there. She was a platinum blond with a great sense of humor and a hell of a body.

“I heard you and Elle had a good time last night,” she greeted him, “You must have something special, she couldn’t stop talking about it.”

Although he was flattered to think that he’d made such an impression he still found it a bit embarrassing.

“If I told you I was feeling horny, would you fuck me?”

Once more he was taken by surprise and stood there with his mouth open.

“Just a quickie,” she said, “And then I’ll make you a nice supper.”

He didn’t actually reply but she seemed to take this as a yes. She dashed into her room and returned with a mask for her eyes and a pair of handcuffs.

“Put these on me,” she said excitedly, “and we’ll do it on the table.

“Ray was a bit overwhelmed by all this attention he was getting but he obediently put the handcuffs on followed by the blindfold and then helped her up onto the table. When she was in position he felt up her short skirt and slowly removed her panties. He then removed his pants and moved up so that she could wrap her legs around him.

It wasn’t easy to get it just right but he managed to pull her forward so that his dick just touched the lips of her cunt.

“Oh God,” she called out, as the head squeezed gently into her warm moist groove, “Holy shit.”

When he rammed it all the way in she got completely carried away, “Fuck me,” she cried, “Come on – fuck me – fuck me hard.”

He began to drive it deep into her shaved crevice and she started to tug at her bonds as though she was being fucked against her will. Of course, it was part of an act and she jerked her ass around trying to quicken up his pace.

Ray held on to her thighs as he pounded her pussy. It felt so fucking good and his balls tingled as if an electric current was running through them. When his cum began to flow into her and he made those last desperate thrusts she used every swear word he knew and a few he didn’t.

When it was all over and her blindfold and restraints removed she put her arms around him and crushed her lips against his. After five minutes of intense tongue wrestling, she stepped back, said, “merci beaucoup,” and disappeared into the kitchen to prepare them a meal.

They spent the rest of the evening snuggling on the sofa watching TV until the rest of the girls got in around midnight. Most stripped down to their panties and bras and flopped down but Camille, who was a dead ringer for Ashley Greene, said she was going to soak in the tub and asked Ray to go with her to soap her back.

As all the other girls raised their eyebrows he meekly followed her to the bathroom and once inside she instructed him to take off her underwear. He swallowed hard as her beautiful golden globes emerged, and he held his breath as he went to his knees to slip off her flimsy white panties.

The tub was big enough to accommodate two comfortably and so he got out of his duds and joined his steaming hot bath buddy. His dick was extended up her back as he lathered her shoulders and then slipped his arms around her to gently rub her tits. Camille gave a sigh of satisfaction and leaned back in his arms. She seemed quite happy to lie there for several minutes but then she sprung to life, raised herself up and went down on his dick in a reverse cowboy.

She gripped onto the sides of the bath as she went up and down slowly, almost as if she wanted to tantalize him. The water sloshed over the side of the bath when she increased the pace. Ray was feeling desperate to cum, so he grabbed onto her hip bones and tried to move his ass up and down so that he could blow his load. When he did it felt unbelievable.

She kept working it out until he could stand it no longer and tried to lift her off of him. Camille laughed and changed positions. Now facing him, with her legs wrapped around his bum, she asked in a sultry tone,
“Did you like that?”

He nodded, finding it difficult to speak.

“Well why don’t you suck my tits for a few minutes and then we’ll get out and dry off.”

When he hit the bed that night he prayed that no one would join him and he went out like a light. He found great difficulty getting out of bed the next morning, but he made it to the theater and all the time he was sweeping he was wondering which girl had the day off. He tried to prepare himself mentally for what might be ahead of him when he got home. It turned out to be Zoe.

When he walked into the dining area he found that the table was nicely laid but on the china plates were two Big Macs and French fries.

“I’m not a very fine cook,” she laughed, “But I can open a bottle of wine, “I’m good at that.”

She was quite a bubbly character and although her English wasn’t that good they did manage to struggle through a fractured conversation. When they’d cleaned off the dishes she asked him if he’d like play cards and thinking that it was a change from sex, he agreed. Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on which way you’re inclined, it turned out to be strip poker.

Her English may have been poor but she was a fucking great poker player. It wasn’t long before he was absolutely naked.

“You owe me one hundred Euro,” she said, gathering the cards and returning them to the box.

“We didn’t say anything about money,” he protested.

“In France – those are de rules,” she said, “But you give me a good time and we forget de money.”

He had to admit she was very beautiful as she lay spread out on the bed. Her tits were not big, but they were exquisitely shaped, her narrow waistline, tight looking quim and long slender legs certainly brought a glow to his gonads.

Ray lay beside her and intended to take those erect nipples into his mouth but she quickly moved down the bed and began to caress his balls. It felt so good his whole body tensed up thinking that she was about to take his cock into her mouth.

She toyed with him for a while pulling back his foreskin and very lightly licking the end with her tongue. Holding his dick in one hand, she lifted up his balls with the other and nibbled the hairy underside, and then she paused!

Her next move was not entirely unexpected but it did shock him when she suddenly plunged it deep into her mouth. She then withdrew it and did it again, and again, and again. Ray’s eyes were nearly popping out of his head as she continued to do it for some time before settling into a steady rhythm and letting him ooze his cum into her mouth.

He was just about drained but he was determined to give her the time of her life. Starting with her tits he sucked on them hard, and running his hand down her belly, his finger found its way into her warm wet crack. He added a second finger and began to slide them in and out.

Zoe was mumbling all kinds of gobble de gook and an occasional fuck would emerge from the jumble. When her body began to shake a little and he knew she was close to cumming, he quickly changed position and lifted up her legs and crushed his lips against her cunt.

As his tongue worked up and down her lips she gripped his shoulders and started to moan and then with an almighty scream she went off like a fire cracker. “Fuck,” she cried, in perfect English, “Fuck.”

Her curses turned to moans as he rammed his cock into her and began the thrust it in and out like someone possessed. Camille kept screaming and swearing as he pounded her pussy mound. Her eyes were closed tight, her tits were jiggling from side to side and sweat was beginning to drip from his chest onto her soft white skin.
When his jizz worked its way up his pipe and flowed freely into her already well-lubricated cavity, she clung onto him as if her life depended on it.

“So good,” she kept repeating, “So good.” Ray thought so too.

That night, hoping for a good sleep he retired at eleven but he’d only been in a bed a short time before Lucille and Elli climbed in with him, one each side. They fondled, sucked and fucked him until the early hours of the morning and he looked like shit when he got up for work.

Sofia was now the only one of the six who remained un-fucked. Unlike the other girls she hadn’t thrown herself at him, she was always somewhat aloof. This made her a bit of a challenge. As it was her day off, and he expected her to be laying in wait for him when he got home, he prepared himself for that eventuality.

He entered the house like a western movie actor throwing open the saloon doors. Convinced that it was inevitable that he’d end up in bed with the off-handed bitch he thought might as well get it over with. She was not in the living area but he could hear a noise coming from the direction of the bedroom she shared with Elli. He quickly took off all of his clothes, checked his dick, which was hard and ready for action, and burst in.

There to his surprise was Sophia, completely naked and with a cock twice the size of his! THE END

Copyright 2015 Cristiano Caffieri

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