The Office Picnic

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Cristiano Caffieri

Wesley Davies was what one would call an independent type. When he graduated from high school, despite urging from his parents, he shunned the idea of going to college and immediately went into his own business.

The idea of becoming a painter and decorator had occurred to him during shop classes at school and he had started his own small operation even before graduation. He was not interested in empire building he just wanted to live a simple life and paint pictures in his spare time. To this end, he eventually rented a small house, used the garage for his business base and life unfolded much has he had planned, that was except for his love life! Most of the relationships he developed ended because the women were not impressed with his lack of ambition. That was until he met Lois. She was the secretary for two aging lawyers who had commissioned Wesley to redecorate their offices. So that he could get on with the job unimpeded they actually went fishing for a week, which meant that the two attractive 30-year-olds were in the suite of offices alone.

As Wesley worked Lois gave him all the support she could, whether it was passing him a brush or making him a cup of coffee. When she came to the base of his ladder he got a very good aerial view down the front of her blouse and he admired what little he could see. Although restrained by a lacey bra, her tits looked incredibly inviting.

Even though he tried not to make his interest too obvious it seemed that she was quite aware of his fascination. On day two she wore no bra at all and as she handed him a scraper, that he’d requested, he got a full view of her ample attributes as they moved from side to side and he almost fell off the ladder.

When lunch time came around he found that Lois had packed a complete picnic and even brought a blanket to spread out on the floor rather using the furniture, most of which was stacked with books, files, and chairs.

“I hope you like egg salad sandwiches,” she said, leaning over to open up a plastic box.

He was too preoccupied looking down the front of her top to reply immediately but he did manage to divert them for a few seconds to tell her they were one of his favorites. As they nibbled on their sandwiches and drank from the two rather nice china mugs she’d packed, he began to realize just how beautiful she was. She had a sort of Audrey Hepburn look about her, even her voice reminded him of the old movie star. Her dark brown hair was a little longer and her legs, which she had tucked underneath her, were perhaps a little more like those of Jennifer Lopez, but he still saw a marked resemblance to the woman he had fallen in love with after seeing “Moon River.”

Their conversation drifted from one topic to another until she asked if his job involved being hit on by lonely housewives.

“If any of them looked like you I’d welcome it,” he said.

Lois smiled, “Is that an invitation?” she asked, putting down her mug and looking him straight in the eye.

“Let’s just say I’d feel terribly flattered if someone as beautiful as you was interested in me.”

Lois smiled again and she leaned forward positioning her face a few inches from his. “I think I am interested,” she whispered and no sooner were the words out of her mouth than Wesley took her by the shoulders and kissed her gently. Even though it was of short in duration it fired up her nerve endings and when she drew back she suggested that she should perhaps lock the door.

As she walked back to him she released the button on her short skirt and stepped out of it. She then moved across that floor as graceful as a Gazelle and before she reached the blanket she had abandoned her top revealing her beautifully formed breasts and was left wearing just a pair of the most delicate white panties and black high heel shoes.

Wesley stood up and struggled to take off his pants. She giggled as he almost fell over and then moved forward to assist him in taking off his shirt. With her breasts so close and her sensuous fingers undoing his shirt one button at a time, his boner seemed to be getting harder and longer by the second.

As the shirt slipped off she put her hands around his waist and slowly sank to her knees pressing her lips on the end of his dick before she pulled back his foreskin and slipped it into her mouth very slowly. It took Wesley’s breath away for a few seconds and he started to mutter “O fuck,” as she worked it so skillfully with her ruby red lips and her long slender fingers. She kept on performing the same magic until he could stand it no longer and he gently broke her grasp and sank to the floor. Putting his hands under her arms pits he slowly leaned backward taking her with him.

As he lay flat out on the floor her breasts hung over his face like delicious ripe fruit. He lowered her towards him so that he could take her nipples into his mouth. Lois groaned and attempted to rub her crotch on his throbbing boner. Even though she was still wearing her panties he could feel the folds of her damp warm flower.

His position prevented him from slipping off her panties but he started the process and she wiggled out of them on her own. She writhed all over the place as his hands moved sensuously over her body, stroking the underside of her breasts as he sucked then and sometimes reaching down to finger her flower.

Holding on to her forearms he then slid underneath her until his face was crushed between her thighs and his tongue began to gently explore the delicate moist folds. Sometimes he would move it like a butterfly’s wing and other times it would poke it deep inside of her. At one point he reached up to grasp her breasts and he gently nibbled on her pink petals causing her to shake violently. She then grabbed hold of his arms, stretched herself backward and began to call out “Fuck” again and again as she had a massive orgasm.

Both breathing heavily, they paused for a few seconds and then Wesley turned her onto her back and penetrated her with one powerful stroke. He groaned as he felt her flower contract on him and then he began to thrust in and out causing her to groan and throw her arms backward in complete surrender. It felt so good he wanted it to last forever but as his whole body became electric he lost all control and increased the pace until his ass was moving like a piston rod.

As he looked down at her and saw her tits bouncing from side to side he became even more excited and soon he could feel his hot cum speeding up from his balls and as he gave the last powerful thrust with a shout – she dug her nails deep into his bum and held on – as if she didn’t want to waste a drop.

The pair of them lay there in silence for a while and then she sat up and looked down at him. She traced a finger slowly down his chest, bent over and kissed the end of his dick, that was beginning to get hard and erect again, and then she said, “That was wonderful.”

Wesley told her that he thought so too and then she, rubbing her nose against his asked,

“Would you like to do it again sometime?”

He smiled and reached up to fondle her breasts, “Whenever you want, in fact, why don’t you come round to my house for dinner this evening?”

She looked thoughtful for a while and then said she thought that it might be a bit too soon. He looked disappointed and then she began to laugh.

“Give me the address and I’ll be there,” she said, and kissing him on the lips she got up to dress.

“Looks like the beginning of a great relationship,” he mused to himself as he slipped on his shirt, “who knows – this might be the real thing.” And it was! THE END
Copyright 2014 Cristiano Caffieri

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