The Man with the Electric Tongue

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Heath McDowell was at best a second rate TV producer, that’s why the station fired him, his wife left him and his whole world turned to shit. Life looked totally hopeless until he walked into a strip club one night and had an epiphany. He also had four Tom Collins and a couple of Black Russians.

He really wasn’t a drinker and so after the last Black Russian he passed out and fell from his stool and gashing his head on the bar. When he awoke he was in a stripper’s dressing room and she was bathing his nasty looking injury.

“Are you OK Mr. McDowell,” she asked, bending over so that her nipples were moving around in front of his face.

“How do you know my name,” he asked, sitting up and holding his aching head.

“Because you helped me to get my first television appearance.”

“I did?”

“You did – the show was called Legs Eleven – that was because it was a dance show and it ran Saturday night at eleven.”

“Yes I do remember it even though it only ran six weeks.”

“It was a great opportunity for me – I was always shy of appearing in public but you gave me confidence.”

“I can see that,” he replied, “as her tits accidently brushed across his lips.”

“Look – I finish a midnight,” she said, “You’re not really in great shape to go anywhere and I have a room upstairs, it has two single beds and you can sleep there. I’ll take you up now and later when I’ve finished I’ll rustle us up some food and we can talk about our careers.”

“At least you have a career,” he mused, “I’ve got shit.”

Myrna Watts, stage name now Bubble Moran, helped him to the room and told him she be back in 30 minutes. She re-appeared exactly when she said she would carrying a tray of food and a pot of coffee.

“You should have something to eat,” she said, playing mother hen, “It’s not good to go to sleep with alcohol sloshing around in an empty tummy.”

As they sat there he vaguely remembered her and how nervous she was and he had a memory of getting her a soda out of the machine or something.

“You were very kind to me,” she smiled, “Very kind – I owe you one.”

“Oh you don’t owe me a thing,” he said.

“Oh yes I do – you were the only man on that set who didn’t try and touch me up or make lewd suggestions. It’s funny too because I had the hots for you and if anyone could have fucked me that day it would have been you.”

She crossed over to his bed and sat with him, still naked, “I still think you’re a very special person.”

“I’ve lost my wife, my job and my car – yeh – I’m pretty special alright.”

Bubbles took his face between her hands like she was talking to a baby, “Don’t you feel sorry for yourself – things will get better you’ll see.”

In the next instant her lips were racing towards his and bingo – her tongue was soon exploring the inside of his mouth in great detail. He instinctively moved his hand up to her tits. She gave a little gasp but she didn’t tell him to take it away.

The kissing and fondling continued for a while and then she began to undo his shirt. “It’s not fair,” she said, “I’ve got no clothes on and you’re fully dressed.”

In spite of her having an inner and outer beauty he was not particularly in the mood to fool around. He was depressed and didn’t think even fucking an attractive stripper would make him feel any better. But he was wrong,

Once Bubbles had helped him to remove all of his clothes she went over to the dressing table and took a bottle of pink hand cream and after pouring some in one hand she placed it on the bedside cabinet and then rubbed her hands together.

I’m going to help you to relax,” she said, and she knelt before him and lathered his dick and balls with great dobs of the cream. It was a little cold but it felt so good.

He closed his eyes as her hands wove magic around his genitalia and then, leaving one hand circling around his balls she proceeded to wrap the other around his dick and gentle move it up and down. She didn’t rush, she just took it easy and kept whispering things like, “How does that feel,” and “Do you like it like that.”

He was rather taken by surprise when she changed her tactic and slipped her ruby red lips over the end of his dick and then engorged it. She told him later the cream was edible and strawberry flavored.

As she slipped her beautiful mouth up and down his cock she still had her fingers wrapped around it and the other one caressing his balls. When he blew his load she did move back a little but stayed close enough to have it spray all over her face.

Larry was feeling a lot better than he was before the foreplay started and he wanted to show his appreciation by giving her a good tongue lashing. He started with her tits, and then lowered himself down until he could pull the lips of her cunt gently apart and insert his tongue. Bubbles’ body jerked upwards and she took a deep breath.

He kept lightly fingering her pink taco while he moved his pussy fluffer the length and breadth of it. It wasn’t long before she began to hyperventilate and blow out little gasps of air. It seemed as though his tongue was charged with electricity, it zipped up and down her crack from her anus to her clit and her nerve endings felt as though they were going to blow a fuse. “I’M CUMMING – FUCK I’M CUMMING!” she yelled, tearing at the bed covers with her long painted nails.

Her orgasm caused her to tremble as though she had a giant vibrator up her twat. She lay across the bed whimpering softly, reached out for his hand and squeezed it affectionately. He just sat and looked at her, he felt so very grateful for how she snapped him out of feeling sorry for himself. But it wasn’t over yet, Bubbles got up with renewed energy and a roguish look in her eye. She pushed him gently back on the bed, worked his balls for a while to get his dick back up to where it was and then she straddled him in a reverse cowboy.

He was no bucking bronco but she rode him as if he was. The bed was slamming against the wall as she bounced up and down on his dick, sometimes rising up to the very end and plunging right into her cunt again. He was so anxious to cum but she was in control, frustrated he was banging his head up and down on the pillow and calling out, ”Make me cum” and she did. It was as if the whole contents of his balls were shooting upwards and he was completely shagged out.

After the manager had knocked on the door and warned them not to make so much noise Bubbles poured two cups of coffee and they just sat there naked smiling at each other.

“Do you know something,” he said at length, “I had an idea when I was sitting at the bar tonight, it’s probably crazy but I want to bounce it off of you.”

“Go ahead – I’m listening.”

“Well I’ve got this idea for a show, it involves strippers but anybody could participate – men, women, fat people, short people it wouldn’t matter as long as they were good sports.”

She nodded patiently waiting for the idea to emerge.

“Well it’s a quiz show – every contestant is allowed to wear just five items of clothing and when they get a question wrong they have to discard one piece until they’re completely naked. The beauty of it is – the audience will want them to lose – what do you think?”

“What do I think?” she laughed, giving him a big hug, “ I think it’s sensational – it can’t fail.”

But it did fail – and they now run an website for the incurably optimistic out of Success, Missouri. Although Heath and Bubbles don’t have a lot of money they do have a lot of imagination and they’re as happy as pigs in shit – and that’s all that matters. THE END

Copyright 2014 Cristiano Caffieri

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